Can You Wear Slippers to Poly?

You can wear slippers to poly.

The recent surge in the indecent dressing of students across polytechnics has birthed a new regulation against indecent dressing.

Among the various prohibited outfits for students and staff is bathroom slippers. This is only a type of slippers among the numerous classes of slippers.

This does not automatically disqualify every other class of slippers. As long as you are not on bathroom slippers, then it is allowed and accepted in polytechnics.

Wearing slippers is an informal and indecent way of dressing. Most especially if it is bathroom slippers. The authorities at polytechnics frown at this.

Best type of slippers you can wear to Poly

Other types of slippers are acceptable at polytechnics. Generally, slippers are casual shoes that have low outsoles.

This footwear is comfortable and easy to walk around in. Furthermore; you don’t have to go to your lectures all-uptight and dressed up.

There are times when it is okay to dress casually for comfort and convenience. During this instance, wearing slippers is a good choice of footwear for students.

However, you must bear in mind that the type of slippers to wear must not be bathroom slippers that are inappropriate for polytechnics.

The following types of slippers are allowed at polytechnics. There is no penalty attached to everyone who wears these types of slippers.


Can You Wear Slippers to Poly

This type of slippers is appropriate for poly. Although, there have been a lot of debates about banning flip flops as well because of how casual and inappropriate they look.

However, for now, you can still wear flip-flops to poly. Flip-flops are good for your feet to breathe well during hot seasons. Therefore, rather than wearing a pair of boots or sneakers, you can wear a pair of flip-flops.

The CLARKS women’s SUNMAZE flip-flop is an example of acceptable slippers at poly. This flip-flop is not casual and inappropriate. It is also very comfortable to walk around in for female students.

At polytechnics, this is a great flip-flop to wear for females. It is not expensive at all and it offers the best comfortable experience you have always wanted.

SKECHERS Cali women’s flip-flop is also a type of flip-flop for female students at poly. It is comfortable as well just like the CLARKS women’s SUNMAZE flip-flop.

It also comes with a unique style that makes you look fashionable and attractive to everyone who wears it. It does not look inappropriate and there is no penalty attached to wearing this flip-flop.

The SKECHERS men’s BOSNIA flip-flop is good for male students at poly. The SKECHERS brand makes good flip-flops that are appropriate, stylish, and comfortable to wear.

This is good for male students because of how firmly it supports their feet and heels.

The memory foam insole makes walking around very comfortable for male students. It is durable and affordable for students.

The TEVA men’s MUSH II canvas flip-flop is also a great flip-flop for male students at poly. It has an arch support insert that makes walking around less stressful.

Furthermore, it supports your arches and heels very well. It is very affordable and durable. The TEVA flip-flop is one of the most stylish and durable flip-flops in the market.

It is an appropriate type of slippers to wear to poly for male students. The UNDER ARMOUR IGNITE men’s flip-flop is also great for male students to wear to poly.

Scuff Slippers

Can You Wear Slippers to Poly

This is a very stylish type of slippers to wear to poly. It looks like a shoe because it has a closed-toe feature. This gives you a corporate and casual look at the same time.

It also makes you look very fashionable and stylish. The rough outsoles also help for stable walking on slippery floor surfaces. This slipper is very appropriate for students to wear for lectures at polytechnics.

The UGG men’s SCUFF SLIPPER is a very stylish and elegant slipper to wear to poly for male students. UGG is one of the most fashionable and stylish slippers in the fashion industry today.

Therefore, you should expect to get both fashion, style, comfort, and convenience whenever you wear this slipper to poly.

When you look at this slipper, you would realize that it looks just like a shoe – except for its back opening and low height outsole.

This slipper is acceptable to wear to poly and it is for male students.

DEARFOAMS men’s SUEDE closed-toe scuff slipper is also good for male students to wear to poly.

The soft and cushioned insole is great for comfort and arch support. Furthermore, it is elegant and very attractive to wear.

With this slipper, you are going to get more compliments than you usually get on a daily basis without this slipper.

The best part is that it is acceptable at poly because it is not inappropriate.

The HANES SUPERIOR COMFORTABLE scuff slipper is great for female students at polytechnics. It is also acceptable.

It looks just like a typical shoe just like the UGG MEN’S SCUFF SLIPPER. Furthermore, it is very comfortable because of the arch support insert and comfortable footbed that makes walking around very comfortable.

This is good for cold seasons because the furs keep your feet and toes warm.

KOOLABURRA ugg women’s slipper is great for female students to wear to poly. It offers comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, it is a good type of slipper to wear to poly. It is acceptable because of how it looks stylish and appropriate for a decent outlook.


Can You Wear Slippers to Poly

This is very appropriate for students to wear to poly. It has all the qualities of a decent shoe and it is very comfortable and durable.

The CROCS unisex BAYA clog is good for both male and female students at poly. It offers adequate comfort to your feet because of the croslite foam material that is soft, flexible, and durable to wear.

This clog is great and acceptable for both male and female students. It is very durable. The back strap can be removed or added – this depends on how fit your clog needs to get.

CROCS unisex classic clog: This is another example of clogs to wear to poly. It has all the qualities of a comfortable slipper and it is protective to your feet and toes.

The insole is very soft and cushioned. This can keep you on your feet for hours without fail.

CLARK women’s Laurieann clog is a classic and stylish slipper for female students.

This is acceptable to wear for female students at poly. The style and elegance are great to adorn your feet and give you a ravishing outlook.

CROCS unisex crocband clog also fits well as an acceptable slipper to wear to poly for both male and female students at poly. This clog comes at an acceptable price and it offers an amazing experience.

If you want to wear slippers, then choose from any of the examples above. These are the acceptable types of slippers for poly. They are stylish, comfortable, durable and affordable for students to get.

Other things you should know about the dress code for Poly


At poly, you must keep your hair neat and void of offensive colors. Combining too many colors on your hair would attract penalties that might have a direct negative impact on your academic pursuit.

  • For males, keep your hair black. Do not dye your hair with any other color like yellow, red, and so on. This is inappropriate and would be frowned at by authorities at polytechnics.
  • For females, if you would be using any color, avoid using too many bright color combinations, this is unprofessional and inappropriate for female students. It is better to use one color every time you want to make your hair.
  • For male students, avoid coming to campus with tattered and rough hair. Your hair should be well combed, styled and marked. You must ensure that your hair is kept neat. This portrays you as a serious student.
  • For female students, this is the same as well. Keep your hair neat. There should be no loose ends in your hair. Make it neat, well combed, and styled.
  • Avoid offensive and inappropriate haircuts. Keep it clean, simple, and professional.


It is appropriate to make up. For both male and female students, using make-up is good and acceptable.

The decision of how attractive or otherwise you would look depends on how you make up.

Tertiary institutions do not have anything against using makeup for students. Therefore, this is acceptable.

Just make sure that you keep it simple and elegant. Using makeup by students at poly is acceptable.

Therefore, if you have been given wrong information prior to this time concerning makeup, then I am giving you direct information. Makeup is allowed by polytechnics.

It is up to you to determine how you want to look whenever you makeup. However, there is nothing wrong with makeup for both male and female students.


This is relative. If you have a tattoo on your body, then it is not bad to go to poly.

However, if you do not have a tattoo and you plan to have one, I would suggest and advise that tattoos be placed in closed parts of your body.

Furthermore, if you plan to have a tattoo on your arm or other exposed parts, then you should observe the following:

  • Your tattoos should be small and not ambiguous.
  • Your tattoos should not be offensive in any way.
  • Your tattoos should not have the potential of inciting violence or tribalism/racism.
  • Your tattoos should not support any political party or propaganda.
  • Your tattoos should not have dirty words like FUCK and so on.

Once all of these are followed, then you might get away with wearing a tattoo on your body at poly. This is relative to the institution as well. Some institutions frown at tattoos.

I would recommend that you do a proper check on the dress code policy of the polytechnic you belong to.

Wearing tattoos or not does not have a consensus among several institutions. Therefore, you should do proper research about this before you make a decision.


This is allowed at polytechnics.

For females, you can wear earrings that are short and not offensive or seductively inappropriate. You can also wear chains.

However, you must ensure that the pendants are not offensive or inappropriate as well.

Do not wear pendants that support violence (guns and so on), seductive (boobs or other seductive images), is political, or encourages racism.

Stay away from those types of pendants. You should not pierce your nose, mouth, tongue, and other parts of your body.

For males, you can only wear chains. T

he pendant must also follow the same route as that of the females as well.

You are not allowed to wear earrings, nose rings, or have other piercings on your tongue, mouth, and so on.


Polytechnics are institutions of learning.

How you look talks a lot concerning who you are. Pay close attention to your outfits and make sure they follow the dress code policy of polytechnics.

This article has provided useful tips for you that work well for poly.

From my experience, if you stick with the guidelines in this article, you are safe from the punishment of indecent dressing.

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