9 Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

Dance shoes are a type of shoe particularly made for dancing, this shoe is made to perfectly fit the feet and grip the sole for the performer to move comfortably

Dance shoes have non-slip suede soles, this is a lightweight metal shank located at the arc for support and flexibility.

Dancing shoes are made of two kinds; the male and female type. The men’s dance shoe is a black lace-up oxford shoe with a standard dancing heel of one to two inches whereas the women’s own is of different types.

These are built for various dance categories, women dancing shoes are generally slim or flared with a height heel of 1-3 inches, dancing shoes are basic designs either pump, closed-toe, and sandals which come in different colors.

The black color is used in competitions and the rhinestone for ceremonies, the nude color shoes give the legs a longer illusion.

Moderate Slim heels make movement and turn easy whereas flared heels give more stability.

These types of shoes or heels are not restricted to the types but instead to the ones you can use efficiently, so it has to be lightweight, comfortable and flexible

Dance shoes come in several styles and sizes, but the two main types are Ballroom shoes and Latin shoes, tap shoes, dance sneakers, foot thongs, ghillies, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, flamenco shoes, and jazz shoes.

High-quality dance shoes aren’t as expensive as you might think. They can be had for well under $200 and can last several years if looked after properly.

They are the single best investment you can make for your dancing pleasure.

9 Top Leather sole shoes for dancing

Leather sole shoes for dancing
Bloch Oxfords with leather sole 4.9/5
Leather Ballet shoes 4.5/5
Bachata dance shoes 4.6/5
Caoezio women tap shoes 4.7/5
Pole dancing shoes 4.5/5
Gothic ankle boots 4.8/5
Stell pirouette dance half-sole canvas 4.2/5
Rhinestone dance shoes 4.0/5
Canvas jazz shoes 4.5/5

Bloch Oxfords with leather sole

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

The Bloch Oxford shoe is very comfortable for hitting the dance floor because the combination of hard and soft leather and a full leather sole makes the shoe last longer and makes dance steps more stable and comfortable.

The construction is simple and cushioned to absorb the shock and pressure mounted when dancing.

This oxford shoes are ideal for your feet because the leather is soft on our skin and carries a complete laced design. They make sure you shine in any dance hall.


  1. It’s a leather full outsole and cushioned in sock for shock absorption and comfort Designed with reinforced eyelets.
  2. Its functional lace-up men’s dance shoe is suitable for ballroom dances.
  3. Its combination of soft and hard leather makes dance steps more stable.


  1. Dancing in flat soles is usually harder to fake so more practice is needed.
  2. The small shanks are hazardous because most people don’t know how to extend their feet well while dancing, so constant practice is needed.

Leather Ballet shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

Ballet shoes are lightweight shoes designed specifically for ballet dancing. Leather ballet shoes last longer than canvas ballet shoes.

With ballet dancing, you feel the pressure all along with your toes, this leather shoes is best suited for any dancer.

The leather used in this dancers shoes helps keep dancers stable and feet moving seamlessly due to its lightweight nature.

The balance it provides to ballet dancers is extraordinary.


  1. Its gives greater flexibility and make it easier for the ballet dancer to point their feet.
  2. It makes the dancer feel more connected to the ballet ground which is of great importance to the ballet dancer.
  3. It has better traction on hard or difficult surfaces.
  4. It gives the foot a longer and more slender look; thereby manipulating the size of the foot.
  5. It is lightweight and helps to give a better balance.


  1. It is not ideal for outdoor dancing activities.
  2. It has to be broken into.
  3. It does not support much arch.

Bachata dance shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

Bachata dance requires lots of practice; therefore, in order to be good at the batchata dance you need proper footwear.

Dancing involves lots of movement, and all this is usually in a repeated pattern. Strong durable shoes are required for complex dance routines, they should be comfortable too and able to protect your feet from harm.

The batchata dance shoes are durable comfortable and very flexible and stylish.


  1. It is not expensive.
  2. It is very comfortable and flexible.
  3. It is very fashionable and comes in different styles and colors.
  4. It is very suitable for all Latin dances.


  1. It is suitable for only indoor dance activities.
  2. It is not suitable for salsa.

Caoezio women Tap shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

They come in different plate sizes heel heights, different fastenings, and a wide range of materials.

Tap dancing has come a long way in history and leather shoes with proper fit helps to keep your ankles secure.

This brand is very fashionable for those that like to dance in style.


  1. It is comfortable to wear and dance in.
  2. It is easy to adjust because of the fastening attached to it.
  3. It is stylish and makes the dancer look smarter.


  1. It is very delicate.
  2. It is not suitable for people with a wide feet.

Pole dancing shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

There are so many types of Pole dancing shoes in the market, but this design appeals more to many consumers.

You have a wide range of styles to select from and they are manufactured from very durable leather.

You will find that these shoes stay long with you.  It’s is worn by pole dancers and it makes the dancer look more sexy and attractive.


  1. Comes in different styles and designs to suit the dancer’s personality
  2. It makes the dancer look more appealing and sexier.
  3. It is comfortable and durable.


  1. It can cause injury because of the height of the heel.
  2. It is quite heavy to wear for long.

Gothic ankle boots

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

It is a unique design of boots that come with a stiletto heel. These days it’s common to see themed dance events and costumes.

This leather ankle boots keep your ankles secured from any slips and sprains while also remaining flexible to feel.

It makes the dancer stand out on stage because of its catchy looks.


  1. It is easy to clean it up when it gets dirty.
  2. It is stable and convenient to dance in them.
  3. They are available in so many colors and designs.


  1. It is very uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

Stell pirouette dance half sole canvas

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

This shoe is very convenient for ballet dancers, because of its leather sole that helps the dancer spin, turn and glide well on the ballet ground.

Dancing involves quick-changing motion, speed, and direction. If traction or durable footwear isn’t used, damage to both shoe and skin can occur.

This shoe from stell pirouette protects the feet every day on the ballet floor.


  1. It is very comfortable.
  2. It makes ballet dancing easier and better.
  3. It is affordable.


It is not suitable for outdoor dancing activities.

  1. It does not last long if it is not well taken care of.
  2. It is not very attractive.

Rhinestone dance shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

The rhinestone dance shoes are per for salsa, tango, bachata, and ballroom dances. It is very comfortable and easy to wear because of its elastic band.


  1. It is very comfortable to dance with the shoe because of the height of the heel.
  2. It is easy to put it on and off because of the elastic.
  3. It is quite affordable.


  1. It is not very durable.

Canvas jazz shoes

Best Leather Sole Shoes for Dancing

The canvass jazz shoes have a thin sole which makes dancing a lot easier and more fun.

Its leather sole is designed in such a way that it protects your feet when dancing to avoid injuries.

They are also convenient for a lot of dances.


  1. They are stylish and make the dancer look smart.
  2. They are not too expensive.
  3. They are not heavy, and this makes dancing easier, more comfortable, and fun.
  4. It is durable because of its leather sole.
  5. The flat leather sole protects the feet and prevents injuries when dancing.
  6. They are suitable for a lot of dances such as ballroom dance, ballet dance, Lindi hop, foxtrot, etc.,


  1. If not well taken care of the jazz boot would not be durable.
  2. It is not very easy to get stubborn stain off light colors of jazz boots.

What makes a good dance shoe?

It is possible to use other shoes like sneakers, trainers sport shoes, or corporate shoes to dance but they don’t give you adequate grip and balance and they can be quite uncomfortable, thereby making you uncomfortable which can limit your dance moves and make it a flop.

It is best to use proper dance shoes because they are designed to fit the foot perfectly and give you an adequate amount of grip and balance to make you dance gracefully and confidently.

The uppers of the shoe can be a variety of different materials or combinations of materials and will be predominantly leather for men’s shoes. Ladies’ shoes are often leather, satin, or even suede, depending on the style and purpose of the shoe.

Where dance shoes come into their own is with the sole that is used. Dance shoes are designed in such a way that they are not very convenient to be worn as common everyday shoes but are suitable for the sole purpose of dancing.

One reason is that many styles use a Nubuck or microfibre suede sole, often lambskin or other similar ‘soft’ material and, whilst this gives superior performance, it also implies that are prone to damage on rough surfaces or stony ground, and are only suitable to be worn at the dance forum.

The vast majority of social dancers will be happy to wear other shoes for traveling to and from a venue, and then changing into their dance shoes before taking to the floor.

A lot of people prefer wearing common shoes to travel and then change into their dancing shoes when they arrive at the dance venue, so there is no cause for you to be unsettled about changing your dancing arrive because it is normal.

Tips to choose the right shoe with leather soles for dancing

Dancing can be strenuous on the feet, and therefore a person must pick the shoe that suits them carefully.

Below are a few factors a person should take note of when choosing a shoe for dancing.

Perfect fit

A good pair of dancing shoes should fit perfectly, so as to give a firm and comfortable grip and also prevent the shoe from slipping off your foot and also give you balance.

A good pair of shoes is neither too tight nor too loose. A shoe that is too tight can cause blisters on the feet which can be very discomforting.


When picking a shoe for dancing, you should consider the sole. A leather sole helps you to spin, glide and slide easily, quickly, and comfortably on the dance floor.


Comfort is one of the most important factors in picking a shoe for dancing. It should also be able to absorb and ease the pressure on the feet.


Dancing shoes should allow you to move your legs freely and easily. Heavy shoes with extra padded soles can make it difficult for you to move your legs freely while dancing.

Shoes are undeniably important when dancing because they help you move smoothly on the dance floor. A wrong shoe can limit your moves and dance steps.

It also makes you feel uncomfortable and it can also cause agonizing pains and injuries. A good pair of shoes does not only beautify your legs but also brings grace and ease to your dance moves.

When dancing it’s important to keep your posture and balance stable so that your moves become calibrated and precise.

Dancing is an ancient art and good shoes go a long way in helping to achieve the best dance position.

Take any dance floor by storm when you appear in rock-solid leather shoes, they shine and also have the style to match any dancing you may put them through.

How to make your leather shoes last longer

Invest in quality leather shoes

When you obtain a good pair of shoes and take care of them well they tend to serve you better and last longer.

A combination of first-class materials and flawless manufacturing brings about a perfect outcome. Investing in quality shoes determines their durability.

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When purchasing dance shoes, although it’s not usually important to spend a lot for satisfactory quality, nor is the ordinary option always the best.

Endeavor before you purchase, if you can, and make sure the shoes you purchase are comfortable. Dancing quickly serves a difficulty with sore feet or uncomfortable shoes.

Never underrate the necessity to keep your shoes neat and in great general condition. Use a couple of extra bucks on a shoe brush and you will be surprised how you managed without it.

Unless you have no intention of dancing Latin routines, then Latin shoes will suit most ladies for both styles. For men, basic ballroom shoes will do the exact thing.

Most of all, good dance shoes will enable you to really enjoy your dancing far more than if you don’t possess them.

Shoes are undeniably significant when dancing because they enable you to move smoothly on the dance floor. A bad shoe can limit your moves and dance steps.

It also makes you feel uneasy and it can also cause agonizing pains and wounds. A good pair of shoes does not only adorn your legs but also bring elegance, confidence, and ease to your dance moves.

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