Vans Ward vs Vans Atwood: Which Is Better?

The major difference between them is that the Vans Ward shoe is a vulcanized shoe with a canvas upper that has a rubber sole for safety and comfort while the Vans Atwood is a low-top type of shoe that has double stitches and metal eyelets.

The Vans ward shoe has a display of one of the most iconic sneakers ever made by Vans. This in fact stands as the major difference between the two shoes. One is more like an iconic product while the other is a normal product.

There are other notable differences between the two shoes and we will be reviewing the most critical of them.

Vans Ward vs Vans Atwood: Which Is Better?

Regardless of their major difference, there is definitely going to be one that is better in some aspect as both shoes possess individual features that makes them unique and recommendable to meet one area of need or the other in your life.

Check out this mini table below;

Features Vans Ward Vans Atwood
One with Greater Customer Reviews Yes No
Durable & Versatile Yes No
Comfortable Yes Yes
Popular Yes No
Good for Skating Yes No
Falls apart Easily No Yes

From the look of things, the Vans Ward has the upper hand and seems to offer greater advantages and services to you.

It is made of a rubber sole, which is extremely flat and grippy and perfect for skating. According to the number of reviews that customers made on both shoes, the Vans Atwood is nowhere closer to the Vans Ward.

Why is Vans Ward Better?

Vans Ward vs Vans Atwood

The Vans Ward Sneakers has a lot of features and added advantages to you when you buy any design of them.

According to the mini table, we saw that this sneaker is good for skating, and to top it all, it is functional.

That is, it can be used for many other activities apart from skating. Unlike the Vans Atwood which falls apart if used for rigorous activities which involve activities like skating and other sports like it.

The main quality that this shoe has is the ability to withstand rigorous use and still maintain its normal shape.

It goes through thick and thin with you and won’t fall apart easily to make you have a loss of money due to poor durability and quality.

With this Vans Ward, there is no chance of loss of value for money. It is made with credible materials that make its durability chart on another level totally.

From having synthetic upper to rubber sole which makes it slip-resistant and gives it a perfect grip to the terrain you are waking on and even a perfect grip on your skateboard.

Judging from its initial creation, it is made with an iconic look in respect to the Vans old skool.

The Vans Ward functionality is on another level too, it can be worn to take a walk around town, to hang out with friends, and even to your place of work.

The reviews made for this shoe were made by customers who have actually worn and felt the kind of comfort this shoe offers and also how stylish it is with a stripe at the side.

It also has a wide flexible shoelace that lets you lace up to a perfect fit.


Similarities between the Vans Ward and Vans Atwood

Regardless of which one is better and featuring reasons for which one is better and all, there are some similarities between these two shoes that we sometimes look right past them.

Here we will be reviewing some of these similarities and be sure to also be able to notice them on your own when you ever get in between the line of choosing a better one someday.

  • Comfortability
  • Design
  • Materials used in production
  • Both have classic van silhouette
  • Removable Insoles


One thing these shoes have in common is the kind of comfort they offer. Regardless of the better one between them both, the comfort you are bound to feel if you have either of them on is guaranteed.


Sometimes It is very hard to distinguish between Vans Ward and Vans Atwood because the method of their design is similar.

Most people find it hard to distinguish between both shoes. If you look at how their toe box is carved and shaped in the same manner, they both have flexible shoelaces and the same design of vamps.

They both have a thin line that is placed on the top edge of the sole that adds the individual beauty of each one.

Both are designed to offer arch support and toe protection making them both recommendable for people with walking and standing for long problems.

Material used in production

Both shoes are made with synthetic materials; rubber material for the slip-resistant sole and also to give a strong grip, and soft silk material for strong and flexible shoelace for a strong and perfect fit.

Both have classic Vans silhouette

One of the similarities that both shoes have is the Classic Vans silhouette.

If you take a look at this Vans Atwood, you will notice the white slash at the side of the vamp. The same goes with the Vans ward they both possess the same silhouette on the side which makes them very difficult to differentiate unless of course if you take a closer look.

One of the easiest and probably the only way to differentiate between these two shoes is through the upper, the Atwood has a low top upper, while the Ward has a high top upper.

Removable Insoles

Shoes that come with removable insoles are better at maintaining and keeping clean in the sense that once they get dirty you can wash them, and in order to keep your shoes odor-free, you remove the insoles and wash them too.

Yes, you can wash your shoes even if they don’t have removable insoles but it will only take a matter of time before the inside starts smelling due to improper wash of the insoles.

Luckily, this is one feature both shoes have in common as you can remove the insoles and wash them once they get dirty, and you can even replace them if you feel the need to and replacing them is very easy and stress less.


Differences between the Vans Ward and Vans Atwood

The differences between both shoes are limited, there are only a few differences between these shoes as one is just like the upgrade of the other.

According to critical research made, we will review a few features that one has and the other lacks.

  • The difference in the placement of eyelets
  • Vans Ward are more durable than Vans Atwood
  • Vans Ward sneaker has a higher vamp
  • The heel of the Vans Ward is tighter than Vans Atwood
  • Vans Ward is more functional than Vans Atwood

The difference in the placement of eyelets

The eyelets of these shoes make a perfect example of the difference they both possess.

Take a look at the Vans Ward sneaker the arrangement of the eyelets has them joined together at the front part of the vamp. The Vans Atwood Sneaker on the other hand has a space in between the eyelets at the front part of the vamp.

The eyelets are not as joint together as the Vans Ward is, this is another notable difference between the Vans Ward and the Vans Atwood.

Vans Ward shoes are more durable than Vans Atwood

The sole of the Vans Atwood Sneaker mostly falls apart. In regards to the reviews made on these shoes, a lot of customers left reviews with images of how this shoe is likely to end up bad-looking after regular use.

This leaves the durability of the Vans Ward soles much better and recommended than the Atwood.

The Vans Ward sneaker on the other hand has a sole that is built to withstand heavy kind of usage.

For instance, if you are one who enjoys rolling on a skateboard till you get to work, then the Vans Ward is the perfect shoe for you.

You don’t even need to change shoes when you get to work, you can as well use them as work shoes.

Vans Ward sneaker has a higher vamp

Mere looking at the vamps of both shoes that have already been reviewed here, you will notice the difference that both shoes possess.

The Vans Ward sneakers have a bit of high-top vamp. This makes your feet fit in comfortably with enough space for breathability. The Vans Atwood on the other hand has a low-top vamp.

This is as a result of giving your feet a perfect grip and furthermore not giving the shoe enough space for air to pass through giving the feet enough refreshed air to avoid odor.

The heel of the Vans Ward is tighter than Vans Atwood

The heels of both shoes have a notable difference that is visible to the eyes. If you take a close look at the heel of the Vans Ward Sneaker you will see that it is a bit higher than the Vans Atwood Sneakers.

The heel length of the Vans Ward helps give you a comfortable fit, in the sense that you won’t have to worry about your shoes coming off when you work or even skate.

Although it is no doubt that there are people who prefer having a shoe with a heel length like that of the Vans Atwood. It is moderately high and won’t give you any problem at all.

Vans Ward is more functional than Vans Atwood

Clearly, the functionality of both shoes is incomparable. According to the reviews made so far, the Vans Ward has proven to be best at being versatile.

It can be used to serve many purposes and be worn through numerous adventures. In fact, being versatile and functional is one of the outstanding features that the Vans Ward has.

Why you should buy Vans Ward Shoes

The Vans Ward sneakers are very stylish, they come in different designs and colors. Their durability and versatility make them loved by people all around the world.

This pair of shoes has received remarkable reviews and recommendations from people who have not only owned them but have bought them for other people as gifts or even to their children and relatives because of their promising features.

If you are one who loves having comfortable shoes on while you engage in your favorite activity, you should consider getting the Vans Ward sneakers as it has proven to be the best so far in regards to the research and reviews made on them.

Why you should buy Vans Atwood Shoes

Vans Ward vs Vans Atwood

There are lots of reasons why you should own a Vans Atwood shoe. They are designed specifically to give you a perfect grip and a comforting fit.

The top vamp is made in low-top format to hold your legs perfectly almost tight enough to not let air pass through talk more of it slipping out from your feet.

If you are the type that does not like wearing liners before putting on their shoes, then this is for you.

The removable insoles that this shoe has made it possible for you to remove them and wear the shoe that is if there was a case of it being too tight from the initial.

Regardless of the reviews made on both shoes here, the Vans Atwood has managed to be recommended for light use like taking a walk and even wearing them to work either in the office or even as a sports instructor.



The Vans Ward shoes and the Vans Atwood shoes are both classic shoes. Both were made with the aim of meeting the needs of some areas that people are in need of to be met.

It is important to take note that regardless of the outcome of the review made here, a lot of people still find the Vans Atwood great shoes for a lot of other activities.

But it is advisable that you do not use the Vans Atwood for tough activities as they have proven to not be the kinds of shoes for tough activities and regular use.

The Vans Ward on the other hand is made to withstand tough uses. It is good for skating and can easily be converted to serve other purposes as the case may be.


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