Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain?

Weirdly, there really isn’t a good answer to this question. People have different ideas of what constitutes good weather and bad weather.

Wearing sandals in the rain does not come with a lot of importance, really. A lot of people just prefer its lightness, comfortability, and the fact that rainwater quickly drains out of your sandals, and that’s why they are usually worn during the rainy season.

As you walk through the rain, you may find your toes become wetter and your ankles become more sore than usual.

This is because water gets trapped in our feet and socks, and this can lead to blisters and infections. To avoid this you should make sure you are wearing waterproofing material on your feet and socks when you go out in bad weather.

Average people, all over the world, are breaking down stereotypes by showing how much fun they have wearing sandals in the rain. However, it’s not!

When water penetrates the sole and touches your skin, you get cold feet. Some Sandals are water-resistant, so even though they don’t keep your feet super warm, they can protect your feet from wetness.

Also, it is common knowledge that getting wet makes you feel miserable. And it’s not just your imagination: scientists have found that getting wet actually changes how your body feels — even if you’re not actually wet.

This summer and beyond, you will be spending more time in the outdoors. Whether that means taking a long drive or heading out for a day trip, it’s important to protect your feet.

The key to enjoying great outdoor footwear is to find the best that money can buy. That means putting together a list of the best sandals available, so you can choose the one that will keep your feet protected, comfortable, and dry.

To stay safe, cover your feet with sandals when it begins to rain or if you plan on going out in less than favorable conditions.

You might think that wearing sandals in the rain is no big deal. After all, your feet won’t get wet and you might get cold.

But your ankles will end up hurting after a few minutes of walking in the rain – even if it’s only a few centimeters of rain.

The same thing happens to my ankles when I spend too much time in the water – I end up with blisters and painful welts this way.

What Sandals can you wear in the Rain?

Sketchers Foamies

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain?

Best waterproof sandals are designed for two things: staying comfortable and getting through wet and/or muddy conditions.

To choose the best for your needs, you should consider your activity level too.

If you are looking for the best waterproof sandal then you should go for the Sketchers Foamies.

This pair of sandals has got the best waterproof formula out there and it is good enough to wear without thinking twice.

These waterproof shoes have got a very modern design with a single strap system that holds them firmly in place without any additional impression on the surface.

Speaking of design, these sandals look gorgeous with jeans as well as with any other paint design.

Besides, these trod on my first pair of sneakers several times without giving me any indication that they would do so.


  • Lightweight
  • Very fashionable
  • Great design


  • Pricey

MEGNYA Waterproof Sandals

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

Make the most of the sandal season by buying the best MEGNYA waterproof sandal for men and women.

These innovative shoes are designed to keep you protected from the elements and dry when the going gets rough.

From soft EVA rubber midsole and outsoles to high-cut nylon lace-ups, you’ll be able to find a pair that keeps you comfortable and looking great in any weather.

If you think keeping your feet dry is important, then you need to check out these brands.

MEGNYA are amongst the most trusted name in shoe production and this one will keep you dry, comfortable and running free.

With a selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes the size of your foot, MEGNYA offers a range of diligent clients the best waterproof shoes available at affordable prices. It has great arch support too.


  • Great arch support
  • Durable rubber
  • Affordable


  • They lack feet protection

Mtzyoa Flip Flops

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

This is for the stylish ladies on a summer trip to the beach. Generally, waterproof sandals offer an extra level of protection when you’re swimming or water-skiing.

To find the best waterproof sandal, we recommend you look for quality that can keep up with your summer activities. That means it has to come fashionable.

Choose a top-of-the-line model made from fine and comfortable rubber. Mtzyoa flip flops are aesthetic, stylish, and very waterproof.

You can also find narrower designs that fit better over different arrays of summer clothes for ladies.


  • Very stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design


  • One sex design

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

When it comes to finding the best waterproof sandals that protect feet from the elements and keep you comfortable, all eyes are on Birkenstock Arizona Sandals.

Not only is this top-tier fashionable, but it’s also waterproof to the point that you can wade in puddles of icy water and still get a feel for how dry it is.

The upper is made from EVA foam material that is both severely flexible and durable. You also get a great deal of comfort, foot balance, and arch support.

There is the breathable mesh lining in the footbed–perfect for damp conditions or any conditions that keep your feet dry longer than usual.


  • Top-quality materials
  • Great design
  • Unisex design
  • Superb cushioning


  • Quite heavy

What About Regular Shoes?

If you ever took a ride in a speed boat, you probably understood why some people prefer open-backed shoes and others prefer closed-backed ones.

Similarly, when we think of rain shoes, we often think of rubber-soled models that help prevent blisters from forming on sensitive skin.

But what if you were forced to choose between a sensitive new pair of shoes and an old pair that has survived more than one rainy season? That’s where a good sneaker comes in.

What can I wear instead of sandals in the rain?

If you’re looking for the best waterproof flats for summer, you’ve come to the right article. Sandals are not the only perfect lightweight option for summertime.

There are other options that can be worn both by men and women. These options also look great with any style ensemble plus their unbeatable price tag, waterproofing, and unbeatable style set them apart from sandals.

Let’s look at some of the best of them.

Adidas Aqua Slides

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

If you are looking for some waterproof shoes that are stylish yet keep your feet dry, you should check out the Adidas Aqua Slides.

Why? Because they have one of the best waterproof materials you will find in online stores.

This slip-on has some really nice quality, fashionable shoes, and has a sporty look.

These sandals also blend well with a huge range of clothes for waterproofing like swimwear, jackets, trousers, and workout clothes.

DYKHMILY Waterproof Sneakers

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

Are you looking for stylish, waterproof hiking shoes? Excellent choice! I highly recommend Loom, which has proven to be an awesome option for me every time I’ve worn it.

These sneakers will stay dry when the rain comes down, they’re comfortable with thick Merino wool and robust outsole. They are also stylish as hell.

The DYKHMILY Waterproof Sneakers are built to protect your feet from odor, moisture, and bacteria.

They’re eco-friendly and can be worn every day. If you’re looking for some seriously stylish and waterproof shoes, I recommend taking a look at this brand.

BOGS Women Kickers

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

If you’re on the road a lot and don’t want to get wet, then you should consider investing in some of the best waterproof boots like BOGS.

Not only will these keep your feet dry when it rains (and sometimes it rains a lot) but they will keep you free from odor and bacteria.

The best waterproof boots for women. They look great on the feet, last a lifetime, and are usually comfortable too.

In the case of waterproof boots though, rubber soles and waterproof fabric can get wet after just one minute in the rain.

If you plan to spend most of your time outdoors, invest in high-quality BOGS Women Kickers with waterproof rubber soles and styling that could stand up to the elements.

Bahama Vent PFG

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

If it is summer and you’re expected to do some kind of waterproofing material for your outdoor footwear, we suggest you get the Bahama Vent PFG.

Not only are the Sandals officially rain boots made for hiking and boat riding, but they are also excellent for keeping your feet dry when slips in the rain are inevitable.

Venturing into hiking or any other outdoor activity is somewhat dependent on the weather conditions and can pose a significant risk if you aren’t prepared with the proper footwear.

L-Run Athletic

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

L-Run has been voted the best waterproof shoe brand in the US. Just kidding, it was in my workplace.

Nevertheless, this is no shock. They make outstanding shoes that retain their style no matter how wet or muddy they get.

The L-Run isn’t well known, but their design is reflected in their extensive range of footwear, which includes enthusiastic new releases for wet weather enthusiasts.

Find stylish shoes that will keep your feet happy through the rain and find out how they can help you achieve your daily dream.

The best waterproof shoes are made for walking in wet environments like rain and snow. These Aqua shoes flee water and keep your ankles, feet, and tops from getting wet.

They can withstand low temperatures and offer superior shock absorption so you can keep going.

Sloggers Women Waterproof Shoe

Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Rain

You want high-quality wool and/ or fabric on these feet to keep them looking smart and stylish through repeated wear.

If you plan to work in a garden on a rainy day, consider Sloggers. They are 100% waterproof, with a comfortable insole and great support.

Final Verdict

I’m not sure anyone would agree about what constitutes “bad” weather, but after several years of reading comments on clothing brand websites about ex-military boots versus yoga shoes, I’ve reached some conclusions about what people consider acceptable footwear for a rainy day.

Finding the perfect pair of waterproof shoes can be tricky. You want quality comfort and style at an affordable price, but not at the cost of comfort or style.

When choosing, I pick the Sketchers foamies because I considered the exceptional design and stunningly affordable price.

Then add in things like fit, style, waterproofing properties, and whether or not they have uppers made from materials that will keep your feet dry in the summer rain or spelunking in the snow.

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