Crocs Kadee II vs Swiftwater: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Crocs Kadee and Swiftwater is their looks and feel.

The Crocs Kadee II are bulkier around the back while Swiftwater sandals are slimmer and narrow looking. The Swiftwater sandals are more rounded under the heel and near the arch giving them a more chic look than Kadee II.

Crocs Kadee II vs Swiftwater
Crocs Swiftwater
Crocs Kadee II vs Swiftwater
Crocs Kadee II

You will also notice another difference when you check the outsoles of the two sandals, there’s a long line that runs under Swiftwater sandals from the toe area to the heel.

This line is broken in the middle under Crocs Kadee II. Another difference you’ll note in the looks is that the arrangement in the pressure points on the insole of both sandals is different patterns.

In Kadee II they run straight along the length of the insole stopping just short of the toes with a little extra to indicate the places for your toes. In Swiftwater, the pressure points run in a complete route twice, and then they run in three incomplete lines and stop midway through the insole.

Kadee II feels more cushioned and comfortable than Swiftwater sandals.

Which of the sandals is better?

Swiftwater sandals are better because they are more comfortable which is a big deal. I have to admit it is a tough decision to pick one of the two sandals though.

If you are a fan of Crocs you’d want to have both sandals but you’d also begin to lean over the divide in no time as your feet begin to prefer one to the other.

While personal preference may sway others towards Crocs Kadee II, you may let functionality win the day. Swiftwater is more functional in my opinion.

Especially so if you visit the pool often or live by the sea and have to visit the beach. Whatever the case the best sandal for your purpose or sentiments will win.

I love to take both sandals out to the beach, then I wear the Swiftwater when I’m close to the water because I feel more in control of them. But the Kadee II I wear when I’m on the sand, which isn’t often.

Why is Swiftwater better?

Swiftwater is better for the following reasons:

Lighter weight

Swiftwater sandal gives a lighter feel on the fit. They are perfect for a busy day when you need to be quick on your feet. I’d like to do away with the extra weight if I can.

And with lightweight comes comfortability which is one of the reasons you should prefer the sandals. A lightweight attribute works both ways. It means the sandals will last long because the stress on the upper straps is minimal.

More traction

A close look at the outer soles will reveal what this is so. Swiftwater sandals have got more patterns for grip.

While Kadee II has thicker patterns of grip in the rubber, Swiftwater has them like the treads you find on vehicle tires with deep furrows and sipes.

Swiftwater will sure deliver better grip on a wet floor.

More stylish

The Swiftwater Sandal is hit a chic look to it. The streamlined silhouette is more feminine than the Kadee II sandal.

Where the Kadee II is bulky and seems to give more support, the Swiftwater sandal manages to look stylish without losing out on support.

You can dress in the sandal, not needing to take them off after a day at the beach. They look great with dresses like skirts, pants, and shorts.

More water-friendly

If you are near a body of water like the ocean side and the swimming pool, you need to have a pair of Swiftwater sandals.

The grooves in the midsole channel water away better than Kadee II because of the way the patterns are more regular. I’ve worn the Kadee II and found that the patterns trap a little water under my feet. It’s the Swiftwater any day.

Are there similarities between the Kadee II and Swiftwater sandals?

Yes, there are similarities between these iconic sandals from Crocs. They are as follows:

The Z-straps in the uppers

Placed side by side, the two sandals look the same in the uppers. The Z-strap pattern at the top helps the sandals fit better up to the top of the feet.

The straps lock the sandal in place making them ideal for beach life. They also provide stability on slippery floors.

Wide-open toe

Both sandals have open toes for more comfortable wear. You dint really need your feet covered totally on the beach or by the pool.

They are both sandals built for fun-loving folks who love to get out of their sandals when they want without struggling with their footwear.

The open-toe design allows for spontaneity at play anywhere you are. The toes can be wiggled freely, they can enjoy the summer breeze, and also feel the gritty sands between them.


Both sandals are waterproof. And so they should be since they are designed to allow you to enjoy protection on your feet around water.

The Croslite material of the sandal makes water wash over the sandals keeping your feet dry in a short time. You have the freedom to be by the pool or ocean and still feel dry all day long.

Both sandals let you make the choice between the water and the dry land, enjoying the best of both worlds.


Both sandals can actually be styled even though the Swiftwater sandal shows more promise in that department. And ideas for styling are endless.

The sandals are designed to give you the freedom to be whatever you want with them. You have sandals that are black and look like shoes from afar. Crocs outdid themselves with these two.

Patterns on the midsole

Both sandals have the same type of midsoles with patterns on them, even though the patterns have a little variation in design. Both are designed to keep water out of the bottom of your feet to keep the sandals dry.

Differences between the Kadee II and Swiftwater sandals?

The sandals show differences in appearance that you’ll only notice if you pay close attention.


Swiftwater is not as bulky as Kadee II sandals. They look more streamlined to the feet on your feet giving them a chic look, making them better to dress with.

With the Kadee II sandals you have more mass which seems to give it more support and stability, none of which the Swiftwater lacks anyway.


Kadee II offers more cushioning than Swiftwater. It has something to do with the bulk. More bulk means more space to cover. Kadee II gives a fuller experience when you wear them. The bulk however sacrifices style.

The Kadee is not as trendy as the Swiftwater which isn’t much of a big deal if you are spending your day in casual shorts by the beach or just lounging by the poolside.

However, cushioning is important for comfortability. The less cushioning footwear offers the better. So make your choice with this in mind.


Another inherent difference you can’t ignore is how Swiftwater looks a lot more stylish than Kadee II.

As I’ve noted before, Swiftwater’s lack of bulk is why it looks chic, making it look better on other less casual clothes like pants and skirts.

Swiftwater can be dressed with. This is not saying deciding to style yourself with Kadee II won’t rock a great look. But you’d surely prefer one look to the other by a little margin.

Sizes for different folks

If you are buying the two sandals you had better not purchase them in exactly the same size. Either the bulkier Kadee II sandals will be too big for your feet or the Swiftwater would be too small.

And here lies another difference depending on the structure of your feet. If you have narrow feet, you may have to size down to get your actual size.


Another marked difference is in the design of the outsoles.

Notably, Swiftwater has more patterns in the rubber outsole giving it more grip on a wet surface. Whereas Kadee II sandals have thicker more outlined patterns which give it more grip on sand than Swiftwater.

Slip off, not slip-on

By a necessary fact of their silhouettes, the sandals may perform in less efficient ways. Swiftwater will stay firmer on your feet than Kadee II sandals. The Z-straps on Swiftwater are tighter depending on how naturally wide your feet is.

So, you can be out walking with the Kadee II sandals and it feels like the sandal is attempting to fly off your feet. This is not the case with the Swiftwater with a slimmer body.

My recommendation, therefore, is if you have wider feet then you should definitely get Kadee II sandals or but if not then I recommend Swiftwater.

I’ve had friends order their size of Kadee II sandals and complain about how the sandals don’t fit properly. One asked if the sandals only have wide widths.

But you can avoid this confusion entirely by either buying Swiftwater or getting one size down for Kadee II if your feet are wide.

Overall, both sandals are comfortable, durable sandals from Crocs. To buy Kadee II sandals, click here. To purchase Crocs Swiftwater sandals click here.

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