Do Shaolin Monks Wear Shoes?

Yes. Shaolin monks wear shoes.

This is not against any rule or tradition.

Do Shaolin Monks Wear Shoes

In classic and medieval times, there was a strict policy against monks wearing shoes. During those times, a monk can only have four possessions.

These possessions are a bowl and three robes. However, as times began to unfold, the laws became flexible.

It is unhealthy for a monk to walk barefoot during cold seasons or to an industrial site. Therefore, Shaolin monks can wear shoes that are donated to the temple.

Footwear is a necessity for everyone depending on the condition and situation at hand. This is also applicable to Shaolin monks as well.

Shaolin monks wear shoes for protection. This is something you should bear in mind. Monks are not supposed to have anything to do with luxuries.

However, shoes became an exception because it is a necessity. There are instances where shoes are needed like industrial areas where you are mandated to wear protective gear and so on, this is one major exception as well.

Wearing shoes is not in any way demeaning the values that are upheld by Shaolin monks.

Actually, most of the shoes that are worn by Shaolin monks are not luxurious or fashionable.

Let us talk about the types of shoes that Shaolin monks can wear.

What shoes can Shaolin Monks Wear then?

People or charitable organizations donate these shoes to either the monastery or temple. Those who do this are already familiar with the type of shoes for monks.

The following shoes are the type of shoes that can be donated to monks.

If you donate any other shoe apart from this, there is a high possibility that your gesture would be refused.

The following brands of shoes are the type of shoes for monks.

Feiyue brand of shoes

This is the best and common brand of shoe for monks. In fact, the FEIUYE BRAND has become very popular in China and other Asian countries recently because of how simple it looks and how well it fits in with monks.

Feiuye has been for years and it produces shoes for both males and females at an affordable price.

This is a good brand of shoes for monks and if you plan to donate shoes to temples, you should ensure that this brand is a major item on your list.

For men, the FEIUYE men’s marital shoe is a good choice. Shaolin monks love this shoe a lot, because of how simple and less elegant it looks.

Furthermore, this shoe is lightweight and has a flexible sole that makes walking around very easy.

Although, you cannot wear shoes for meditation according to the tradition and culture (this might be subject in other regions depending on the context of rules they follow).

The FEIUYE men’s marital shoe also has a breathable feature that keeps the feet of Shaolin monks cool and comfortable all day long.

This is a very comfortable shoe for monks and it is definitely acceptable to be worn.

The FEIUYE men’s marital shoe is an acceptable type of donated shoe that is worn by a Shaolin monk.

OSdream canvas kung-Fu shoe

This is one of the quality canvas shoes that is made by this amazing brand. The OSdream canvas kung-Fu shoe is made of canvas material that is lightweight for easy walkability and mobility.

Furthermore, it has a breathable material that keeps the feet of Shaolin monks cool, dry and comfortable.

The rubber outsoles have good traction for walking around. It is not luxurious or stylish.

Therefore, it is a good choice of shoe to wear as a Shaolin monk. If you plan to donate shoes to monasteries or temples, then you should have this brand as a part of your list.

DOGEEK Martial arts shoe

The DoGeek kung-Fu martial arts shoe is good for Shaolin monks. It offers comfort to the feet and has a relaxed toecap.

The insoles are soft and cushioned to aid walking for long hours. Furthermore, the DoGeek kung-Fu martial arts shoe is very durable and can last for years under a good usage condition.

It is also not expensive. This is another example of donated shoes that Shaolin monks can wear comfortably.


This brand makes kungfu shoes. Majorly the type of shoes they make are for martial artists.

However, these shoes fit well for Shaolin monks.

YUNPENG Chinese traditional kung-Fu shoe is great for Shaolin monks. This shoe has a very small constructive feature that accommodates the whole of your feet.

The disadvantage with this shoe lies in the fact that it might run a little bit tight. This is why you should order a size up in order to achieve a perfect fit.

The rubber soles are good for providing support to the feet of monks while walking around the temple.

I recently discovered that this traditional Chinese cloth shoe has a history that dates as far back as 3000 years ago. This is amazing, isn’t it?

Shaolin monks can also wear sandals. In fact, sandals are one of the common footwear you would find on the feet of Shaolin monks.

Sandals are very comfortable and they have enough space to keep their feet dry and cool irrespective of the season.

DGXIN Beijing summer Buddhist sandal

The DGXIN Beijing summer Buddhist sandal is great for Shaolin monks.

It has a non-luxurious outlook. The rubber outsoles are flexible and lightweight to aid walking around.

As long as Shaolin monks have this sandal on their feet, they would never be uncomfortable.

The insoles are super-soft for comfort. Furthermore, this sandal is very durable and would last long for years.

The design of this sandal makes it a good choice of sandal for Shaolin monks to wear around the temple or wherever they go.

It has a casual feel and gives Shaolin monks peace.

DOCKERS searose fisherman’s sandal

The DOCKERS searose fisherman’s sandal is a good choice for Shaolin monks as well.

This sandal has a very comfortable footbed that is comfortable to walk around in. Furthermore, the arch support that comes with this sandal is effective and very comfortable.

The insole is elevated from the sole and this stops your feet from getting affected by the hard floor surface. It comes at a very affordable price.

Although this sandal is stylish and has some classic design, it is still a good choice of sandal for Shaolin monks.

It has a roomy fit for comfort and the upper straps have enough space for breathability and comfort.

The DOCKERS searose fisherman’s sandal is lightweight. The soles are not flexible enough.

The DOCKERS searose fisherman’s sandal is great for Shaolin monks to wear for comfort and adequate protection to your feet.

TEVA men’s original sandal

The TEVA men’s original sandal is also great for Shaolin monks to wear.

It offers adequate arch support and protects the feet of monks from being injured by a sharp object; most especially for monks who love to go into the forest to meditate.

This sandal is very comfortable to walk around in with its flexible and durable rubber outsole.

The outsoles are slip-resistant and this makes walking around very steady.

Another major qualifying feature of this sandal is that it is not luxurious.

It comes in simple black color and design that fits just fine for Shaolin monks.

Why do Monks walk barefoot?

Monks walk barefoot because it is a symbolic representation of their devotion to Buddha.

There is a general belief that monks walk around barefoot because this is the same thing that Buddha did when he forsook his wealth and decided to be identified with the poor.

Furthermore, monks walk barefoot in order to keep in touch with reality.

The connection between their feet and the ground brings them close to nature and this helps them in meditation.

Luxury is not an option for monks. This is why some monks have decided to stick with not having shoes or sandals.

Although, this measure has become less stringent in recent times because of the recent developments in human endeavor.

In addition, monks do not wear shoes in the temple. This is for a very important reason.

The temple must be kept clean from the dirt of the world. This is why nobody is allowed to enter the temple with shoes on. This is to keep the temple as clean as possible.

Therefore, monks do not walk into the temple with shoes on. Therefore, if any monk walks around with shoes, he must put off that shoe once he wants to enter the temple.

Do Shaolin Monks watch TV?

No. Becoming a monk requires total dedication and focus on the practice of Buddhism. This is why Shaolin monks do not watch television nor anything that serves as a distraction.

Some temples allow only children to watch television. However, this must be strictly news or things that do not corrupt the mind. The discipline that comes with being a Shaolin monk is rigorous.

This is necessary for meditation purposes and spiritual enlightenment.

Watching television or engaging on social media would distract Shaolin monks and this is why things like that are strongly prohibited and frowned at by monks.

While meditating, your mind would be focused on the things you have seen and heard. This is why Shaolin monks are detached from the noise of the world.

They surround themselves with the necessary things that would make them focus on Buddhism. Therefore, Shaolin monks do not watch television.

Do Shaolin Monks eat meat?

Part of the ethical teaching and spiritual beliefs of Buddhism is that there shall be no taking of life. This included men and animals.

Therefore, it is prohibited for Shaolin monks to eat meat. Eating meat means taking life and this desecrates the vows and beliefs of a Shaolin monk.

There are other diets for Shaolin monks. However, eating meat is not on the menu. There is a Shaolin monk sect that is allowed to eat meat.

However, the reason for this is that they do not take the vows of a Buddhist monk.

Because of this, they are not under compulsion to be vegetarians. This sect is referred to as the Shaolin warrior monk.

Shaolin monks majorly restrict themselves to a lacto-vegetarian diet.

They are allowed to consume dairy products. But this excludes egg, fish, meat, and poultry products. Shaolin monks do not eat meat because it is against what they believe and follow as a Buddhist.

Do Shaolin Monks get paid?

Shaolin monks are not paid any money.

Actually, Shaolin monks do not need money for survival. It is generally believed by them that money would corrupt the soul and affect their meditation.

This is why Shaolin monks stay away from amassing wealth for themselves.

How do Shaolin monks survive?

It is very simple. They survive on the donation of the communities around them or charitable organizations.

What they do is take alms from people in their immediate communities.

Some communities take it upon themselves to give to monasteries in bulk.

Furthermore, during festive seasons and periods like giving birth, naming ceremonies, birthdays, or religious festivals, monks receive gifts from people in form of daily necessities like clothes, shoes, and so on. This is how Shaolin monks live.

In addition, Shaolin monks go around asking for alms by taking a small bowl along with them.

Anybody who feels like giving to them would drop the item in the bowl and bow to the monk as a sign of respect.

Therefore, Shaolin monks aren’t paid money by anyone because their devotion is void of any earthly or material attachment. They receive donations and this is all they get.


Do Shaolin Monks Wear Shoes

Shaolin monks have a set of rules that must not be broken. The major point of all these rules is a total detachment from greed and luxuries that would affect their total devotion to Buddha.

This is why Shaolin monks live a simple life that is void of any luxury at all.

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