12 Tips on How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

Many people dislike wearing sandals or flip-flops in summer because they believe their feet are unattractive to be shown to the world; however, there are things you can do to help it look as pretty as you want in Sandals in order to be able to walk around in that hot summer and still enjoy the holiday.

Summer is the best time to show off your feet in Sandals and flip-flops; however, most people are embarrassed or sometimes insecure because of their scaly winter feet.

So, with gladness in my heart, I would be sharing some tips on how to get those feet looking as pretty as never before.

Please note that these tips will be beneficial to you and anyone who may be in possession of scaly feet and would want to change that. Therefore, I suggest you read through and follow these tips judiciously.

I remember when I had the same experience last summer. My family and I decided to go to the beach for a short vacation with a couple of our neighbors from town. It was embarrassing to walk without being conscious of my feet because they seemed to be cracked, especially my heels.

I did some online search on how to get rid of them. I saw so many suggestions regarding my issue, I must confess, I was a bit skeptical about trying them until I couldn’t take the heat of embarrassment anymore, plus I was missing out on all the summer fun.

Below are 12 easy steps to follow to get your feet summer ready or pretty in sandals


How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

Did you know that skin on our feet is ten times thicker than that on our body skin? Well, if you didn’t, now you do.

Because of this thickness, our feet require a more intense moisturizing plan like making time for a healthy foot cream routine to give your lovely feet the moisturization they deserve.

You can moisturize your feet with Vaseline (on Amazon) every day after the morning shower, and if you don’t have enough time for the morning routine, you can as well try before you head to bed.

This moisturization process is cost-effective and can be done with mostly coconut oil or foot cream or even vaseline. After doing this, you would notice that your feet have become softer.

To maintain it, try using a few tricks like a home pedicure. You can always wear socks to keep the process okay, especially overnight.

Tip: Do not moisturize between your toes, only the top and bottom, because it is the best place for bacteria to grow, and you would not want it now, so just be careful when moisturizing your feet.


How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

The key to getting your feet ready for summer is exfoliating. Getting rid of dry patches on the feet can take a lot of time and effort, but there is no doubt that it always works.

You just have to find the one that best suits your feet. You can use the Vivo Per Lei Scrub (buy on Amazon) or a foot scrub to get the job done. Just rub the cream on the feet and massage well.

Another suggestion is to use an exfoliating sock. To do that, you will need to soak your soak in water for at least ten minutes after you’ve done that; you then dry your feet and put on the exfoliating socks.

The result would not appear immediately. This is because once it soaks into your skin, you have to wait for the peeling process to start naturally.

Soak your feet into a tub of water

How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

Soak your feet into a tub of water mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil, clean up your feet with cloth and soap, but as you do this, do not overlook the spaces between your toes where dirt and dry skin are mainly situated.

As soon as you have done this, your feet will be refreshed in no time. Remember to soak your feet a couple of times during the week, especially in summer.

If you follow these tricks/tips, you would be no doubt shocked at the result you get. And this will mean your summer is not ruined after all, and you can as well show off your gorgeous legs in those beautiful sandals.

Get rid of cracked heels

To get rid of the cracked heel, which is also termed medically as ‘heels fissures,’ you have to soak your feet in warm soapy water. After that, you apply a liquid bandage.

Liquid bandages are usually sold in most drug stores; they seal up the cracks and prevent further cracking and infections. However, heel cracks are often expected, especially if they are not appropriately protected.

In that case, it can be treated at home. Occasionally, they can be caused by medical conditions, so it is advisable to visit a doctor if they become an uncomfortable nuisance which may be a potential trigger for pain and infectious skin damage.

The doctor may recommend emollient cream or prescribe antifungal and anti-bacterial medications if you have sought over counter medications that did not work.

Massage your feet

A good foot massage will definitely help you get rid of any pain you may feel and make your feet look gorgeous.

If you feel pain in your feet shortly after a long walk or a workout, just sit on a chair and get a golf bat or ball, rub it continuously on your feet, focusing more on the painful areas.

You can also use a tennis ball or your hand to give yourself a stress-relieving foot massage, and don’t forget to moisturize your feet afterward with either coconut oil mixed with sugar or salt, or you can make use of massage oil.

Always keep your feet dry

When you keep your feet dry all the time, you are inadvertently preventing fungus and odor because fungi grow in a moist environment, which will result in smelling feet.

Make sure you always dry your feet with a towel after washing, or you can use moisturizers and avoid wearing shoes for a long time. When you wear shoes, always make sure you take them off once in a while.

If not, your feet will become sweaty, and this can cause them to smell. If eventually, they become sweaty, try cleaning your feet with water and then dry them.

After that, you should sprinkle the powder on your shoes before putting them on. Baby powder will be good because of the scent to keep your feet dry at all times.

Treatment of feet to avoid swelling

Most of us face the problem of swollen feet after a long trip or after standing for a long time. To reduce swelling, prop up your legs or lay down on a soft surface or your bed and raise your leg against the wall.

If it is common for you to suffer from swollen feet regularly, try using compression socks (like this one on Amazon) which you can get at a drugstore. The socks will reduce the pain and prevent fluid from staying in your feet.

Buff Away

How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

Buff away any hard skin to create beautiful and luxuriously soft feet. Next, use a square block buffer (like this one on Amazon) over the nail bed to get rid of discoloration caused by excess nail polish or fake tan. This will help your nails look astonishing in Sandals.

Once they are smoothened, you can use a separate glossing buffer to make it shine, and then after some time, you can go ahead to put on your sandals, especially the ones that would most likely complement your feet size, and you are good to go.

Eat foot-friendly foods

Did you know that some food can cause the feet to smell? Well, I bet you did not. It will be in your best interest to be aware of what we eat that can cause our feet to swell and become bloated. You should keep away from these foods to keep your feet healthy.

  • Foods that are high in salt are the most likely culprit, so you should avoid such food or consume little of it.
  • Another is packaged food has a very high salt composition, so you may want to limit your intake of it. To keep your feet looking good, you should avoid packaged food that is really salty.
  • Sugars are also part of the causes of foot puffiness, so you should minimize your intake of that, and then you won’t have any complaints about foot puffiness.

Treat blister with care

One of the worst parts of wearing sandals for the first time after a while is dealing with blisters. Whether you are trying out a brand for the first time, or a new pair of sandals for the summer, or you are simply wearing the pair you’ve already broken in already.

Your feet may not be used to them due to the blisters caused by the sandals. Having blisters when you start wearing sandals again is not abnormal. You just have to give yourself some time, maybe for like eight hours. It will be helpful.

Then also due to excessive heat, which also causes blisters. It will be advisable to soak your feet in a bath of warm water and salt to bring a little bit of relief.

Taking care of the toenails

How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty in Sandals

Using a nail trimmer can keep your toenails looking short, tidy, and ready for sandals. It may seem like the simplest task, but cutting the toenail is not easy.

So, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some people put on sandals without doing this, and their toenails are not pretty, and it is likely the person could get injured due to the long toenails.

Also, rounding the toenails to cut at an angle can cause ingrown toenails. And also, do not forget to give your toenails a beautiful nail polishing to bring out their beauty.

Finally, get yourself some toe separators because they will be very useful for you. Another thing you should keep in mind regarding the beautification of your feet is wearing sandals that complement your foot shape.

This will be very helpful because if you wear sandals that fit your foot shape, it will definitely bring out the beauty of your feet.

To do this, examine your foot shape before selecting sandals that will best complement it. You can do so by following these steps:

  • Long toes – Wear a bright pair of strappy shoes with matching nail polish. This will draw attention away from the length of your toes and onto the sandals.
  • Short toes: The key with short toes is to provide the illusion of length. To do this, use sandals with a curved side to make your toes appear longer.
  • Broader Feet: Sandals with a central design and a shiny tone are best for wider feet. This draws focus to the center of your foot, making them appear narrower.

Removing excessive cuticles

When you have excessive cuticles, it can disfigure your feet’ appearance, so it is advisable to remove them by softening them.

To do that, you apply a liquid cuticle remover (like this one on Amazon)and let it work, and then you remove the excess gently and smoothly with a cuticle pusher. Finally, use a cuticle cutter (disinfected) to remove the tiny bits that may remain afterward.

Suppose I might add another bonus suggestion to specifically protect your feet. Another very important thing to consider is sunscreen. Many individuals overlook the importance of applying a good SPF to their feet. Do not make this costly error.

Not only does the skin of your toes require protection, but nails, which are formed of protein, are just as fragile. You can avoid these problems by using sunscreen regularly.

After you’ve considered all these measures, your feet will feel and look a whole lot better than they have ever been.

With these tips, you will take care of your feet easily without any problem. And you will be able to perform a constant home pedicure without any expenses.


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