Nykaa vs Purplle: Which Is A Better Brand?

The similarity between Nykaa and Purplle is that both brands are deal with beauty, wellness, and fashion products. Both brands offer varieties of products from multi-beauty to cosmetics and personal care.

They are both online stores located in India that sells beauty and fashion products mostly for the skin and hair.

They both offer great deals, prices, and discounts on their products. Both brands provide a wide range of payment for products by offering debit, credit card services and also providing Cash on Delivery services to their customers.

They also provide a platform for learning makeup with tutorials for beginners. They provide maximum customer satisfaction and try to meet up with delivery.

The major difference is that Nykaa also sells products like jewelry, bags, appliances for massage, mom and baby products, nightwear asides from makeup. Meanwhile, Purplle focuses basically on makeup and skincare products.

Nykaa started in 2012 while Purplle started in 2011. Nykaa’s offers a better platform for learning makeup than Purplle, they offer master classes where some famous celebrity artists and beauty vloggers come on to tutor about make-up.

Nykaa also has a section called “Nykaa TV” that provides video tips on makeup and skincare.

Nykaa has a model called the “inventory model” which Purplle does not have. Through the use of this model, products are purchased through different brands and distributors after which the products are directly sold to customers. The process of this model is shown in the image below;

Which is the better brand to shop from?

Nykaa is the better brand to shop from. This is because, not only does it give you a hassle-free shopping experience, it also makes you want to shop there again.

Below are some points to prove that it is better.

User preference

Nykaa has more customers and product users than Purplle. Research has shown that a great number of people are aware of Nykaa’s online presence than Purplle, thereby making them order from Nykaa as it is the brand they know.

Due to the wide range of products Nykaa offers, they tend to have more customer patronage than Purple.


People visit Nykaa every day to shop for different types of products. This brand has over thirteen million transacting active users as of the last count.

It has about eighty stores across India and over 2,500 brands. It also has 1,30,000 available products via its app, website, and stores. This brand has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

As of August 31, 2021, Nykaa had a total download of 55.8 million across all their mobile applications. It opened its first physical store in 2014 and in 2021 it has 80 physical stores across 40 cities. It receives over one million orders every month from all over India.

Product range

Nykaa offers a broader and wider range of products from low end to high end not only to India but other international brands as well.

They provide products ranging from makeup to skincare, to mom and baby products and fragrances. Their makeup brands range from Maybelline, Huda beauty, Revolution, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Innisfree, and lots more.

Nykaa has over 200,000 products across 2,000 brands. It prides itself by offering a comprehensive selection of products on cosmetics, haircare, skincare, fragrances, bath and body products as well as luxury and wellness products for both men and women.

Customer service

Nykaa offers good customer service like good prices, great offers, rewards, and as well discounts. It sells authentic and quality products to customers.

Its products are bought directly from the manufacturers or the authorized distributors, with this their product is assured to have the finest quality.

It also offers great deals and discounts all year round. It has daily deals where you can have maximum benefits by picking from deals of the day. Also, every purchase earns you points that can as well be redeemed on the next purchase.

Nykaa has a helpline that is designed for the purpose of helping its customers make good choices on products that are tailored to their needs. It offers well-curated, well-priced, 100% branded, and genuine products to its customers.

Value for money

Nykaa offers a great number of discounts on its products more than Purplle, and this makes it a more suitable option to shop from. An interesting fact is that, Nykaa Bags offers 25% off to all its new users.


Nykaa has captured the imagination and earned the trust of people of almost all age groups across the length and breadth of the country.

Nykaa has a rating of 4.7 with nice reviews which showed that customers trust their products as well as their services. It has been getting lots of good comments and this has prompted a lot of people to shop with Nykaa.

Advantages of shopping on Nykaa website

Nykaa vs Purplle

  1. Product range
  2. Product quality
  3. New features
  4. Nykaa’s own line
  5. The inventory model
  6. Great customer service
  7. Discounts and offers

Product range

It has varieties of products are provided like wellness products, hair products, makeup, skincare products, and so on.

Product quality

They sell genuine and quality products. Their products are mostly from the manufacturers or distributors directly.

New features

Nykaa’s portfolio has been broadened, apart from selling make-up, wellness, and skincare products they also offer fashion wears, bags, nightwear, shapewear, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, jewelry, and lots more.

It also gives free beauty advice and assistance over the phone where you get advice from beauty experts, product reviews, tutorials, and many more.

Nykaa’s own line

Nykaa has its own line of makeup, wellness, and skincare products. This ranges from primers, lipsticks, nail polish, eye shadow palettes and so much more. Nykaa has used this to gain so many customers to its side.

The inventory model

This model offers products that are purchased through brands and distributors are directly sold to customers. This model allows Nykaa to have a secure hold on its items and also to avoid forged items.

Great customer service

According to the CEO of Nykaa, during the critical time of the lockdown Nykaa was able to meet up with the demands of customers for essential products.

They gave fast and quick responses to their customer thereby gaining their trust. This is as shown in the image below;

Discounts and offers

Nykaa offers free delivery to both its new and existing customers on all orders that is worth Rs. 299 or even more. Nykaa Bag also offers 25% off to all it new customers.

Disadvantages of shopping on Nykaa website

Nykaa vs Purplle

  1. Colour and shade discrepancy
  2. Feel of the product
  3. Delays and cancellations
  4. No bargaining
  5. No interaction

Colour and shade discrepancy

This is a major disadvantage due to the fact that the shade on the product display picture comes out of an entirely different hue than the one ordered.

This is because, the shade in the product display picture appears different due to camera effect, light, and editing. With all these, what you receive may not be what you actually what to purchase.

Feel of product

Most times products do not stand up to the expectations of the customer as it is with the makeup products.

This is also because, customers cannot touch or see the product with their naked eyes, so whatever you order is what you get and this is a great disadvantage because oftentimes people get disappointed.

You only get to see the image and read the description. This is not suitable for people who wish to try or touch the product first before buying it.

Delays and cancellations

Customers have faced delays in their delivery and cancellation of the products which they ordered. Unlike offline shopping where you can get you products there and then, online shopping is entirely different.

Though it takes barely 15 minutes to buy the products online, it takes almost 5 days for it to get to you. This is worse during the big sales.

No bargaining

As it is an online store, you cannot bargain as you wish. Bargaining can only take place in offline shopping. Instead of bargaining online, you get discounts, cashback, and coupons.

No interaction

While shopping on the Nykaa website, all you can do is see the picture and read through the description. There is no face-to-face interaction with customers or any avenue for asking questions, the best you can do is rely on customers’ reviews which can be very subjective.

Advantages of shopping on Purplle Website

  1. Product quality
  2. Product range
  3. Great prices, offers, and discounts
  4. Payments
  5. Beauty magazine
  6. Delivery, exchange, and return process
  7. Purple reviews

Product quality

Purplle products are known to be quality and bought directly from the manufacturers and distributors. It sells original makeup and cosmetic products.

Most of its products are known to be genuine, authentic, and pretty affordable too.

Product range

Purplle offers a diverse range of products and brands on its website. The range is divided into lip makeup, eye makeup, face makeup, and all makeup accessories.

Also, the range of brands is; Colorbar, Loreal, Chanel, Maybelline, and lots more.

Great prices, offers, and discounts

It offers great prices as well as discounts on products. It also offers great deals on products regularly. It frequently offers 10% off on all prepaid orders.

Purple wallet offers 15% cashback on a minimum purchase of Rs. 999 on using Rupay offer.


A wide range of safe and secure payment options are available for customers. Customers can either choose to pay through credit and debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, or Cash on delivery.

To ensure that transaction at the Purplle website is extremely secure, customers are advised to use a secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) page which is the industry-standard secure payment method.

Beauty magazine

The website offers varieties of services like buying guides, make-up looks, video tutorials by bloggers, some beauty routines to follow, and also a beauty assistant to provide you with recommendations.

Delivery, exchange, and return process

Purplle ensures a smooth operation of their delivery, exchange, and return process. Flexible and hassle-free customer service is also ensured and the exchange and return process moves well.

Purplle reviews

Good customers reviews help other customers to decide quickly on the desired products.

Disadvantages of shopping on Purplle website

  1. Colour and shade discrepancy
  2. Feel of the product
  3. Authenticity

Colour and shade discrepancy

Just like it is for Nykaa, so it is for Purplle. The Colour and shade of products ordered most times do not match the received products.

Due to camera effect, light, and editing people tend to see a different thing from what it really is. This usually happens with makeup products and as Purplle deals mainly with make-up and skincare products this is a great disadvantage on its part.

Feel of the product

As it is a disadvantage for Nykaa, in the same way it is a disadvantage too for Purple. Especially in the case of makeup products, not being able to touch and see the product so as to know if the color chosen suits the skin tone, is a great disadvantage for Purplle website.


Purplle website has been accused a number of times of not providing authentic products to their customers.

The Overall winner for me

The overall best for me is Nykaa. Though both brands offer good deals, Nykaa offers much better deals than Purplle. It also gives discounts and offers on regular basis.

Nykaa sells other accessories like bags, jewelry, nightwear apart from makeup products making shopping hassle-free for shoppers.

These products are also genuine and authentic as they are directly purchased from the manufacturers. It also offers good customer service as it is seen in the customer reviews.

It has its own product and creates an avenue for customers to enhance their makeup skills.


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