What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch (With Pictures)

What to wear to Ivy for lunch are smart-casual dresses. However, short-sleeved shirts and tailored shorts are permitted during hot weather – this is the stipulated dress pattern that Ivy has mandated its customers to adhere to.

But for your good, you should wear dresses following the Ivy dress rules that do not crease with much ease, and clothes that are not easily stained.

Do not wear cream linen trousers if you are going by train as you most certainly will arrive there with a grey bottom. Although Ivy is a smart place.

Nonetheless, it is still fairly casual. So you have to merge a smart dress with a touch of casualness so that you are comfortable all through.

While dressing in a suit and work shoes might not be a bad idea for lunch at Ivy, you would come off a tad overdressed.

You would have to understand the emotions of dressing to have a good grasp of this.

Do not go to a place like Ivy overdressed. Otherwise, you might notice the reaction from others that could be directly linked to your dressing.

It is important to organize your dress sense and have it geared towards aligning with the right “what” to wear at the right “where.”

While certain dresses are not necessarily bad in themselves, they make you appear awkward when worn to certain places that do sync with the magnitude of officiality or casualness that they carry.

Here is an ideal collection of what to wear for Ivy for lunch that is just perfect.

Lee Men’s Extreme Motion Jeans

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

What dress pants are to an official style, this Jean is to a relaxed Ivy style. This is a versatile elastic Jean that saves you from being overdressed without sacrificing your decent look.

It can be worn in a semi-formal setting too, depending on the shirt and shoes you rock it with.

This Jean has two key features that make it unique and differentiate it from others. First, is its quality of being a higher rise – while it can be worn on your hips following the popular Ivy lunch style, it can also be worn at the natural level of your waist.

Another core factor that makes this Jean cool for lunch for Ivy is the fact that it is elastic. No one wants to go to Ivy to have one of their best moments during their leisure time and wear something that boxes them up in a way that ceases their ease.

A lunch at Ivy should come with some thrilling experience.

Here are a few things you should know about this Jean; it stretches at the waist too. The bottom button is 15 ¼-inch.

If you’re having the regular 34″ waist, you can order 34″ or 33″, it has a zipper closure with a flattering fit and is very comfortable.


Coofandy Men’s Turtleneck Sweater

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

This is one of the few casual wear that gives you the perfect look and aura of a gentleman. It can still be worn to come off as semi-formal wear, which is cool for lunch at Ivy.

It all depends on the footwear and pants that go with it. In its simplicity is its classiness – you’re able to maintain a simple casual look while carrying along with your class. And all this is done without having to sacrifice comfort. Perfect!

I have from experience, found out that the best kind of dresses that fit for any kind of weather – spring or fall – winter or summer.

And how this Turtleneck can suffice for all of these is just awesome. It is mostly rocked with chinos pants for the casual classy look that gets you looking simple, yet sharp. Cool.

It is a tad elastic, soft, stretchable, warm, and cool. One cool thing about it is its wide range of compatibility with different pants – Jean, chino, dress pants, and other down wears. It is most likely going to be one of your favorites after first-time use.

Here is some vital information about the Turtleneck Sweater; it is made of acrylic. And this type of material is soft and warm. It is true to size.

If you’re over 6 ft tall, within the range of 165 pounds, and have long arms, the “Large” size would be the ideal choice.


Iymoo Women Sexy Bodycon Dress

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

As mentioned earlier, the best dresses for lunch at Ivy aren’t ones that crease easily or ones that are highly susceptible to getting stained.

Well, the Iymoo Woman Sexy Bodycon Dress got you covered on the areas as it is mostly produced in colors that hardly stains or crease. The material used for Bodycon Dress makes it so.

Aside from its comfortability, it also adds to your beauty. And this is just perfect as I am certain that your idea for every dress pattern for a lunch date at Ivy or any other place is to come out looking exceptionally stunning and still be comfortable in it.

Isn’t it perfect that you can find both qualities in a single dress? Well, you have this Bodycon Dress to be thankful for.

It is styled with a see-through pattern that gives you the charming look, and it’s a tad revealing. However, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can easily opt for a short leather jacket to match it up with. Those two have always been a nice combination.

Here are some details about this Bodycon Dress; it is designed with the popular body-friendly polyester material. It is true to size, but if you’re ever faced with the decision to size up or down, size up.

Be intentional about the size that you’re ordering because this dress stretches downward.


Sidefeel Off Shoulders Women Bodycon Dress

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

You would agree with me that, even as we love getting dresses that make us look good and comfortable, we’d still want dresses that are up-to-date with the recent trends.

No one wants to be left behind in the world of fashion and be caught in outdated and old-fashioned attires. Certainly not you, or I.

Isn’t it cool that this dress has all of these qualities, and even at a relatively cheaper price? Thinking about what to wear at Ivy for lunch? This Bodycon Dress got you covered.

This dress is considered great by most people because of its multifaceted use. While it greatly suffices for use at Ivy and other places of its kind.

It is also great for use as an office dress – the elastic neckline gives it a multiple dressing style — it can be drawn up, or down, depending on what style is ideal for its chosen place of use.

It has a Bodycon fit and the length is above the knee. And can be worn with boots, high heels, or sandals.

It takes a nice dress to make you comfortable, it takes a good dress to appear sharp. But it takes an awesome one to combine comfort, class, and a presence that commands a healthy dose of the aura of a decent modern woman.

How all of these are infused in this dress is truly the product of true craftsmanship.

Some of the key details that you should know about this dress are; this dress is sold by a side feel – verified distributor.

Ensure you make your purchase from verified distributors alone so you’re able to get value for your money. It is both hand and machine washable and can be ironed but at a low setting.


Reebok Men’s Nano Cross Trainer

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

The Ivy is a classy place that has been known all over the world to serve lots of high-profile individuals and every other random person, as long as they can afford to pay for a meal.

And you sure do not want to come off odd when everyone is looking stunning. One of the key areas of dressing that people almost always subconsciously pay attention to is your footwear.

The Nano Cross Trainer gives you the smart-casual and respectable style and elevates your dress pattern even when merged with other clothes that are not cool as captured in the mainstream definition of what “cool” is.

With this, you should know that wearing this Cross Trainer is a direct reflection of “little for more.”

This trainer is structured, aesthetic, functional, and comfortable to pass for the smart-casual dress, which is the ideal dress for Ivy by all sane analysis. Its versatility also makes it cool for a variety of places.

You must know that Ivy has a stipulated dress level that customers must adhere to. Without which they wouldn’t be allowed into the premises.

So, most people in their quest to tick this dress level box, come up overdressed. The one way to balance this is the adoption of clothes and shoes like this Cross Trainer that strikes a healthy balance between being too casual and overdressed. Perfect!

These details about this shoe will help you to make a better choice during purchase; you are offered a full motion range as there is a flex groove to guarantee that.

You can easily move in different directions because of the support from the TPU heel clip.


Aimos Women’s Baggy Dress

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

This is one of the easy-to-go, decent (as captured by Ivy’s definition of decency) and comfortable dresses for ladies that can be rocked with so much audaciousness on Ivy for lunch or dinner.

And other places/functions where smart-casual is the dress pattern.

One of the coolest things most users have observed about this Ladies’ dress is how the design can comfortably grace them up in elegance whilst still keeping in touch with class, and of course, still not casual, even in its simplicity.

And this is what the Ivy dress rule has always tried to capture.

And just so you can match it up with different clothing styles, it is made with a breathable and soft material. It is indeed an excellent choice for fall, summer, or spring – it is not a weather fix.

You must be intentional about your choice size though because it is true to size. If you wear size 10/12 and want to order this size right away, then you are advised to order the medium size – it will fit extremely well.


Frye Women’s Ivy Low Lace Sneaker

What to Wear to the Ivy for Lunch

First, the Ivy Low Lace Sneaker gives you the aura of acceptance into the Ivy environment as a customer because it passes the smart-casual dress policy as made by Ivy.

Secondly, it’s comfortable and foot-friendly. Plus, one of the best shoe features that keeps you on the go is the arch support that the Sneaker has – all thanks to its molded leather footbed.

At places like Ivy and some outlets, the floor could sometimes be slippery. But with this Frye Women’s Sneaker, that becomes impossible due to its anti-skid and anti-slip rubber outsole.

But honestly, the sizes run a little small, and as such, you are advised to go up half a size when making your purchase.

All that must be considered for a shoe to be deemed fit for being tagged as the ideal “what to wear to Ivy for lunch” must pass the smart-casual test, comfortability, and definitely fashionable too. Isn’t it cool that all of these are present here?


Final Words

I understand that Ivy has some set of regulations and rules regarding the dress pattern of all of its customers without which they are not allowed into the Ivy premises.

It becomes embarrassing and very much annoying when people who spent hours getting set to have their best time end up not meeting the required dress standard.

It is upon this understanding that I have taken time to make consultations from people that have been there a couple of times, and from Ivy itself (through mails) to have first-hand knowledge of what they deem acceptable.

I am certain this will help you in no small way in knowing what to wear to Ivy for lunch, dinner, or breakfast.


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