Can You Wear Converse to a Wedding as a Guest?

Weddings are a big thing for so many people all around the world because they signify a time when couples start a brand new phase in their relationships.

It is quite natural for you to want to look your best at these events, you should put your best foot forward fashion-wise as weddings often are good for great socialization and networking.

Converse can definitely be worn for weddings provided that you style them right.

Smart-casual Converse sneakers blend right into most situations without standing out the wrong way.

Remember that you are going to this wedding as a guest trying to honor the couple’s invite to celebrate with them on their big day, so, ensure to look really good and presentable.

Things to consider before wearing Converse be worn to weddings?

Converse sneakers come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that can rightfully be graced at weddings.

All you need to do is to pick the right pair of Converse sneakers (like this one on Amazon) that are stylish enough to make that day memorable enough for you and the couple who are getting married.

However, there are some considerations that you have to keep in mind before you can successfully rock your Converse sneakers to the wedding that you have been invited to.

Some of the considerations that you have to keep in mind before making a decision are:

  • Dress Code Of The Wedding
  • The Quality Of The Chosen Converse Sneakers
  • Your Overall Style For The Day
  • Style Of Your Date
  • Individual Style
  • Alternatives
  • Comfort Of The Chosen Converse Sneakers

Dress code of the wedding

The wedding that you have been invited to ought to have some sort of official dress code that guests are expected to adhere to.

You should consider what the dress code of the wedding says before you go shopping for a nice pair of shoes for the event.

If there are no dress codes specified (this is rare), then you should just opt for a smart-casual look that fits the smart–casual atmosphere of the wedding.

There are many Converse sneakers that can serve this purpose well.

The quality of your Converse sneakers

The Converse sneakers that you pick have to be fashionable, comfy, durable, spectacular, and flexible.

Your aim should be to pick a pair of Converse sneakers that reflects all the joy you feel inside for the couple’s big day and how much you feel thankful for their love. Do well to look as good as you possibly can.

Your Overall style for the day

The clothes you are wearing for the wedding should match well with the shoes that you plan to be strapping on for the big day.

The Converse sneakers that you pick for the wedding need to be in a harmonious state with the rest of your outfit to avoid clashes in the fashion.

Style of your date

Are you going to the wedding with a date? If you are, you should consider carefully what your date is wearing so that you can dress and style up to match your outfits.

You should do well to pick a pair of Converse that properly balances and compliments your style as a couple.

Individual style

Your unique fashion style is one of the most important considerations that you have to take into account as you think about what you need to wear for a wedding that you have been invited to.

Pick a pair of Converse sneakers that go well with your unique fashion style.

Are there alternatives?

Are there any other proper shoes that you might also consider wearing for the wedding?

It is important for you to have at least three options of shoes (for emergency reasons) that you can put on for the wedding.

The comfort of the chosen Converse sneakers

 Your choice of Converse sneakers for the wedding has to be comfortable and flexible enough to allow you to move around and dance in the wedding with ease.

You can get into the styling of your outfit for the wedding with Converse sneakers once you have successfully addressed the above considerations.

Six ways you can style your Wedding outfit with a pair of Converse sneakers

Can You Wear Converse to a Wedding as a Guest

  • Dress Shirt and Tie Styled With Converse Sneakers (Male)
  • Suits Paired With Converse Sneakers (Male)
  • Suits and T-Shirts Styled With Converse Sneakers (Male)
  • Short Dresses Styled With Converse Sneakers (Female)
  • Bodycon Dresses Paired With Converse Sneakers (Female)
  • Long Gown Styled With Converse Sneakers (Female)

Dress shirt and tie styled with Converse sneakers

You can pull this look off as a guy with minimal effort and you would still look as fashionable and stylish as you can.

All you need to do is style your pair of Converse sneakers with a simple formal shirt that can either be long-sleeved or short-sleeved.

This look is one that is very classic and great-looking; you can fit in most situations with this kind of style.

You would definitely look great at a wedding when you grace the occasion looking like this.

Suits paired with Converse sneakers

Pair your Converse sneakers well – enough with your suits and your fashion at the wedding would be unique and outstanding in a good way.

Converse and suits are not a strange combination as the smart–casual fashion style often brings together the two of these fashion items together.

Once you have gotten the right pair of Converse sneakers to go with your suit, it shouldn’t look weird at a wedding.

Suit and T-shirt styled with Converse sneakers

You can also ditch your regular dress shirts and go for T-shirts and vests that you can pair with your suit and Converse sneakers.

This look is really elegant and fashionable when the styles are really blended together rightly to bring about a very stylish look for men.

Short dresses styled with Converse sneakers

Pairing your Converse sneakers with a short dress as a lady is one way to look stunning, fashionable, and still feel comfortable at the same time.

Your chosen pair of Converse sneakers have to really fit the dress you pick in order for this to work out well.

Bodycon dress paired with Converse sneakers

Wear your BodyCon dresses and style them with a pair of great Converse in order to make a fashion statement that really stands out at a wedding.

Women can really take advantage of this style in order to look good at a wedding.

Long gown styled with Converse sneakers

A long gown worn with Converse sneakers is definitely not out-of-place at a wedding or any other big event like that.

Ladies look great with this kind of style if they do it right.

Why do people wear Converse to weddings?

Can You Wear Converse to a Wedding as a Guest

People choose to wear Converse sneakers to weddings because:

  • Converse sneakers are quite fashionable and can fit well with most outfits.
  • They are comfortable enough to let one move around well at a wedding and also get down on the dance floor.
  • A pair of Converse sneakers is elegant enough to be worn to grace a wedding.
  • Converse are smart-casual sneakers that can be worn to different kinds of big events.
  • They are affordable and relatively easy to procure.
  • Converse sneakers are unique and sophisticated enough to make you stand out at big occasions like weddings.
  • Are there other great shoes you can wear to a wedding?

People mostly go for Converse sneakers when they are choosing what to wear for a wedding because these shoes are smart-casual footwear and they fit the occasion just well enough for the day to go smoothly.

When you want to get a pair of comfortable shoes that brings out the uniqueness of your personal style, you can definitely consider wearing Converse sneakers.

Even at weddings, these shoes find their place. People certainly love styling their clothes along with a nice pair of Converse.

Converse go well with most outfits if you truly understand how to style them.

Converse sneakers are worn worldwide as the unique and ideal fit for the smart-casual fashion and lifestyle.

A pair of Converse sneakers seen on the feet of one who knows how to really rock the fashion is a really good example of great style.

A pair of Converse sneakers at a wedding is certainly not strange once the styling is done in the right way.

You need to make sure that the shoes are comfortable and fashionable enough for the wedding you are attending.

You can definitely style your outfit for the wedding with Converse if you so please, just make sure it fits your style and makes you look good.

Converse sneakers are not a new thing at weddings because many people have been seen strapped up with a pair of these nice shoes at all kinds of weddings.

Most weddings are smart-casual occasions. When planning for your fashion style for a particular wedding, you just need to make sure that the style is in line with the dress code of the wedding and, you also need to make sure the overall fashion decision fits you.

When you get a pair of Converse sneakers, you are not only getting the value for your money and some really comfortable and fashionable shoes.

You are also getting sneakers that are sure to maintain quality and last you for a long time once they are properly maintained.

In fact, for more than 100 years now, till date, the world-renowned Converse sneakers have been worn by many individuals in the world today, and the brand is still going on strong with their efficiency and value.

You are not the first person to consider wearing Converse to a wedding. The Converse sneakers are great shoes that can be worn rightfully to attend many big events that are happening in the world today.

People choose to wear Converse sneakers to important occasions like weddings because these smart-casual shoes are fashionable, comfy, durable, spectacular, and flexible.

The pair of Converse sneakers that you want to wear to the wedding have to blend with your personal smart-casual look and style for the wedding day.

Converse sneakers go well with the nuptial scene if the styling and design are done right.

You are meant to know exactly what it is you want to wear for the wedding and you also need to pick the right shoes for the occasion.

Are there other shoes you can wear to a wedding?

The shoes you pick to attend a wedding have to be proper enough to suit the big day.

Weddings are indeed very important for the couple; therefore, as a guest, your overall appearance should reflect just how important this event is to you.

The Converse sneakers are surely not the only kind of great shoes that you can wear to a wedding.

There are definitely other shoes that can fit the outfit you have chosen for attending a wedding perfectly.

Smart-casual shoes are always in abundance in the market, so all you have to do is to get the right pair that fits the purpose for which you intend to get a pair of shoes.

Once you get the right shoes, your smart-casual fashion style is then complete.

Take into proper account the design, style, appeal, and attractiveness of the pair of shoes that you have chosen to attend a wedding with; this is because your shoes have to really fit the occasion.

Most weddings are smart-casual events; The shoes that you wear to weddings have to be fashionable, trendy, comfortable, and unique shoes.

Basically, you need to get smart-casual shoes that also give you the freedom to move around in the event and get down on the dance floor as well.

Asides from Converse, some of the shoes that you can also consider attending a wedding with are:

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are great smart-casual that are comfortable enough to let you move around a wedding in a relaxed manner.

These shoes are often made from quality leather that makes one’s unique style stand out.


Loafers, just like boat shoes, are comfortable, functional, slip-on shoes that can be worn at most events without seeming out of place. Pair your loafers with your wedding outfit and it would most likely fit perfectly.

Dress shoes

Classic dress shoes, either black or brown, can really accentuate one’s fashion at a wedding.

You must make sure to complete your outfit with some other accessories that showcase the elegance of your attire for this smart-casual style to really rock.


Boots at a wedding don’t look bad if you wear them properly. Just make sure that you wear a pair of boots that are comfortable so that you will be able to move around well enough.


Suedes are easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. With the right and proper fashion sense, you can match a pair of suedes with the most smart-casual outfits.

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If you are right now considering the possibility of stepping to a wedding you’ve been invited to in a very elegant pair of Converse sneakers, you should pay attention to the stipulated dress code of the wedding, and make sure that your sneakers fit your overall style for the big day.

Converse sneakers surely do go well with the smart-outfit of a wedding guest if the style is done well enough.

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