List of Top 15 Protective Sprays For Timberland Boots (in 2022)

One of the ways you can keep your Timberland boot in a good condition for a long period of time is by using a protective spray on it.

Not only will this help in preventing watermarks and stains, but it also contributes to the extended lifespan of your boots, come rain; come sunshine!

However, you have to be careful when choosing a protective spray because Timberland isn’t like other shoes or leather products.

Review of my 15 favorite protective sprays for Timberland boots

In the table below, I’ve listed the products to be reviewed throughout this article, the area of their respective unique benefit, and where you can get them at affordable prices.

So if you are in a hurry, this will help you make the best decision in a very short time.

Protective sprays for Timberland Key benefits
Timberland Balm Proofer Best overall
Timberland Balm All-Purpose Protector For great water-proofing value
KIWI Suede and Nubuck Shoe Protector Best for suede nubuck timberlands
RepelWell Shoe & Boot Protector spray One with the most positive reviews on odor discharge
Rust-Oleum Boot and Shoe Spray Best versatile and multi-purpose
Kiwi SELECT Universal All Protector Best pairable with other shoe care products
GEAR AID Revivex Shoe Spray A complete Timberland care kit along with protective spray
NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray Best for long-lasting protection
Sof Sole Waterproofer Spray Best for waterproofing, specifically
Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Best for preventing Cracking or Fading of Leather
Crep Protect Spray Made with suede material in mind
Soft Clad Extra Strength Fabric Protector Spray Beyond protecting shoes, protect other surfaces
Cadillac Shield Water And Stain Repellent Great for repelling stain
Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector Protects the Timberland leather
Jak Snow’s Magic Spray Best stain repelling spray

Timbs come in different boot styles, such as Chukka, Chelsea, dress, hiking, winter, and sneaker boots. The popular Timberland Yellow Boot is made from nubuck leather.

Suffice to say, the fifteen products I’ll be reviewing in this article are ones that are actually worth buying.

Timberland Balm Proofer

One of the concerns about many shoe protective products is whether they will alter the original color or not.

This Timberland Balm Proofer is a solution-man to guard your Timbs boot against future stains or watermarks.


It appears to be a petroleum-smelling product, makes your Timberland water-resistant, and is available in  6.76fl.oz. 200ml. It measures 5.04 x 3.54 x 1.1 inches; 5.64 Ounces.

This balm proofer can also be used on other shoe makes.


  • Does not stain your boots
  • Keeps your timbs waterproof
  • Mostly used by Timberland boot owners
  • Relatively affordable


  • It is indicated in the products description that applying this on your timberland boots may darken nubuck


This product works great as there are countless positive reviews than otherwise, and that is why it cracks my top recommendation.

However, there are probably similar products out there that are offered for a relatively lesser amount. Nevertheless, this is absolutely worth the investment.

Timberland Balm All-Purpose Protector

This is similar to the first but can be used on all fabrics and leathers except those that are expected to be dry clean only as indicated in their labels. Aside from versatility, this product has a lot to offer in protecting boots.


Manufactured by Timberland company, the water-based formula is more worker-friendly than solvent-based products. It measures 5.6 x 2.1 x 1.4 inches; 3.99 Ounces. Offers good protection.


  • Great water-proofing value
  • Can be used on any winter boots, not just Timberlands
  • Can be paired with other shoe protection products without negative effects.


  • It did state that some boot colors may darken, None of these cases applied to Timbs though.


This is a recommended protective spray for your boot to make it waterproof and keep it sharp. But I advise you to test on a small portion before the full application.

KIWI Suede and Nubuck Shoe Protector

Without being bothered about the color of your boots, without being bothered about the suede types, this is one shoe protector you can bank on as it offers no-nonsense protection against water and stains.


This waterproof spray for shoes is suitable for all types and colors of suede and nubuck leather. The  4.25 Oz Bottle comes in a Pack of 4.

Even if a little bit of water should fall on your Timbs,  it won’t absorb into the nubuck leather. And even if it does a little, there will be no water stain, with this guy.


  • Best for any weather and boot color
  • Economy friendly as it comes in a pack of 4
  • Can be used on other items aside from boots


  • Seems to only work on boots made of suede and nubuck leather
  • Strong chemical smell


This spray works as great for various weather conditions and exposure to stains and I can vouch for its performance.

But as with others, even though it is universal, you might need to patch test before applying fully.

RepelWell Shoe Boot Protect Stain-Water Repellent

This is another eco-friendly, pet-safe spray that maintains the radiant look of not only timbs boots but also fabric, leather, and suede footwear, keeping them clean, dry, and looking new always.


Features a hydrophobic technology that protects your timbs from the effects of rain, snow, salt stains, mud and dirt, grass stains, pet stains, cosmetics, wine, coffee, and what have you.

This 12oz bottle of RepelWell Shoe & Boot Protect is non-aerosol and non-flammable.


  • Waterproofing defense for footwear of any kind
  • Versatile, Multipurpose
  • 24 months of activeness from initial application
  • No unfriendly odor


  • No downside detected


If you work in a place that makes you always mess up your shoe, be it timbs or sneakers, then this spray will be your buddy.

There are also variations for other household materials and apparel. And it’s relatively inexpensive for a product that works this well!

Rust-Oleum Boot and Shoe Spray

Rust-Oleum came to the shoe protectives market with this revolutionary Shield H2O Boot & Shoe Water Repelling Treatment.

The hydrophobic coating is easy to apply and avoids liquids without changing the look of the footwear surface.


Made of crystal clear, silicone-free formula that will not change the appearance or feel of your boots.

The bottle also features a single-step trigger spray application and works well on leather, suede, nubuck, canvas among other material types.


  • Safe on Most Shoe Material
  • Repels Water, Ice, Mud, Stains, and More
  • Keeps Surface Clean and Dry
  • Preserves Footwear from Damaging Moisture
  • Ideal boots, tennis shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes


  • It does have an odor but is not really unpleasant. Still, it advised spraying outside.


This product works amazingly and I’m happy to say it is one of the collections I have personally tried. Particularly for timberlands, it helps them to stay first-day clean for longer.

But as with many of its kind, this spray has an odor that many users were not quite happy about.

If you want to extend the life of your Timbs, I think the odor thing is worth turning a blind eye on.

Kiwi SELECT Universal All Protector (Small Can)

This will make this second product from the reputable shoe product manufacturer, Kiwi.

However, what makes this one different from others is the fluoropolymer-based formula used in its making which clearly assures an invisible shield.


The 5.5 Oz. makes cleaning easier as it gets rid of elements that may prove stubborn to get away.

Elements like water and stains are protected from your Timbs, whether it is leather, suede & nubuck, or fabric shoes.


When spraying, drips come out along which could even suffice to apply extra two pairs of shoes.

So make sure you put a bowl or something to catch the drips.


Just like the rest above, this is equally a great protection for your timbs. However, since it is presented in a small can, it is best pairable with other shoe care products.

I recommend you buy it along with a suede and Nubuck Stain Eraser which cost around $5.99, and perhaps a Shoe Cleaning Bristle Brushes Kit for Nap Care which is around $24.99

GEAR AID Revivex

Say you wore your timberland every other night you went out and had them designed with spilled beers and cocktails which now make them look awful, this is the right shoe care kit you need.

So, not only will you be having a protective spray, the eraser and cleaner will help revive your timbs look.


Made in the USA, this all-in-one suede and fabric boot care kit will protect footwear from water and stains and keep them looking new.

It comes with a concentrated suede cleaner to help remove dirt and grime from suede, nubuck, canvas timberlands.

The kit contains spray, suede cleaner, boot brush, and eraser.


  • The suede cleaner creates minimal suds
  • Includes a suede brush to remove dirt
  • Comes with an eraser block to remove scuffs.


  • No downside detected


Instead of buying bottle upon bottle of protective sprays, it might just be economical that you consider adding a few extra cash to get a shoe care kit like this one bring back and keep your Timberland boots in the best condition.

It is an all-in-one maintenance system for boots and shoes.

NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray

For long-lasting protection, like really long-lasting, I can definitely trust this Nanoman shoe spray.

And it works for any kind of shoe, not just timberlands. One bottle of this will most probably treat an average of 3 pairs of shoes or 3 bags.


Like others, this repels liquids and prevents/minimizes stains and permanent marks.

The liquid solution is water-based and so will not cause harm to your skin when you make direct contact with it.


  • Very easy to use
  • Sprays like perfume
  • Maintains the look and feel of shoes and bags for a very long time
  • Works well for leather, suede, nubuck, and fabric shoes and bags.


  • Fragile Nozzle


Looking for a compact shoe protective spray for your timberland that you won’t always have to spray every hour? This is the one.

It lasts for very long. But it’s not advised to use this if you’ve previously treated your shoes with another brand of spray.

According to the manufacturers, the spray does not work well when applied over the top of competitors’ treatments.

Sof Sole Waterproofer Spray

Apart from Timbs, this product’s ideal for Chuck Taylors and Sneaker Boots and will dry up quickly, leaving no negative impact on the shoe color.


This is specifically a waterproof coating that protects shoes from water, dirt, and oil. However, it works well on Timberlands made with suede and nubuck.

It features a nozzle-like spray mechanism while the liquid content features a quick-drying fluoropolymer compound.


  • Easy-spray nozzle for effective application
  • Invisible and breathable protection
  • Versatile for shoes, boots, hats, jackets, and other apparel


  • Not recommended for vinyl or patent leather


I can’t think of a better product particularly to waterproof your boots and make them less susceptible to water than this SofSole spray.

The only issue is that it doesn’t go well with patent leather and vinyl material, and it requires reapplication after several weeks of exposure to the elements. Works great, all and above.

Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

If you are worried about your leather, be it shoes or seats or bags, getting faded or cracked over time of constant usage, then you need to have this Weiman leather conditioner.

On top of that, it will help protect your shoe surface from elements of deterioration.


This liquid condition and protection is a mixture of Six natural oils in a simple step to maintain any finished leather surface and can be used on accessories effects from UVX – Sunscreen is guarded against your leather to prevent damage, fading, drying & cracking.


  • Simple presentation and usage
  • Non-Toxic liquid component with less odor
  • Significantly protect and restores the surface of your shoe from cracks
  • Can be used on shoes, car interiors, bags, coats, and briefcases


  • Not safe to use on suede, nubuck, or any unfinished leather


This is a state-of-the-art leather protector that can revive and renew the look of your shoe.

But, very importantly, your footwear has to be made of leather, before you can apply this product to it. With the majority of timbs being nubucks, only a few users will find this useful.

Crep Protect Spray

This 200ml super-hydrophobic spray offers an invisible coating that repels liquids and prevents stains such that you can flaunt your dapper timberlands even on floors that are filtered.


Made in the US, this Easy-use 5 oz aerosol spray bottle can be applied on suede, canvas, or nubuck as a protector from stains and liquids. After spraying, it leaves no residue with an invisible barrier.


  • Used on suede, nubuck, linen shoes, and canvas footwear
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying


  • To get the best result, you might have to apply 2 coats. This way, a bottle won’t last for as long as expected.


This is one of the few products I can always point to for recommendation if you live in areas that have dirty and disgusting streets and you care for your timbs so well that you won’t tolerate a single mark, stain, or spot on your shoes.

Soft Clad Extra Strength Fabric Protector Spray

Looking beyond just protecting your shoes, this SoftClad’s unique formula also protects other surfaces like furniture from the spills and stains of daily living.

So, not only are you preserving your shoes and boots with SoftClad to maintain an out-of-box appearance, but it also appears useful for other household items


SoftClad is non-flammable and safe to use indoors, It is made up of fluorinated polymer and water and is ideal for Shoes, Suede, carpets, Jackets, Wovens, Curtains, Upholstery, Leather, Canvas, and even Velvet.


  • Full cure protection happens after 24 hours
  • Highly versatile


  • No downside. A good product thus far.


Actually, it is the squirter bottle over compressed can wherein this liquid is contained for me.

With this, it becomes easier to get a good consistent pattern and control the amount of product being applied to your shoes. It is recommended for shoes and furniture.

Cadillac Shield Water And Stain Repellent

Here is another incredible option you can use to defend your Timberland and other footwear against stains from water, dirt, oil, and any other element that could potentially ruin your outfit.


This mixture or solution creates a barrier to ensure that water does not pass through your footwear.

The coating makes liquids rest on your shoes like beads and then wipe out easily. It has been produced with an environmentally friendly formula and no harmful chemicals.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Silicone-free
  • Keeps your feet dry


  • Fragile Nozzle, handle with care.


One applaudable thing about this particular protective spray that separates it from many others is that it does not affect breathability.

While many others have silicone in them that shortens the shoe lifespan, this is different and worth the investment if you are ready to reapply it every now and then.

One bottle of this should be enough for about 7 pairs of boots if well saturated. Just make sure you don’t oversaturate it.

Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector

Tarrago as a brand has developed a range of high-quality shoe and leather care solutions in time past, and this nano protector is nothing short of excellence in functionality.

There are however other of its kind that offers more for less price. Still, it is worth being among the top 15 as long as footwear, leather, and shoe are concerned.


Based on revolutionary Nanotechnology, your timberlands become more water & dirt repellent after being coated by this protector.

It is known for its “Lotus flower effect” that prevents even the smallest drops. Available in 250ml and 400ml cans.


  • High quality
  • Reputable Lotus effect
  • Easy application method


There are notably similar products as we’ve seen above that offer the same or higher value in terms of longevity and performance. But shelling out $15 for this isn’t a bad idea

Not suitable for metalized leather & patent leather.


Tarrago nano protector offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary nanotechnology.

If you are going to opt for this, which is a good idea, by the way, make sure you’ve made up your mind to make this protector your staple spray product your timbs.

Jak Snow’s Magic Spray


Lastly is this Jak Snow’s magic spray that equally protects suede, nubuck, and all kinds of velvet-like leather shoes.


This 6 oz (180 ml) magic Spray will last for years and does not expire. According to the manufacturers, a single application protects your timbs longer than 6 months without altering the color,


  • Eco-friendly
  • Practical size
  • Long-lasting protection


  • Great stuff, no downsides detected.

Wrapping up

So far, we’ve been able to run through the top 15 recommended shoe protector sprays that are ideal for timberlands.

There are many options out there, but with thorough research on what real users are saying, these are the few I can definitely vouch for to work perfectly well.

Remember, however, that your timbs have to be clean and dry before you apply protector sprays on them.

When applying, you want to ensure the product is 6 inches away from the item, and then you spray to coat lightly and evenly.

In events where your timberlands are dirty, it is important to use Suede Cleaner prior to using these protectors. Should in case these stains are stubborn.

In that case, you might want to consider GEAR AID Revivex Care Kit as reviewed earlier which comes with an excellent cleaner and shoe stain remover

Finally, in order to play safe, make sure you perform a test spray to obtain a feel for the spray pattern so that you don’t oversaturate and ruin the appearance of your shoe.

Thanks for reading.


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