Mephisto vs Ecco: Which is Worth it?

We would be comparing these two shoes in every way we can from comfort to the value of your money. In the end, you will be left with no doubt about which is best for you.

Let’s start our comparison with the major differences between them. Is there a major difference? Yes. The major difference is that Mephisto shoes have a sleeker and more attractive design than Ecco shoes.

Ecco seems to have a reputation for producing shoes that are durable, waterproof but lacking in aesthetics. Ecco does not favor the traditional look and is not exactly updated on modern trends.

Sure, they don’t look utterly repulsive but when you bring Mephisto into the picture, you don’t have to think twice.

Which is worth the money?

Mephisto vs Ecco
Mephisto Shoe

When you place these two brands side by side and inspect them, Mephisto is head and shoulder above Ecco. This much is gathered after a lot of research from many web sources, official websites, customer reviews, footwear assessments, and inquiries from the producers.

Now, if you are ready to know why, let’s begin.

Use of quality materials

The materials used in producing Mephisto shoes are of great quality. Mephisto produces many types of shoes like dress shoes, sandals, slip-on, and what have you.

All of them are made with high-quality open-pored aniline-dyed leather. Now, of course, this leather is not made by the brand itself but it is shipped from other countries in Europe.

As for Ecco shoes, the quality of the leather they use is not as good as the leather of Mephisto. The leather Ecco uses to make their shoes is produced in their tannery.

However, the materials used in producing them are of poor quality, thereby affecting the leather. This is because of the poor quality of the materials. This invariably affects the quality of their shoes.


Usually, flexibility in shoes is a good thing. It allows you to move your toes and feet freely, bending them however you wish. Mephisto shoes are made flexible.

They don’t restrict movement at all. Ecco shoes are more than flexible. They border on weak. The shoes are so easy to bend and twist that you begin to doubt the quality of the soles and uppers.

The reason is that they do not use any form of adhesive in making their shoes so there is no hardened part. Also, the polyurethane soles are very flexible. Maybe you are comfortable with these very flexible shoes but mind you that it tends to affect their durability.


This is a very important factor that we look out for when buying shoes. Mephisto shoes are very durable. The shell life however depends on the type of shoe you are buying. Well-worn everyday shoes can last a year.

Regularly worn athletic shoes can last you up to six months. Aside from the shell life, all shoes made by Mephisto can be resoled. Well, all except the all-rounder.

They cannot be resoled because the method with which they were made differs from the method used to produce other shoes. Despite this, a few minor repairs can be done.

Ecco shoes are not as durable as Mephisto shoes. The soles fall apart. Some people have heard the soles come before wearing.

Others have the soles come in good condition. After a few years (two actually), the soles would disintegrate. Some parts of them will break, crack and then peel off. The inner parts of the outsoles also melt and become some type of goo-like tar.

Easily refurbished

Whether it is the soles, upper, repairing defective products, or selling parts like insoles and laces, every brand should be able to do so. It is a boost to the customer service and you are sure that the customer is satisfied.

Mephisto shoes are easily refurbished. All you have to do is say the word and you will have it fixed up. If you ask me, this makes up for the price. They don’t just deliver shoes, they make sure they are what you like.

On the other hand, Ecco is not very willing to refurbish shoes. Yes, they are cheap, almost the prices of some Mephisto shoes but they don’t deliver. Here is a review from Amazon:

Differences between Mephisto and Ecco shoes

Direct injection Ecco soles vs Caoutchouc Mephisto soles

The soles for both shoes differ. There also includes how they are made and the materials used. Rubber is by far the best material for soles because of how durable it is.

Ecco shoes made use of the direct injection process. This process, DiP, is used to merge the upper with the sole so that the result is a one-piece shoe.

This is how it is achieved, the polyurethane is poured into a mold and then placed beneath the upper. While it cools, it blends and merges with the upper and hardens. This way it doesn’t need glue or any other type of adhesive. Only Ecco makes use of this process.

Mephisto shoes are made with Caoutchouc. Don’t let the name fool you. Caoutchouc is French for natural rubber. This is added to the rubber outsole for flexibility.

The best thing about them is that they will not crack or break over time. They are as durable as they are flexible.

Mephisto shoes are handcrafted while Ecco shoes have a balance of handcraft and machinery

The two shoes have different production processes, and they both have different results. Mephisto shoes are handmade and handcrafted. For Ecco shoes, there is a balance of handcraft and machinery. 

Each and every single pair of Mephisto shoes, from dress shoes to sandals is crafted with precision, skill and is not prone to machine mistakes. Expert shoemakers only are allowed to design these shoes. This way the quality and beauty are preserved.

The production process for Ecco shoes is mostly handled by high-tech machines that have been well programmed to make flawless designs. They are then inspected and finished by workers.

Acrossboard, Mephisto shoes are more expensive than Ecco shoes

While some people will argue that Ecco shoes are a little overpriced, we all agree that Mephisto shoes are very over the top with their lofty prices.

Generally, the prices of shoes depend on the quality, distribution, size, and features. Ecco shoes have a price range of $60 – 280 dollars. When they are on sale they are cheaper.

Also if you are buying them as pre-owned, you will get them cheaper. For Mephisto shoes, you don’t find them lower than $150 and they don’t go higher than $450.

Then again, you are more likely to find Ecco shoes on sale than you will Mephisto shoes.

Break-in period – weeks vs days

I believe that you are not really wearing shoes if you are not comfortable in them. By comfortable I mean, have broken them in.

For Mephisto, the break-in period is longer than most would give. You need a couple of weeks of regular wear to break them in.

The reward is however worth the wait. Ecco shoes recommend a few days, a week at most. From standing to working to shopping, do them all in these shoes and they will be ready in a few days.

Same fit, different sizing

Mephisto shoes run a bit large. They are made this way because normally, people wear sizes that are too small for them. When picking your sizes keep this in mind. It is from the manufacturer:

ecco vs mephisto

That explains the reason it runs a bit larger. For sizing, the women’s shoes run from 5 to 11. They go up to 13 for sandals. For men, it is 6 to 15 with half sizes between, and 6 to 14 for sandals.

Ecco shoes run a size too large. Unlike other footwear that ensure fitting to the toes, Ecco shoes start from the heel and stop at the midsole. For sizing, men’s sizes run from 5 to 16, and each size has its half size. For women, they run from 4 to 12 with a half for every size in it.

Similarities between Mephisto and Ecco shoes

Mephisto vs Ecco
Ecco Shoes


This is not just a similarity but an advantage. Both Mephisto and Ecco shoes can last longer even if they are made of leather. GORE-TEX material makes the two waterproof, preventing water from seeping into the shoe and damaging it.

This will be even more advantageous as the years go by. The shoes, though durable, will have a few cracks here and there. There will be creases, breaking in the material either rubber or leather.

Water will however not get into the shoes because of the GORE-TEX material. For shoes made of leather, Ecco employs 100k to prevent them from getting wet for at least 100 000 steps. It does this by flexing the leather just the way it would if it was worn.

Insoles and footbeds

Ecco insoles

Insoles in any shoe increase cushioning, padding and comfort. Ecco shoes come with removable insoles and not just any insoles. Ecco shoes come with Ecco breathable insoles.

These insoles are made of soft leather. Treated with ECCO HYDROMAX, they are made water repellent. They are also lightweight and durable. They are also sold separately in case of a replacement.

Mephisto insoles

Mephisto shoes feature footbeds, even in their dress shoes. These are very thick cushion support for the feet. The footbeds are also made of cork material.

This material is a natural material with lots of support. Aside from the cork insoles, the midsoles of Mephisto shoes have SOFT-AIR technology. It pads the shoe,  gives it support, alleviates pain in the legs, and reduces tension.


If there is a category where the two have a tie, it is this one. Both Mephisto and Ecco shoes are incredibly comfortable. Remember what we said about the insoles and footbeds? They are only the tip of the iceberg.

Mephisto shoes have arch support and a sturdy heel counter. The arch support adds to the comfort while the heel counter gives your stability and direction. It will also add to the shell life of the shoes.

The presence of the SOFT-AIR midsoles also boosts the arch support it gives your feet. Aside from these, the instep of all Mephisto shoes has a lot of depth for ease when wearing.

Some Mephisto shoes, like slip-on, have Gore on both sides. It allows your feet a little freedom. Ecco shoes feature heel reinforcements and arch support. These add to the overall comfort of the shoes.

Why the need for comparison?

They may all be shoes but there are differences between them. By comparing them, you can explore all options in terms of sizing, features, and specifications because it is one thing to be familiar with a brand, it is another thing to use their products.

You also get to know more about the brand you love or you never knew before. Some Ecco enthusiasts have never heard of or ever used Mephisto and vice versa.

Some people want to get shoes and they don’t even know where to begin to, with all the opinions online. Doing this comparison shows then that there is another brand just as good or even better than the one you are using, like a viable alternative.

Besides, the two are very popular brands. Ecco is known as the best brand for golf shoes while Mephisto has it down on unfailing high quality.

All facts embedded will help you make better choices before finally ordering your dream pair. That is the reason for this comparison.


With all said and spelled out, try to remember all these while searching and ordering your pair(s). You don’t want to have to start dealing with return policies and defective products.

Thanks for reading. Do well to leave your thoughts and queries in the comment box and I will see them in the next article. Goodbye.


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