Vans Atwood vs Old Skool: Who is the Winner?

My favorite shoe between Vans Atwood Vs Old Skool is the Atwood. Although people have their preferences, and favorites are as a result of the need they satisfy, the balance they give, or how a pair of shoes is able to fit a variety of outfits.

But then, when quite a huge number of people have a specific shoe type as their favorite, doesn’t that speak volume about the comfortability and overall quality of that shoe type? Definitely.

Most times, the qualities and features that make a shoe the people’s choice are not absent in other shoes, they just do not measure up to the extent to which the people’s choice is. For instance, Atwood is my favorite for this same reason.

Other times, people stick with shoe types that have a specific feature that fits their realities regardless of other existing qualities embedded in them.

For example, a person with a not too good gait will stick to a shoe that has more balance over one that has little balance, good breathability, odor repellency, cushioning, and arch support.

The reason Atwood is my favorite is because of several reasons. Some of which are:

  • Grippy outsole
  • Breathability and flexibility
  • I can choose my level of comfort
  • It is more stylish

Good grippy outsole

Highly durable for rough use

The material from which the sole of the Atwood is designed has its molecules closely packed together, which creates a stronger bond.

Hence, there is rigidity and toughness which makes the sole highly resistant to easy tear and wear, and ground-gripping – this, in turn, creates a good balance.

And the Atwood is specifically designed to be multifaceted such that it suffices for running, bailing, walking, skateboarding, and other uses. The fact that I can use it for many purposes makes it great. Plus

Breathability and flexibility

With Vans Atwood, my feet are kept moderately cool and breathable because of the pattern with which the cotton material used for the Atwood design is woven.

This cripples the possibility of movement restrictions and creates chances for the enhancement of flexibility while riding a skateboard or simply walking.

These are the core shoe qualities that work for comfort enhancement. The cool outward appearance of shoes is cool, but the purpose of wearing a shoe becomes defeated when one isn’t comfortable wearing them.

The Vans Atwood becomes an ideal choice as it is big on both looks and comfort levels.

I can choose my comfort level

Unlike other shoes that are limited to a specific comfort level and not many options to choose from, the different models of the Vans Atwood come with different patterns of ankle support, pads, and cushioning.

So, I get to choose from a variety of options, from high tops having cushioned ankles, to simple patterns without padding.

This means there is a large scale of options for every skater and people in different fields of work, according to each person’s uniqueness and needs.

It is more stylish

The beginning of production of every brand isn’t as stylish in their early days as they are in the long run. This is because production evolution eventually takes place as time goes on.

This is made practical among these two shoes. The Vans Old Skool came quite earlier than the Atwood which was designed with more attention channeled toward making it sufficient for both skating and with a more appealing appearance.

Styles add beauty to your entire appearance to have you packed up with a good dose of allure.

The beauty of the Atwood makes it cool such that it is not limited to skating but also adopted in the fashion line to give the right touch of brilliance.

This multi-purpose nature of the Atwood places it on a higher ground of sufficiency in more diverse areas relative to the Oldskool.

Brief History of  Vans Old Skool

Vans Atwood vs Old Skool

The Vans old skool is currently among the most popular silhouettes and among the first shoes of the Vans brand to feature the iconic stripes that sit on the shoe side, which has made a significant stride as being the Vans brand’s hallmark.

The old skool has become a trailblazer for Vans – others follow. Among all of Vans skate shoes, the old skool is the first shoe to feature leather panels that enhance durability. The silhouette is precisely a suede sole.

Vans enthusiasts in the 1980s explored the versatility of the Old Skool construction. The many panels made the Oldskool the ideal choice as it relates to being creative.

The unique Old Skool assumed its legendary status in the 1990s as it was worn by hip hop stars, skaters, rock stars, and many other celebrities.

Brief History of Vans Atwood

Vans Atwood vs Old Skool

When Vans started in 1966, they did not have other inventories apart from some three pairs of footwear they had on display.

During those times, customers would make customized orders, Vans would produce, after which customers would come to collect them.

This shows the extent that Vans was ready to go in order to make sales. And all of these productions, Vans will do at no extra cost.

But the tide took a dramatic turn when they made one of their designs “the authentic.” Skateboarders took interest because they noticed that Vans shoes with rubber soles stick better to the skateboard.

All of these happened in the 1970s, Vans took advantage of the market as it realized the potential therein and made their first dedicated skateboard shoe, the style #95, and soon the Vans Atwood came after and made waves in the market too.

What are the differences between Vans Atwood and Old Skool?

  • Weight Difference
  • Skating compatibility
  • Fit and size
  • Uniqueness and comfort
Differences Vans Old Skool Vans Atwood
Weight Difference The weight of the Vans Old Skool is 1.03Ibs The weight of the Vans Atwood is 1.15Ibs
Skating compatibility Vans Old Skool has skating compatibility, but not as much as the Atwood. Atwood is an evolved Van production with a tad bit of sophistication.  Vans Atwood is more skating-focused, as such, it has more skating compatibility than Vans Old Skool.


Fit and size Vans Old Skool on the other hand, is not skate-inspired, albeit allows for quick movements and has a technology that helps for an amazing cushioning and has an interior with a minimal plush feel. It still has the feet secured in the traditional pattern of lacing that helps in the adjustment of the feet in the shoe.


Atwood has a snug-fit and narrow entry and runs very true to size.
Uniqueness and comfort Consider the Old Skool as the ideal for comfortability, however, Atwood is more stylish. You should consider the Van Atwood as the ideal choice for style, however, the Old skools Van holds more comfortability.

Weight Difference

The weight of the Vans Old Skool is 1.03 Ibs while that of the Atwood weighs 1.15 Ibs, therefore the Vans Old skool weighs more. There’s not much difference between both as it is just 0.12Ibs.

Relative to other shoes, both Oldskool and Atwood does not have much weight. Both are designed with the lightweight technology that makes their wearer gait in their natural walking pattern with so much gusto and paying little or no attention to the need that comes with wearing weighty shoes.

Skating compatibility

The fact that the Atwood is skateboard-focused makes it more than sufficient for skating, far more than the Oldskool will ever be. Except if designed with a changed pattern.

Skating hours involves rigorous movements that make one sweats quite easily – both body and feet.

Hence the super breathability of the Atwood far supersedes that of the old school. The old skool is more packed with features that aid easy skating.

Fit and size

The Vans Atwood has a snug fit, it also has a narrow entry, however, it adjusts eventually to the fit and size of the feet, in the long run, thereby revealing its perfect design of being true to size.

Vans Old Skool on the other hand, is not skate-inspired, albeit allows for quick movements and has a technology that helps for an amazing cushioning and has an interior with a minimal plush feel.

It still has the feet secured in the traditional pattern of lacing that helps in the adjustment of the feet in the shoe.

Uniqueness and comfort

The Vans Old Skool is more unique While the Vans Atwood is much more stylish. Atwood is pretty comfortable but the Vans Old Skool is more comfort-focused than Vans Atwood.

In terms of comfort, you should consider the Old Skool as the ideal choice because of its reinforced toe cap and extra padding with good and enhanced cushioning.

However, you must know that, unlike the Oldskool that weren’t originally designed with skateboarding in mind, the Atwood is skateboard-friendly with a better grip with more durability and flexibility to survive the easy wear and tear that skating comes with.

A common thing among both is their rubber waffle outsole made from vulcanized rubber that gives them more ground balance and a good measure of stability.

Style and maintenance

The Vans Atwood is more nicely styled with good-looking padded collars than the Oldskool. Both are easy to clean and maintain, however, the Atwood gets dirty more easily.

The old Skool has a more simple layout and silhouette and represents a more laid-back lifestyle.

The Atwood gives you the energetic look and makes you come off as one with so much gusto.

It is more of beauty, style, and fashion. Although it is still decent enough. Vans Old Skool is more of a class and presents you as calm and collected.

In the Old Skool, the vamp goes all up to the laces, there’s also a connection of the eye that stays just above to front of the shoe. And in the Old Skool, the vertical stitching that sits right above the heel counter is a tad narrower than that of Atwood.

Features of Vans Atwood

The feature of Vans Atwood are:

  • Fabric lining
  • Genuine runner waffle outsole for durability and grip
  • It has an Ortholite footbed
  • Construction of vulcanized low profile
  • Metal eyelets for feet securement and lace-up closure
  • Heritage style of low top
  • It has textile upper
  • Added comfort from extra cushioning tongs and padded collars.
  • Double-stitched upper for an extra durability

They are low-comfortable footwear that is cool to walk around with, especially for long hours of work.

This Sneaker has good breathability and is lightweight.

Great versatility as it suffices for both dressing up and dressing down.

Allows for an excellent fit, even for people with wide feet.

They are spacious and deep enough for the accommodation of casual orthotics.

Features of old skool

The features of the Vans Old Skool are:

  • Cushioning insole and smooth linings
  • Reinforced toe caps
  • Signature waffle rubber course
  • Traditional comfort and lace-up design
  • Canvas and suede uppers
  • Designed with lightweight technology for easy movements and turns
  • Padded collars and tongue

Final words 

The Vans Atwood Vs Old Skool has several differences. Each has a certain type of uniqueness that makes it different from the other.

People’s favorite choices of footwear are based on how this footwear is tailored to fit their personal feet ‘ needs, and this is as a result of the different foot types.

The world of footwear, in general, keeps evolving. Vans are not left behind too as they go with the tides and vicissitudes of different fashion phases.

For skateboarding, choosing the ideal brand for riding is a critical situation.

This is because the shoe you wear is an important aspect of your skating setup – the comfortability and foot-friendliness of a shoe play a major role in deciding the extent to which your skateboarding is enjoyed.

Draw your conclusion from the analysis made and go for the one that syncs with your reality, as what suits the next person may not work for you.


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