Geox vs Timberland: Side By Side Comparison

The major difference between Geox and Timberland is the material they use for their shoes. While most Geox shoes make use of synthetic materials in the uppers, the Timberland brand uses more leather making their footwear sturdier than Geox.

Timberland brand has always been known to make functional boots. In 1973, the Abington Shoe company made its first waterproof boots and called it the Timberland. Since then they’ve given the world some of the best footwear.

Geox on the other hand is a more recent brand that began in 1995 following an incident where owner Mario Poligato was running in hot Reno. He put some holes in his running shoes to make them more bearable in the heat, and thus was born the Geox company.

Geox vs Timberland: Which is a better brand?

Timberland easily is a better brand than Geox. For one thing, Timberland makes better quality of shoes.

The reason for this is not far-fetched either.

Shoe construction heavily invested in leather is more durable, they provided better utility overall.

Some may take an exception to the fact that you have to break Timberland boots in before enjoying them but this isn’t always the case as Timberland boots usually have really great cushioning in the lining and insoles.

Breaking them in isn’t such a big deal. Your feet get used to them in about a month or less depending on how long you wear them for each time.

One could argue for Geox that the brand makes more sneakers than Timberland. Sneakers are usually lightweight hence use less leather.


However, Timberland makes sneakers too, with leather on the uppers and they are super durable and light.

Of course, individual preference takes the fore when deciding which brand to buy from. And your individual lifestyle often dictates the shoes in your collection.

Why is Timberland a better brand?

That Timberland shoes are some of the coolest shoes to wear isn’t up for debate.

Owing to its popularity largely to hip-hop is also a big portion of the appeal. Here are some reasons why the Timberland brand is better.

Versatile and trendy

I’ll take the reasons from the most obvious which that Timberland shoes are trendier. Just a pair of Timberland boots can pair with a whole wardrobe of men’s clothes.

They can be styled with pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and absolutely any kind of clothes. They are always in style. Owning Timberland boots is a statement fashion.

From teens in colleges to celebrity rappers, Timberland has graced the feet of people of all ages. And the reason is how fashionable the shoes are designed.


Timberland shoes are extremely durable. Have you ever seen a broken, trashed Timberland in a dumpster before? Hardly.

That’s because all the Timberland shoes are still in use all around the globe, handed down in some countries from one generation to the other.

They are constructed using the best methods in footwear manufacture. The leather uppers are prepared with the best practice in leather custom.

Timberland shoes never wear out unevenly. All parts of the shoes continue age nicely – from the lace down to the rubber soles that hardly wear out.

Geox shoes are decently durable and stylish as well. They just don’t have the same strength as Timberland shoes. Some may argue that the Geox brand is more flexible in style and appeal.

As true as this may be, the hallmark of great footwear goes beyond looks and silhouette.

They have to pass the barrage that everyday use brings on the shoe. And here’s where the Timberland brand has the top spot.

What are Timberland shoes known for?

Geox vs Timberland
Notorious BIG rolling dice on the street, wearing Timberland boots

Timberland shoes were once workboots which informs their construction. They went from the workplace floor into the street where they attained Rockstar status. Now Timberland shoes are known for:

Hard-wearing comfort

These boots went from their humble beginnings in New England to Brooklyn streets where they became the favorite boots for drug dealers who sold crack on the streets.

It was the same with New York dwellers who wanted to stay warm from the cold nights while they sold their wares on the corner streets. Since the shoes were waterproof it kept them dry even on winter nights.

Wardrobe staple for rappers

The ubiquitous Timberland shoes are in every household by the time brands like Vans Chuck Taylors were achieving the same immortality.

These days Timberland boots are known as not just rap lovers’ boots, there are an insignia of street status.

They are a statement written for the radical changes that rap music engendered in the American black streets.

The shoes attained the status of a must-have. It broke cultural barriers, adopted by blacks as a music and fashion statement.

In the late 80s and early 90s if you didn’t have Timberland boots, then you weren’t admitted into this counterculture of music genre that was taking over the world.

And this was long before white America became comfortable with rap music.

Iconic styles

Timberland brand is known for iconic styles of boots. Timberland’s men’s classic boots, also known as the Original Yellow Boots is the most popular of the styles.

Safe to say it is through this boot connoisseurs of the brand are first introduced.

All Timberland shoes share a common silhouette. They are known for heavy use of quality leather and are incredibly durable.

Below is the classic ankle boot which you can buy here on Amazon.

Geox vs Timberland

What are Geox shoes known for?

Geox shoes are a broad range of shoes, sneakers, sandals, and clothes to complement each other. They have been in business making some of the best footwear in the market.

Geox footwear are known for the following urban style and mesh construction.

Urban style

Geox brand focuses on making shoes that incorporate modern lifestyle into performance shoes. They aim for uniqueness, adding a subtle hint of class in their designs.

They do really stand out. And they have spread their designs around the family; men, women, and children’s shoes. Everyone can find something they like.

The brand is known for casual but elegant designs. Using a combination of cool and blasting colors they have been able to stay above the myriads of calls for customers in an ever-competitive market.

Below is a Geox low-top men’s sneakers and a Geox women’s Challene 33 Ballerina.

Geox vs Timberland
Geox low-top men’s sneakers
Geox vs Timberland
Geox women’s Challene 33 Ballerina

The Geox Challene is every woman’s shoe, very urban, and fits well in the working woman’s wardrobe. The low-top sneaker is an example of the different shape and style that makes Geox an appealing urban shoe.

Mesh construction.

Innovation is one of the features that sets Geox brand apart from brands like Timberland.

While most older brands seem stuck in a cut path which everyone has accepted, other brands like Geox continue to imbue technology as a tool of improvement.

Geox brand understands – perhaps better than Timberland – that for users to enjoy wearing your shoes, they have to be comfortable in them.

One feature that maximizes footwear utility is breathability. Geox brand makes use of mesh uppers in many of their performance sneakers.

Mesh construction lets air into the shoe, keeps it cool, and allows all-day comfort.

See this mesh upper in this Geox Women’s D Spherica Sneaker.

Geox vs Timberland
Geox Women’s D Spherica

Do the two brands share any Similarities?

Both the Timberland and Geox brands share some Similarities in their construction materials. And both brands have what qualifies as platform shoes.

Leather construction

Timberland invests so much in leather. Boots aren’t any decent without leather. All Timberland boots are premium leather from the Original Yellow Boots to even some sneakers you’ll find this signature.

Waterproof leather straight off the machines in some tannery. Seam-sealed construction and rubber log outsole.

Geox formal shoe lines incorporate premium leather in the construction as well. Sometimes the leather is combined with textile for a blend of style.

At other times they are 100 percent leather like this Geox Men’s Moner moccasin.

Geox vs Timberland
Geox Men’s Moner moccasin

Compare with this Men’s Yorkdale Chukka from Timberland.

Geox vs Timberland
Men’s Yorkdale Chukka

Platform shoes

Another similarity shared by the two brands is in the area of raised heels which gives the wearer more height.

If you are interested in making yourself look taller then you should consider buying either a Timberland shoe or Geox.

Timberland boots have always been huge about heels in their shoe lines. Even when the company delved into the sneaker line they came out with this high heel signature.

The high heels are more obvious in the Geox sneaker line. Some have heels that will give an average wearer more than half an inch in added height. And they have plenty of those in their line of sneakers.

Some are running shoes while others are women’s casual shoes. But most would not mind because the shoes are very attractive, stylish and durable. A little heel is a small price to pay, or not.

Below is an example of Geox sneakers giving us huge doses of heels in the Geox Women’s D Alhour.

Geox vs Timberland
Geox Women’s D Alhour

And here below is Timberland’s Pro Men’s Powertrain. See the heels on this sneaker.

Geox vs Timberland
 Timberland’s Pro Men’s Powertrain

Timberland brand remains an icon to be reckoned with. If the Geox brand doesn’t get swallowed in the thick competition for the footwear market they might reach that height in the future.


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