RM Williams vs Carmina: Which Is the Ultimate?

The major difference between RM Williams and Carmina is that RM Williams is made of Yearling leather while Carmina is made of box calf leather.

Yearling is gotten from aged cattle while the box calf is gotten from calves, both help to produce nice shoes.

RM Williams shoe has a pull-on closure type for easy pull-on and take-off wear while the Carmina shoe has a lace-up closure type for a secure fit.

RM Williams shoes have products that enable users to keep their shoes looking as new as ever, meanwhile, Carmina does not have any.

These two brands are unique and outstanding brands but one is better than the other. Let’s take a look at which is the better brand.

RM Williams vs Carmina: Which one is better?

RM Williams footwear are mostly worn by Australian politicians. RM Williams stands for Reginald Murray Williams.

RM Williams boots are handcrafted from a single piece of quality leather called Yearling leather. The shoes are made of high quality, sturdy and durable.

The shoes are water-resistant, fashionable, flexible, and made with Goodyear welt construction in which the upper and lining are sewn securely together.

Carmina is known as a brand that produces excellent shoes. It comes in varieties of designs ranging from Cordovan, Loafers, to boots, Oxfords, Monk shoes, and many more.

The shoe also accommodates any kind of foot shape. It is made of a certain type of leather called box calf leather.

It has arch support, an aggressive sole, and is made with the Goodyear welt construction method which enables the shoe to be more water-resistant, durable, and comfortable as well.

In need of a brand that sells tough and durable shoes that has the finest leather alongside shoe care products to maintain its appearance, then RM Williams is the brand you’re looking for.

However, if you are searching for a footwear brand that has varieties of designs with closed stitching, can accommodate various foot shapes, and has versatile features, Carmina is the ideal brand for you to check out.

Reasons why Carmina is the better brand

Having said that Carmina is the better brand (not disregarding RM Williams’s exceptional features), this section of this article will dwell more on the reasons why I feel Carmina is better.

This would be based on its quality, materials, durability, acceptability, price, fashion sense, arch support, weight, water resistance, odor resistance.

Better quality

Carmina shoes are made of top-quality materials, the insole, lace, insole, midsole, and upper material are very quality.

Carmina has 30 different types of leather, the tannery where these leathers are sourced can be found on their website, ranging from box calf shoes to cordovan and suede.

It also deals with different exotic skin for the shoes such as crocodile, lizard, alligator, and peccary. All these are of high quality with a nice stiffness.

More durable

Carmina makes use of the most durable material ever. These high-quality materials enable the shoe to last for a pretty long time before wearing out. And when it eventually begins to wear out, it wears out nicely.

More acceptable

This shoe has different varieties called “Last”. Like the ‘Detroit’, ‘Oscar’. This brand has been accepted and loved by many as not only do they offer varieties but also different colors which buyers can choose from.

Carmina has a made-to-order program that gives buyers the freedom to select the style and type of leather they want.

The decent and affordable price point

This brand is not the least expensive and at the same time, not the most expensive. Most Carmina shoes cost €329, €395, or €475 and with this amount, you can still get a good and quality one.

More fashionable

The shoes are classy and suit any kind of occasion, whether to the office or for a casual meeting like hanging out with friends. It can be worn with khaki or even jeans.

Greater arch support

Carmina has great arch support, especially for those with flat feet, and also helps to absorb shock while walking.

Weights lighter

Carmina is made from a durable and lightweight material, it is very easy to walk around with.

Resists water better

Due to the Goodyear welt construction where the sole is attached to the welt and then to the upper. This enables it to be waterproof and can easily be renewed with a new sole.

Are these shoes similar?


Both brands produce their shoes using the finest leather.

RM Williams shoe is made with Yearling leather. It is a mildly grainy yearling leather that is more durable than veal calf. Its midsole is also made of leather.

Carmina is made of box calf leather. This box calf leather is a very high-quality leather that is gotten from the Tannerie D’Annonay.

Pricey and quality

These shoes are quite expensive, though they are worth the price. They produce excellent shoes that are worth the high price. Though sometimes the price may vary depending on the shoe.


They are very flexible

Goodyear welt construction

Both brands are made using the Goodyear Welt which is a time construction technique that extends the life and use of the shoe by resoling them again and again. With this construction, the shoe is durable and water-resistant.


The shoes are also very durable, they can last for a pretty long time, even when they begin to wear out, they wear out nicely.

All the parts of Carmina shoes can be replaced, this is a way of helping the shoe last long.


These shoes are fashionable and versatile. They are suitable for several occasions. They can be paired with any outfit of your choice. It goes well with casual outfits as well as corporate wear.

Sturdy sole

The soles of the boots are made to be tough and sturdy. They are made to withstand tough terrain. The sole of RM Williams is hard-wearing i.e hard to break in and aggressive.

It is a non-slippery and comfortable leather sole that gives good traction as well as a little bounce to movement. RM Williams sole is slip-resistant as well as oil-resistant.

Great Arch support

Both brands have great arch support. The arch is kept in a secured position against too much pressure and as well absorb shock from walking

Differences between RM Williams and Carmina

It is made of Yearling leather It is made of box calf leather
It has a pull on closure type It has a lace-up closure type
No tacking at the toe It has tacking at the toe
It has products for the shoe care No shoe care products
No close stitching It has a closed stitching
It has a removable insole Its insole is padded with the upper and sole
It has a leather midsole Its midsole is filled with cork
Hard to break-in Can easily break-in

Difference in leather

RM Williams is made of Yearling leather which is a versatile fine-grained type of leather gotten from yearling-aged cattle.

This leather is supple, soft, and more durable than veal. On the other hand, Carmina is made from box calf leather which is a type of leather gotten from calves.

Most quality shoes are made from this leather, it has close fiber, it is durable, and has fine grain patterns.

Different closure types

RM Williams has a pull-on closure type for easy on and off. It has two tugs, one at the front and the other at the back.

While on the other hand, Carmina has a laced-up closure type with five eyelets, this gives it a secure and protective fit.

RM Williams also produces products for shoe care while Carmina does not

RM Williams shoe care products directly from RM Williams to ensure that the shoes retain their nice appearance and also last long for the user.

Products like saddle leather dressing, leather conditioner, boot polish, suede protector, and so on. Meanwhile, Carmina has no such products.

Carmina has a closed stitching method such that the stitches are barely seen while RM Williams is handcrafted.

RM Williams has removable insoles

Due to the Goodyear welt construction of Carmina shoe, all the layers are sewed together by a welt stitch to create exceptional durability.

Different midsole construction

RM Williams has a leather midsole. On the other hand, Carmina’s midsole is filled with cork instead of foam and this increases comfort to the feet, enhances ergonomics, and also increases breathability.

Carmina shoes have a faster break-in time

RM Williams shoes take about 24 to 48 hours to break in. Meanwhile, Carmina breaks in faster, they are quite flexible and soft.

Categories of Carmina shoes to check out

Double Monk Strap

RM Williams vs Carmina

Just like other Carmina’s, it is made by expert craftsmen who follow the same techniques which Charles Goodyear used in 1869. It is made with a refined Goodyear welt construction.

This shoe has a round and thin tip, it also has a robust look. What makes this shoe unique is that it has a double monk, a resoleable sole and it is handmade.

Carmina Tassel Loafer

RM Williams vs Carmina

This Tassel loafer features a high-quality leather sole. It has Carmina’s stamped logo on it alongside a calf lining. It is made by expert craftsmen following the same procedure with Goodyear construction.

This loafer is the latest in Carmina’s collection. It offers great arch adjustment, it is stylish and fits greatly.

What makes this shoe unique is that it is handmade, has a resoleable sole, and is made with conceria Zonta leather.

Chukka Boots

RM Williams vs Carmina

It is made with tobacco suede. It is made of a Tomir sole alongside a full calf lining. This sole is in between rubber and leather soles.

Just like others, it is made with Goodyear welt construction. Its exceptional quality and comfort make it one o the best shoes for all-day wear.

What makes this loafer unique is that it has a resoleable sole and is made of Charles F Stead leather.

Categories of RM Williams boots to check out

Burnishes Barmoral Boot

RM Williams vs Carmina

This boot is a sophisticated handcrafted zip-up boot. Its unique features are long zip for easy wear, a wide round toe, and a beveled edge.

It also has a leather sole and insole and is made with Goodyear welt construction. It is very tough and built to last. It has a natural edge finishing and a back tug.

Comfort Craftsman Boot

RM Williams vs Carmina

This boot is made of willow leather for durability and a very comfortable rubber sole. It features a classic chisel square toe and a sewn welt rubber sole for all-day wear. It has a double-branded tug.

It has elastic sides for easy pull-on and take-off. It is also tough and made to last.


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