Can I Wear Ultraboost Without Insoles?

Although the Ultraboost was made specifically as running footwear, it is interesting to note that many of its users do not wear it to run. Just as it offers great support for runners, the Ultraboost is also an amazing sneaker to take a walk in a park with.

For many people who wear it, the Ultraboost can sometimes be tight and uncomfortable when worn with the insoles in it. So, they wonder, is it okay to wear the Ultraboost without the insoles?

If you are asking whether you can wear Ultraboost without insoles? Yes. There is nothing wrong with that and it is perfectly okay to wear your Ultraboost with the insoles off. Wearing the Ultraboost without the insoles makes the footwear feel a lot bouncier and much more comfortable.

However, we can not confirm if it is okay for runners to wear their Ultraboost with the insoles off. It may be okay for people who are not runners to wear it like that and a bad idea for runners to do that.

Why do users wear Ultraboost without the insoles?

It might interest you to know that a lot of users of the Ultraboost wear it without the insoles in it. The reason behind this act varies from human to human.

However, there are a few reasons that many of these people agree on. They are:

  • For strength and balance
  • To make them feel lighter
  • To further prevent smell
  • To be more comfortable

For strength and balance

A lot of people prefer to remove the insoles in their Ultraboost because they believe it helps to strengthen and increase the balance of their feet.

For them, taking off the insoles in their Ultraboost ensures their feet will not – or no longer – be dependent on the insoles which will then give strength to the balls of their feet, arches, and heels.

Feels lighter

Apparently, a fraction of runners says they feel lighter when they run without the insoles in their Ultraboost. It is believed that the insoles are added weight and without it, there is less weight to pull them down when running.

For some runners, wearing shoes with insoles will not make them run as fast and strong as they would like, so they remove them.

Prevent Smell

This appears to be one of the most prevailing reasons why people wear their Ultraboost without insoles.

The majority of those who wear their Ultraboost without the insoles, do so because they want to prevent their Ultraboost from smelling.

Quite frankly, users of the Ultraboost agree that the insoles are a little too thick. Yes, they provide the necessary comfort and support benefit, but they still tend to make your Ultraboosts smell, especially when you wear them often and do not wash them often.

To be more comfortable

This is the number one reason for the removal of insoles in Ultraboosts. A lot of people find the Ultraboost a bit too tight and uncomfortable hence they remove the insoles because it affords them some extra space for their feet to be comfortable.

Asides from Ultraboosts, it has become a thing for people to remove the insoles in their footwear if they find it to be too tight.

The good part of all these is that: wearing your Ultraboosts without the insoles causes no damage to the Ultraboost.

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How do Ultraboosts feel without insoles?

Can I Wear Ultraboost Without Insoles

Apparently, many users of the Ultraboost actually wear it without the insoles in it. People who do not must be wondering, “how does it feel?”.

Well, wonder no more because, from those who wear without insoles, we have information of your feet will feel inside the Ultraboosts.

You will feel the extra space

The first time you wear your Ultraboosts without the insoles, you will realize that there is a lot more space in them than you thought.

All this while, the insoles were taking so much space and once you remove them, your feet will feel much different because of the newly found space.

You might feel a lot less uncomfortable

You need to know that insoles are in your Ultraboost for a reason which is to provide support and shock cushioning to your feet and entire body.

So, removing the insoles means you remove the support your feet should normally get.

If you engage in intense physical activities like running and taking really long walks, you may start feeling pains in your feet, ankles, and maybe hips.

This is because the insoles are no longer there to absorb the shock from these activities.

You feel bouncier

Everyone that has worn their Ultraboosts without insoles attests to the fact that they felt bouncier in them because their feet were directly resting on the sole which is like a spring.

In general, you should feel good with the insoles out of your Ultraboost but try to not get engrossed with any physical activity as that could lead to some discomfort.

How can I make my Ultraboost more comfortable?

Can I Wear Ultraboost Without Insoles

It is almost impossible for footwear to be comfortable for all its users. For some people, it will fit just perfectly while for others, they need some time to break it in.

So, if you do not feel alright in your Ultraboosts then you do not need to worry as there are some tips that help you make them comfortable.

Some of the best tips and hacks are:

Wear the right size

If we are talking about comfortability, then we have to start by wearing the right size. Do not expect that your Ultraboosts will be comfortable when you are wearing the wrong size in the first place.

If you want your Ultraboost to feel good and comfortable on your feet then you have to make sure you get the proper size and width.

A lot of people think they know their sizes, but researches have proved that the majority of adults do not know their shoe size and hence wear shoes that are either the wrong length or width.

So, before ordering for that Ultraboost, ensure that you have measured your feet and know the size.

Wear them often

If your Ultraboosts feel a bit snug around your foot then you have some breaking in to do. The good news is, you do not have to perform any ritual to break them in, it is as simple as wearing them more times than not.

The Ultraboost is a shoe that matures and gets better the more you wear it. From the footbed to the outsole, even to the knit upper, the Ultraboost adapts and conforms to your foot so well that it creates a custom fit.

So, if you have a new Adidas Ultraboost that is a bit uncomfortable, all you need to do is give it time to adjust to your feet. If you do that, you will realize how much of an asset you have on your hands.

Use the hair-dryer

It might interest you to know that your hair dryer can serve another purpose aside from drying your wet hair.

The hairdryer method is a popular method amongst people who have had to constantly break into their new shoes. You should give it a try too.

To pull this off, wear socks that are thick, then switch on the hairdryer and set it to mild heat, and then blast your Ultraboost all over until it is warm and soft.

While blasting, be flexing your feet inside the shoe so it adjusts while it is still soft. Use the hairdryer on both feet for 30-45 seconds.

Use Shoe stretchers

Breaking in into an Ultraboost might be an extreme sport for some people, so they opt for the easiest and arguably, the fastest way to break in footwear: Shoe stretchers.

If your Ultraboosts feel a little tight and uncomfortable, shoe stretchers are those handy gadgets that help to expand the material.

This might be a fast way to break in your Ultraboost but remember that the best way to break in is with the natural shape of your foot.

Use Orthotic Inserts

Your Ultraboost can be uncomfortable in a couple of places. It might be the toe-box that is too narrow or the footbed can be the one causing pains to your foot.

If the latter is the discomfort you are experiencing, then using orthotic inserts is the answer to that.

The footbed of your Ultraboosts plays a crucial role in your overall comfort. You need that footbed to be alright so you do not feel pain when standing, walking around, or running.

So, if the insoles in your Ultraboosts do not provide the comfort you need, then you might need to get custom orthotics from a podiatrist.

When your podiatrist prescribes the right orthotics you should use, I bet you will feel very much comfortable in your Ultraboost.

Are there Ultraboost insole replacements?

If you are looking to change the insoles of your Ultraboost then it is important that you know that Adidas does not sell replacement insoles.

This is because Adidas makes their shoes in such a way that they will last for a long time, provide unending support to the feet, and give maximum comfort while walking.

You really cannot blame Adidas for not selling insoles separately because they have created a brand image of always manufacturing long-lasting shoes.

So, If they start selling insoles by the side, it may send a signal that there are defects in the original ones.

With Adidas not making replacement insoles, is it still possible to find insoles that fit perfectly in your Ultraboost? Yes! They may not be manufactured by Adidas but they also provide 100% quality like Adidas insoles.

Brands like Superfeet, Dr. Scholl’s, Physix, and the likes have created insoles that are perfect for almost any footwear and for any purpose.

These brands have been tested and trusted by many users and their products are deemed to be excellent.

If you feel dissatisfied with the insole that comes with your Ultraboost or if the insoles have worn out and need to be changed, you know the right brands to look out for.

Why do users change their Ultraboost insoles?

Do you know that despite the good quality of the insoles in the Adidas Ultraboost, many of its users still have them replaced?

The reason behind this varies from person to person and it boils down to a user’s preference but the most prevailing reasons behind the changing of the insoles are:

  • Too thick or thing
  • For more style
  • Insoles discoloration

Too thick or too thin

The Adidas Ultraboost insoles come in a particular size and thickness that may not please some people.

Many of the people who have gotten a replacement insole for their Ultraboost do so because they do not like the original ones from Adidas.

A section of these people think it is too thin and therefore does not provide enough support for their feet. This set of people ends up going for replacement insoles that are thicker and fit their description of a good insole.

The other section is people who feel the insoles are too thick. To these people, the insoles are fatter than they should be and this makes wearing the Ultraboost a bit heavy and uncomfortable.

For more style

According to some users of the Ultraboost, the insoles have a bland and uninteresting design. These people yearn for more creativity in colors and design.

Replacement insoles brands like Supergreen feet are highly sought after because of the beautiful designs on the insoles and the fact that you can get them in different colors.

The desire to add a bit more style and finesse to their Ultraboosts makes people change and replace the insoles.


The insoles are one of the fastest, if not the fastest, parts of the Ultraboost to get dirty and lose color.

So, you might cut people who change insoles because of this reason some slack. Nobody loves to walk around in insoles that are ugly, or do you?

Like I stated earlier, reasons for changing insoles differ from person to person so this list cannot be exhaustive.

There are still many reasons why people change their insoles; preference for another brand, worn-out insoles, prescribed orthotic insoles, and many more.

Can you wash Ultraboost Insoles?

If you are familiar with many users of the Ultraboost then you will know that many of them do not wash the insoles because they think that part does not need to be washed. How wrong they are!

Yes, you can, and in fact, should wash your Ultraboost insoles. They also get dirty over time, especially if you wear your Ultraboost very often. Asides from the dirt, your insoles may also have a bad smell or stain.

As you wash your Ultraboosts, you should also take out the insoles and do the same to them. When your insoles are clean you have reduced your chances of having smelly feet.

How to wash your Ultraboost insoles

Many Ultraboost users do not wash the insoles because they are confused about how to wash that part of the shoe.

They do not know if they have to handwash or they can just put it in the washing machine. If you are also not sure of how to wash your insoles, do not worry.

Here is how to get your insoles sparkly clean again:

  • First, get a basin and fill it with enough water.
  • Then add soap or liquid detergent to the water.
  • After the soap is all foamed up, use a soft brush or clean cloth to gently scrub the insoles till the dirt and stains are removed.
  • Once you are done scrubbing and you are sure that all the dirt and stains are gone, rinse the insoles with clean water and let them dry in the sun or you could also leave them to dry overnight.
  • Make sure that the insoles are completely dry before you put them back into your shoes.

Another brilliant way to wash your insoles is to use vinegar.

Here is how to do this method:

  • First, mix vinegar with water in a large bowl. Vinegar is great for cleaning your insoles because they are great deodorizers, especially if the insoles smell. Vinegar also kills off bacteria and germs.
  • Then, soak the insoles in the vinegar+water mixture for at least three hours.
  • After that, rinse off the insoles under running water and let them dry out in the sun or overnight.


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