How to Remove Stains Out of Timberland Boots

As an athlete or someone who exercises a lot with timberland boots, you will most probably encounter stains while using your boots.

You can escape stains as long as you are making use of the boot. Getting stains off timberland boots can be tricky and you might be tempted to allow the stain to remain on your boots.

But, some people who are very meticulous wouldn’t want to walk around with a stained boot. You wouldn’t have to throw it away either.

Here are some hacks you need to get that stubborn stain off your timberland boots.

How to remove general stain from leather timberland boots

How to Remove Stains Out of Timberland Boots

You will agree that leather products are quick to get wasted if not handled properly and appropriately.

Timberland company has given guidelines on how to get general stains off their leather products. Materials to use are soft cloth, sponge, soapy water, and a towel.

  • Brush your boot to remove the first layer of dirt
  • Scrub the stained area
  • Rub the boots dry
  • You can now leave the boots out for ventilation

Brush your boot to remove the first layer of dirt

When you discover that your timberland boots are stained by mud, what you should do first is to lightly brush off the dirt from your boot. Do not soak the boot in water like so many people would do. Firstly brush your boot to remove excess dirt.

Scrub the stained area

The next thing you should do is to use a soft cloth or sponge soaked in warm soapy water to wipe on the dirt area. Read the previous line again.

Get a soft cloth, get warm soapy water, soak the soft cloth in that water and use it to scrub on the stained area. You can use a sponge if you have it.

Rub the boots dry

I know the next thing you would want to do is to sun dry the boots. But, wait, there’s one more thing to be done. Get a towel and dry the boots. Not just any towel, get a clean towel and rub the boots dry.

You can now leave the boots out for ventilation

You must not sundry it. Just keep your boots where enough ventilation can get to it and you’ll have the stain out in hours.

How to get general stains out from suede timberland boots

The process of getting general stains out of suede timberland boots is slightly different from that of leather timberland boots.

The two materials are different and so need different treatment while trying to clean them. The materials you will need are a wire brush, water, and an eraser bar.

Let’s see the step by step guide to getting general stain off suede timberland boots:

Brush off dirt lightly

Just as on a leather boot, the first thing to do when there’s mud on your suede boot is to brush off the dirt lightly. This way you can get right on to the next step.

Use wire brush to scrub dirt

After brushing off the dirt, soak the wire brush in water and use a wire brush to scrub off the dirt. When scrubbing off the dirt, focus on darker spots and the stained spot and ensure you do thorough work on it. Remember to make use of a wire brush.

Dry with a towel

Keep your boots out for enough ventilation

Top tips: For stubborn scuffs on both the leather and suede timberland boots, use an eraser bar to brush.

For suede, brush in the direction of the shoes’ fibers to avoid damage.

How to remove water stain from timberland boots

You will agree with me that stains from mud are different from water stains. You can easily remove general stains from your timberland boots if you follow the steps above, but you can’t repeat the same procedures if it’s a stain from water.

If you’re observant, you’ll notice that failure to remove water stain can be worse as the water will mix with the dust on your boot and then discolor your timberland boots.

Because of this, the methods of removing them from timberland boots are different. There are certain materials you need to prepare first begin the procedure: room temperature water, clean cloth, and paper for suede.

Let’s now consider the methods of removing stain from water in timberland boots;

  • First, get your tools for cleaning and your boots out
  • Soak the white soft cloth into the warm water and dampen the stained area
  • Carefully use moisture into the boots
  • Repeat process to taste
  • Dry in a well-ventilated area

First, get your tools for cleaning and your boots out

The tools to use are a clean cloth, room temperature water, and your boots.

Soak the white soft cloth into the warm water and dampen the stained area

Ensure you use a clean cloth if not you will end up messing up the whole boot. Also, ensure that the water you use is a clean one and heated to room temperature.

Remember it was dirty water that stained the boot. So, take precautions while trying to clean.

Carefully use moisture into the boots

Immediately after dampening the affected area, you rub the applied moisture into the boot.

Carefully rub the moisture in the boot and while doing that, focus on the stained area so that you will not end up increasing the stain.

Repeat process to taste

For stubborn stains, the first rub may not immediately take away the stain. Ensure to repeat the process if that is the case.

Dry in a well-ventilated area

Lastly, leave your timberland boots in a well-ventilated area to dry. That’s all it takes to get that water stain out.

Top tips: while trying to remove water stain from suede timberland boot, stuff the boot with paper to maintain the shape of the boot.

How to remove salt stain from timberland boots

Salt stains can be very stubborn and annoying. It will not only discolor your boot, but it will also bring out foul stench from your boot.

No one wants to wear a boot oozing with an annoying stench about. In order to avoid any embarrassing episode when you are in a crowd, it is necessary you take measures to clean them.

In removing salt stains from your boots, there are certain things you need to prepare before you begin the process of cleaning.

You need to get vinegar, a bucket of clean water and three clean fresh clothes.

  • Brush off excess salt from your Timberland boots
  • Mix Vinegar with hot water
  • Soak soft clean cloth and rub on Timberland boot
  • Dry in a well-ventilated area

Brush off excess salt from your Timberland boots

Use the first clean cloth to brush off the excess salt from your timberland boot. Ensure you center on the affected part.

Mix Vinegar with hot water

Now, you need to pay attention here because you are not going to just mix the vinegar and water together. You’ll need to follow this formula.

The ratio of vinegar to the water to use is 1:2. Use one part of vinegar and two parts of water. That is, the water should be double amount of the vinegar.

Soak soft clean cloth and rub on Timberland boot

After you mix the water and vinegar together, soak the second clean soft cloth into the mixture and rub it on your boot.

Rub on the affected part only. If the all part of the boot is affected, then rub the mixture on all part of the boot.

When you are done rubbing the mixture on your boot, you can then go ahead to use the third fresh cloth to wipe off the vinegar from your boot.

Ensure you wipe until the trace of the salt stain is out.

Dry in a well-ventilated area

Lastly, leave your boot to dry in a well-ventilated area and continue using your timberland boot when it gets dried off.

Steps to remove grease stain from your timberland boots

A grease stain on your boot can be so unpleasant. And it gets worse if you do not remove it immediately. Let’s say the synthetic product you have been using for stain gets finished and to purchase a new one, you have to wait for days for it to arrive.

Will your favorite boot get damaged just like that? There’s a home remedy for that grease stain and I’m going to share the procedure with you.

What you need to get grease stain off your timberland boots are paper towel or just a stack of paper, baby or talc powder or cornstarch, toothbrush or soft cloth.

Now, let’s get through the process.

Soak out the grease with paper towels

When you first observe the grease stain on your stain, do not waste time. Place a stack of paper or paper towels on the affected area to soak out the grease from your boot.

Take off the paper when fully soaked and place another paper on the spot. Repeat this procedure until you do not notice grease anymore on your boot. You can use tissue for this procedure if the paper is not handy.

The next thing you should is to sprinkle baby powder or talc powder on the affected area

If you cannot find baby or talc powder at that moment, use cornstarch to sprinkle. Leave it that way overnight. Be careful not to rub the powder in.

Make sure to keep it in a safe place where children cannot reach and end your cleaning halfway.

The next morning, brush off the powder from your boot with a toothbrush or you can as well use a soft clean cloth

Steps to remove sweat stain from timberland boots

Perspiration is not what a lot of people can control, especially if you’re using your boots for exercise or athletic purposes. When this happens, your boots can get stained from the sweat residue, and this may affect the color of your Timberland.

Not only that, it may give off an offensive smell if left uncleaned.

That way, your boot can easily get stained by sweat, the color of your boot might change and it might ooze out the annoying smell.

This is very common as some people may not want to take off their boots in public because the smell might be offensive to people around.

Ensure you are able to differentiate between a salt stain and a sweat stain so that you can apply the right method.

You don’t have to worry and be shy about that, there’s a remedy for your boot. You can easily get the sweat stain off with these simple steps I’m about to outline.

  1. You only need mild soap, warm water, a sponge, and dry cloth.
  2. Mix the soap and warm water in a bucket and stir with your hand to bring out foam.
  3. Take the sponge soak it in the foam only, then apply on the stained area
  4. Thoroughly brush off the stain with the foam and brush until the stain disappears.
  5. You can repeat these steps if you haven’t gotten what you want
  6. Then wipe the boot with a dry cloth and keep the boot out for ventilation.


In conclusion, let me share this scenario with you. A friend of mine recently purchased his favorite timberland boots from Amazon and he almost used two weeks to celebrate his purchase.

We are also happy for him though even though I secretly envied him. The first time he decided to use the boot for a birthday party, something happened.

At the party venue, he strayed into the backyard for privacy and was unaware of the gallon of grease laying near his foot. When he stood up to leave, he mistakenly kicked the gallon of grease and had a blot of grease stain on his new boot.

He came back home sad and I had to share these tips with him. You should guess by now that he got the stain off and he could still flaunt his favorite timberland boot. This time, he became more careful.

Before you venture into removing any stain from your timberland boots, you should be able to identify the kind of stain first.

When you do not know what has stained your boot, you might use the wrong procedure thereby, spoiling your boot altogether. As you have seen, you cannot use the method for removing salt stain to remove grease stain.

I will advise you to come back here when you notice any stain and then use the appropriate method to remove the stain. You can also refer your friends to this site when they complain about any stain on their boots.

Identify the stain and understand the method to use. I hope you successfully get off that stubborn stain.

I wish you good luck in your cleaning process.


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