Steve Madden vs Guess Inc: Which Is A Better Brand?

The major difference between Steve Madden Ltd. and Guess Inc. is crystal clear in the sense of creating new designs for new products.

Guess Inc. has proved to be punctual and competitive in creating their own designs, they go from a progressive level of innovating new designs as time goes.The Steve Madden Ltd. On the other hand, is lagging behind in the area of creating its own designs.

Steve Madden makes sneakers but instead of bringing up their own designs, they copy from other shoe manufacturing companies

Steve Madden vs Guess Inc: Which is better?

After getting to know the major difference between the two brands, the next question is which is better right?

Guess Inc. has outshined Steve Madden Ltd in all areas except two which are the quality of their products and the price tag.

Regardless of the ratings and reviews, the Steve Madden shoes are competitive when it comes to producing quality products and their products are very affordable.

Guess Inc. on the other hand is a very competitive brand. The brand is known for its diverse production and popularity, compared to other top brands, Guess Inc. sells its product at a cheaper rate.

Why is Guess Inc. Better?

Guess Inc. is by far a better brand than Steve Madden Ltd. For many reasons. The Guess Inc. started off as a clothing brand in the year 1981, for the two brothers known as the Marciano Brothers.

Guess redefined denim from the influence of European inspiration. In fact, some of their first designs were stone-washed jeans; the 3 zip Marilyn and the slim-fitting jeans.

All these creations and developments happened after they had left South France with the inspiration of having an American dream come true. Guess has made lots of shoes from their emergence.

The company has proven to be very competitive at that, they have come from owning just one store to having a number of Four hundred and Eighty-Four (484) stores as at the end of 2011.

To everyone’s greatest surprise, Guess has now currently own a vast number of One thousand three hundred stores (1,300) across the globe. That is how far they have come.

To answer your question, Guess Inc. is better because of the kinds of products it makes. Unlike Steve Madden Ltd., Guess Inc. markets a lot of other products other than shoes.

Guess has managed to maintain a high number of rankings and reviews from customers who have recommended them in producing quality and versatile products.

Steve Madden on the other hand is known popularly for just their shoes, they have other products that they market but the shoe they manufacture takes all the popularity, leaving other products not globally recognized.

Judging from how Guess Inc. started, how far they have come, and reviews from customers that we got through thorough research, it is without a doubt that Guess Inc. is better than Steve Madden Ltd.

Are There Notable Similarities Between Steve Madden and Guess Inc?

Yes, there are quite a number of similarities between the two brands, some of these similarities are not visible to the eyes.

In this part of the article, those similarities will be reviewed and hopefully, you too can identify them when you see them.

  • Nature of design
  • Quality of Products
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Interview

Nature of Design

Steve Madden Ltd. is a unique brand. They make quality shoes and they are durable and versatile. Take a look at this Steve Madden Men Boot.

Steve Madden vs Guess Inc
Steve Madden Boots

The design and nature of this shoe are just like the GUESS Women Boot. without carefully studying the two products, you might think they were made by the same company.

Steve Madden vs Guess Inc
Guess Women’s Boots

As competitive as these two brands are, they have managed to maintain a nature of design that is similar to the other.

Take a look at how the soles of both shoes are shaped and then the double stitch at the heel side. They both have slim shoelaces and iron eyelets for the perfect lace-up fit.

Quality of Product

Talking about the quality of the product both brands produce is a tug of war. Both Steve Madden and Guess make use of synthetic materials, leather and rubber materials to ensure comfort, durability, and functionality.

Take a look at GUESS men’s Loven  This shoe has a rubber sole that makes it slip-resistant and an oil-resistant vamp that makes it possible for it to fight off the stain.

Steve Madden Men Calor is made with the same kind of material as the Guess Inc. shoe. They both possess the rubber sole, the protected toe box feature that is made with thick leather in order to protect your feet from any form of injury.

They play in the same industry

Steve Madden and Guess are into retail and wholesale marketing, they have a vast amount of customers coming in from different parts of the world, in order to be able to satisfy them all being a retail and a wholesale company is the only way out.

Plus, it is profitable since they generate a whole lot of revenue.


As a reward for hard work which both brands have in common, the total amount of income generated so far in both companies is indistinguishable.

Both brands manage to acquire an income ranging from the sum of $1 Billion – $5 Billion in annual revenue.

The similarity in the interview process

Working with either brand is not an easy thing. Most times no one tells you what to do or how to do what you are supposed to do, you learn by yourself and it is very competitive.

Above all, getting the job is the first obstacle to cross, making it through these two companies’ interview process is a long line of access that might leave you tired and stressed.

If there is anything these two brands have in common is the method of interview before selecting workers. If you make it through the interview of one. You will surely make it through the other.

Technical Difference between Steve Madden and Guess Inc

Noting the technical difference between the two brands is compact. We have managed to dig out some of which we will review.

  • Price adjustment stratagem
  • Guess has a better discount policy
  • Modification and cancellation Stratagem
  • Recommendation
  • Appearance

Price Adjustment Stratagem

The price tags for both brands vary and can be used as a technical difference between them.

The selling price of a Steve Madden shoe starts at a range of $40 and above which varies according to the kind of shoe or product you are purchasing and they do not offer any price reduction or refund. 

Guess Inc. however offers a price negotiation scheme for the benefit of its customers. This plan allows you to make returns of purchased goods for a refund, change or resell within a specific time frame.

Their products do not have a fixed standard price as they are likely to change it in regards to their price adjustment Stratagem.

Guess has a better discount policy

As a student there are certain benefits that you are entitled to, being a student means you are under the not working-class set of people. Guess Inc. has a policy that favors the student customers they have.

This is another technical difference both brands have because as a student that you are and you want to order a product from Guess Inc. a space will be provided for you to verify if you are a student.

If you pass the verification process, then a certain discount will be made to you. Steve Madden Ltd. on the other hand does not have such a policy installed.

Modification and Cancelation Stratagem

These days we tend to buy products online that when delivered, the delivered product will not look like what was ordered. Guess Inc. has a policy that counters such kinds of situations.

They have a plan installed to let you cancel an order and or remodify your initial order with no strings attached.

You don’t have to pay double or anything, all you need to do is to connect to customer care and then make your modifications. This Is one of the most impacting differences both brands have.


Both brands come with a lot of recommendations, the Steve Madden Ltd. Has a wash and care guideline set out to help its customer take proper maintenance of their product, they also have an eco-friendly option that helps their customer relate better with them.

Guess Inc. on the other hand is mostly recommended because of their friendly policies which they have installed to make customers feel safe and considered.

In the sense that, people want to know that they are covered when they make mistakes, with Guess Inc. ordering the wrong size will not be a problem because of the modification policy they have. This is why they are technically recommended than Steve Madden Ltd.


It is sometimes hard to distinguish which shoe is from Steve Maddens because of the shoes lack brand logos visible enough to distinguish them.

They are mostly hidden in the shoes or Abbreviated on the song or don’t even come with it at all. Guess Shoes however has its trademark imprinted on their products.

It is very easy to distinguish between a Steve Madden and a Guess shoe. So basically this is another technical difference between both brands.

Why you should have Steve Madden Shoes in your closet?

Steve Madden has been manufacturing shoes right from time. In fact, he started selling shoes to stores in New York City from the back of his car.

It can be noted that shoemaking has been his profession right from the onset and he is very good at it. Shoes made from Steve Madden Ltd. Are versatile and classic.

They come with a plain design which gives you enough space to customize them anyhow you want. If you are one who likes to own something, cover it with your own designs and logos then go for the Steve Madden.

The company does not visibly imprint its logo and trademark on all of its products which makes it possible for you to even customize your own name on the shoe after you have purchased it.

Which leaves you having comfort, protection, quality, and personal design all in one.

Why you should have Guess Shoes in your closet?

Guess shoes come with a feel of quality. This is said to be their secret weapon. Based on all the reviews made about them, quality is a keyword used in all of them. How the shoes are made is an amazing process.

They come with a round toe for more protection and arch support which supports your feet and help you stand for long with no issue at all. the shoes are made with selective materials to match each design and product.

Some of the Guess shoes are made with elastic materials and this makes them Grippy to your feet. they are functional and very easy to keep clean. A pair of the guess sneakers can serve you in diverse areas of need.

You should consider getting a pair of these if you are one who loves to wear quality stuff to go with your outfit or on sporting activity.


The reviews made on these two brands are done on critical research. Both brands have been competitive and are still being competitive up to date.

Looking at how they started and how far they have come, there is no doubt that there has been a lot of improvement.

The fact that Guess Inc. is chosen to be the better brand here does not mean Steve Madden Ltd. is any less an outstanding brand like Guess Inc. both rare good at what they do and have offered and still offering credible comfort.

Guess Inc. has certain policies installed to make their customers want and trust their services more, which is one way to win the hearts of the masses.

They offer quality service, comfortable products, functional and durable ones all at a negotiable price. This makes them the best out of the two brands.


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