Viakix vs Teva: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the two sandals is that Viakix has better arch support and heel cup than Teva.

Viakix are specifically made for walking, hence the focus on comfort since comfortable stress-free walking requires arch and heel support.

Without good arch support, your feet will ache. A good heel cup gives better launch and bounce when walking.

Viakix cracked the code for great arch support in sandals and here lies the major difference between the brand and Teva.

Similarities Between Viakix and Teva

These two brands of sandals share certain similarities in looks and construction. Below is a summary of these similarities:

Features Viakiz Teva
Straps Straps in the uppers Better Straps in the uppers
Heel cup Heelcup supports the heel Deeper heel cup
Arch support Minimal Present
Silhouette Cuter looks

Straps in the uppers

Both brands make use of adjustable strap system in their sandals. And there are different styles to the strap design as well.

The adjustable strap system on Viakix are tighter around the feet because they compliment better with the more substantial arch support and the heel cup.

This is more obvious when comparing the hiking sandals in the Teva brand and Viakix.

The overall network of straps is such that when adjusted to fit the wearer experiences a firmer grip on the top of the feet, giving you a more efficient run or hike.

The strap system on Viakix is also better because they are sturdier, not just in look but in feel.

viakix vs teva image
Viakix sienna walking sandals
viakix vs teva
Teva Women’s Tirra sandals

Heel cup

Heel cups in sandals and shoes help stabilize the feet by aligning the full structure that includes the ankle, knee, and hips.

This alignment reduces pain caused by overpronation and supination thus reducing back pain.

The deeper the heel cup, the better the sandal for hiking, which is what makes Viakix sandals better because they have deeper heel cups.

Teva sandals feature heel cups as well, not just as substantial as the ones in Viakix.

Below are images of both Teva and Viakix sandals showing their heel cups.

Viakix vs teva
Teva heel cup
Viakix vs teva
Viakix heel cup

Notice the dipper heel cup in Viakix sandals, so deep it leaves a shadow. This certainly makes the Viakix a better brand of sandals.

Arch support

Arch support provides stability and balance. With substantial arch support, you are better able to stand and walk more comfortably, easing foot pain.

Further, the weight of the body is more evenly distributed on the feet which results in better alignment and body posture.

This is why folks with flat feet may experience pain in their feet after standing or walking for a long period of time.

The arch support on Viakix is much more substantial than the one found in Teva sandals making Viakix sandals the best choice if you have a flat foot.

The contour of the sandals pushes the arch of the foot up making it more comfortable to hike and run with the sandals.

Below are images showing this arch support.

Viakix vs teva
Viakix arch support
Viakix vs teva
Teva arch support

Note the significant difference in arch support in the brands. Generally speaking, Viakix features better support in their archs than Teva sandals.


Both sandals look so alike they could practically have been manufactured by the same maker. You are going to have a hard time telling Viakix and Teva sandals apart if you aren’t a fan of either brand.

The similarities are hard on the silhouettes. From the strap system to the heel-to-toe structure, you are looking at twin sandals.

Teva features some bulk in their line of sandals, so does Viakix. Overall, Viakix sandals are cuter in appearance than Teva.

What are the differences Between the two brands?

The differences between the two brands can be summed up in their:

  • Viakix has stretchy webbing in straps while Teva does not
  • Viakix has contoured foot support while Teva does not
  • Viakix sandals are water-resistant while Teva are waterproof

Stretchy straps

The reason why Viakix sandals fit so well is that the straps are stretchy on many of the sandals. And this is just great seeing as the sandals are designed for walking and hiking.

You would need the sandals to fit properly and stay on as you walk up hills or down it, or as you prance up rocks to get a clearer view of the low plains and valleys while vacationing.

Viakix thought of all the fun you would be having on your adventure.

Teva straps are not as stretchy. Where Viakix straps are stretchy, Teva straps are waterproof for adventure at the beach. What this accomplishes is that the sandals are able to withstand the abuse of use.

Contoured foot support

Viakix has better arch support in their sandals than Teva sandals. The benefits of arch support in shoes can never be overemphasized. It means the difference between comfort and outright pain.

All footwear manufacturers understand the importance of arch supports, even when the shoes may be zero drop shoes, they often make you for support by fitting the footwear with footbeds that provide this arch support.

Footwears designed for walking especially need to have this support. As you walk, and your feet land and lift off the floor, the arch support cushions your motions.

Arch support prevents pains and stress on the muscles under your feet, the ball, and heels.

Viakix sandals are walking sandals for women. They can also be used for other outdoor purposes. They are designed specifically for an adventurous woman who loves to explore the outdoor world.

Viakix is water-resistant while Teva sandals are waterproof

And the reason for these differences is in the purpose of each sandal. Many of the sandals in the Teva line are designed for a seaside adventure.

Viakix on the other hand are designed for general outdoor adventures like walking and hiking. Water-resistant materials make it possible for moisture to escape from inside the sandals, keeping your feet dry and aired.

Being waterproof allows for the durability of the upper material of Teva sandals without which they’d fall apart.

Why you should buy Viakix

If you are considering buying hiking sandals, you should buy Viakix sandals for these reasons

They represent luxury in sandals

They are created for the outdoors hence come in very attractive colors.

They are designed with great silhouettes for easy casual styling. Viakix sandals fit perfectly with all sorts of casual outdoor clothes like shorts, skirts, jeans, and tops.

Superior foot support

Viakix sandals provide you with great support and if you have any supination issues or are flat-footed then I recommend buying Viakix sandals.

Enjoy the comfort of deep heel cups that minimizes the pain you feel with a flat foot making you able to stay out longer.

I recommend Viakix if your days’ activities require that you stay for long your feet. Or if you work at jobs that require frequent movement.

Viakix sandals are ideal for wait staff at restaurants too. The extra cushioning on the straps and soft footbed gives allows all-day comfort.

The straps on Viakix sandals are adjustable to give you the best fit for your feet. If you have wide width, there are a few sandals in the Viakix line that features extra room for your particular fit.

Exceptional quality

Using the very best materials, Viakix sandals are handcrafted to meet high-quality standards. They provide superior heel-to-toe fidelity.

To purchase a Viakix sandal on Amazon click this link.

Why you should buy Teva sandals

Teva brand has an affinity for water. Their brand wants you to enjoy seaside, boating adventures without letting your footwear let you down.

Here are the reasons why you should buy Teva sandals:

Adjustable Quick dry straps

If you want adjustable straps that don’t trap water on your skin, making you feel uncomfortable, you should buy Teva.

Life on boating trips just got even more exciting. You can get splashed with the sea and still feel cool as the straps are quick drying.

Stay as long as you want on the beach with your family and enjoy the comfortable life outdoor, with or without your sandals on.

Great support and traction

I’d like to mention this strong selling point for the sandals: outsoles that allow super support and traction.

The rubber soles are rugged, with patterns that allow the sandals to work well in wet conditions for great traction.

They are not slippery so you can be sure of not falling off the side of the rock face as you get off your boat.

Environmentally friendly materials.

If you are an individual who cares about and is in support of a cleaner of earth, then buying Teva might be one of the ways you promote the cause.

Beginning in 2020, Teva uses verifiable recycled materials in their straps.

They are now seeking sustainable alternatives for their key materials, using less water and waste in their packaging.

To buy Teva sandals on Amazon, go here.


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