Allen Edmonds vs Ferragamo: Which Is A Better Shoe Brand?

The major difference between Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo is that with Allen Edmonds you bank your money on a product that will last for quite a long time while Ferragamo on the other end provides you with eye-catching and exclusive designs which have come to be identified with the luxurious brand.

In simpler words, Ferragamo focuses more on the exterior (what we see) while Allen Edmonds is more on the interior.

The insides of a typical Allen Edmonds shoe is well-stitched all-round i.e the paddings to the bottom, while that of the Ferragamo are not stitched on the inside

Which is better between Allen Edmonds and Salvatore Ferragamo

To say one is better than the other will be quite misleading to an intending buyer as the concept of good is subjective and fashion statements are built on preference.

When asked for recommendations about a product, we tend to give personified answers in the choices we make as people relate with and to different brands on a personal level of interest, comfort, and preference.

That being said, it is left to interested persons to choose which brand they fit their style much and they would rather put their money on.

However, for some reason, Allen Edmonds has an edge.

Allen Edmonds vs Ferragamo
Allen Edmonds Oxford Shoe

Allen Edmonds is better because it is founded on quality material

The Allen Edmonds brand is one founded on loyalty and grounded in quality. Allen Edmonds gained much of it early following after it made provision of shoes to the United States Army and Navy during the second world war.

The shoes were made to be able to withstand every form of weathering and rough landscapes. The quality of these shoes endeared people to the brand even till much later after the war had ended.

Allen Edmonds products are moderately expensive and worth every dollar spent on it as the brand as over the years chosen to remain loyal to its customers with regards to the quality of products put out and this also earned them the loyalty of their customers.

Something common among Allen Edmonds users is their loyalty to the brand as they tend not to give other shoe or leather-ware brands, in general, a try.

Allen Edmonds shoes have been proven to last longer

Shoes by Allen Edmonds especially from their hand-sewn collection and Goodyear welted shoes have an average life span of five years and that is if used in the worst conditions where they are not well taken care of.

They last very much longer with a higher life span of 10 to 15 years if well kept and taken care of. The welt between the outer and upper sole provides for a lasting bottom, more comfort, and less strain on the foot.

Wider range of shoes produced by Allen Edmonds makes them better

Another reason I suggest that you put your money on Allen Edmonds is that they provide a wide range of shoe sizes.

The shoemaking company makes shoes that run big for their bigger foot customers and also smaller well-fitted ones for people wanting a smaller size.

So, it is almost impossible that one can not find their shoe size in the Allen Edmond collection as every size is provided for.

Are there similarities between Allen Edmonds and Salvatore Ferragamo at all?

Allen Edmonds vs Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo Lace-Up Derbys

Yes, clearly so. As much as Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo are two distinct companies, they have several similarities shared between them.

There are factors that when the name of any of these fashion brands is mentioned can be easily identified with both.


One thing common with the Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo is how long they have been around.

Allen Edmonds, founded in Wisconsin, United States will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2022, since they have been around since 1922.

Ferragamo was also founded in the same decade as Allen Edmonds in Florence, Italy in the year 1927 just 5 years after the former.

Allen Edmonds is 100 years old, Ferragamo 95, they both have been around for a long time.

Loyal Clientele

Probably stemming from the fact that these two companies have been around for ages and during this period of time they have put out quality and time testing products for their customers, thereby building a very loyal fandom.

Both brands have a really long list of celebrity clients and indeed a much larger cult following amongst their buyers.

For someone who wears Allen Edmonds products, the likelihood of them trying other brands is quite slim and the same goes for Ferragamo lovers.

Quality Assurance

In terms of quality, these two fashion big boys did not come to play. Both are on their A-game and killing every new feature they introduce to the market while still keeping the originality they are known for.

Their leather products are made from 100% leather, pure quality, and both soles are usually 100% leather and 100% rubber.

Shoe Makers

How it all started, one similarity you might have expected to read first what these brands are originally known for.

Both Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo started as shoe-making workshops for men only.

Long before Ferragamo ventured into watchmaking, belts, or tie reduction, and long before Allen Edmonds made its first scarf, tie, or casual footwear, these two companies had only one thing they produced and were known for and that is shoes for men.

Ferragamo made fancy men’s shoes, Allen Edmonds made anything shoes for men.

Lasting Shoes

It is also worthy of note that premium shoes from Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo are made to last a very long time and withstand rugged use.

There are fans of both brands who have kept a particular pair of their favorite shoes for close to 20 years and those shoes still hold up fine.


One major similarity is the design of some of their shoes. Taking a first look at the Salvatore Ferragamo perforated-design brogues and the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap-toe, one would think they were the same.

This also is visible in some of their other designs. Although this is not to say that Allen Edmonds copied Ferragamo or vice versa, for every shoe that you find in the store of either of the brands, there will likely be a similar-looking one on the shelf of the other.

Differences between Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo

Of course, you would expect that there will be tons of factors that set the two fashion brands aside.

Yes, actually there are several differences you will definitely find between the Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo brands.

Whether at a glance or by looking close enough, it is a must that there should be points of divergence which set these two fashion houses apart from each other.

Difference in origin between Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo

The first of these differences and the easily noticeable one is their country of origin and make. Allen Edmonds is an American company based in Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States.

It was founded in Belgium, Wisconsin, USA. before moving to the present grounds and the operation of the company is done from the United States including the administration of its overseas stores.

Ferragamo on its own end is one of the most notable fashion houses in Italy Its founder Salvatore Ferragamo started operations from his hometown of Benito, Italy before moving to its present headquarters in Florence.

While Allen Edmonds is all-American, the other is purely Italian.

“Made in…” difference between both shoes

With every Ferragamo shoe and leather-ware being made in Italy, the same can not be said of Allen Edmonds even though the company tries all it can to retain the tag “Made in America”.

Allen Edmonds has in a bid to reduce the cost of production it incurs in the United States shifted some of its shoe production to the Dominican Republic, especially its low-budget footwear.

Over the years, Allen Edmonds has also had some of its products manufactured in Italy. Aside from its time-pieces which are made in Switzerland, all other Ferragamo products are made in Italy.

Ferragamo’s hefty price tag makes it a more expensive shoe

If you intend to buy a quality product, of which Allen Edmonds and Ferragamo both put out one of the very best, you are most likely going to check out for their affordability.

Yes, very normal if you do so. Allen Edmonds products are much more affordable compared to some products from other fashion brands in particular the Ferragamo brand, which we are all going to agree is a luxury brand for the more-than-middle-income earners.

Typically, Allen Edmonds shoes usually fall between the price range of $200 and  $450 a pair. Their high-end shoes could go as high as $650.

On the other hand, it would be almost impossible to find a Ferragamo shoe for $200 except you intend to get it on the thrift market.

Allen Edmonds’ Park Avenue cap-toe shoes go for $426.60 in their official store while its Ferragamo look-alike; the Salvatore Ferragamo perforated-design brogues go for a whopping $740.

Such a wide difference even though they both are made of 100% leather. Allen Edmonds can be said to be luxury but not so luxury, but you see Ferragamo, she defines luxury.

Ferragamo is different with their sleek designs

Ferragamo shoes are often sought after for their sleek designs which the Allen Edmonds brand does not exactly portray much.

Ferragamo goes for a more eye-pleasing design while Allen Edmonds is more of the ruggedness of its leather products.

Why you should consider buying from Allen Edmonds

Reading up till here and still not sure of reasons to purchase from Allen Edmonds? I will highlight some of ‘the whys’ in simpler and direct notes.


If you are on a budget and trying to cut excesses when shopping while still getting the very best quality products, you should be on the lookout for Allen Edmond shoes.

Items from Allen Edmonds are quite inexpensive you could get a good shoe for as low as $200. Quiet a steal you would admit.

The best and top-quality shoes you will find in the Allen Edmonds collection do not exceed the $600 to $700 region.

You do not need to earn thousands of dollars in annual income or break a bank before you get your shoes from Allen Edmonds.

After-sales services

One of the main reasons I would recommend Allen Edmonds over other fashion brands is because of their efficient after-sales services.

When you buy Allen Edmonds shoes, rest assured that the company is at your service. So long as you still own their products, they provide after-sales services such as repair and re-crafting of items.

Allen Edmonds re-crafting service is easily one of the best things offered by the company. If you  want to change the style of your shoe,  instead of purchasing another one you could send it in and it will be recrafted for you for a token.

Get them in 78 stores around the US or online on these sites;

Why you should get a Ferragamo

If you are wondering why you should buy a Ferragamo? These reasons might make you want to.

Sleek Design

If you are one person who likes your things flashy, eye-catching, and really smooth, then Ferragamo products are definitely made for you.

Shoes from the Ferragamo brand (like this Ferragamo loafer) can be compared to the German auto company Mercedes-Benz and its fellow Italian counterpart the Ferrari.

This is because of its really sleek design and attention-grabbing aura. It is not news that Ferragamo places design and aesthete over other factors in the production of its shoes.

If you plan on stealing the show at an event soon, a Ferragamo will do the job.


Yes, this is true. Ferragamo (like this one on Amazon) has a very high resale value. We can say it is some sort of consolation considering the fact that Ferragamo shoes can be extremely expensive.

So, owning more than a couple of pairs of Ferragamo isn’t much of a bad idea as the resale values of these shoes are quite attractive compared to the AE ones.

You can resell a Ferragamo shoe in good condition for more than half the price you bought it for.

There are shoe companies who are specifically into the buying of Ferragamo shoes at a good rate so you do not need to worry about you putting your money on a pair of shoes and completely losing its worth should you no longer want it.

With over 395 directly operated stores, you can find a physical store near you and shop today


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