Do Doc Martens make your Legs look Fat?

Yes, Doc Martens actually makes your feet look fat when you wear them.

This is something I have noticed a lot with Doc Martens boot. What actually happens is that the boots will make your legs look thin and then make your feet look fat.

Doc Martens usually make your feet fat when you buy them newly, with time, you can start to adjust to the Doc Martens shoes.

You will also need to know that Doc Martens is a British footwear and clothing brand that makes quality shoes and clothes.

Doc Martens are famous for their footwear, they also make other accessories like shoe care products, clothing, and bags.

What to do when Doc Martens make your legs look fat?

Just like I have explained above, Doc Martens will definitely make your legs look fat, but do not think that there is nothing you can do about it.

There is actually something that you can do about it, and that is exactly what I will be sharing in this segment of the article.

  • Choose boots that are more rounded than pointy
  • Wear Flared trousers
  • Avoid pencil trousers

Choose boots that are more rounded than pointy

This is an option that you can go for if you come to realize that your Doc Martens usually makes your feet look big.

When you buy Doc Martens shoes with pointed or long toes, it is already obvious that your toes do not completely fit into the space, thereby making your feet look so big.

The extra space in there does nothing other than making your feet look so big and long.

You should always skip Doc Martens shoes that have pointed toes from now on and stick to those that have well-wounded toes.

So that you do not have excess space in the toe area that you will end up not using and will eventually make your feet look so big.

Wear Flared trousers

You may think that wearing flared trousers that are not so tight at the bottom, it may cause you to have additional weight on the outfit and make it heavier.

The idea behind wearing flared trousers is that the flare at the bottom of the trousers does something, it tends to balance the size of your feet with the size of your leg.

Usually, I already explained at the beginning of the article that Doc Martens shoes usually make your feet look bigger and your leg smaller.

With the lower part of your trousers being flared, it will automatically balance the size of your feet with the size of your leg, then things will look better for you.

Avoid pencil trousers

The Doc Martens shoes have already made your feet look big when you wear pencil trousers it even worsens the situation.

It makes it so obvious that your feet appear so big and then your legs appear so thing. It does nothing to even balance it.

You should not put on pencil trousers or even pencil skirts if you are female. They don’t help to balance out your leg and feet.

How to wear Doc Martens if you have flat feet

If you noticed that you are the type that has flat feet and you want to wear your Doc Martens shoes, you have to be aware that it is possible for you to wear them despite how fat your feet could be.

If you want to successfully wear them the best way to go about it is to break in your Doc Martens, that is what I am going to show you in this segment of this article.

  • Use warm water to soak your new boots
  • Wear your Doc martens around the house for one week
  • Use hairdryer as heat
  • Insert a shoehorn in the shoe to loosen the leather

Use warm water to soak your new boots

This method is quite delicate because soaking the shoes inside warm water for too long could damage it.

How this works is that you should, first of all, get a bucket of warm water.

When that is done you have to soak your Doc Martens shoes inside the warm water for about thirty minutes to one hour depending on the quality of the leather shoes.

What this will do is that it will loosen the leather fibers. Now you need to try them on with socks, the loose fiber will adjust according to the wideness of your feet.

Wear the shoes until they are almost dry and then take a dryer and dry the shoes even while you still have them on.

This will help the shoes to adjust to the wideness of your feet. Have it in mind that you should not soak the boots for too long, more than two hours because this could damage the shoe.

Wear your Doc martens around the house for a couple of days

When you buy your Doc Martens shoes, you should not start wearing them out immediately, especially when your feet is so wide.

What you should do is that you should wear them around the house for the first few days, you should wear them around the house for about four days to a week depending on the thickness of the fiber.

You are to wear it with thick socks, or you make use of multiple layers of socks so that the leather fiber can begin to expand.

When you do this for up to a week you will succeed in stretching the leather fiber and the Doc Martens shoes can fit your wide feet.

Use hairdryer as heat

Making use of hairdryers is one of the commonest ways of breaking in your shoes.

The heat from the hairdryer helps to soften and loosen the leather fibers of the shoe.

How you are to do it is that you should take the hairdryer and start to heat the shoes from all sides, as you do that the heat will start to loosen and soften the leather fibers.

When the shoes get warm a little but after heating, you can wear them with socks on, walk around your house with the shoes, and then the soft leather will mold into the form of your wide feet.

Insert a 24-inch shoehorn in the shoe to loosen the leather

A shoehorn (like this one on Amazon) is a wooden piece of tool that can be used to wear shoes that seem tight.

You can insert the shoehorn inside the shoes and then as it stays in the shoes for long it will begin to stretch the sides of the leather shoes to fit your wide feet.

You are to leave the shoehorn in the shoes for up to an hour. It is recommended that you make use of a 24-inch shoehorn for beat results.

What Doc Martens are suitable for short feet?

There are some Doc Martens that will suit your feet so well for those that have short feet, when you wear them you are going to see how well they fit you.

Take a look at some of these Doc Martens shoes that I will recommend you get.

Doc Martens unisex-adult boots


This is a very unique boot that does not come with any lacing or buckle closure system, it comes with a pull-on system that allows you to wear or pull out the Doc Martens boot at any time you like.

It has a rich leather surface with an oily surface and subtle grain. It was built with a core Doc Martens DNA, which is an AirWair heel-loop, grooved edges, and visible stitching as well.


  • Durable
  • Doc Martens DNA
  • Grooved edges
  • Visible stitching
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to pull out


  • No warranty & return policy

Final Verdict

This boot is a unisex one which means both men and women can rock them. Buying this boot will be of great help to you.

I like how it is built and also the ease of wearing the boot and pulling it out. You should consider getting this boot for yourself.

Doc Martens vegan fashion boots


This boot has a very unique type of stitch called the Goodyear welt stitch which tends to be a strength when you wear them out. The visible stitching that it comes with is also very fashionable.

This boot has a very good abrasion resistance coupled with very amazing slip-resistant features.

You can walk on slippery ground with this boot. It has a two-tone synthetic leather upper that adds to the beauty of this boot.


  • Goodyear welt stitch
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Two-tone synthetic leather
  • Cherry red synthetic material
  • 100% vegan construction


  • Suitable for men only

Final Verdict

The Cherry red synthetic material that this boot comes with makes it so attractive.

With a 100% vegan construction, you would definitely like how this boot would look on your feet.


Doc Martens boots usually make your feet look big when you wear them, they also make your legs look thin.

However, I have already shared ways that you can maneuver this when you get to know that your legs are looking so thin and your feet are looking big in your Doc Martens boots.

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