How Long Does a Background Check Take for Walgreens?

It takes approximately one week for a background check for Walgreens. Once you have been offered the job at Walgreens, permission or consent will be taken in order for a background check to be run.

You should expect the background check to last for approximately one week, then you can head on to the next step in the employment process.

There are reasons why the background lasts for about one week and there are also reasons why this background check is done.

These will be explained in the subsequent sub-topics of this article. You should keep reading if you want to know more about it.

Why does it take that long?

Many of you may have questions about why the background check takes up to a week. There are several reasons why it happens that way, that is exactly what I will explain in this segment of the article.

Take a look at the various reasons why background check takes up to a week at Walgreens:

  • The nature of the background check
  • Incomplete application information
  • Unforeseen obstacles

The nature of the background check

This is one of the many reasons why background checks take so long. When a company is doing background checks on an individual or several individuals they want to employ, they are not just dealing with minor information.

The nature of the background check states that the company has to check for delicate and critical information like the date of birth of the individual if the individual has any form of a criminal record if the individual has any form of health challenges.

Things like these are delicate so this is one of the reasons why it takes so long. Most times, details like these are difficult to find.

Incomplete application information

This is one of the major reasons why background checks take so long. This may result in an error. Sometimes an applicant can make a mistake when he or she writes his details.

For example, an applicant whose name is Stephanie may make the mistake of writing “Step”. Sometimes these mistakes are not always deliberate.

The company will have to make several moves to ensure that the mistake is corrected. This is one of the reasons the background check takes time.

It will be very difficult for the company to find records written in the person’s name if the person wrote Steph instead of Stephanie, the company will have to go back to check the files of every individual one by one to correct the details of the individual.

This is not always an easy task, it takes so long for the company to go through all the files of the applicants one by one. This alone is a huge task and it will delay a lot.

Unforeseen obstacles

This is one of the major reasons why background checks take so long. Nobody prays for or expects unforeseen obstacles to come.

However, you cannot always tell when these obstacles would come, when a company starts a background check, one of the obstacles could be harsh weather conditions.

This could disrupt background checks especially if the company is checking the physical information of the applicant.

You may need to physically go to some places to get some information, when harsh weather conditions come in a situation like this, your movement will be restricted and that alone is capable of delaying your background check for Walgreens.

When there are obstacles like this it tends to delay the background check and it makes it take longer than expected.

Why the need for a background check?

Background checks are very important, especially in situations where companies may be hiring new individuals.

Companies are so careful about who they bring on board so they have to do background checks on their potential employees. This segment will explain to you why background checks are important.

Here are the various reasons why background checks are needed:

  • To check for criminal history
  • To ensure a sound hiring decision
  • To ensure the employee’s honesty and integrity

To check for criminal history

This is the very first reason why you need a background check while hiring at Walgreens. Without this, you may likely be exposing your company to some form of harm.

When you want to hire you should do some background checks to check if your employees have some level of criminal cases.

You need to check this because if you go ahead to employ someone without checking if the person has some criminal cases or criminal background, the reputation of your company might be in jeopardy.

You should check for the criminal history of the potential employees you want to employ so that you would protect the reputation of your company.

Anything that tends to affect the reputation of the company will not be good at all.

To ensure a sound hiring decision

When you are making a decision on who you want to employ in your company,  you are basically going to be on the verge of making a decision, that is why you need to do some background checks to ensure that you are making the right decision by hiring that particular individual.

When you make a good decision on who you employ, it will go a long way to help your company, especially in its reputation.

To ensure the employee’s honesty and integrity

When an applicant applies to work in a company your employers do not really know so much about you, the best way to know more about you as an employee is to go through the background check.

When you do a background check on your possible employee, you would know so much about the person, and as an employer, you would be able to know if you are to hire the person or not based on the person’s integrity and honesty.

What happens after the background check is over?

It is very important you know what happens after the background check. This will help you to know what and what to expect when you are in a situation like that or if you just got employed and you are waiting for your background check to be over.

This explains what happens after the background check:

The hiring manager concludes the background check

When the background check is over the next thing that happens is that the manager will conclude the background check.

Nothing can continue unless the hiring manager has concluded the background check.

The manager reviews the background check

Once the background check has been concluded, it will take a few days for the hiring manager to review it and also ensure that it was done properly.

The hiring manager will have to take his or her time to ensure that everything was done properly.

Once this is done, then if you got the job you will be sent an email confirmation that you got the job and then you will proceed to employment.

You receive an email with the job offer: This is the final stage and if eventually, you get to this stage then you should know that you have got the job and the email you will receive will contain all you need to know about the job.

It will also contain the next steps you need to take as long as you have got the job offer. If you are in a situation like that what you need to do is simply be patient and look out for the email and directions that the company will give you.


It is always good for you to know what and what to expect as someone who just got employed in a company.

Even before you get employed in a company you need to research about the company so that you can know things like these. This will make you know what you are to expect from the company.

Now that you know more about the hiring process for Walgreens, if you get an employment there you will be able to know how to go about it and things you should do and should not do.

Some applicants do not know that it takes about two weeks for background checks to be done, some may not be patient enough, this will make them back out and feel that the company will not employ them because they are taking too long.

But those who know more about this will be patient enough and wait for a response.

I have also explained why background checks take so long, one of those reasons is incomplete application information which could be a result of the applicant making mistakes.

That is why as an applicant filling an application form for a job you should be careful of the information you fill in the form so that you do not fill in the wrong information.

Filling wrong information could result in the background check taking so long. Now that you know better you would do better.


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