Crocs Literide vs Reviva: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the two Crocs is that Crocs Literide clogs are mostly slip-ons, shoes, or sandals with meshed uppers. Whereas Crocs Revivas are slides and flip-flops and shoes without mesh uppers.

This being the case, if you are considering a purchase, you should be aware that the line of Crocs Literide has more sneakers to choose from. If you want slides and flip-flops, look towards Crocs Reviva for more options.

Crocs made it easier for you to choose from available options depending on your taste.

Which Crocs is more preferable to buy?

Bar individual preferences, Crocs Literide presents the best options to buy from. For one thing, the two products are made by the same companies so your loyalty as a customer is really not called into question here, just your preference. This is why Crocs churns new styles of Crocs every month.

It is summer in some parts of the globe, it will be in a few months in other places. It is never too late or early to make your choice of clogs, sandals, and sneakers from the amazing array of Crocs on the shelves.

Several factors will influence your purchase. Consider the weather conditions of your locality, your budget, and the purpose for which you need the Crocs.

Crocs are generally easy footwears that focus on functionality. They are super comfortable and durable. Made from the propitiatory Croslite material, they are flexible and easy to maintain. Many users love them for beach activity, others love the clogs for work, indoor or outdoor.

Regardless of the factors that influence your buy, I suggest you go for Crocs Literide. But why should you buy Crocs Literide?

Why are Crocs Literide best?

Crocs Literide vs Reviva

Crocs Literide  clogs are the best for the following reasons:

  • Crocs literide have the best ventilation
  • Crocs literide are more stylish
  • Best for dressing

Crocs literide have the best ventilation

You will enjoy better ventilation with Crocs Literide on account of the mesh design. The uppers of Literide sneakers, clogs, flip-flops all have little holes on them that allow air to circulate in the footwear.

In summer heat you can enjoy comfortable wear all day whether you are indoor or outdoor. The design envisages activities at the beach where it is expected that you’d dip in the water, build castles in the sand.

You can easily shake grains of sand out of the clogs or flip-flops.

Do Crocs Reviva have mesh uppers? No. And of course, they are beautiful as well. But you have to admit that they are limiting in the utility they give you.

Crocs literide are more stylish

Literide clogs are more chic in look, stylish in silhouette. For example, the Literide Pacer Sneakers are actually tennis shoes for women. But when it comes to style, you know you can dress up with them because they are so stylish.

Literide sneakers fit better into a versatile lifestyle than Reviva. You can switch up on style as you want while enjoying the functionality of each footwear.

Crocs literide are the best for dressing

Crocs Literide fit on for dress than Reviva. It doesn’t matter which one of the Literide Crocs you dig, they all fit perfectly for pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, and so forth.

You won’t have a hard time choosing one of the clogs for combat knickers for an evening on the beach, or any of the Literide Pacer sneakers for brisk walking or games of tennis.

Ladies will love the Literide clogs with skinny jeans and teas. Men would love the black Pacer sneaker with joggers for hanging out with friends when they go out on the town.

Crocs Women’s Reviva Slide.
Crocs Reviva Slides

Crocs Literide vs Reviva: What are the similarities?

Crocs Literide vs Reviva
Crocs Reviva Sneakers

Surprisingly, the similarities between Crocs Literide and Reviva are in the:

  • Silhouette
  • Construction


Literide and Reviva flip-flops share a similarity in their silhouettes.

They both have bulky heels that slope into the arch of the flip-flop and onto the toe area. This silhouette allows the two flip-flops to provide support for the feet in the heel and arch areas for a comfortable fit.


Both Literide and Reviva are made with Crocs Croslite foam materials. They are both constructed to give a relaxed fit, allow for soft cushioning.

Both Crocs enjoy flexibility because of the Matlite uppers which make them feel broken in from the first time you walk in them.

Cushioning is one of the hallmarks of Crocs footwear and both the Literide and Reviva footwear bear these trademarks in all ramifications.

The styles share a similarity in the footbed for their flip-flops. With a slight difference in between, the sandals have an arrangement of bubbles on the footbed for grip.

They also share similarities in their arch construction. Crocs utilize deep grooves along the arch areas of their footwear to support the feet which prevents fatigued muscles.

You find this arch support in the Literide clogs, sneakers, and sandals. The same as in Reviva slides and flip-flops. Both flip-flops have toe areas that curve up to allow a comfortable walk on both wet floors and sand.

The construction is lightweight in the two Crocs even though one is heavier than the other. Crocs are known for this feature all across the footwear collection.

The reason for this is the Croslite foam construction which makes them super supportive easy to maintain. They become even more lightweight without their footbed.

Some users want more weight so they replace the footbed in the Crocs with a sturdier one. This is why Crocs are some of the most versatile footwear.

Differences between Crocs Literide and Reviva

The following are the differences you will find in the two collections:

  • Literide have mesh uppers while the Reviva does not
  • Reviva Crocs have big bubbles in them that gives you a springy walk
  • Crocs Literide are designed for comfortability while Reviva is designed for functionality

Literide have mesh uppers while the Reviva does not

One of the most distinguishing features of the two Crocs is the mesh in the Literide uppers which is missing in the Reviva Crocs.

The uppers in the Literide give it a stylish look, very functional and comfortable.

You can find the mesh uppers in the Literide Pacer Sneaker and the clogs as well. They act as ventilators, channeling air in and out of the footwear.

The flip-flop has perforations in the straps too where it serves the same purpose of allowing for comfortable use. In the Reviva the straps in the flip flops have no mesh, they trap moisture and sand.

The mesh mechanism is missing in the Reviva sandals, slides, and sneakers. An inherent result of this is that they trap moisture and may not be the ideal footwear for the hot season.

The less ventilation footwear has, the less comfortable it affords. These factors can be a guide when making a purchase.

Crocs are great footwear by the way, and the Reviva has its own upsides when it comes to other elements like the fact that they have more bulk than Literide flip-flops and slides.

Reviva Crocs function better on the beach on account of their weight.

Reviva Crocs have big bubbles in them that gives you a springy walk

A great difference can be found in the footbed design. These Crocs Reviva bubbles provide better grip and channels water out of the footbed for better comfort.

Crocs Reviva flip-flop with a bubble in the footbed.

These big bubbles are missing in the Lite ride where they are minimal. The footbed in Literide is deeper around the heels of the flip-flops. And there are long lines of ridges that seem to make up for the missing bubbles.

These bubbles in the Reviva are supposed to massage your underfoot. Furthermore, Reviva footbeds have built-in air bubbles as in the Reviva Ballet Flat for bounce and gentle foot massage.

Crocs Literide are designed for comfortability while Reviva is designed for functionality

You will find s difference in how much functions the two styles of Crocs can serve you. The Literide collection of footwear has been designed and optimized for more comfort.

Features like the mesh in the Literide hints at an active lifestyle with a touch of class so that you can dress with them in as many ways as you can manage.

Reviva Crocs are bolder, more in your face with bulk allowing you to explore beach sides and be present in the moment. Reviva Crocs affords less functionality in the collection. It offers fewer sneakers for dresses limiting it to splashy moments by the pool or the beach.

You can run with the Literide Pacer, dress with it, play tennis with it. It is durable both for running and brisk walking.

There’s a women’s Reviva Ballet Flats that. It is about the only Crocs in the Reviva line to meet the requirements for dress shoes.

Though it is called a Ballet Flat, it can be used to dress skirts, pants, summer clothes, and for evening outings.

One final difference you see between the Crocs is Reviva flip-flops are all unisex, they can be worn by both men and women, whereas Literide has much more footwear for both men and women separately with few unisex footwear.

Let me know in the comment section what you think of this list of comparisons. It would be a pleasure to know it helped in your next purchase of Crocs. To purchase Crocs Literide on Amazon click here. To buy Reviva Crocs click here.


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