Do Crocs Have Half Sizes?

Crocs are not available in half sizes, They are made in full sizes. Although the old versions of Crocs for kids have half sizes, that’s all there is to it. No half-size for adults.

You can check their website here for their size chart and see which one accommodates your own size.

One thing’s for sure though, Crocs has footwear for everyone, no matter how gargantuan your feet is.

Do you need to size up or down for Crocs half size?

If you wear half sizes in other shoes or sneakers, I suggest you size up for Crocs. This means that if your usual size is 8 ½, then you need to size up to 9 if you are buying Crocs.

Now, why shouldn’t you just scale down?

The reason is that the Crocs are likely to be too tight if you bought a size 8 instead of a scaled-up size 9. Many users have had this experience and there’s no reason you should repeat the mistake too.

Crocs are made to provide maximum comfort. To buy one that meets your needs, you have to be certain what size you use before ordering for one.

Check the shoes you have now; sandals, clogs, and flip-flops to be certain of your size, check how comfortable these sizes are for your feet.

Having this information will help you make the best out of your purchase. Crocs clogs are by their nature spacious.

You don’t want to end up buying one with a size one too many or too little. There may be ways to make a Crocs that’s too big tighter, or hacks to make a too-tight Crocs bigger, but you can avoid all this hassle all the same by being sure of what you want.

Why you should size up?

You should size up for the following reasons:

Crocs are already big

You may have seen Crocs worn by other people before, you have likely noticed what some have referred to as the ugly look of Crocs.

Much like the animals after which the clogs are named.

Crocs are usually roomy. There are others that fit snugly, and those that are standard sizes.

You wear a half size likely because your feet are bigger than most. Ordering a size down will result in a tight fit as I’ve mentioned before.  Ordering a size up compensates for shoes that are already big from the manufacturer.

Save cost

Sizing up saves you the extra cost of having to return the Crocs to the supplier. It saves you the cost of having to make it bigger.

Also the cost of breaking in the clogs. Crocs should come broken in the first time you wear them on account of the material used in the manufacture.

But because they are probably too tight, it gives you blisters. You may have to compensate by wearing socks to protect your feet, which worsens the situation.

Why are there no half sizes in Crocs?

The simple answer is that Crocs run large as I have pointed out, and the only way to wear them half size is to use the straps.

There’s no need for them to make half sizes because of the designs. Generally, Crocs run true to size. On their website, you’d find the sizes in whole numbers: 8,9, 10, and so forth. The reason for this is because as I have said, design is the big issue.

Some Crocs are purposely designed for work while others are designed specifically for casual comfort. This is why they are so boy that when you wear them you feel a lot of freedom around your toes, the sides of your feet, and heels.

Hence it is possible to order your exact size and still get a regular fit. And you may order a size up and be surprised to experience unbeatable comfort still.

So if you are a half size, Crocs solved that issue with the strap. In this case, you can wear it in sport mode, the strap back around your ankle.

In simple terms: for a half size, you are either able to wear your Crocs with the strap up or as clogs with the strap down, never both ways.

If your feet are a half size, you have to choose either to wear them as clogs, or as slip-ons. That will determine either to round up your size or round it down. As advised earlier, it is best to round up.

Things to consider before buying your first Crocs

Are you ready for the first Crocs? Maybe you have seen them on the shelves and wondered what those ugly-looking clogs would feel like. I’m here to help you make the best decision of your clog life.


Consider first why you need to buy Crocs. You are like everyone else whose sentiments and emotions take the front seat when making a purchase. So you may just want Crocs because of how they look so futuristic and awkwardly ugly.

There are other reasons to consider. Do you need to wear them for work around the home, or outdoors somewhere else? Do you need them when you go to the beach? Do you need Crocs to complement existing shoes in your collection?

Why all these questions?

You should answer these questions because they determine the style of Crocs you’d buy. Crocs are very functional footwear hence you don’t want to end up buying shoes that won’t satisfy you, except of course you just need to satisfy your curiosity.

Your budget

Next is counting the cost. You need to know how much the Crocs that meets your needs cost. This includes shipping too. Crocs have become a big brand since and their prices have become competitive.

In order not to end up buying a knockoff version, you need to head over to Amazon and see which of the styles fit into your budget.

Some clogs sell from $38 minus shipping, and the slide designs are as low as $13.50. I can assure you though that you are making the best use of your money by purchasing Crocs.

Your size

Lastly consider your size. This is as important as every other factor here on this list. Are you half size or full size? What exactly is your taste in fitting?

Some people like Crocs because of the elaborate freedom they allow your feet when you wear them. Others want something exact, snug.

These factors determine your purchase and the eventual utility you derive from Crocs. You also want to find out what style of Crocs will suit your needs.

Brands similar to Crocs that have half size

If you want half-size clogs like Crocs badly look no further. I have done the job for you and below are a few alternatives for Crocs.

Yungprime Men’s work shoes

Do Crocs Have Half Sizes

This shoes come with all the Crocs ensign: EVA material, rubber soles, and the allowance of a half size: 8.5, 9.5. It is extremely flexible and can easily be slipped on and off. It costs only $39.99 here on Amazon.

Amoji Unisex clogs

Do Crocs Have Half Sizes

Same materials as Crocs this clog are made with EVA materials that make them durable and comfortable.

The rubber foam makes it lightweight. You can wear them all day and not feel fatigued in your muscles. And you can buy them in half sizes: 10.5 women, and 8.5 for men. They are $25.99 on Amazon.

WBuffalo Aclimber Unisex Clogs

Do Crocs Have Half Sizes

Imitation Crocs manage to use the same materials as Crocs to give you something close to the same satisfaction.

This clog is made with (you guessed right) EVA material for a comfortable feel. The uppers are strewn with holes to keep it aerated and increase the comfort level. They are the perfect footwear for summer. They come in half sizes: 7.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5.

Check here on Amazon for your size, buy at $19.99.

4Beslip Unisex clogs

Do Crocs Have Half Sizes

This Crocs wannabe is efficient at its best. Specked with holes of different sizes on its uppers, you can’t but love how comfortable they are on your feet.

Three large holes are on the sides to let air in, and more holes at the top make sure that breathability is complete, the strap at the back keeps the half-size intact. It’s got a deep heel cup, roomy toe box, and amazing arch support, just the way Crocs would do it.

The perfect Clogs for all seasons it is odorless and portable and can be packed for travels, used indoors and outdoors. It is manufactured with high-quality EVA material to keep it comfy and flexible. The sizes include 5.5 to 6.5, 4.5 to 5.5, and more.


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