Vans vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences

The Vans and Skechers are two different brands and types of shoes that are really excellent at what they do.

The Vans shoes are so popular because they are used majorly by skateboarders to skate.

Vans are originally shoes built especially for skateboarding, that is why it has been accepted and adopted by a lot of skateboarders across the world.

Vans vs Skechers

Skechers are not usually performance shoes like that of the Vans, they are shoes built mostly for leisure.

They are also unisex shoes just like the Vans. If you have not seen or read about the Vans and Skechers before, it would be difficult for you to differentiate these two shoes.

In this article, I will be comparing the Vans and the Skechers shoes, I am going to show you the major similarities and differences between these two shoes.

It is usually best to know the difference between these two shoes so that it will be easy for you to differentiate when the need arises.

Let us dive deeper into the major similarities and differences between these two topics.

If you are planning to get one for yourself, this article will also help you easily differentiate these two shoes so that you would be

Let us take a look at the similarities between Vans and Skechers

  • They are both sneakers
  • They are both unisex shoes
  • They are both Versatile shoes
  • They are both affordable
  • They last long and are durable shoes

They are both sneakers

One thing I like about the Vans shoes is that they can so be used as sneakers. Even though the Vans shoes are built as Skating shoes, they can also be used as sneakers.

You can rock your Vans with your casual wear wherever you are going. This is also applicable to the Skechers shoes, it is a shoe built more for leisure than for performance, unlike the Vans shoes that are built more for performance.

Despite the fact that Skechers shoes are built for performance, they can are also sneakers.

This is something that both the Vans shoes and the Skechers have in common. They are both similar.

They are both Unisex shoes

Not all the shoes out there are unisex, unisex shoes are usually widely spread because they are worn by both men and women. Vans shoes are unisex, which simply means that they can be worn by both men and women.

As a man, you can get yourself a pair of Vans and you have had your spouse or even a female friend wear it, and it would not be so obvious that a female wore the shoe. This is an advantage that unisex shoes have.

The good thing is that Vans shoes have this unisex feature. It is not restricted to just males alone. It is not any different with the Skechers shoes, the Skechers shoes are also Unisex shoes that suit both men and women.

There are no restrictions at all, if you are female you can keep on rocking the Skechers shoes, if you are male it is not any different. This is a very good advantage that the Skechers have.

They are both Versatile shoes

When  I mean versatile, I mean shoes that can be worn to different occasions and it would not be so obvious that you wore just one shoe to multiple places.

The Vans shoes can be used for Skateboarding, it can also be worn for casual or corporate events.

Perhaps, you could go out to have lunch at an eatery nearby, you could rock your Vans with a nice looking casual outfit with chinos pants or jeans.

The same thing is applicable to Skechers shoes, you can wear them out as your leisure shoes and at the same time wear them for other activities or occasions that may be either casual or corporate.

This is something that is similar to both Vans shoes and Skechers shoes, that is why I highlighted it here as one of the similarities that you can find between these two shoes.

They are both affordable to buy

It is usually a good thing when you can buy a quality shoe without having to spend all you have.

That is how it is to the Vans and Skechers shoes, even though the Vans could be a little bit more expensive than the Skechers shoes, the difference in price will not be so much or so glaring.

There could be perhaps a $10 difference in price. Still, they are affordable. You can get affordable Skechers and also affordable Vans shoes for about $50 to $60 thereabouts, this is affordable enough.

If you are someone that does not earn so much income, you can still afford to get yourself a good pair of Vans or Skechers shoes.

This is why it is a good thing for shoes to be affordable. Vans and Skechers are in this category of affordable shoes.

They last long and are durable shoes

It is very important for shoes to be durable, that is where the importance lies. You would not want to spend so much on your shoes only for them to last a few days or a week.

Everyone wants his shoe to last as long for him, that is one of the most important parts of buying your Vans or Skechers, and that is the similarities that these shoes have.

Either the Vans or the Skechers will not disappoint you at all when it comes to the durability of these two shoes. You rest assured.

You can buy them and it will last super long for you. You do not have to keep on buying new shoes all the time. When you buy your shoes, you need to be rest assured that they will last long for you.

Now that I have explained to you the various similarities between these two shoes, let us take a look at the major differences between these two shoes.

Differences between Vans and Skechers

Features Vans Skechers
Outsole texture technology Vans shoes feature a signature waffle sole technology Vans shoes are built with memory foam
Overall sole technology Vans are built with a Vulcanized sole technology Skechers shoes have synthetic sole build
Insole technology Vans have a closed-cell foam insole technology Skechers shoes have a built-in Unique memory foam Insole
Added midsole support technology Vans midsole is made with the same closed-cell technology as the insoles Skechers have a signature GoWalk max midsole for added cushioning
Price difference Vans usually cost more than Skechers Skechers are usually less expensive
Material build Vans are usually made mostly with Leather and suede Skechers are usually made with mesh

Outsole texture technology

The outsole of Vans is usually different from that of the Skechers shoes.

There is a unique outsole technology that Vans shoes are usually known specifically for having, they are usually known for having what is called the signature waffle sole technology.

What this waffle sole means is that the sole would have a grid pattern that does the work of an added slip resistance for the shoe.

This creates an added slip resistance for you as you are skateboarding. Skechers on the other hand have their soles made with Memory sole.

Sketchers shoes are not built for skateboarding like Vans, so they do not necessarily need this waffle sole technology.

Overall sole technology

Vans are usually built with a Vulcanized sole technology. This type of sole is usually made you rubber, thereby providing you with maximum stability as you are Skateboarding or as you are casually making use of the shoes.

This rubber vulcanized plays a very important role in your Vans shoes. But you need to know that this feature is not available in Skechers shoes.

Meanwhile, Skechers has a synthetic sole build. You can only find them in shoes that are built for Skateboarding.

That is why you can find them in Vans shoes. Vans provide you with stability while you are skateboarding or using it casually.

It is important you are aware that this is a major difference between Vans shoes and Skechers shoes.

Insole technology

Sketchers are built majorly for leisure purposes, shoes like these are supposed to keep you comfortable and they should be well cushioned too.

Skechers shoes have a unique inside build which is called the unique memory foam insole.

What this does is that it provides you with more comfort and also supports your feet with adequate cushioning to keep you going on your daily activities.

Vans have something different, what they have is a closed-cell foam technology that works to keep your insoles comfortable & also prevents odor.

This does not mean that Vans are not comfortable or cushioned on the inside, but you cannot compare it to that of the Skechers shoes that have a unique insole cushioning feature.

Added midsole support technology

This is where the Skechers shoes shine better than the Vans shoe. You usually get a better cushioning on Skechers shoes than you will get on Vans.

Skechers have a unique cushioning feature on the insole and also midsole. That unique feature that the Skechers have is called a signature GoWalk Max midsole for added cushioning around the midsole of the shoes.

Imagine how cushioned your shoes will be if there is added cushioning at the insole and also the midsole, this is going to make you super comfortable as you wear the shoes.

For Vans, the midsole is made with the same closed-cell technology as the insoles.

Price difference

When you take a look at how Vans and Skechers shoes are sold, you will be able to tell the price difference.

Vans shoes usually cost slightly higher than Skechers shoes. This is where Skechers shine, simply because it is much more available to those who are not too buoyant and who cannot spend so much money on shoes.

Someone who is tight on budget and is in search of an affordable sneaker to go for, because of how reduced the price of the Sketchers are, would prefer to go for it.

This is one of the major differences between the Skechers and the Vans shoes. The price difference between the Vans and the Skechers is usually around about $10 difference.

It could be more, but it is still very much affordable to the average income earners.

Material build

One easy way to tell the difference between Vans shoes and the Skechers shoes is through the material build.

This type of difference can be spotted by someone who does not even know much about Vans or Skechers shoes. This is because it is so obvious.

When you take a look at Vans shoes, or when you get hold of them, you will notice that Vans are mostly made out of leather and suede.

This makes the build of the shoe tougher and less prone to damage. However, the case is different when it comes to Skechers shoes.

Skechers are usually made mostly out of mesh fabric or synthetic material. This is quite different and unique in its own way and look.

You can tell the difference when you take a good look at the shoes and when you feel the difference in the material build as well.

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I have done an extensive explanation of the major similarities and differences between the Vans shoes and the Skechers shoes.

These shoes have some similarities which I have highlight already, also, there are differences I mentioned that makes each of this shoe unique.

When you are aware of all of these, you will find it easier to make a decision on which one to get.

If you want to make a decision on which one exactly to get, you should, first of all, consider the purpose of the shoe you want to get, then you can make your decision.

As for me, I would go for the Vans shoes because of how fashionable they are. You can rock it in a casual or corporate outfit, and it would still suit you so well.

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