Ajio Vs Flipkart: Comparison

AJIO and Flipkart are both e-commerce companies that are based in India today. These two e-commerce companies serve the people of India well enough whenever they need to purchase things online.

Flipkart is actually better than AJIO as it is now – the growth, quality and quick deliveries that Flipkart offers to online customers are much better than what AJIO has in store.

Flipkart is owned by Walmart, while AJIO is owned by the Reliance Family. The difference is clear when you consider the kind of international quality that Walmart has put into Flipkart based on the e-commerce sector.

Customers write glowing reviews about Flipkart a lot because they often have every reason to. In 2021, Flipkart beat Amazon India and Reliance-owned AJIO with the most number of downloads.

Many people in India prefer to buy from the Flipkart e-commerce app. Flipkart was founded in 2007 by Binny Bansal and Sachin (long before AJIO came to be), and since then, it has actually been one of the best e-commerce companies in India.

When it comes to buying things online and e-commerce, in the country of India, Walmart-owned Flipkart is actually better than Reliance-owned AJIO based on all the evidence that has shown up over the years.

Why is Flipkart better than Ajio

Flipkart is owned by Walmart – this conveniently gives the e-commerce brand all the tools and features that it needs to really be of an international standard that would serve the customers better.

Compared to Flipkart, Ajio just doesn’t have that much traction and foundation in the Indian e-commerce market. Ajio doesn’t have the great customer base that Flipkart has – however, Ajio is still useable and functional.

Some of the reasons why Flipkart is better than Ajio include:

  • Level of Experience in The E-Commerce Business
  • Greater Number of App Downloads
  • Product Variety

Level of Experience in The E-Commerce Business 

Flipkart was founded in 2007 and the brand has actually had so much success with its online sales since then. AJIO, on the other hand, was launched on the 1st of April, 2016.

When you consider the fact that Flipkart has successfully been running its online business for at least 9 years before AJIO came on the scene, it is easy to see which E-commerce brand has the most experienced in the online business.

Flipkart has really been doing this for a long time, and this is why you will find that Flipkart has more experience than AJIO today. Flipkart has successfully been handling the business of serving their online customers (mostly Indian), before AJIO showed up.

Greater number of app downloads

In 2021, Flipkart had the most number of app downloads and installs (according to the reviews of the app stores). Flipkart had more people downloading their app, than they did AJIO.

This shows that people actually prefer to use Flipkart to get their stuff, rather than making use of the AJIO app. Customers actually report that is much easier to buy items on Flipkart than on AJIO.

Product Variety

Flipkart offers a wide range of products and services for their customers to pick from – this is another reason why people prefer to patronize them over AJIO.

AJIO basically only trades in fashion items on its app. Because Flipkart offers more variety – compared to what AJIO has to offer – many Indian people choose to do their online shopping at Flipkart.

Features of Ajio

Ajio Vs Flipkart

AJIO has been doing quite well in the fashion side of the e-ccommerce world for about 6 years now. Customers of this e-commerce brand love the fact that AJIO actually offers quality fashion products at affordable prices.

The features of AJIO include:

  • Renowned Parent Company
  • Great Variety of Fashion Products
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Offline Retail Stores for Pickup

Renowned Parent Company

AJIO is one with The Reliance Family who has gotten a lot of customer loyalty and trust over the years. The Reliance Family is actually known for its innovation and prosperous undertakings.

When The Reliance Industry chose to delve into the world of e-commerce, AJIO became one of its initial steps and investments to make it possible.

Because AJIO is strongly backed by The Reliance Industry, it is very successful in its sales of fashion items and clothing. When you have an industry giant backing you up like that, success can be expected in the long run.

AJIO sells and delivers clothing, footwear and accessories to many people in India today largely based on the trust that the People in India already have for The Reliance Industry.

Great variety of fashion products 

AJIO sells the best kinds of fashion products to their customers, and this can be seen in the way their style catalogs are arranged.  You can also see it in the way that their customers are duly satisfied with their purchases.

When you buy from AJIO, you are given the option of getting various kinds of fashion items at affordable prices that will surely give the best value for your money.

AJIO prides itself in being one of the best online stores for you to get your high-end fashion wears, shoes and accessories at really affordable prices.

When you get on the app/site, you actually have the opportunity to pick from a wide range of fashion wear including formal wear, casual wear, traditional wear, party wear, and The Indie Wear Collections.

(The Indie Wear Collections are fashion wears that are specially designed by fashion designers from India and the rest of the world).

All the products that you get on AJIO are top-grade fashion wears that will actually leave you satisfied for a long time due to their quality and affordability.

Nice bags, necklaces, belts, pendants, sunglasses, and other such accessories can easily be purchased on AJIO once you get on the app to make your purchases today.

You can also buy clothes that are currently being modeled on top runways all around the world. In AJIO’s Fashion Week Collections, you can easily shop for these products and get them at an affordable price.

Affordable pricing

For the most affordable prices, you can shop at AJIO to get the best kinds of fashion wears and accessories.

AJIO focuses on getting their customers fashion brands from all over the world at prices they can readily afford always. The fact is that the business of this e-commerce company is centered mostly on Indian customers, they try to keep their prices low.

This is one of the reasons why they are so different from most other companies selling fashion wears to Indians today. Not many people will sell such designer apparel to customers at such prices.

AJIO keeps its main target market – The Indians – in mind whenever it set the price tags on its products. The company offers the best prices to their customers because they have partnered with several third-party logistics companies that help in home deliveries.

The affordable pricing of AJIO’s fashion items takes nothing away from their high-quality and long-standing standard. You can really get cool and trendy designer clothes on a budget at AJIO.

Offline retail stores for pickup

One thing that Indian customers also love about AJIO when they shop with them is the fact that AJIO has over twenty-five thousand stores all over India where people can come in and pick up their fashion products on time.

The agents at these stores can also handle customer complaints and feedback whenever they come. There is a face-to-face assurance because of this, and often, customer satisfaction can be assured.

AJIO also has facilities that offer customers free home delivery; bringing the fashion closer to the final consumers.

Features of Flipkart

Ajio Vs Flipkart

Flipkart has seen its success in the e-commerce space for about 15 years (and counting) now. This company has really known its onions over the years, and their Indian customers absolutely love shopping with them.

The features of Flipkart are the following:

  • Availability of Different Products to Order
  • Effective Mobile Payment System
  • Great Customer Service
  • High Download Rate of The Flipkart App

Availability of Different Products to Order

Unlike AJIO, Flipkart doesn’t just sell fashion products. This is one of the main advantages that Flipkart evidently has over AJIO in India right now.

When people want to shop for all they can think of, they can easily go on the Flipkart app and get items ranging from electronics, books, fashion wears, lifestyle products, and more…

Customers who patronize Flipkart appreciate the fact that they can get all they want in one place without having to move around too much in order to get all the things they want to shop for.

When you scroll through the Flipkart app for shopping, you are sure to be able to access most of the products you really need – at reasonable prices that really won’t affect your pockets much.

Because Flipkart is managed by Walmart, you are sure to get products that have a global value at any time. The Indian customers of Flipkart really do love this fact about the e-commerce brand.

Effective Mobile Payment System

Another great thing about Flipkart is its payment service. Flipkart actually owns a mobile payments service called PhonePe which customers can use to make any payments they want.

Because Flipkart owns PhonePe, the payments made on the app are effectively monitored and authorized by the company so that there are no unrequited expenditures on the side of Flipkart or the customers.

Customers of Flipkart in India really love making use of PhonePe to pay for their purchase on the Flipkart app because this method is actually really fast, assured, and easy to use.

You can use PhonePe on your mobile phones to buy things on Flipkart easily because of the ease of access that Flipkart has cultivated on this wonderful mobile payments service.

Great customer service 

Flipkart has an amazing customer service standard that has duly served its customers over the years that this awesome e-commerce company has been in existence.

Customers say, on many online threads, that Flipkart’s deliveries and response to customer feedback are top-notch and very timely – this is why many people have been patronizing them for years.

When you combine a great catalog of truly affordable products with really good customer service, you can be sure to get the praises and continuous patronage of loyal customers.

Flipkart’s superb customer service is one of the reasons why it has enjoyed its successes and awards through the years. Customers can attest to the cool way they feel when they do business with Flipkart.

High download rate of the Flipkart app

Amongst the popular e-commerce apps that are used in India today, Flipkart comes forth as the company with the most app downloads and installs by customers.

Most people prefer to download the Flipkart app over the others due to how functional and accessible the user interface of this app is.

When you check through the app, you can definitely see the reasons why customers choose to download this app on their phones.

Indian customers still keep downloading the Flipkart app at high rates till today. When you need that easy access to the products that you really want to purchase, you should consider getting Flipkart.

Differences between Ajio and Flipkart

We have thoroughly gone through the features of AJIO and Flipkart in this article. Now, let us see some of the things that really do differentiate these two e-commerce companies from each other.

The differences between AJIO and Flipkart are:

  • Variety of Products on Sale
  • Parent Companies
  • App Download Rates
  • Experience In The E-Commerce Business
S/no Features Ajio Flipkart
1 Variety of Products on Sale AJIO only sells fashion products and accessories. Flipkart sells, delivers a wide – range of products including fashion wear, electronics, furniture, books, lifestyle products, gadgets and so much more.
2 Parent Companies AJIO is owned by The Reliance Company. Flipkart is owned by Walmart.
3 App Download Rates The AJIO app has less downloads than Flipkart. Flipkart has enjoyed more app downloads than AJIO and most other e-commerce apps in India over the years.
 4 Experience In The E-Commerce Business AJIO has been duly serving its loyal customers for over 6 years now. Flipkart has been in the e-commerce business for about 15 successful years.

Variety of products on sale

While AJIO only sells fashion wears and accessories on its app, Flipkart takes a notable advantage over them by offering a variety of products and services – including fashion products – to their customers online.

AJIO specializes in fashion products only while Flipkart’s customers can get books, shoes, fashion wears, food, drinks, furniture, gadgets, and electronics on the app.

This is the biggest difference between these two e-commerce apps today. Flipkart enjoys its huge successes and great customer loyalty mostly due to this fact.

Parent companies

AJIO is owned by The Reliance Company which has been handling the fashion needs of Indians for several years. On the other hand, Flipkart is owned by Walmart – this is a global conglomerate that really needs no introduction.

When you consider the parent companies of AJIO and Flipkart, you would really understand why Flipkart has shown up to be more effective, efficient, and user-friendly than AJIO at this moment.

Under Walmart’s “parenting”, a lot of globally – acclaimed company standards have been infused in Flipkart’s approach to the e-commerce business; and this leaves customers feeling very satisfied with making their purchases on Flipkart.

App download rates

Between AJIO and Flipkart, Flipkart has successfully enjoyed more app downloads over the long years that it has been in existence.

Several customers troop to the app store to download the Flipkart store to start making their online purchases – even till today.

Flipkart’s app interface has proven to be of more superior quality and effectiveness than the AJIO app. Not only does Flipkart have more downloads than AJIO, this e-commerce also stays way ahead of the other competitors in the market today.

Experience in the e-commerce business

When it comes to the level of experience in the e-commerce business, Flipkart significantly edges past AJIO a really long way. Flipkart is more experienced than AJIO in doing online sales – as the records show.

AJIO has been in existence for about six years now, while Flipkart has been doing good business in cyberspace with customers for over 15 great years.

Given the facts, it is evident that between the two, Flipkart is the more experience e-commerce app/company.

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