Vans Filmore Hi vs Vans Sk8-Hi: Which Is Better?

The most common question asked by customers who love the Vans shoes is, what is the major difference between the Vans Filmore Hi and the Vans SK8-Hi? The answer to this question is factual and clear.

The major difference between Vans Filmore Hi vs Vans Sk8-Hi lies notably in the tongue of both shoes.

On the tongue of the Vans Filmore HI, you can see the Vans Logo there stitched with black and white material, while the tongue of the Vans Sk8-HI has the Vans off the wall logo in red and white color stitched to it.

This is a major difference notable in both shoes.

Vans Filmore Hi vs Vans Sk8-Hi: Which is better?

The question of which is better does not have a direct answer. Both shoes are competitive and both serve their purpose individually.

We will however make a little comparison of both shoes on a mini table to see which one serves better and which one has the public review.

Features Vans Filmore HI Vans SK8-HI
Most Popular Not popular Very popular
Most Used Not as Used Mostly Used
Durable and Versatile Yes Yes
Most preferred No Yes
Reviews 4.5/5 4.5/5

The question about which one is better has been answered on this mini table. We can all see that regardless of the fact that they both possess almost the same qualities and one is preferable and one is also more popular than the other.

This is as a result of some more features that you have not known, but we will be reviewing as this article progresses.

The better one is the Vans SK8-Hi, reasons because first of all, it serves as an ancestral parent to the now Vans Filmore Hi. In the sense that the Vans Filmore was made from ideas of the Vans SK8-Hi.

The design of the Filmore is gotten from the SK8 and I know based on how things evolve, you are probably thinking why the Vans SK8-Hi is better when it is more like an old version of the Vans Filmore HI.

Well, this is as a result of the quality that the then SK8 has and the Filmore is trying to have.

In this case, there are situations or cases whereby the Vans SK8-HI has gone through rigorous use and still comes out intact but the Vans Filmore won’t dare be used for such kind of activities as it won’t hold out for long.

It was simply not cut out for such kinds of heavy activities so using them to indulge in any kind of activity at all might leave you at a loss because some part is definitely bound to fall apart.

The Vans Filmore HI is a great shoe, it just does not have thumbs up in some aspects that matter when checking for quality, durable, and recommended shoes for versatile shoes that will serve many purposes and still come out intact.

Its review is good too, a lot of people still find it worthy and recommendable but only for light use, there is a possibility of when you go for skating with the Vans Filmore, the sole might lose its balance and will probably fall off.


Similarities between the Vans Filmore Hi and Vans SK8-Hi

Since these shoes are made with one being the ancestor of the other, we can all agree that them having similar features and in some cases having the same appearance is only normal and expected to some extent.

In regards to this, we will be reviewing a number of similarities that both shoes possess.

  • Shoes Topline
  • Shoes Vamp
  • Shoe Design
  • Shoes Throat
  • Shoes Toe box and Toecap

Shoes Top Line

The Vans Filmore Hi and the Vans Sk8-Hi  both have some things in common. Among these things is the top line of both shoes. If you look at the top lines of both shoes, otherwise known as collars.

You will see that both are designed the same way making it almost impossible to differentiate them from the top line or collar.

This is just one out of the many features and appearance that the Vans Filmore has that makes it similar to its ancestor.

Shoes Vamp

The vamps of both shoes are made exactly the same way. It is low and carefully stitched on the top to make it hold it more and increase its rate of durability.

The vamp on both shoes stands as yet another perfect trait that the Vans Filmore has in regards to its ancestor.

Shoes design

This is the Vans Sk8-hi and this is the Vans Filmore Hi if you take a look at how they are designed, it will be very difficult to say both shoes are not the same.

Look how they are both stitched three times at the lower part of the top line and just above the heel cap.

This does not only beautify the shoe, but it also makes it durable and hard to fall apart to some extent of use. The spray used on both shoes is remarkable.

Both shoes possess beauty and class, a lot of work was put in to make their appearance attractive as it is now. This is another similarity between both shoes.

Shoe Throat

If you Look closely at the throat of these shoes, both are having spaces there, enough to keep the laces from joining each other, this manages to increase the flow of air into the shoes, by so making it almost impossible for you to have smelly feet.

Shoe Toe Box and Toe Cap

From all the traits and features that the Vans Filmore HI took from its ancestor, the toe box and toe cap are some of the most important.

With this similarity, both shoes are capable of protecting your toe from any form of injury.

You don’t have to worry about tripping and getting injured on your toe or even being hit by falling objects and all. the toe box and cap lets your feet fit in comfortably and also offer protection to you while you do what you love the most.

This happens to be one of the features that skaters look for in a shoe, it is as a result of this that both shoes are rated equally.


Differences between Vans Filmore Hi and Vans SK8-Hi

The fact is, the same way there are similarities between these two shoes is the same way there are differences.

I mean, even with the fact that one is the replica of the other, or in a more befitting term, one is the ancestor of the other.

There is definitely going to be a few features or designs that one has and the other doesn’t. in this part of the article, we will be reviewing some of this differences.

  • Vans Sk8-Hi is more expensive
  • A lot of users prefer Vans Sk8-Hi to Vans Filmore
  • Position of the Vans Off the wall logo
  • Water-resistant feature

Vans Sk8-Hi is more expensive

This is one of the most considered parts of any shoe, first things first, is to know how much this cost before even checking its feature.

It is important to know that the Vans Filmore costs almost half of the Vans Sk8-HI. With as low as $60 you can get a pair of Vans Filmore as it ranges from a price range of $60 above.

The SK8 on the other hand is a bit expensive, it starts at a range of about $65 and above. Which is one of the differences both shoes share.

A lot of users prefer Vans Sk8-Hi to Vans Filmore

Regardless of the ratings and regardless of the cost, people tend to prefer the Vans Sk8-Hi. It goes beyond cost and settles more on comfort and the feeling of originality for some people.

Luckily the Vans SK8-Hi comes with that old comforting feeling of originality and class. Most people prefer the old version of the Vans high-top shoes because it lasts longer, it goes through thick and thin, and still stand strong with no sign of falling apart.

The Vans Filmore on the other hand is rather classier than quality which is why people prefer the old version of it more.

A review once said the Filmore comes falling apart if you use it for skating among other activities of which It was built for in the first place.

Position of the Vans Off the wall logo

The Vans off the wall logo is one thing that you see on almost all of Vans products.

However, the position of this logo varies on both shoes which is as a matter of fact the major notable difference that both shoes share.

Take a look at the Vans Sk8-hi, the Vans off the wall logo is placed right on top of the tongue making it visible to everyone.

The Vans Filmore Hi on the other hand does not have the Vans off the wall logo on the tongue, rather it has a normal Vans identification logo on the tongue, and then the Vans off the wall logo is on the upper part of the heel cap.

Vans Filmore Hi has more water resisting capacity than Vans Sk8-Hi

Both shoes are great and credible but! The Vans Filmore possesses one feature that makes it better recommended than the SK8 and that is the water-resistant feature. Yes, the Vans Filmore HI is water-resistant while the Vans SK8-HI is not.

Why you should have Vans Filmore-Hi

Vans Filmore Hi vs Vans Sk8-Hi
Vans Filmore-Hi

The Vans Filmore HI has come with a feature that is in high demand these days. A lot of people these days want shoes that will not only give them comfort but shoes that will guarantee durability.

The Vans Filmore Hi has the advantage of being waterproof, this feature alone makes people want it in high demand.

With this Vans, you don’t have to stress about your legs getting wet in minor water situations, and be sure to have your feet kept dry no matter the terrain you walk on or even the environment you work in.

Other than being water-resistant, some of the designs of the Filmore come with oil-resistant features also.

This means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to wash the grease stain off your shoes when you go skating and all. These features have made this shoe come in high demand.


Why you should have Vans Sk8-Hi

Vans Filmore Hi vs Vans Sk8-Hi
Vans SK8-Hi

The Vans SK8-HI comes with a touch of street mentality. Skaters love this shoe, especially for the fact that it comes with urban designs and sprays which match most of the awesomeness some people look for in shoes.

This is by far the most rated shoe for skaters, most skaters around the world go for this. It offers them comfort and protection, having them on while you go skating means you get to enjoy your adventure to the fullest with no fear at all.

The Vans SK8-HI may be the old model of the Filmore, but it still has some touch of quality and comfort that makes it indispensable.

It lasts longer than the Filmore and regardless of the fact that it isn’t water-resistant, it will protect your feet and last long as long, as you maintain it and keep it away from watery environments.

Final Verdict

Both shoes have their special recommendation on aspects where they are guaranteed to serve better.

As a skater who enjoys comfort and class, then you should consider going for the SK8-HI because it will not only give you comfort, it will protect you and let you enjoy your adventure with no hedges, plus it is likely to survive even heavier activities.

But for those who want more of what the shoe can offer than what they can use it for, then the Filmore should be a better choice because as long as you don’t engage in heavy activities with the Filmore, it is likely to last long too.


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