Can You Wear Jeans to the Ivy?

The Ivy restaurants and bars are in the business of feeding the numerous customers on their clientele list daily with wonderful dishes from 11:30 am in the morning till late in the night.

The Ivy bars are not officially licensed to serve drinks to customers without food so it should be kept in mind that food would most likely need to be eaten here.

The Ivy is one of those fancy restaurants that you often wonder if wearing your nice pair of jeans there would be weird.

Well, you can certainly wear your pair of jeans to have lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy if they meet up to the standard dress code of the establishment.

You should plan on putting on smart-casual jeans that make you look sharp and respectable as you get the best that you can out of eating at The Ivy.

Jeans can surely be worn for eating out at The Ivy if you are styling them the right way.

What does the dress code of the Ivy say?

Can You Wear Jeans to the Ivy

The Ivy dress code states that customers should come to their establishments dressed in smart-casual attire. Customers who don’t follow and/or dress up according to this dress code may not be allowed into the premises.

The atmosphere of the Ivy is one that is semi-formal in nature and therefore, an outfit that fits the occasion needs to be picked.

Smart-casual dress styles really go well with the occasion of feasting at The Ivy because they are comfortable, fashionable, and look very respectable when done correctly.

Sometimes, during fine weather, The Ivy even allows customers wearing tailored short and short-sleeved shirts to come into their establishments.

You can wear your jeans to The Ivy as far as they look great and elegant.

The Ivy allows jeans to be worn within the premises, for dining purposes, as far as you look great and presentable enough in them.

You have to take into account that these restaurants and bars are actually quite fancy, and therefore, you should put some effort into deciding what you want to wear.

Many brands of smart-casual jeans are in the fashion industry and market today, all you have to do is to pick the perfect one that really matches your overall outfit and style for the time you want to spend at the Ivy.

You should aim to eat out in clothes that are not only elegant and well-fitting, but comfortable and attractive as well.

When picking jeans for going out to The Ivy, make sure that you get a stylish pair that actually compliments your style and goes well with the smart-casual dress code that The Ivy expects from customers.

The smart-casual attire and fashion style rarely seem out of place no matter the situation you find yourself dressed up like that for.

The best thing for you to do is to find a great pair of jeans that don’t seem too casual for a night/day out at a fancy restaurant and then pair those jeans with the remaining things that make the smart-casual fashion style complete.

Once your smart-casual fashion style is complete, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting your style with the official dress code of The Ivy.

The official dress code of The Ivy simply states that customers should come to the restaurants and bars to wine and dine in smart-casual attire.

There is a broad range of outfits, designs, and preferences that fall under the smart-casual category.

What type of Jeans can you wear to the Ivy?

So, you have decided to wear a pair of jeans to The Ivy? That’s great, but now, you need to think about the kind of jeans you want to put on for this time out.

As earlier stated, The Ivy expects customers to be dressed in smart-casual wear so your chosen pair of jeans need to fit the criteria.

You need to opt for simple, functional, and elegant pieces that express your personal fashion style and also get you value for your money over a long time.

Smart-casual jeans are rampant in the market today so you shouldn’t have much of a problem when picking out the right pair for lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

In order for your jeans to pass off as smart-casual, the rest of your outfit (your shirt, dress, tie, shoes, etc.) has to be smart-casual as well.

There’s no use wearing smart-casual jeans with regular T-shirts and considering that an example of smart-casual fashion style; it won’t work.

You don’t need to stress yourself all in the name of appearing fashionable and elegant for eating out at a fancy restaurant like The Ivy.

A few steps taken and a few fashion tips kept in mind should be enough to get you appropriately prepared for time at The Ivy.

Some types of jeans that you can consider wearing to The Ivy for Lunch/Dinner include:

Skinny Jeans

A good pair of skinny jeans is a classic and uniquely flexible way to style up your fashion sense.

Skinny jeans are chic, trendy and adaptable enough to fit into several settings and events properly.

For a more professional look and feel, you should wear skinny jeans that have a darker wash.

Most times, the darker the wash of the jeans, the more professional and classy it looks.

Style your skinny jeans rightly with the appropriate footwear because these types of jeans are meant to showcase your footwear a bit more than the rest.

You can most definitely wear your skinny jeans to The Ivy if you got the proper style in place.

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans aren’t just appropriate for casual settings; you can also pair your denim jeans with the right combination of wears and accessories.

This makes up a great smart-casual style that you confidently wear out to most occasions including professional scenes.

Denim jeans are a bit more on the casual side when compared to other types of jeans; therefore, you should ensure to pick a pair of denim jeans that really does fit the smart-casual style when you want to go down to The Ivy.

Lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy would definitely look and feel great with the proper pair of smart-casual denim jeans on.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are casual, comfortable, stylish, but they can also be smart and professional, depending on how you style them.

For these kinds of jeans, you can opt for a pair with a light wash. You should then style that pair with other darker shades to optimize the look.

Boyfriend jeans are the type of smart-casual jeans that can be worn anywhere you want. They are definitely a must-have for your wardrobe.

Boot-Cut Jeans

The boot-cut jeans, along with the flared and/or trouser-cut jeans, is one of those jeans that are perfect for the smart-casual scene if you appropriately wear them.

Wear boot-cut jeans that are in a dark wash in order to get the best professional look that you can.

You should consider your individual style and body shape carefully before you wear these kinds of jeans anywhere.

Boot-Cut jeans are great for those with curvaceous hips and waists because they offer balance to the hips with wider jean legs.

Pair your boot-cut jeans with other smart-casual attires and accessories to achieve a good look that you can comfortably wear to eat lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy.

You should take note that jeans with a darker wash look more professional and fit the smart-casual style better than jeans in lighter color shades.

Keep this in mind especially when you plan on wearing Denim jeans; wear dark denim jeans and pair them with the appropriate clothes to give off a more smart-casual look to your style.

Your shirt/top and shoes are very important in the styling of your jeans. Make sure that you have your entire outfit in order so that the whole style is balanced.

The Ivy is one of those places that are very courteous to customers and take care of their clientele well enough, however, you should note that you most likely be addressed the way you are dressed.

Therefore, if you want to put on jeans to have your lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy, you should do so with the proper pair of jeans.

Things to consider when picking out your Jeans to the Ivy

You need to take some things into consideration when you are picking the jeans for your time at The Ivy, they are:

  • The Dress Code Of The Ivy
  • The Quality Of The Jeans
  • Your Outfit For The Day
  • The Company You Are Dining And Wining With

The dress code of the Ivy

The dress code of The Ivy group of restaurants and bars – which states that customers should wear smart-casual wears in order to dine and wine – has to be importantly considered before customers come to eat.

You should keep in mind that your dressing and appearance have to be smart-casual and semi-formal in nature so as to gain entry into The Ivy.

The quality of the jeans

The pair of jeans that you pick for the day at The Ivy has to be one of the best you wear for important occasions.

Smart-casual jeans have to be comfortable, stylish, presentable, and unique.

Once your jeans look quality enough, and the rest of your outfit fits the smart-casual fashion style, then you can confidently stroll into any of The Ivy establishments.

Your outfit for the day

Your entire outfit for the day out at The Ivy has to be of the casual-formal style, as encouraged and stipulated by the official dress code of The Ivy, and your jeans have to fit in well with that style.

Wear a pair of jeans that blend correctly with the semi-formal mode of dressing that you will be rocking.

The company you are dining with

Are you eating alone or are you eating with a company? Is there a special occasion to be celebrated or you are just having a casual eating-out experience?

All these and more should be kept in mind while you decide on if to wear jeans to The Ivy or not.

If you are dining with a company, check in with each other so that any fashion corrections can be made before it gets too complicated to do so.

Once these considerations are out of the way, you should already be having a good idea of what you want to wear to eat out at The Ivy.

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The Ivy is a respectable group of British restaurants and bars that really takes pride in the ambiance and serenity of their business and as such, they only let in the kind of customers that harmonize well with the environment.

Smart-casual wear for The Ivy doesn’t necessarily have to make you break the bank. The truth of the matter is that you should already have an outfit in your wardrobe that really fits into the category of the smart-casual fashion style.

A nice pair of jeans for lunch and/or dinner at The Ivy won’t make customers look weird, but it is important that the right pair is picked for the occasion.

The right pair of jeans would match the ambiance and glamour of the Ivy restaurants and bars and at the same time, they would make the customers comfortable and confident enough to eat well.

When preparing for a day or night at The Ivy, you should consider carefully your fashion choices and make sure to match them well enough to appear prim and proper for the fine wining and dining experience at the prestigious Ivy restaurants and bars.

Once you make sure your style is looking sharp and reasonable, you should be able to eat out at The Ivy with little to no complications.

Respectable smart-casual jeans are allowed at The Ivy if they are properly styled and worn by customers.

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