Born vs Clarks Shoes: Which Is A Better Chukka Boot?

The major difference between Born and Clarks shoes is their construction and silhouette. While Born shoes mostly have wide toe boxes, Clarks has regular-shaped toe boxes.

Born shoes – the leather shoes – are handmade in the soles area but Clarks aren’t.

These differences do not necessarily cut across the whole shoe lines in the two brands but are enough to stand out as a distinctive feature.

For example, Born shoes have other shoes with narrower toe boxes too, just like Clarks has wide-mouthed shoes.

However, Born shoes say their philosophy is for their shoes to be comfortable which is why they have a bunch of wide-toe box shoes.

Which is better between Born and Clarks Shoes

Born shoes are better in my opinion for a number of reasons. Many reviews prove that Born shoes are exceptionally comfortable and durable.

One of the most distinctive features of Born shoes is the use of pliable leather. Most shoe companies that make use of leather in their products often sacrifice comfort for durability.

And users are not the wiser. The emphasis is usually on utility and how long a pair of shoes are likely to last compared to the price.

The Born brand focuses on even the minutest details about their shoes. Details like the color of outsoles, unique patterns, and practice. The focus is on the overall experience a user gets from wearing the shoes.

Users across the world have attested to how extremely comfortable Born shoes are and this feeling is rooted in the method applied in the construction of the outsoles.

The company even invites prospective customers to go ahead and inspect their product in any footwear shop.

I’ve personally wondered if leather shoes have to be so tough to break in, so rigorous to wear.

The answer came in Born Shoes. You can actually wear shoes made from wine grain leather and feel lightweight.

Major reasons why Born shoes are better?

Born vs Clarks Chukka Shoes
Born Chukka Boots

Born shoes are better than Clarks for the following reasons:

  • Born shoes offer the best comfort
  • The old-world shoe construction allows for easier feet movement

Born shoes offer the best comfort

Born shoes offer the best comfort because of the wide-toe boxes in many of the shoe lines. It is true that you do have to make a choice according to your needs.

If you value comfort over looks – not that Born shoes are lacking in that department either – then you’d buy Born shoes instead.

Why are wide-toe boxes a great feature for shoes? The answer isn’t hard to see it in the freedom your toes enjoy while locked in a shoe. This comfort is priceless. Such shoes don’t take long to break in, and your toes don’t suffer blisters.

More on comfort and why it is so: high-quality soft leather. It’s a breath of fresh air being able to finally wear something made off of leather and so soft in the manner Born shoes are.

If you are not new to wearing boots and other shoe styles made of leather uppers, then you’d understand what it feels like to slip your feet in a pair of leather shoes that feel like dipping in a bunch of feathers. The feeling is bliss.

I’d personally pay top dollar for that kind of shoe. And you know you do shovel a lot of dollars for a Born shoe.

The old-world shoe construction allows for easier feet movement

A great shoe-making method results in a great user experience. The incredible comfort you get from wearing Born shoes is a result of the peculiar way the shoes are made.

According to Born’s website, they employ old-world shoe-making techniques. This involves using their signature Opanka hand-stitching technique.

The benefits of this technique include the natural movement of shoes with feet. It allows for ultra cushioning too.

Furthermore, Born shoes have extra padding than Clarks shoes immersing the feet in unforgettable comfort.

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What are the similarities between Born and Clarks Shoes

As far as shoes are concerned, achieving originality is a tough thing in the game. This is why most brands strive to add a little oomph in their methods. Boots, shoes all look alike. Born and Clarks share the following similarities:

  • Upper materials
  • Heels
  • Lace closures

Upper Materials

Both brands are heavily into leather shoe production. It is their primary materials except in the case of their sneakers – Born makes sneakers, by the way.

You can find this heavy investment of leather in their brogues line, Chelsea boots, loafers, Mocs, and sandals.


Heels are an essential element of shoes without which they do not qualify to be called so. Some brands lavish it on their shoes while others add just enough.

Most shoes of the two brands have at least half an inch of heels which completes the silhouette of boots.

Born and Clarks shoes have heels in their boots to differing degrees. Also in their sneakers, you have an abundance of heels. (As you will soon learn, one brand has more heels in their shoes than the other).

Lace closure

Lace closures are an essential component of shoes and the two brands share this in common with a little variation. Born shoes have lace-up closures that comprise either holes or hooks.

Clarks has lace-up closures in most of their boots and sneakers.

What are the differences between the two brands?

Born vs Clarks Shoes
Clarks Chukka Boots

The differences that readily jump at you in the two shoes are the toe boxes and the one that you notice when you purchase and begin to wear them is the degree of comfort and uniqueness.

  • Born makes shoes of wider toe boxes to Clarks
  • Born shoes are more comfortable than Clarks
  • Born shoes have more color range that helps with their uniqueness
  • Hand sewn process of construction makes Born a very unique shoe

Born makes shoes of wider toe boxes to Clarks

One of the features that distinguish Born shoes from Clarks is the wide toe boxes on the boots and shoes.

Born shoes pride themselves on this cardinal mission of making comfortable shoes. So, toe boxes, wide enough for every size.

You can stand in many of Born shoes all day and not feel your feet because of the wide toe boxes which allow you to be able to wiggle your toes.

Clarks has very few shoes with wide-toe boxes like this. It isn’t part of Clark’s concept to make their shoes that way and this differentiates the two shoes.

Born shoes have more comfort than Clarks shoes

Born shoes take comfort to a whole new level with their shoes. They understand that customers expect not just another footwear with good looks.

Customers want shoes that are functional but also comfortable to wear and for longer as well. Born shoes are constructed with these thoughts literally on a list they tick off.

When testing the shoes, they have to be comfortable. The soles are made with ultra-light material so you can walk with them without lugging around excess weight.

Clarks shoes have heavier soles on average. Born shoes have more layers of padding for cushioning. The born brand also puts more into their arch support than Clarks.

Born shoes are more unique

On a scale of 1 to 10, Born shoes exhibit more uniqueness than Clarks shoes where Born shoes are a 9. You can easily tell a Born shoe by its looks if you have been wearing the brand for some time.

Clarks brand do not concern themselves with unique styles as much as they do quality. Which is cool nonetheless. There are different folks, and we need different strokes for them.

There’s an effort on the part of Born brand to infuse colors in their shoes, whereas Clarks employs a little color in their sneaker line but even that isn’t much.

Style matters and Born shoes use it well to their advantage. You can find among the numerous Born styles one that suits you. You may find Clarks shoes a little limiting in this regard.

Hand sewn process of construction makes Born a very unique shoe

I checked the Clarks website to find out if they have hand sewing in their process but found none. A few shoe companies employ manual seeing in their manufacturing process.

Born is one of these few companies. Driven by the need to make comfortable shoes Born uses their signature Opanka hand sewing technique in joining the outsole to the uppers.

This is how they are able to achieve unbeatable comfort in their shoes.

Opanka stitching joins the sole with the upper without glue. Hence the shoe does not suffer from the limiting stiffness of glue.

Clarks is different in this regard where their shoe soles are glued to the uppers. Clarks are comfortable too, but Born certainly takes this to a higher level.

Why is this comparison important?

The footwear industry is a competitive place. They compete for the heart of you, the customers. Some brands are worth the money, others, not so much.

All a customer wants is just to wear something great and comfortable. Comparisons such as this are important to help you:

  • Make the best choice of footwear
  • Save money when you can

Choice of footwear

You have to admit that shoe companies put a lot into making their shoes. Even the pricy ones have the quality to shoe for it. But not all shoe brands will meet your individual needs and purpose.

This is why making these comparisons are important to help your decision-making process a lot easier.

You are barraged on the internet, in the stores with many options, your heart too yearns to have it all.

Articles such as this help to put things in perspective for prospective buyers.

There is the problem of knockoffs too. Imitation footwear is released every time, you don’t want to end up paying hard-earned money out for such footwear. Except, of course, this is what you want.

Comparisons are important to help you filter down to exactly the shoes that meet your exact needs. If you need shoes for restaurant work, for instance, this comparison indicates that Born shoes will be better for you.

Save money

In the long haul, these comparisons help you save money. Comparisons highlight the differences and similarities in products, helping you make decisions that end up saving you cost.

After reading this comparison here, you may decide to buy a shoe off one of Clarks’ lines of shoes that may be cheaper than Born shoes.


Conclusively, at the same time, this comparison may help you buy based on the similarities in the shoes.

If you were thinking of buying a Born shoe for a particular feature, but now you see Clarks has the same specific thing, you would have saved money by buying Clarks instead.