How To Make Old Black Shoes Look Brand New

Black shoes are versatile shoes that fit diverse color combinations like white, brown amongst others.

This versatility coupled with the classy look they provide has without a doubt made them a necessity in everyone’s closure.

They come in various styles, types, and designs which are worn based on the occasion in view.

How To Make Old Black Shoes Look Brand New

How To Make Old Black Shoes Look Brand New

From stains to marks to scuffs, making an old black shoe look a new one and keeping it in perfect shape can be tasking.

Nevertheless, parting with them isn’t always an easy decision either, so let’s take a look at ways by which you can keep your old black shoe sparkling and looking like you just bought them.

Steps to Make Old Black Suede Shoes Look Brand New

  • First of all, you must endeavor to properly clean your shoe and relieve them of any atom of dirt.
  • You must then scrub the suede material gently and properly, using a suede brush till the dirt on it vanishes.
  • If the stain is persistent then you can make use of either nail polish removers, pencil erasers, crumbled paper, steam from boiling water, or white vinegar.
  • After you have properly cleaned up the shoe, you can now apply a black dye to the faded areas.
  • You must endeavor to use a suede-optimized black dye to complete the restoration of its classy and sparkling look.

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Furthermore, you must employ the use of a suede conditioner to prevent it from cracking and the use of a suede spray to help keep water off them.

You don’t need to worry about the continuous application of the spray and conditioner because the effect of a single application of it lasts for at least one month before.

Finally, you must make sure you take out the laces from your shoe and wash them separately and allow them to dry properly before fixing them back onto your shoe to complete your black suede shoe’s fresh look.

Steps to Make Old Leather Shoes Look Brand New

  • First, you must wipe off the dirt and debris on the leather shoe using a shoe brush, then you must use a cloth to clean the edges of the shoe to ensure that there is no dirt left before polishing it.
  • You must now use leather conditioners like Saphir Oil Leather Conditioner, Lexol Leather Care Kit, Leather Nova Conditioner, and Cleaner, etc. to help make it moisturized, hence its skin is dry, remove its cracks, and also refresh its look.
  • Once it gets dry, you can apply black leather dye to the faded areas and black shoe polish when it gets dry to give your old shoe a whole new luster look.

Other methods which are essential in making your old black shoes look new include:

Adding a layer to your sole

When shoes age, one of the most affected areas is the sole especially if it is made of rubber.

Aging makes soles wear out and rupture, so to complete your shoes’ fresh look, you must endeavor to add a layer to your sole or replace the already damaged one with a new one.

Shoe Trees

As stated in the previous section, exposing your black shoe to wet conditions or being caught up in the rain while having them on can damage both their shape and color.

So, to avoid this you must ensure you insert a shoe tree into them immediately after you take them off to help them dry off and preserve their shape.

You can also use acid-free tissue paper to help keep the shoe in shape and prevent it from deteriorating.

Furthermore, if there are salt stains on them due to walking around in the winter season, you can easily remove those stains by mixing vinegar and water and applying it gently on the shoe using a clean cloth until the stain is removed.

Proper Storage

How well you store your shoe can be a very pivotal factor in keeping them looking sparkling and new.

Endeavor to store your black shoes in areas that allow air into them and protect them from direct exposure to sunlight, dust, and extreme temperatures.

You can store them in shoe cabinets, shoe storage boxes, shoe racks, or plastic boxes.

What makes black fade?

Despite their classic look and versatility, black shoes fade easier as compared to other colors of footwear.

This can be attributed to two major factors: Sunlight, Aging, and Moisture.

When a black shoe is placed under direct sunlight for a particular period it begins to lose its colo and hence leaving it with weak material and a faded look.

On the other hand, leather which is commonly used in the production of black shoes is very vulnerable in wet conditions.

Saltwater which is present on roads during rainy, snowy, or icy weather can make a black leather shoe lose both its color and structure.

When a black shoe is worn for a particular period, it begins to age. Aging makes a shoe lose its luster and structure.

How To Clean Black Fabric Shoes

The cleaning process of each shoe depends on the material used in the production of the shoe, so let’s look at the cleaning process of each material.

Steps To Clean Black Suede Shoes

If the shoes are made up of suede, you must add extra care because with the delicate nature and expensiveness of suede black shoes comes its enormous maintenance principles.

  • First, you must ensure you don’t use water to remove the stains on these models of shoes because they will ruin them.
  • Instead, you must use a suede brush, a nail polish brush, or any soft brush which won’t be too harsh on the material to rub off the dirt gently until it vanishes.
  • Furthermore, you must ensure that you don’t brush the shoe in a back and forth direction but rather in an outward direction to prevent the stain-causing dirt from circulating.
  • Alternatively, you can use a suede eraser, a soft cloth, crumpled paper, or a bathing towel.
  • And if the stains persist, you can employ the use of white vinegar or suede sprays.
  • When using vinegar, you must, first of all, get a smooth cloth and get it soaked in it and then clean the stained area until it absorbs the vinegar. Allow it to dry and then scrub the stained area with the suede brush until the stain vanishes.

Steps To Clean Black Leather Shoes

  • First, you must remove the laces from your shoe and clean them differently since they are made up of cloth and might get stained if touched by a shoe polish.
  • Next, use a soft brush to gently remove the debris and dirt from them before polishing them. You can further add a conditioner for moisturization, and removal of oil and dirt.
  • You can now polish your shoe with a leather shoe polish to give it that perfect sparkling appearance.
  • If your sneakers are made up of leather, endeavor to use a sponge soaked in liquid mild soap to clean or a nail polish remover to dispose of scuffs then wipe them thoroughly till they sparkle.
  • You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and water to clean them up.
  • You must ensure that they are dry before usage.
  • Also, Do not use a dryer on your leather or suede sneakers or clean them with a washing machine cause it will make them lose their structure.

However, if you have black canvas shoes, you can easily hand wash them with mild soap and water or use a washer and a dryer.

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