How To Dress Like A Zookeeper

Either you are a zookeeper or you just want to live that fantasy dream, there is a way to dress like one.

In this article, I would be talking about the best types of outfits to wear in order to either fit in as a zookeeper or give yourself the thrilling feeling of being a zookeeper for some moments.

  • Wear a Khaki Shirt or fully cotton
  • Tactical pants will be suitable
  • Slip-resistant boots are excellent

Wear a Khaki Shirt or fully cotton

How To Dress Like A Zookeeper

Zookeepers wear different types of shirts for different reasons. The type of animal you watch over also determines what shirt to wear as a zookeeper. Furthermore, the season determines what type of shirt to wear as a zookeeper.

Most zookeepers wear a khaki shirt that is either light brown or deep green. Mostly, the shirts of zookeepers are fully cotton. This is what you should look out for.

The RED KAP industrial men’s short sleeve shirt is one of the best shirts to wear as a zookeeper.

This shirt has a regular fit and you would not need to do any further adjustments to the shirt.

Simply ensure to check the sizing chart well in order to choose what is best for you. It comes in a khaki color and is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton material.

This shirt is easy to wash and very lightweight on your body. However, during the cold season, you might catch the flu with this type of shirt.

This is most especially if you work in the aquatic areas of the zoo.

The DICKIES short sleeve work shirt for men is much thicker than the RED KAP industrial men’s short sleeve shirt.

This shirt has a moisture-wicking feature that absorbs sweat most especially during summer or on hot days.

Furthermore, it is made of a quality material that prevents wrinkles from forming on your shirt. It is easy to wash.

However, it takes a while to dry when compared to the RED KAP industrial men’s short sleeve shirt.

The DICKIES short sleeve work shirt for men has a square tail design that keeps your shirt tucked into your trouser as most zookeepers tuck in their shirt. It comes at an affordable price.

This is a great shirt for male zookeepers to wear as well.

The DICIKIES TWILL long sleeve shirt for boys is a great shirt. The only difference is that it is long sleeve. Therefore, it provides adequate coverage for the whole of your arms.

Furthermore, it is also made of 65% polyester and 35% wool. This might not be able to protect you adequately during cold. However, it is good for hot days (which happens mostly – depending on your region).

The DELUXE cotton long-sleeve shirt for men is 100% cotton and keeps you warm during the cold season.

However, is heavier than some of the shirts in this article because cotton materials carry a lot of weight.

This is a good shirt for male zookeepers to wear during winter. It offers the best protective feature against cold.

DICKIES women’s short sleeve shirt is a great shirt for female zookeepers and it offers comfort and convenience.

This shirt is great for watching over the apes, snakes, penguins, or other animals.

Ease comes with wearing this shirt for females. It has a breathable feature that allows air to blow across your body for extra comfort and dryness.

A tactical pants will be suitable

How To Dress Like A Zookeeper

The CQR men’s tactical pant is the best work pants for male zookeepers I know.

The quality that comes with this pant supersedes anything I have ever seen. This pant is water repellent.

This simply means that if you need to clean the house of penguins or other animals, wearing the CQR men’s tactical pant would be the best way to ensure the whole of your legs doesn’t get wet.

Furthermore, the thick material used in making this pant is the reason behind the warmth you feel in your legs whenever you wear them during cold seasons. During dry seasons, your legs might be a little bit sweaty.

This is why you need to wear light khaki shorts or pants. The CQR men’s tactical pant has a fade-resistant feature.

This simply means that the color does not fade away with constant use or washing. The durability of this pant makes it the best zookeeper’s pant.

Therefore, if you are a zookeeper or you want to live the fantasy of being a zookeeper for a couple of hours, then this pant must be a part of your dress code in order to look the best part.

The CQR men’s tactical pant is affordable. This simply means that you would save money and still be able to get this quality pant.

The AMAZON ESSENTIALS slim-fit casual stretch khaki pant is another stylish and fashionable khaki pants for men to wear. A major feature of this pant lies in the flexible material used in producing it.

The flexible material gives the pant the ability to stretch.

This simply means that either you are bending down, squatting, walking, running, or assuming any other posture when performing your duties at the zoo, this pant would assume any posture you take.

Unlike other khaki pants that do not stretch and might be a little too stiff, the AMAZON ESSENTIALS slim-fit casual stretch khaki pant brings the flexible feature to make you comfortable.

This takes away the worry of having to buy a new pant after wearing out your old ones due to tear.

By combining the AMAZON ESSENTIALS slim-fit casual stretch khaki pant with any of the shirts earlier listed, you would look great.

The AMAZON ESSENTIAL cargo short is a good way to go if you need to get a short as a male zookeeper. This short comes with an amazing design that is very simple and not flashy.

I love to look very simple and classic. This is why the AMAZON ESSENTIAL cargo short is my best short for male zookeepers. It comes at an affordable price. It is made of a soft, breathable, and durable twill cotton material.

The DOCKERS men’s classic men’s short is also a great short to wear as a male zookeeper.

The color is lighter than the AMAZON ESSENTIAL cargo shorts. It is made of 100% cotton material.

You can wear these short for years without having to worry about wear and tear because it is very durable and can withstand constant wearing and washing.

The LEE WOMEN’S relaxed short is great for women. While wearing this, you would feel relaxed and this makes you confidently focus on your duty as a zookeeper.

The LEE WOMEN’S relaxed short is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. It has a button closure for a perfect waist fit. The color is light and makes you look warm and friendly.

The 5-11 women’s outdoor khaki pant is good for female zookeepers to wear. This pant is made of 63% polyester and 37% cotton. It has a button closure and a zipper closure for additional fit.

It is constructed using premium patented two-way mechanical stretch with a Flex-Tac ripstop fabric.

The 5-11 women’s outdoor khaki pant is sturdy and flexible to ensure maximum performance in the field.

The 5-11 women’s outdoor khaki pant has 12 pockets that are professionally placed in strategic locations for both design and convenience.

Slip-resistant boots are excellent

How To Dress Like A Zookeeper

The best type of shoes or boots to wear are slip-resistant/water-resistant boots. This simply means that your shoes as a zookeeper must be sturdy and stable to walk around in.

Furthermore, it must be close-toed. This would protect your toes from being injured or exposed to potential threats.

There are a whole lot of durable, strong, and affordable shoes you can wear as a zookeeper and I have exhaustively talked about them in another article.

Click this link to read further about the different types of shoes a zookeeper should wear. The best shoes for zookeepers are mostly boots because of the peculiarity of the functions carried out by zookeepers.

The CAMEL CROWN men’s hiking boot is good. This boot best describes what type of shoe is best for a male zookeeper. It has a closed-toe feature.

The soles are traction patterned and very sturdy to walk around in safely. Also, the insoles are made of a very soft and cushioned material for comfort.

The CAMEL CROWN men’s hiking boot provides adequate support to your arches and heels against fatigue. It does not have a breathable feature compared to sneakers, but it’s best for business as a zookeeper.

The TIMBERLAND white ledge boot is a waterproof boot that keeps your feet dry during the wet season.

It is easy to wash and wipe clean whenever you want to clean it. The mesh upper is made of 100%  breathable leather material which ensures that your feet and toes are kept cool and dry depending on what season you are in.

The lace closure eyelets are very attractive and add a bit of class, style, and fashion to how you look.

The soles are non-penetrable by sharp objects. The TIMBERLAND white ledge boot offers the best protection to your feet and toes as a zookeeper.

For female zookeepers, the COLUMBIA women’s waterproof boot is the best for you.

It has many supportive features that keep your feet in the best condition all day as you walk around while performing your duties.

This boot fits in well with any color of khaki pants or shorts you want to wear and it comes out as classic and elegant whenever you wear it.

Other necessary tools a Zookeepers should have with his/her outfit

  • A retractable key holder: This is good for keeping all of your keys together and in a safe place. If you don’t want to lose your keys, then you should get a key holder. This can be attached to your belt holes firmly with all your keys together. Some keyholders have badge holders as well.


  • Garden hose nozzle: This is also going to be needed by every zookeeper at one time or the other. You would not be using this at all times, but you might want to get one.


  • A set of notebooks: This is needed by zookeepers to take notes of their observations about the animal’s behaviors, relationship, or health. I would recommend that you have one of these 2 notebooks:
  1. Small pocket notebook: This is very small and easy to carry around. You can simply slide it into your pocket comfortably. However, you would have to buy an additional one often.
  2. REFILLABLE waterproof leather notebook: This is the best notebook to have. A waterproof leather material (which allows you to take notes even during rainy seasons or when it is raining) covers the pages of the book. It is not as small compared to the former. Therefore, you would use it for much longer. It is also very affordable to get.


  • Hat: This is a great additional outfit for zookeepers. This protects you from the hot sun while working in the afternoon. It can also be used as an additional accessory to adorn your outlook.



  • Flashlight: This is good for you if you need to look into burrows. It is also very necessary if you run night shift hours at your zoo. You can get a mini flashlight as well.

Where to buy Zookeeper costumes

How To Dress Like A Zookeeper

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