Can Skating Shoes Be Used For Cycling?

Skating shoes are not ideal for cycling. This is the simple answer to this question.

Skating shoes are shoes that the soles are easy to bend in half, the soles are very flexible, that is why it is not advisable you make use of skating shoes for cycling.

While you are cycling, you need shoes that have thick soles that don’t bend easily in half, this is definitely not skating shoes.

The flexible soles are a complete turn-off, they cannot be used for cycling at all.

If you want shoes for cycling, you need to go get cycling shoes, which I will review later in this article. You should keep reading.

Reasons why you can’t use skate shoes for cycling

Just like I have emphasized already above, skate shoes are not really shoes that you should use for cycling, there are reasons why I came to this conclusion.

Take a look at some of the reasons what skating shoes should not be used for cycling.

  • Skating shoes have flat soles
  • Skating shoes have flexible soles.
  • Skating shoes have just one closure system

Skating shoes have flat soles

This is one major reason why you can’t use skate shoes for cycling. If you have had the opportunity to use or even get home of skate shoes you will notice how flat the soles are.

Skate shoes are built specifically for skating, any shoe you are using for skating needs to have flat soles so that it can fit the skating board and stay put while you skate.

With flat soles, you can gain full control of the skating board while cycling. However, when it comes to cycling, you need shoes that have studs or items called cleats.

The cleats get fixed in the pedals for cycling, this is what gives you full control of the cycling pedals.

Can you see the difference? Skate shoes have extremely flat soles while cycling requires that your shoes have cleats and studs that can fit into your cycle pedals while cycling.

Skating shoes have flexible soles

This is something that I have noticed with a lot of skating shoes. They are so flexible and when you try to bend the soles you will figure out that they are so easy to bend.

However, when it comes to cycling shoes, the shoes need to be able to stay firm while cycling, you’re actually moving the bicycle pedals so it’s important that your shoes stay very firm.

Skating shoes will not offer you that at all. Their soles are so flexible that when you use them to cycle, they can even bend up to half.

You don’t want to go cycling with skating shoes only to end up having a very bad experience.

Skating shoes have just one closure system

When you use skating shoes or you take a close look at lacing shoes, you will see that they have just one closure system which is the lacing system.

Meanwhile, in cycling shoes, there are different closure systems that you can choose from, there are Velcro closure systems, lacing, buckles, etc.

The essence of all of these closure systems is to keep your feet as tight as possible when you are cycling.

It is very important that your feet remain tight while cycling.

Do I really need cycling shoes for cycling?

Yes, you definitely need cycling shoes for cycling.

There are a lot of benefits you will get while you are using cycling shoes for cycling.

I will share with you some reasons why you need cycling shoes for cycling :

  • Cycling shoes have stiff soles for efficient pedaling
  • Cycling shoes offer foot protection
  • Cycling shoes have cleats for traction and strong attachment to the pedals.

Cycling shoes have stiff soles for efficient pedaling

This is one good advantage that you will get while you make use of cycling shoes.

The shoes are built in such a way that the soles are so stiff. The stiff soles do something wonderful while cycling, the stiff soles give you a mechanical connection to the pedals of the bicycle.

What this mechanical connection does is that it will give you maximum comfort and efficiency as you are cycling.

Your feet will not always be bending over the pedals due to the stiff soles.

Cycling shoes offer foot protection

While you are cycling you need to think about your safety too. Your safety is so important that you should always put it into consideration. That is another reason why you need cycling shoes.

The shoes will give your foot total protection from possible injuries. If you do not wear cycling shoes, if there is an accident sort of, you are more prone to get injured.

For your safety, you should always make use of cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes have cleats for traction and strong attachment to the pedals

This is one of the most important features that cycling shoes have. If you have seen or heard cycling shoes, when you look under the sole you will see that it has some cleats or studs.

The external cleats or studs are protrusions on the sole of the cycling shoes that provides the cycler with extra traction and grip.

The cleats get fixed into the pedals of your bicycle and it will make your attachment to the pedals of the bicycle so strong.

This is very important in cycling and it will definitely make you enjoy your cycling experience.

What shoes are then suitable for cycling

There are a lot of cycling shoes out there that you can get to make your cycling experience worth it. I will be reviewing some cycling shoes that I recommend you get for yourself when next you want to go cycling.

After going through these cycling shoes, you should be able to find it easy to make a decision on the exact type of cycling shoes that you want to get.

Take a look at these cycling shoes that you can get

Giro Cadet men’s cycling shoes

Can Skating Shoes Be Used For Cycling

This cycling shoe has a very good breathable synchwire upper that comes with a stout carbon-reinforced plate for great pedaling efficiency.

I like this shoe because it comes with a very supportive footbed that has an Aegis treatment which enhances comfort and fit.

After cycling with this shoe for long, you are not going to have a sweaty foot, this is because of the good breathability that this boot comes with.

This feature is very important because it will not be so comfortable at all when you cycle for long only to end up having sweaty feet, you will not feel comfortable at all.


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Supportive footbed
  • Aegis treatment
  • Lightweight
  • Arch support


  • This shoe does not come with a warranty

It is usually good to go for the best of the best. That is exactly what this boot offers you. I do not like that this boot does not come with a warranty.

This boot offers you value for your money spent. You are going to get nothing less than excellence and a very good experience while riding with this boot.

Tommaso Pista cycling shoes

Can Skating Shoes Be Used For Cycling

The hook and loop closure system that this cycling shoe comes with makes it possible for you to secure it on your feet without fear of it falling off while you go cycling.

It comes with a LOOK DELTA cleats (peloton compatible) these cleats are going to enable you to have a very strong grip and traction on your bicycle pedals which will make your cycling smooth and enjoyable.

The good thing about the cleats is that it has already been Installed in the shoes, you don’t need to go around spending more money to fix cleats.

When you wear this shoe you are going to see how it will hug your feet, it hugs your feet because of the right amount of padding that it comes with.

The build material of this shoe is so durable, it comes with a synthetic leather upper which is so durable and capable of lasting super long for you.


  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Multiple closure system
  • Good fitting
  • Well-cushioned


  • Shoes fit females only

One thing that I have noticed from this shoe is that it is going to meet your needs as someone who needs shoes for cycling.

This shoe has a special technology built in it which is called the fiberglass-reinforced sole which provides maximum stiffness and also excellent power transfer.


Skating shoes are not the best to use for cycling, they will not offer you the best experience at all. That is why I recommend that you get cycling boots.

Cycling boots are the best because that is what they are built for. Cycling boots will make you enjoy your cycling experience and you are also going to be protected in situations where accidents may occur.

You can make a decision from these cycling boots that I have reviewed.

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