Can You Wash Your Muck Boots in a Washer?

Well, yes you can wash your muck boots in a washer.

But imagine if there is a better way to wash your mucks boot apart from washing it in a washer.

The washing in the washer does not guarantee deep cleaning of your muck boot and it does not as well guarantee a nice smell after washing it there, will you still talk of washing it in a washer?

The muck boots are made with very high-grade natural rubber and neoprene, this neoprene is self-insulating and makes it very durable unlike the old boots made only with natural rubber.

Some of the boot comes with lace while some don’t. It comes in different sizes and is mostly black in color. But you can get a customized one according to your taste.

How do you deep clean muck boots?

People in most African countries do think that it is not necessary to maintain muck boots properly, some do see it as a waste of time.

Without knowing that waste of time will eventually lead to waste of cash when trying to get a new one. Yes.. because if you don’t maintain it, it will not last as it was supposed to, in other words, it reduces its life span.

The reason for this article is to educate and inform you to know how important it is to maintain your muck Boots and also the easy hacks to do so.

So, knowing that you can wash your mucks boot in the washer, I think it will be good for you to also know that although you wash your mucks boot in the washer, it may not be so clean, and it does not guarantee the removal of the bad smell.

In other words, there are ways to deep clean and remove every dirt in it and as well, the stinking smell it may have. Yes, boots smell so nasty after using them.

Now, in deep cleaning it, using a washer will work but it will be rough on your mucks boot. So apart from using a washer you can use this method.

The sink wash

Put it in the sink, fill it with water and add a little bit of bleach, leave it for a while, then empty the boot and fill it with water again and then empty the boot and dry them out.

You can repeat this process three times so that the awful smell will disappear.

People are afraid of doing this because they think it is going to damage the boot maybe because of the bleach, but the truth here is that it does not damage the boot at all.

When you do this not only will you have your boot deep cleaned but as well the smell or the bad odor it had will also be removed. This process is not an easy one anyway.

Now for you to do the above-mentioned properly, you have to learn some hacks here.

Whenever you use your muck Boots make sure to change the sock. This trick will help minimize the awful smell i.e to make it minimal.

When you do this, it will help you to deep clean it with ease and then you will only need to use bleach once per time you want to deep clean it.

Another thing here is that you should do this immediately after use so as to stop the odor from persisting and as well to maintain it, if not the odor won’t stop easily.

Washing with antibacterial soap

There are other ways you can apply to deep clean your muck Boots which is, the use of antibacterial soap to wash it thoroughly and immediately after using it.

The use of water and vinegar

In doing this, you will mix the vinegar with the water thoroughly then use it to clean the inside of the boots.

After applying any of the methods I mentioned, you should take pieces of clothes or old newspaper, squeeze it and put it inside the boot, and remove it by turning it upside down. Note that this process should be repeated twice or three times.

Then, coming to the outside of the boot, due to the muck Boots is made with rubber material, doing this won’t be a bothersome one.

The use of detergent

You can just use detergent and warm water to clean it thoroughly using a neat rag, then if there is any part that is stuck with dirt you can use a bristle brush to brush it off and then continue with your cleaning.

After doing so, you then use another dry and clean rag to wipe it then you dry it.

Different ways of drying muck Boots

Can You Wash Your Muck Boots in a Washer

Please it is important to know that you are not supposed to wear your boot when it is wet so as to make it last for you.

In other words, I will advise you to dry it after washing it before you use it again because when you wash it and don’t dry it, it will just be as if you never washed it, so you have to complete the task.

Up till now, I have been making mention of cleaning the muck Boots deeply and properly.

Now I want to give you some hacks you can use in drying muck Boots which includes:

  • To dry your muck boots, you can just keep them under the sun i.e  to sun dry them although it is risky
  • You can just put it inside the freezer. I know it sounds funny or even naughty but then it works. When you bring it out you just use neat clothe and clean it that all.
  • You can also keep your muck Boots beside a wooden stove, this way is also risky, therefore you are to do this carefully.
  • You can as well use conditioner on your boot, but it should not be in icy or wet condition so that it doesn’t become slithery.
  • You can as well leave it to dry at room temperature.

After deep cleaning your muck boot, you can as well condition it with wax polish because this helps to keep the rubber material limber or lithesome and also protect it from ultraviolet light.

With these hacks, I believe that you will be able to dry your muck Boots with ease.

What is the best way to dry muck Boots quickly?

Almost everyone may think that the quickest way is by sun drying, when you sundry it directly under the sunlight you risk the boot of deteriorating but as you read on you find out the quickest way.

Well like I said earlier, you have to dry your boot not only to wash it because it doesn’t make any sense to wash it and then wear it without drying it.

But to make it easy for you I think this one should help you to do so quickly with ease.

So, the quickest way to dry your Muck boots is to hang it over a heat vent with the insole outside.

As you do this, you have to be extremely careful so that you don’t melt the boots, of course you know that it is mostly made of rubber material.

What is the best way to dry muck boots fast?

In order to avoid the risk involved in drying your muck boots by hanging it over heat vent, there is a fast but not so quick like the first one.

Although this fast way is free from risk and other things that may occur when you hang it over heat vent because anyone can make a mistake which can be fatal.

So, this fast and free from risk way is by leaving it to dry at room temperature.

You can also use the method I mentioned earlier which is:

  • Squeezing an old newspaper or any other paper or even a neat cloth made of wool material
  • Put it inside the muck boots
  • Repeat this process three to four times
  • Then leave it at room temperature to dry.

Note that the more you repeat the process of squeezing paper or applying cloth of wool material, the faster it is likely to dry at room temperature.

What is the best way to dry muck boots overnight?

This part will be very helpful for some who have only one pair of muck boots and they normally use it every day maybe in the farm or when fishing.

So, after some research and observation of some reports, I understand that there is a way you can dry your muck boots overnight with ease, the overnight I mean here can be almost immediately after washing it.

This method starts from when you wash it, here instead of using all the material I mentioned earlier to clean it:

  • You just squash 1 strawberry in each boot or use Castrol super clean with a little water.
  • This process will not only deep clean it but also remove completely the bad smell from it.
  • After cleaning it this way, then you use cloth(wool) or newspaper to dry the inside.
  • Then keep it beside a wooden stove.

That’s all.

I know you may say that this process is too much, but when you try it, you won’t spend up to 30mins doing so and your boot is ready for use again.


I believe that this article was helpful. What made me write this article is to help you and many others who are confused on how to deep clean their muck boots and dry them, and some who want to do so quickly and even immediately.

Please remember to read it again so as not to miss anything in any of the steps you take to clean and dry your muck boots appropriately.

Also remember that some of the ways I mentioned are risky, in other words, apply caution as you use those methods so that you don’t destroy your boot.

Again, if you don’t wash your muck boot at all, just know that you are reducing its durability and you will certainly get to a time that you would be tired of your boots.

Believe me ‘you will’, because of the smell and other things, you will definitely get tired of it. So, it will do you good to wash your muck boot and do so regularly.

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