8 Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams

R.M. Williams has spent over 9 decades in the shoemaking industry standing out as among the best known and loved footwear brands in the world today.

Established in 1932, it was originally manufactured for the rugged men and women who lived in the harsh Australian outback.

It’s manufactured with high-quality one-piece leather boots that have graced the feet of millions on the planet.

This brand of footwear has its upper boots constructed using a single leather piece, the process accounts for increased durability and creates a timeless neat look.

This technique used in production is iconic with the RM Williams brand.

Using shoe trees with RM Williams especially when they are stored extends its life keeping them durable for you.

Top Shoe Trees for RM Williams
Features Rating
H&H Shoe Trees
  • Loaded spring design
  • Adjustable parts
  • Red Aromatic Cedar
  • Increased breathability
OUNDSBAY cedar shoe Tree
  • Premium Cedarwood
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy removal and installation
  • Good stretching
Cedar Elements Shoe Trees
  • 100% pine
  • Spring-loaded
Footfitter Aromatic Shapers


  • Adjusted design
  • Moisture absorption
  • Odor repellent


Ollieroo Men’s Shoe Trees


  • Twin-tube adjustment
  • Smooth texture
  • Redwood Cedar
Houseable Shoe Stretcher


  • Helps in breaking in shoes
  • Multiple applications
  • Two-way stretching




FootFitter Premium Shoe Stretcher

  • No plastic parts

I recommend buying one size down for men and two sizes down for women when purchasing shoe trees for RM Williams.

A shoe tree is a very important piece of shoe accessory, when you wear shoes and walk in them certain areas of your shoes are bent to a certain degree with each step.

Shoes made from rubber experience plastic deformations. This means the footwear does deteriorate from bending, but leather shoes will visibly show wear and tear marks in areas that are most used.

This results in an adverse effect when you take your shoes off, creases will form leading to deformations. Proper care for shoes includes cleaning and hydration to keep the shape of your shoes the same after wearing them all day.

Leather acts similar to a rumpled shirt, stretching out when it begins to dry, this point is where you need a shoe tree.

Shoe trees keep moisture away from the insides after a day at work, making sure all the sweat is removed before wearing it the next time you need them keeping the shape intact.

Detailed Review of my top shoe trees for R.M Williams

H&H Shoe Trees

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Spring-loaded
  • Adjustable design
  • Red aromatic cedar
  • Increased breathability

Designed by H&H it is top-rated in performance.  In its design, there is a ventilation hole that enables moisture and odors to drift out while keeping them fresh.

Along its length the spring loading mechanism helps to keep the pressure steady, preserving your shoe shape perfectly.

The wood is made from USA-grown red-aromatic cedar which helps to dissipate odors.

They have special gold-colored handles that are built into the trees to assist with lifting and fitting the shoe trees, they make this process very easy.


  • No buildup of foul odor due to the ventilation holes, and the spring-loaded design secures the fit perfectly.


  • Too many features may reduce the quality and functionality of the shoe tree.

OUNDSBAY cedar shoe tree

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Premium cedarwood
  • Easy removal and fitting
  • Spring-loaded construction
  • Good stretching

This amazing shoe tree produced by oundsbay is constructed from premium red cedar wood, the mix-up is unique and has a left and right indicator printed on each pair to prevent mix-up.

Its adjustable design enables expansion across the width, while its spring-loaded mechanism accounts for optimum stretching from the toe to the heel of the shoes.

It fits your shoe adequately preventing them from bending and wrinkles from happening to your shoes.

Using the hooks mounted on the shoe tree platform makes them easy to remove and easy to install.


  • Left and right shoe indicators ensure that no reshaping mix up occurs


  • Despite the hooks, some models may be easier to remove

Cedar Elements Solid Pine Shoe Trees

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Made from pine
  • Fresh pine scent
  • Increased ventilation
  • Quick installation
  • Spring-loaded

Made available in a two-piece pack that makes sure you extend the lifespan of two of your favorite shoes.

It works perfectly with different shoe types whether it’s brogues or loafers, the Cedar Elements Solid Pine Shoe Trees spring-loaded design is fast and easy to install.

The design also allows significant ventilation with multiple holes created placed on its surface to help to prevent moisture and foul odor build-up.

Additionally, it helps with keeps your shoes smelling fresh with its scented pine smell while also maintaining the shape of the shoes.


  • Fine solid structure gives any shoe a rich appealing shape and sweet pine smell


  • Less heel support due to its one-piece design and construction

Footfitter best boot Shapers

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams

This boot tree is true to its name, made from the best of aromatic cedarwood. The simple unique design fits a wide range of boots shafts and sizes.

The iconic craftsmanship has an internal rod that can be adjusted to fit into many types of boots in your wardrobe.

The design is open, which allows for maximum moisture absorption and odor repellent, while the cedar woods releases a pleasant scent.

Knobs placed in their design aids easy and fast installation plus removal.


  • The internal rod is adjustable to any size you desire while scenting up your shoes.


  • Due to its design, you won’t be able to use them on dress shoes.

Ollieroo Men’s Shoe Trees

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Twin-tube adjustments
  • Perfect for various shoe size
  • Redwood Cedar
  • Smooth texture
  • Easy installation

A shoe tree with a design and craftsmanship that speaks quality is what this shoe tree offers its customers.

Its design features a quality Cedarwood and adjustable structure that ensures top performance and outstanding durability.

A twin tube located inside it allows for better adjustment. The surface is well sanded and smooth, seamlessly sliding in and out of your shoes without struggles or hitch.

Its adjustable parts allow you to fit into any shoe design effectively and uniformly. The metal found in the structure is zinc allows and resistant to rust.


  • Can be used daily thanks to its structure
  • Hold up the shape of your shoes
  • Eliminates odor
  • Available in different sizes


  • May take time to learn how to use it effectively.

Houseable Shoe Stretcher

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Stretches effectively
  • Helps to break in new shoes
  • Multiple applications

If you have shoes that give you blisters or bruises because of how tight they are then this shoe tree is perfect for you, it helps to stretch out your shoe for a better comfortable fit.

Its design can easily expand tight shoes and also loose old shoes. One outstanding feature is that it can be used for different kinds of shoe materials, such as leather, canvass, suede, etc.

It is designed to fit your shoes snugly and has eight relief pads that can be used to stretch particular spots you desire in your shoes.


  • Comes with a refundable guarantee
  • Very easy to use
  • Properly designed
  • Made from100 percent pine.


  • Plastic parts need gentle care.

KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Trees

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • Two-way stretching
  • Used in small to large shoe size
  • Pressure points holes
  • Unisex design

The KevenAnna Wooden Shoe Trees has been tested and proved to be working by many users giving it a high review in performance.

Its two-way stretching feature makes it suitable for eliminating wrinkles and ensuring you have a very comfortable fit always.

It works well with almost all shoe sizes especially bigger shoe sizes like 10 and 13.

A total of 12 holes have been perforated in the structure to help with the reduction of pressure in your shoes.

Included in their packaging are bunion plugs meant to be used with them, and can be used effectively on both men’s and women’s shoes.


  • Two-way stretching power
  • Available for larger shoe sizes
  • Pressure relieve holes
  • Very effective for keeping shoe shape intact


  • Made with some plastic material

FootFitter Heavy Duty 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

Best Shoe Trees for RM Williams


  • No plastic parts
  • Spot stretching
  • Wood metal combination

This whole shoe tree is made with a combination of wood and metal, the lack of plastic parts ensures it is durable and long-lasting. You won’t regret making this purchase.

The stretcher has plugs that can be used to stretch specific points in your shoes that make you feel uncomfortable.

Their design is easy to operate and its construction allows for expansion and retraction.

It fits both right and left feet and also is a great traveling companion.


  • Comes with a spot relief
  • Perfect for all types of shoes
  • It has a two-way stretcher
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Knobs and screws may be too tight

Reasons why you need boot tress

No matter the type of shoes or boots you have you need shoe trees to keep them straight and crease-free.

Boots brands like RM Williams have men and women using shoe trees to protect them for ages. Here are some of the best reasons you need shoe trees.

Prevent wrinkles

Your boots don’t remain the same after multiple wears, wrinkles start forming. Using a boot tree ensures that the degree of damage done is reduced or prevented altogether.

Boot trees use their unique designs to support the heel, ankles, and uppers of shoes and boots.

By keeping shoes straight, it provides enough tension to prevent the formation of wrinkles or creasing of the leather.

Reduces moisture damage

Moisture can become a serious problem for leather shoes, gotten mostly from sweat they contain salts, acid, and bacteria that are responsible for rotting the internal lining of shoes.

If left unchecked, can produce a foul smell, cause cracks to form around the leather.

Using wooden shoe trees is a remedy to this problem. Porous wood used in manufacturing many shoe tree designs absorbs moisture very quickly keeping your shoes dry.

This accessory is very effective in elongating the life of shoes and also keeping the shape and integrity of your boots.

Retains shape of shoes

We’ve all had circumstances where our boots or shoes lose their shape or sag after some time using them.

This happens as a result of the strain exerted on them when you have them on. without the protection of boot trees, shoes cannot maintain their original shape.

If you regularly use shoe trees you and be helping your shoes remain in their natural shape.

Shoe trees keep your shoes straight and taut even when you aren’t wearing them; this keeps them in shape.

How to use shoe trees?

Shoe trees should be installed immediately your shoes are off your feet and leave them placed in till they are needed next time.

By doing this, you help maintain the shape of the shoe as moisture is absorbed by the shoe tree.

In situations where your shoes are drenched with water, leave them to dry out for an hour before placing shoe trees in them.

  • First, using the front end of the shoe tree, insert it into the shoe all the way as far as it can reach.

If the design of the shoe tree is split, pinch the two halves together and slide all into the shoe until it flattens out in the toe box.

The force used to perform this is minimal, if much resistance is encountered, then you are most likely using the wrong size.

  • Next, you firmly squeeze the shoe tree across its length sliding the back half to fit into the heels of your shoes.

As the spring decompresses it fills the shoe leaving no space for movement.

After compressing the spring and it still doesn’t fit, you should be aware that the shoe tree is not the recommended size.

What size shoe tree do I need?

Shoe trees come in different sizes that fit perfectly into a range of two different shoe sizes.

If your shoe sizes are in between it’s best to try out which of the shoe tree has the best fit.

Each brand of shoe tree will have a different fit and it’s vital to get the right size.

If the shoe trees are too small, then they are loose and won’t be effective in holding up your shoes.

Too large and you risk stretching them out permanently.

How long do shoe trees last?

Talk about a lifetime of service, yes that is what a good pair of cedarwood trees guarantee you, with very little maintenance.

You can sand the cedar once a year to open the grains up.

Shoe trees design and construction material

Shoe trees that have a three-piece design are best when it comes to quality and performance, this construction includes a split forefoot and a rounded heel section that is similar to a real foot.

Some cheaper designs remove the heel section replacing it with a simple rounded end. Too much of the rounded edge can lead to unwanted deformations and stretching.

Wood vs Plastic

The best material for manufacturing shoe trees is wood because in addition to helping remove moisture they also hold the shape of your shoe effectively.

Cedarwood is commonly used in making shoe trees, this is because it does an awesome job of moisture removal than any other wood type, and also it releases a pleasant smell.

Other shoe trees have been made using plastic materials, this is done mainly to cut the cost of production and also reduce weight.

Travel shoe trees are typically plastic because of their reduced weight. They don’t last as long as wooden shoe trees

Cedar vs other woods

Quite a number of shoe trees are made from cedar wood, its ability to remove moisture is unrivaled, other types of wood exist too like Beachwood.

For better results always buy those made from cedarwood. Stay clear of varnished shoe trees because the coated surface prevents moisture from being absorbed properly.

Will shoe trees prevent or remove creasing?

Yes, shoe trees prevent your shoes from creasing up. This is one primary purpose they offer, using them regularly will stop creases from developing in your shoes.

If there are existing creases in your shoe already, using a shoe tree can help manage it but won’t eliminate it.

Make sure using a shoe tree becomes a normal part of wearing shoes.


Shoe trees are important because they help keep your shoes in the same conditions even after heavy use.

They eliminate creases from walking, also extending the lifespan by removing moisture and keeping it dry.

Many designs and models exist so make sure you buy what is effective and durable.

Always ensure shoes are not left empty when not in use.

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