Skechers vs Asics: Which Is a Better Brand?

The major difference between Skechers and Asics is their quality. Asics makes better quality running shoes than Skechers. This difference is historical too.

And Asics is better than Skechers. That said, let’s delve a little into the background of both shoe manufacturers perhaps this may give you some perspective into the answer above.

Asics was founded in Hyogo, Japan. So the company has Japanese roots, and everyone knows the Japanese pride themselves on quality products. From here we see one of the differences between the shoes from the two brands.

Besides, the US is a big market for Japanese companies, so they often make sure to meet US standards. Furthermore, the shoes aren’t made in Japan but in China and Vietnam where the workers do nothing but make these shoes under strict quality control.

Skechers on the other hand is an American company with headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. Well, like Asics, Skechers shoes are manufactured factories in China and Vietnam. But of course, this doesn’t affect the quality of the shoes.

But think about this deeply: who’s most likely to prove quality? Asics of course. You only need to have used both shoes to understand that Asics shoes are better than Skechers for the reason that the Japanese company must want to impress us Americans while our dear company doesn’t really care that much.

Individual preference would prevail in the end though. Still, you do know the truth, right. Asics are better.

Why is Asics Better than Skechers?

Skechers vs Asics

The main reasons why Asics are better than Skechers is because Asics shoes are generally more durable, have better performance, are more comfortable, and are more technologically advanced than Skechers.

For running

As I have established already, Asics is more sporty, better designed for running. Asics focuses on making running shoes so it is no wonder their running shoes are more durable than Skechers.

General performance

What makes Asics shoes best for performance is they are usually gender-specific in design. Asics knows the human anatomy is different in both men and women so their shoes would always take these differences into consideration.

You can see these differences in the Gel-Nimbus shoes, male and female. The better the shoe is suited for a particular gender, the better it does in performance.

Moreover, Asics tend to be lighter than Skechers shoes. And of course, this contributes to the overall performance of the shoe for running especially.


Asics are better for walking. They are lighter and come with the advantage of the FlyteFoam technology, a form of midsole that provides cushioning and bounce when you brisk walk.

Skechers usually sacrifices lightweight for bulk, stuffy sockliners, and heavy uppers.

Better zero drops

In 2012, Skechers released its first zero drop shoe, the GoBionic. The shoe does well but Asics has more zero drop shoes that are really zero drop.

Asics has maintained a cool line of shoes in this category better than Skechers.

Value for money

Finally, Asics shoes are better for value. They may be costly but in the long run, you get value for what you spend money on.

A shoe can cost less and still do great, but most times what you get for cheap you lose for value. Asics rates are higher in price in the comity of running shoes and it is as well because you get to run with them for a long time before thinking of replacing them.


Asics shoes show more signs of technological innovations than Skechers. Hence many runners have rated Asics running shoes high for how durable they can be.

Asics shoes are more performance-driven than Skechers shoes. Skechers generally depreciate faster, this is based on reviews from runners who have used both brands. I have used the two Asics sneakers myself, I being a fitness enthusiast.

I have used several Skechers before I ditched them for Asics.


Skechers running shoes usually begin to wear around the point where the mesh meets the outsole. Now Skechers usually comes with good quality outsoles, but somehow, the shoes always wear out so quickly.

One time I was out on the trail around the hills in my neighborhood, coming down a bend I had to do a hard right.

Next thing I know I felt cool drafts under my feet. I stopped to check and saw that the mesh had completely come off the outsole, the insole slipping out like a mocking tongue.

Now, this isn’t an isolated case by any means. Other runners like me in my neighborhood have told me similar occurrences happened to them as well. A couple of us walked into a shoe shop to buy Asics shoes. I still have a three-year-old Asics going strong.

Not to mean my new Asics hasn’t shown some degree of wear but then it doesn’t feel like the outsole is going to fly off someday while I’m out on the trail. There’s a looseness you feel after a while with Skechers running shoes as if it is unraveling while running.

When is Skechers better?

Skechers vs Asics

Skechers is better in the following features:

Memory Foam insole

Skechers are very popular for memory foam technology. Memory Foam is a material used in the insole of shoes that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. When used in shoes, this allows it to mold into the shape of the foot, increasing comfort.

Skechers shoes utilize memory foam better than Asics shoes and I can tell you in truth that this sets Skechers shoes ahead in this regard. Skechers introduced this layer of their shoes providing extra cushioning making the shoes extra comfortable.

Leather uppers

Skechers utilizes more leather material for their uppers, although this isn’t common practice with their running shoes. But a few running shoes with leather uppers have been known to do excellently well for wear.


Skechers beat most other shoes like Asics in this regard. They are more affordable than Asics which happens to be in the category of costly running shoes, although we know why.

Some argue that costlier doesn’t always amount to better shoes. Agreed. But most often a company won’t price their shoes so high if they haven’t made sure you get your money’s worth.

I guess Skechers are so affordable compared to Asics because one is deals in quality sports wears than the other. Skechers are not as into sports shoes as Asics.

Casual shoes

Skechers is better with casual shoes. Those shoes you can dress up with. They are usually the best in the Skechers shoe line.

They are usually made of good leather, waterproof, and very durable. Seems if you are thinking of sports shoes, you should trust Asics more though.

Differences between Asics and Skechers?

The main differences between Asics and Skechers shoes are in their style, use of colors, pricing, synthetic materials, and weight.


In the world of sports, style, and performance often take equal importance. Runners for example often focus on how well a shoe would perform. However, style is equally important.

Most runners would love to match shows with their other running gear. Athletes all over the world care about style.

They watch out for curvature, blend of materials, and how great shoes look on their feet. Here is where the two brands diverge.

Asics makes more stylish shoes while Skechers focuses more on functionality.


Asics makes more colorful shoes. All you need to confirm this is check on Amazon for running shoes of any gender, you’d find yourself leaning towards buying an Asics shoe rather than Skechers especially if you are one who’s given to aesthetics.

Asics shoes are more appealing to the eyes than Skechers’ often bland colors.


Another difference I have noted is the difference in price. While Skechers is more pocket-friendly in price, Asics running shoes are really on the high side when comparing prices.

The best Asics running shoes begin from $70 and higher. On the contrary, you’d find sneakers from Skechers that cost $39 on Amazon. This is great for choice and personal preference.

Upper materials

For this comparison, we are considering the range of shoes of both brands. Asics uses more synthetic materials in their shoes than Skechers.

Skechers makes use of synthetic materials for the uppers in their sneakers too, but since Asics makes more running shoes and never uses real leather I’d say Asics does this more.

Skechers makes more casual shoes too, so it is expected that their casual shoes will have more real leather in them.


Asics shoes are lighter. This is so because Asics uses more synthetic materials which are usually lighter. Running shoes are expected to be lightweight in order for them to be more comfortable.

Asics brand is more sport-centric hence you’d expect most shoes from their brand to be lightweight. We can’t say the same for Skechers though.

The lightest Skechers I have personally used is heavier than the heaviest Asics. It has to be all that bulk and heavy outsole that Skechers often makes their shoes with.

Bonus difference

Skechers makes more slip-ons for women than Asics. And I’d you are looking for some of the most durable footwear from Skechers, they have to be those slip-ons.

These footwears are tough and are always brown or black. Hurry out to Amazon and see for yourself. You’d probably buy an Asics slip-on seeing as they are also more colorful.

Are Skechers shoes really good for your feet?

The memory foam in Skechers which is only a thin layer soon compresses and loses its memory, so to speak. Upon repeated use, the memory flattens out leaving your feet to suffer ligament strains and muscle aches.

There are reports of patients who have been using Skechers who experience lower limb pain.

Moreover, Skechers doesn’t do great for runners because of their weight, and how high the heels are on the shoes. Skechers shoes are not suitable for heavy impact use lie running and jogging.

They are spongy and very flexible, and these attributes do have their advantages in certain areas of life but often lead to problems with the feet in the long run. Especially as I have mentioned before about the memory foam which compresses after some time.

Skechers have higher heels than the forefeet, and this design is inherent in most of their designs. This design knocks the posture out of alignment. Consistent use of Skechers only leads you to check with your podiatrist eventually.

Are Asics shoes good for your feet?

Yes. According to podiatrists, the Asics shoe GT-2000 sneaker is the best shoe to stand in all day.

The arches in most Asics shoes are pronounced, they are thick and supportive. Added to this is the wide toe box of many Asics shoe designs.

Asics allow the wearer of the shoe to be able to wiggle his toes. The freer your toes in the shoe, the better for the health of your feet. Usually, if the toe box is too narrow what this translates to is that the arch is not so supportive.

Asics shoes are not too flexible both in the upper material or the outsoles. And this is what makes them ideal for your feet. You can stand in them all day, work in them all day without feeling sore or numbness in your toes.

Once again, no matter what your considerations are for choosing a shoe, remember to always make sure to look out for shoes that support the arch of your feet, and that have wider toe boxes.

It’s been a butting of heads between two shoes and sneakers giants. The Skechers brand will always have its fans, and so do Asics. I have personally met guys who prefer to run in Skechers shoes and would probably never jump ship to another brand no matter what.

I have chosen to stick with Asics though having experienced Skechers first hand. Be careful out there on the trail though, maybe carry with you in your duffel, a pair of Asics running shoes for when that dread accident happens and you need replacement.


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