Are There Fake Peloton Shoes (9 Fakes You Should Know)?

Yes, people keep getting substandard Peloton shoes, and that is enough proof that fakes abound.

Fake peloton shoes do not give you the fitting and comfort that genuine spin shoes offer Genuine peloton shoe NB outsoles are made of fiberglass – and this is one of the features that help to keep the shoe cool when you paddle.

Other features are there. Fake peloton shoes (some) however, are grossly incompatible with the primary purpose for which the shoe is designed.

I will give you simple hacks on how to spot fake peloton shoes. First, some have rubber outsoles, terribly silhouetted, and not too good cleats.

Nonetheless, despite all of these, there are certain “fake” peloton shoes that can serve you too as they have some features that cover up where the genuine peloton shoes are structured and silhouetted to give you a better user experience.

An ideal alternate choice should be one that has a delta-compatible cleat. This is so that there is a good connection between your feet and the bike pedals.

Below are some of the fake peloton shoes in their numbers

1. Tiebao Outdoor Peloton Cycling Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

While we can maintain the truth that Peloton shoes stand atop the game of spin shoes, we also cannot deny the fact that there are certain shoes that strike up the game too.

The first thing to look out for in a spin shoe is the outsole, just so that its cleats are delta compatible.

This becomes less of a concern as the Teibao shoe is designed with the famous fiberglass reinforced material. One that makes it stick to the pedals as it facilitates a good measure of energy transfer.

The outsole in its entirety is designed on the two-boats and three-boat system. This gives it a wider range of cleat compatibility.

The upper of this design features a strap holder that keeps the strap in place and puts it in the open.

The act of pedaling comes with sweating, it is a good thing that the shoe features a ventilated upper which contributes to the breathability of the mesh zone that helps to reduce moisture build-up that results from foot sweat.

2. Acaine Unisex Cycling Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

The one thing you must always consider during every cycling activity is safety. That’s why every shoe that should be deemed cool as a spin shoe must-have features that guarantee this.

While this shoe may not measure up to the standard of genuine Peloton shoes, its reflective strips design, which are four tactically placed lines of stripes at the back heel of the shoe, is indeed foot protective.

This model intelligently makes a fine blend of SPD-SL cleats and delta cleats. And this has made it cover a larger biking terrain as regards compatibility.

The anti slope and traction features too are there. Fake peloton shoes are not all that bad after all. At least, not all. Dealing with extra weight is tasking, hence, the lightweight feature of this design.

The Acaine brand, on their official website, has made it known that they are dedicated to making comfortable and durable shoes for that will be the choice of many cycling enthusiasts.

Well, they seem to be well on track. However, they advised users to take note of size charts and ensure to understand the size variances so that they are able to get what they order.

3. Lingque Peloton Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

By blending performance and comfort, this brand has succeeded in making a cool spin shoe for people who are not able to get the actual Peloton type.

And the fact that this type is equipped with a great spin area is one thing that some people find cool.

Even though the Peloton type is almost on everyone’s lips, we also cannot write off the fact that there are no other great spin shoes left untried. Nonetheless, there are also a thousand others that are purely terrible.

The Lingque Cycling Shoe is from a Korean designer. He’s been in the game long enough to know the need for breathing vents in the cycling world to have infused the feature in this design.

However, the designer made it clear that this design is not fit for walking when the cleat is fixed.

The shoes feel lightweight and are still durable. You can easily get in and out of them, thanks to the rotating buckle.

The Lingque brand has a good customer-manufacturer relationship that created the return policy where you can ask for a refund if you are not cool with what you get. (There are terms and conditions though).

4. Roknemo Men And Women Cycling Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

Enough reasons to want to boycott bad Peloton shoes are there. Fake Peloton shoes, however, in their entirety, would get most people wowed if they can dig deep enough to see some of the features therein that help too in aiding many sports enthusiasts to carry out their activities with much ease.

Some like this type, correct bad riding posture and improve performance, thereby slashing down the possibility of sustaining a knee injury.

Cycling Shoes like this, which are built on the basis of comfortability, lightweight, and durability, don’t just have your feet sit in them.

The shoe’s design is geared towards making sure its users have the best comfortable fit, good spin shoe experience, and better feet-shoe alignment.

The common problem experienced by most people who have had their fair share of the fake Peloton is having their heel slip out during their workout routines.

This shoe helps to solve that problem with the infusion of the heel lining feature that makes sure there is increased fit, blisters prevention, and the impossibility of slipping heel.

5. Bucklos Peloton Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

The apex of every cycling activity is at the high-frequency paddling. Now, this mostly tells on the heel and foot.

What better way is there to help minimize the negative effect that this may bring? Well, this is where the curved heel cup feature in the model of this design begins to make meaning.

There are some spin/cycling shoes with good power transfer, but they do not have comfort. Some are comfortable, but they are without pedaling efficiency.

Here, you are offered both of these qualities on a table where compromise is never served. The shoe has a comfortable fit – not too tight nor too relaxed – just good enough to have your toe wiggle around inside.

The material used here is synthetic microfiber leather. It is suitable for high performance. Not to rule out the gross useless and terrible designs of most fake Peloton shoes.

But there will be an actual unearthing of untouched shoes that are great for Peloton if people can check out for shoes that meet their personal needs according to the uniqueness of their respective feet.

6. Hepingjiangenbo Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

The Hepingjiangenbo brand has succeeded in creating a spin shoe that meets up the demand of many cleat types. This captures both the Peloton type and Look Delta.

No matter the pedal type on which you ride, the shoe offers you a great platform. It features a synthetic rubber, breathable mesh, and quick-drying ability.

It has a low foot beveled heel and a flexible forefoot this makes pedaling easy as none of your efforts would be wasted.

The insole is comfort-based such that it is designed with a mesh lining and memory foam to give you a 360-degree fit.

The Hepingjiangenbo shoes are not 100% error from or better than the Peloton shoes, but they are packed with features that make them an ideal alternative for the genuine Peloton shoes.

The outsole of this cycling shoe model is designed with a traction type that has a non-slip texture. This allows for an easy ride without the need to worry about slipping.

It also features a loop strap and adjustable rotating buckle that makes sure for an easy on and off. All of these are what make for the Hepingjiangenbo ergonomic fit.

7. Dwzrg Peloton Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

The outsole of this shoe is made with a nylon polymeric material and not a durable fiberglass material. However, it is cool enough to have you maintain efficient pedal strokes.

And simultaneously, this drives agility and flexibility from the nylon composite surrounding. What makes this model a tad unique is its versatile compatibility as its cleat area is usable on different cleat types.

The spin shoe market has been polluted, many terrible types are there. Fake Peloton shoes should however be scrutinized to know the ones that are worth your pedals.

This is because inasmuch as one can only lay hands on five terrible types before coming across one that meets the pedal’s demands, the minute types like this, in their fewer numbers, have proven to suffice in no small way too.

This easy fit adjustment of this design comes with a micro-adjustment feature that allows for a perfect fit. It is big on wear resistance so all the enjoyable features that you are offered are guaranteed toast for a very long time.

8. Zol Fondo Cycling Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

This high-end shoe is designed to provide you with enhanced fit and comfort. There are three key features that stand as the bedrock upon which this model is done. They are; road cycling, indoor cycling, and fitness cycling.

This is just a hint of the versatility of this model. While you are left to your fate when you’re not cool with what you buy from other brands, the Zol brand offers a one-year warranty on this cycling shoe.

There are seven strategically placed drainage holes underneath the sole of this shoe. And this is so that sweat and water are able to get drained easily.

Nonetheless, it is for this same reason that users are advised to not use this shoe model on water-filled terrain so that water does not get into their feet from the same holes that were meant to help get it out.

The Zol shoes are designed by high-performance cyclists that had engaged in years of training and completions at high-performance levels.

It is no wonder they were able to come up with a cool design as such that competes with other Peloton shoes as its sphere of relevance covers a very wide range.

9. DMT KM3 MBT Cycling Shoe

Are There Fake Peloton Shoes

Are there fake peloton shoes? Sure. But every spin shoe is geared towards performance and that’s cool.

And when a fake Peloton shoe is designed with medium density traction lungs and a carbon sole which helps greatly during spin and pedaling hours, then such type should be set aside to be glorified among fake Peloton shoes.

While it is difficult to find cycling shoes that stand on the same ground of relevance with the genuine Peloton type, others like this DMT KM3 MBT can come head to head with Peloton shoes. Its goodwill speaks loud enough.

Users should, however, ensure that they are making the right size choice when making their orders to sync with the one on the size chart as this is a common problem with many buyers.

  • Note: While some people are faced with substandard Peloton shoes, others have genuine ones but do not know how it works. I have my favorite way of getting the perfect fit from my peloton shoe — before clipping in, I tighten it, thereafter, I make adjustments.


  • There’s no way in hell I could get it wrong this way, I have been doing this forever. But another thing you must check out for is the type of sock you use. Socks go a long way in contributing to the general comfort that you would get too.


  • When you put on an original peloton shoe and it does not fit exactly as you would want it, there is a “top-notch feature” that allows you to make fitting adjustments by clicking it. If you do this and eventually get an uncomfortable snug fit, you can loosen the fit by releasing the clip. This will, in turn, loosen the strap. You are set!

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