Can You Wear Sandals to the Ivy?

The Ivy has locations all over London and England and one can go there to enjoy the ambiance and great meals by 11:30 am till late in the night every day.

The delicious meals served at The Ivy are sumptuous and quite filling; you definitely want to try some of the classic Ivy meals and modern British dishes that are being served for lunch and dinner.

You might be wondering if you could wear a pair of sandals to wine and dine at The Ivy. The simple answer to that question is Yes; you can wear a pair of sandals to the Ivy, provided your sandals, along with your entire outfit, fit the smart–casual dress code of the Ivy restaurants and bars.

You have to pick the right sandals for The Ivy, this is because not many sandals can really fit the official smart–casual dress code.

Some people don’t even really consider sandals as proper for certain occasions and events.

What you should consider before wearing your Sandals to the Ivy

When considering the kind of sandals that you can wear to have lunch and/dinner at The Ivy, you should go for sandals that totally and truly fit the term “smart-casualâ€.

Some people may never accept sandals are appropriate smart-casual footwear but you need to make it really work for you if you must.

Once you get the right kind of footwear to complement your style in an appropriate way, you shouldn’t have a problem with getting into The Ivy.

Smart-casual sandals can actually make good dining footwear if you really follow the appropriate fashion rules well enough to make your entire ensemble look like a dignified style.

You should go for comfortable sandals that look respectable and trendy: your sandals should blend well with your overall smart-casual style.

Style your sandals with your smart-casual fashion style for a comfortable look that will still show off your elegance and class.

When smart-casual footwear is being mentioned, the shoes that come to the mind of most gentlemen are penny loafers, boat shoes, sneakers, and classic Oxford lace-up shoes.

Sandals are not really thought of as appropriate for certain situations as smart-casual shoes, but they can be blended into the smart-casual style with the right finesse.

You should have a pair of shoes on standby just in case the sandals don’t work out for The Ivy, and before that, you should do some background checks to see if The Ivy allows such footwear as proper for lunch and/or dinner.

To be on the safe side, you might need to put off wearing sandals as smart-casual footwear that you can wear to The Ivy because not many people agree that sandals can be acceptable as smart-casual footwear.

Again, a pair of sandals may not be the best choice of footwear for you to wear down to have lunch or dinner at The Ivy, but if you feel that you can pull off this look in an elegant and respectable way, you should go ahead and try it.

Think of it this way: If the dress code for employees at your workplace is smart – casual, would you wear a pair of sandals to work?

Here are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind before you wear sandals to The Ivy:

  • The Dress Code Of The Ivy
  • The Quality Of The Chosen Pair Of Sandals
  • Your Individual Style
  • Alternatives
  • Your Overall Outfit For The Wining And Dining
  • Outfit Of Your Company

The Dress code of the Ivy

Keep the dress code of The Ivy in mind when you are picking your sandals as your footwear for the day and/or night out. The dress code of The Ivy is smart-casual;

you should be careful to know what it exactly means to appear in a smart-casual way so that you can style yourself accordingly.

The Quality of the chosen pair of sandals

Once you decide to put on sandals for your lunch or dinner at The Ivy, you should make sure that your chosen pair of sandals are elegant and classy enough to truly pass for respectable footwear for wining and dining.

Your individual style

Can you comfortably rock a nice pair of sandals to establishments such as The Ivy?

Do you regularly wear sandals enough to know what works for you and what doesn’t? What kind of sandals are you comfortable wearing?

Once you answer these questions about your personal style, you should know already know if sandals are a perfect fit for you at The Ivy.

Your individual style is definitely an important consideration for you to keep in mind when you are thinking of footwear to wear to a posh restaurant and bar like The Ivy.


You need to have some alternatives just in case the plans change at the last minute. Some other pairs of smart-casual footwear need to be kept on standby so that you can be able to handle emergency situations.

Once you see the pair of sandals you have picked, as well as the alternatives on display, you should make your decision accurately enough.

The smart-casual footwear that you pick has to be comfortable, respectable, trendy, and fashionable in order for them to pass as proper for lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

Your Overall outfit for the wining and dining

Your overall outfit for The Ivy needs to be smart-casual and your sandals also need to match this style because that’s how you are going to get in and have one of the best meals in your life.

Outfit of your company

Are you eating at The Ivy with some company? If so, you may need to find out what your people are going to be wearing and then try to match that.

Your company might not care what you wear as far as it’s nice but you should check with them and make sure everyone’s going to be following the stipulated dress code of The Ivy.

What sandals can you wear to the Ivy

The Ivy, however liberal in its customer service and approach, is still one of those posh British establishments where certain standards have to be upheld.

If you are wondering what kind of clothes you can wear to The Ivy for lunch and/dinner, you are right to do so.

Although sandals are considered to be proper for many cultures and settings, they will only be allowed in The Ivy depending on how you style them.

If you can wear a pair of quality sandals to pull off a smart-casual look that is befitting of your personal style, then you should by all means go ahead and wear them to have lunch and/or dinner down at The Ivy.

However, as earlier mentioned, some people may not accept sandals as smart-casual footwear that can fit the occasion of fine wining and dining but this is just an issue of personal choice and preference.

We’ve got sandals that are great-looking and comfortable enough to blend perfectly into many different kinds of situations with the proper style kept in mind, but you just have to put some thought into how you can wear these sandals without being underdressed or standing out in the wrong way.

Some establishments may not accept sandals as acceptable smart-casual footwear no matter how responsible they look so you should do well to check in advance to see if The Ivy allows the wearing of sandals by customers.

The qualities you should look out for when getting a pair of sandals to wear to The Ivy are the following:

  • The sandals have to be in neutral colors and tones (like black, brown, etc.) so that they can successfully fit into the overall style of most outfits.
  • The sandals should be smart-casual footwear that fits The Ivy dress code.
  • The sandals should look respectable and trendy enough to grace The Ivy restaurants and bars.
  • The sandals have to be comfortable
  • They have to fit the overall style that you are wearing for lunch and/or dinner.

Some of the sandals that you can wear to The Ivy include:

  • Platform Sandals
  • Leather Sandals
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Peep Toes
  • Tieks
  • Gladiator Sandals

Platform Sandals

Can You Wear Sandals to the Ivy

Platform sandals should not be confused with wedges even though they slightly resemble each other.

The difference is the way the heels of wedges raise up to give the wearer of the footwear a comfortable footbed that serves as both a heel and a sole.

Platform sandals (like this Steve Madden Women’s Kimmie Sandal) also have a raised heel, but the soles of the platform sandals are not as thick as the soles of the wedges.

However, the platform sandals offer much more balance than the wedges because they give a boost in the front and back of the footwear.

Platform sandals are one of the most comfortable types of sandals available in the world today.

When you wear platform sandals, you can almost definitely guarantee to have a maximum level of comfort and style where there are no blisters involved.

Your personal style can be boosted with platform sandals.

Leather Sandals

Can You Wear Sandals to the Ivy

Leather sandals are the crème de la crème of the smart-casual sandals category of footwear.

These kinds of sandals are durable, stylish, comfortable, and unique for most kinds of settings.

Usually, when you want to get a pair of smart-casual sandals, you should always consider buying leather.

The prestige and class that come with leather footwear of high quality cannot be underestimated.

Leather sandals (like this Steve Madden Women’s Flat Sandal) not only look prestigious, but they are also comfortable and very functional.

For a smart-casual look that really works, you should pick leather sandals that are in light shades; these leather shades look more appealing and aesthetic than the rest.

Although leather sandals are more expensive than most kinds of sandals, they are definitely worth the money you spend on acquiring them.

Wedge Sandals

Can You Wear Sandals to the Ivy

The thick heel of the wedge sole sandals is the type to give you an extra bit of height in a way that balances the body structure and straightens the body shape.

You can wear wedges as an alternative for heels if you want to go for footwear that gives you a bit of comfort.

The thick block heel of the wedge sandal allows for more stability and comfort for the wearer.

The wedge sandals (like this VETASTE Women’s Wedge Sandal) have a lot of cushioning that protects the feet of the wearer from unnecessary harm.

For a proper smart-casual outfit, you should wear wedges that are in neutral colors like cream, white.

This neutrality in color allows the wedge sandals to blend in well with most outfits.

Peep toes

Can You Wear Sandals to the Ivy

Peep toe is very attractive, sexy, and fashionable when they are worn the right way.

This kind of sandals and/or heels is worn by women; peep toes have a tiny opening for the toes at the top of the shoe.

Peep toes (like this BZees women’s Secret peep-toes sandal) look elegant and fashionable enough for you to wear to have lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

Wear a pair of peep-toes that appropriately fits the style and fashion of your smart-casual attire.

There are many types of peep toes that you can pick from when you want to make a choice; there are peep-toe wedges, peep-toe boots, peep-toe flats, etc.

Wear peep toes in shades that fully compliment your outfit for the day.

Tiek Sandals

Tiek sandals are designed by Kfir Gavrieli; they are comfy, durable, fashionable, and very unique.

The design of these shoes is one that ensures that the Tieks provide more comfort and flexibility than your regular flats or ballet shoes.

Tieks are made with a soft type of leather that makes sure that the shoes last long in very good condition.

Tieks have rubber soles that are cushioned enough to give the wearer a comfortable and relaxed feel.


The Ivy’s dress code states that customers should come dressed for lunch and/or dinner at their establishments in smart-casual apparel that look dignified enough to match the ambiance and finery of the Ivy.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to look all that fancy-no-all that means is that you try your best to look responsible and presentable.

Sandals can definitely work out if they are your style, and if you can fit them well into the smart-casual fashion style.

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