Can You Wear Trainers to the Ivy?

The Ivy is a group of restaurants and bars that has its establishments located in select locations all over London and England.

The customers who come down to The Ivy to have a great meal for lunch and/or dinner are expectant of only the best things from this prestigious and world-renowned place.

You might be wondering if you can wear a pair of trainers to The Ivy as proper lunch and/or dinner footwear.

The answer to that is Yes; trainers can definitely be worn to The Ivy once they fit the stipulated smart-casual dress code of The Ivy.

You can surely wear a pair of trainers to eat your lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy if you can successfully style them correctly to fit your individual style and also; your pair of trainers must adhere to the smart-casual dress code of The Ivy.

What type of trainers can suit Smart casual?

The Ivy Chelsea | London

Smart-casual fashion won’t cost you much if you know how to style your look to fit all the necessary requirements.

When you are opting for and processing this style, the detail really does matter and you need to make sure that everything truly fits.

Trainers can definitely be used to complement the smart-casual if you pick the right pair.

The use of trainers by people as smart-casual footwear is not a new trend in any way as people have been using these shoes to compliment great personal style for a long time.

Your personal style with trainers is something that you have to put into consideration as you take time to decide on the pair of footwear that you want to wear to The Ivy.

There are many definitions for what the “smart-casual†really is, but the key point of the whole enchilada is finding the true balance between a smart, professional look and a laid-back, casual look.

Once this balance is found, attained, and maintained, the smart-casual fashion style can be rocked to any event without seeming outrageous.

The pair of trainers that you wear to The Ivy must possess some qualities that cannot be negotiated with if you want to successfully have your lunch and/dinner.

There are a lot of smart-casual trainers that can be of use to you in several situations, all you need to do is to learn how to procure the right pair.

There are some things that you have to keep in mind as you sort out the shoes you want to wear to The Ivy.

Some of the qualities of trainers that fit the smart-casual for Ivy style include:

  • Smart-casual trainers with shape that fit the dress code of The Ivy
  • Smart-casual trainers that look good and respectable.
  • These trainers should fit your individual style
  • Smart casual trainers fit well with the rest of your smart-casual outfit

Trainers with shape that fit the dress code of The Ivy

The dress code for customers of The Ivy is smart-casual. If your trainers fit the official dress code of The Ivy, then they can pass off as smart-casual trainers. An example is my favorite NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers (See price on Amazon).

The official dress code is the most important consideration that you have to take into account as you plan to go down to have your meals at The Ivy.

The smart-casual lifestyle and fashion is one that can be easily adapted into your personal style once you put the key elements into place and observe certain fashion rules.

The pair of trainers you pick for eating out at The Ivy has to really fit the “smart-casual†dress code or you might not be let into the establishment.

Trainers that looks good and respectable

Not all trainers can successfully fit into the “smart-casual†category; therefore, you need to make sure that the pair of trainers you pick really fit the requirements.

A proper pair of smart-casual trainers is comfortable, presentable, respectable, fashionable, and unique.

You should check out this smart casual trainers on Amazon.

These trainers should also fit your individual style

Since the true smart-casual style is one that is meant to be comfortable, you should be relaxed all through.

Your choice of smart-casual trainers should be one that really fits into your individual style.

If your individual style is one that has you being comfortable with wearing trainers, then you should definitely consider wearing a pair of your smart-casual trainers to The Ivy for lunch and/or dinner.

The trainers should fit your outfit

Your trainers need to really fit the overall outfit that you are planning to wear for lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

Your mode of dressing needs to be smart-casual and respectable – keep this in mind.

Make sure that you wear trainers that match well with the smart-casual clothes that you have.

Your pair of trainers has to blend really well with the entire smart-casual outfit that you rock.

If you want to achieve a prim and proper style that suits the smart-casual style, you should wear neutral-colored trainers that are made from leather (instead of canvas).

These kinds of trainers really look good and fit for the smart-casual fashion style.

Some of the particular brands of smart-casual trainers to wear to the Ivy

Oliver Cabell Low 1 in white

Can You Wear Trainers to the Ivy

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 trainers are low top that will duly fit your smart-casual style because of how clean the silhouette of the sneakers are, and how fine the leather composition of the sneakers are.

Koio Verse Leather Sneakers

Can You Wear Trainers to the Ivy

These trainers are structured, aesthetic, functional, and comfortable to pass off as a smart-casual pair of shoes for any occasion.

The KOIO Italian-designed Verse leather sneakers are the perfect fit for your respectable outfit.

Common projects Achilles Leather Sneakers in brown

Can You Wear Trainers to the Ivy

The Common Projects Sneakers are famous for being very effective, fashionable, affordable, and comfortable as shoes.

The Common Projects Achilles Leather Sneaker is ideal for mixing things up to achieve a proper smart-casual attire that you can wear anywhere.

Ermenegildo Zenga Siracusa Sneakers in Grey

Can You Wear Trainers to the Ivy

These shoes will definitely give you a sporty, yet fashionable look that is elegant to blend with any smart-casual look that you might want to try on.

Ermenegildo Zenga Siracusa sneakers in hits a nice balance with its leather and mesh mix to bring about wonderful shoes for the current man.

The above list of smart-casual brands of trainers are just a few of the available options you can pick from as you plan to wear trainers to The Ivy.

Use this list as a guide for you to know the trainers that fit the occasion and the ones that don’t.

Keep some other smart-casual footwear on hand just in case your plans change last minute and you need to style yourself up in a different way.

Having alternatives is just the prudent thing to do in these situations because that could really save you time in emergency situations.

The shoes you pick have to fit the “smart-casual†fashion style, first and foremost, and they also have to be comfortable, fashionable, trendy, and respectable enough in order for them to be worn correctly to lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

Why the type of shoe you wear to the Ivy is important

If you want to successfully have wonderful meals for lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy, your entire outfit has to really fit the official smart-casual dress code that The Ivy stipulates for customers to adhere to.

Your shoes are part of your smart-casual outfit too so they have to fit well into your style because without the right outfit, you might not be let into The Ivy.

The Ivy dress code stipulates that customers come dressed in a smart-casual style suitable for wining and dining so you need to keep this in mind when you are making your fashion choices and decisions.

The type of shoes that you wear to The Ivy is very important because, a nice pair of shoes, as you should know by now, help to certainly complete an outfit in the best way possible.

If you are planning on wearing trainers to The Ivy, you should wear a pair of trainers that truly fit the smart-casual fashion style.

You need to find a balance that ensures that you neither overdo the fashion nor show up to The Ivy underdressed.

Once the trainers look clean, respectable, and fashionable enough, you should have no problems or hassles at all when you wear them to have your meals at The Ivy.

Pick the right pair of shoes that fit the official dress code and then, you should have little to no issues enjoying your meals and time he Ivy.

You have to look your best when you are eating at The Ivy because this group of prestigious bars and restaurants are really respectable and elegant.

Customers of The Ivy are expected to reflect the respectability and elegance that is evident in the environment of these establishments.

You should wear smart – casual shoes that are elegant, unique, comfortable, and proper enough to keep you relaxed when you are eating at this reputable place

The importance of the choice of footwear that you wear to have lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy cannot be overstated because your shoes are makes up your overall style.

The right kind of footwear can really bring out the best of your outfit. There are so many nice shoes and elegant footwear that can really fit your smart-casual outfit as you plan to have meals at The Ivy. Find out what really works for you.

Smart-casual trainers can definitely be styled up with proper smart-casual clothes to bring about a unique style that would look great for The Ivy.

You can find a lot of these smart-casual trainers everywhere in the classy footwear department of the fashion industry today.

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