Purplle Affiliate Program (PAP): How Does It Work?

Purplle is a leading Indian online beauty company. They sell beauty cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner, and every other makeup accessory and everything that beautifies.

Purplle is not just focused on selling their products to people online, they have also created an affiliate program, called Purplle Affiliate Program (PAP), where affiliate marketers can help promote and sell their products independent of their website.

This means that marketers can advertise and sell Purplle products on the marketer’s website.

How does Purplle affiliate program work?

To be a successful affiliate marketer on PAP, you need to, first of all, understand what affiliate marketing is all about.

It is advisable you sign up for affiliate training so that you can independently market for Purplle.

As an affiliate marketer for Purplle, these are the necessary requirements you should meet:

  1. Have knowledge of affiliate marketing
  2. Have a website
  3. Sign up for Purplle Affiliate Program (PAP)
  4. Launch.
  5. Start selling.

Let’s consider these in detail.

Acquire basic knowledge of affiliate marketing

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, you need to have a strong knowledge of what affiliate marketing is.

You can’t just jump into something without studying about it. That’s the best thing to do before you rush and make a mess of the whole thing.

Another reason why you study affiliate marketing before you venture into it is to be successful at it.

I’m sure you want to do this for successful results, most importantly, to make money. This aim may be unrealized if you do not study affiliate marketing.

Here, you’ll be taught how to actually market and make money, how to attract more clicks and sales. You can sign up for an online course on affiliate marketing. When you have done this stage, we can now proceed to the next.

Have a website

Purplle Affiliate Program entails you sell their products on your own website. So, this is where having a website comes in.

If you cannot create a website yourself, you can use the service of a website developer. If you do not have that kind of cash to pay for a website, you can consider creating a free website on Bluehost.

It is not enough you have a website, build your website. Fill your website with attractive content where people can always click to check out new ones. If you already have a website, then let’s go straight to the next step.

Sign up for Purplle Affiliate Program

This can be done using different avenues. You can sign up for PAP directly on Purplle website or other websites like ConversionX, INRDeals, Sovrn//Commerce, or Cuelinks.

Let’s check out how to sign up directly on the Purplle website.

Create a shop

Go to purplle.com/affiliate and click on sign up. The first button you’ll see there is, create a shop button. Click on that button and fill in your shop name.

You can use any name aside from your website name. This name is the name you want your customers to know you for as you sell Purplle products to them.

I do not want to stress that you have to make it attractive and simple. Let it be what people can pronounce in case they want to refer people to your shop.

Enter your email

Pardon me for not mentioning earlier that you also need an email to sign up for PAP. But, I’m sure you must have had one before thinking of making money, or even before creating a website. So, you see, I’m pardoned.

After creating your shop, the next thing you’ll be asked for is your email. You must insert a valid and active email address in order to confirm your account with Purplle.

Confirming your email makes them know that it’s really you who wants to create the shop with them and that you’re not using another person’s email.

To confirm your email on Purplle, go to your mailbox, you’ll see a message from Purplle asking you to confirm your account, click the link on that mail and it will redirect you to your shop on Purplle.

Note: you can confirm your email after completing the sign-up process.

Create account

This is where you have to enter your personal details. The details you need to enter here are your email address (this will automatically reflect since you have already given this detail), your name (first name and surname), your password.

It is advisable you use the name that appears on all your official documents. I believe you should know by now that, you have to insert a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by even your best friends unless you tell them.

Use upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers to create your password. Confirm your password in the next button by inserting the same password you have created. Make sure you save it somewhere in order not to lose it.

Launch your shop

The next thing you’ll do after creating your shop is to launch it. Launching your PAP entails you copy your URL on Purplle to your website. This is how to launch

Upload your logo

Again, pardon me for not informing you about this earlier. You must have a logo for your affiliate business or you simply upload your website logo.

To upload your logo, go to ‘shop manager’. Click on ‘upload logo’. Then insert your 500 pixels wide, 100-300 pixel high photo.

After uploading your logo, you go to the next stage. At this stage, after signing up, you will be given a digital environment URL. You will need to copy out this URL because, with this, you can drive traffic to your website.

Add your digital environment URL to your website. Have you seen where your website comes in?

Add your personalized URL button and link to the homepage of your website. So that, prospects can easily view it and click to buy your Purplle products.

Also, get links for individual Purplle products and add them to your website in order to make it easy for people to find what they want when they come to your website.

Start selling

Begin marketing the products and do what affiliate marketers do to drive traffic to their sites. As people click and buy Purplle products, you make your money.

If you do not want to sign up directly on Purplle, there are other platforms you can go through to become Purplle Affiliate marketer. Platforms like:

ConverionX: search for their Purplle Affiliate Program sign-up process and see if that favors you than that of Purplle.

INRDeals and Network: this is also an ideal platform to register as a Purplle Affiliate Marketer.

Having known all about Purplle Affiliate Program, it will be easy to search how INRDeals manages the program.

Use your chrome, go to google and search for INRDeals Purplle Affiliate Program.

Sovern//Commerce: you can also check out how this works. If this favors you more, you can be a Purplle marketer through this platform.

Cuelinks: this is the last platform I’ll mention here. Note that these are all valid platforms.

You only need to know which is easy for you and then begin selling Purplle products. The reason I outline the step-by-step sign-up for Purplle is that it’s their products and it’s preferable you deal directly with them.

Advantages of joining Purplle affiliate program

What will you stand to gain if you decide to become an affiliate for Purplle? I believe that this is the icing on the cake and you might be interested in reading this before venturing into this program.

It is easy to use

Going through the processes I have outlined above, you will agree with me that Purplle Affiliate Program is very easy to use.

The account creation process is not tedious and you can easily start selling as soon as you have a shop.

It is totally free

Yes, you read that right. The program is entirely free. You can affirm this because I didn’t mention anywhere where you would have to pay a certain amount of money.

I know of affiliate marketing and I know that before becoming an affiliate marketer on some platforms, you would have to pay a certain amount of money before you start making money as an affiliate marketer.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about where you will get the thousands of naira or dollars to enroll in this program.

Enjoy it for free and start making money. All you need is basic affiliate knowledge and a website.

The commission you will generate is 25%

So, even without paying a dime, you get to get a 25% commission for every Purplle product you sell. Let’s say you sell a mascara for 10 dollars, your gain will be 2.5 dollars. That’s huge right? I bet if you know the business well enough, you will make more than 50 dollars daily.

You get to keep your clients on your website

You don’t need to refer your customers to Purplle website to purchase the products, they are allowed to buy the products directly from your website.

What this means is that, you won’t only generate money by selling Purplle products, you also generate money by the number of clicks you have on your website. That sounds really cool to me.

Your customers remain your customers

They will know only you as the supplier of what they buy from you even though they are not your products. They will know Purplle as the producer of the products and then know you as Purplle supplier.

These are the whooping benefits you get to enjoy when you become Purplle Affiliate Marketer (PAM).

If you’re looking to make wealth this year, then I think you are about doing the right thing if you get on. Remember, you must understand affiliate marketing to be able to make your desired profit in weeks.

What can make you not be a part of PAP?

Becoming a part of Purplle Affiliate Program is easy and not being enrolled in the program is easy as well.

When once you meet up with all the required details, you can become an affiliate marketer. What are the requirements?

When you are not up to 17 years old

This is to ensure that you are mature enough to know what you are doing. Also, to ensure that you can surf the internet and that you are old enough to own a website.

So, if you do not meet up to this number of age, you cannot join Purplle Affiliate Program now. Wait until you get older.

When you do not have a website

Another thing that can disqualify you from being a Purplle Affiliate Marketer is when you do not have a website. I have advised that you own a website and build it.

You are basically going to sell on your website and you cannot join unless you have a website. So, I will advise you again, to create a website and build it before joining PAP.

When you do not have a mindset of selling

If you do not have a mindset of selling, you cannot go far on Purplle Affiliate Program. You cannot even make much progress on any affiliate program because the affiliate is all about persuading people to buy.

And, if you cannot successfully convince people to buy what you have, then don’t bother signing up for PAP. That account might be wasted.

So, do you have a mindset of selling? Can you convince people to buy from you regardless of what you sell?

You should also know that you are basically marketing to ladies who care about their beauty and to guys who might want to surprise the women in their lives with beauty accessories.


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