7 Best Shoes Trees for Iron Rangers

The Iron Ranger brand of shoe is synonymous with quality and durability, initially designed for miners in the 1930s.

The decades after its creation, it has become a trusted brand by many owners from different walks of life all due to its durability and unique style.

It has a six-inch boot signature featuring a toe cap that is durable and iconic. Every single pair is personalized by its owner with a custom fit and comfort owing to its leather insoles and a special cork midsole that molds after the feet.

The boots are manufactured using a Goodyear welt and puritan triple-stitch construction, and brass speed hook aid precision lacing and attractive styling.

Each new pair of iron Ranger shoes should fit comfortably snug on the foot, with maximum space for your toes to wiggle freely.

While walking in these boots, the full-grain leather upper, insole, and cork midsole will form after your feet, ensuring a personalized fit as you use it over time.

Make sure you test them out in the store to make sure your fit is correct. One good feature is that it fits a wide variety of foot shapes.

Shoe trees Features Rating
Woodlore Shoe Trees Red hardwood

Odor removal

Moisture removal

Stratton Cedar Western Boot/Shoe tree High durability

Premium wood

Adjustable design

My Boot Trees High-grade cotton

Quality boots protection


Satisfounder Bolt tree Proper air circulation

Save closet space

Keep boot straight


Household Essential shoe tree 100% red cedar

Contoured heel

Ruisita 5 pairs (10 sheets) Boot shaper form Variable sizes

High-quality material

Fit multiple shoes

Eachway stretcher shoe-trees Adjustable design

Good for breaking in


Top 7 shoe trees for Iron Ranger

Woodlore Shoe Trees for Men


  • Odor elimination
  • Red hardwood difference
  • Naturally, deodorize
  • Moisture absorption
  • Minimizes Creasing
  • Prevents sole from curling
  • Cracks prevention

This woodlore shoe tree is made from 100% aromatic cedar, this finely crafted wood naturally absorbs moisture, sweat, and odor always keeping your shoes fresh and new.

This pack contains two pairs of high-quality shoe trees with exquisite designs.

This cedar is rich in heartwood which accounts for its high moisture absorption capability and fragrance oils.

These features ensure your shoes are dry, deodorized, and looking great for a long time.

The gauge is finished with brass for lasting durability this high-quality craftsmanship helps to keep the shape and length of your shoes while also preventing cracks, wrinkles, and creases in the leather.

Stratton Cedar Western Boot/Shoe tree

  • Features
  • Premium quality
  • Crisp cedar smell
  • Great boot shaper
  • Adjustable design
  • Durable

This product delivers one of the highest levels of care when compared to others.

This Stratton Cedar shoe tree is crafted with skilled workmanship using only 100 percent natural premium red Aromatic cedar wood to protect the leather, fabric, stitching, and soles of your shoes and boots preventing moisture damage too.

These Boot cedar trees are produced to optimize a lasting Aroma fragrance. They efficiently absorb moisture and sweat, preventing natural odors from developing and leaving your shoes with a refreshing Crips scent.

By using this regularly, you can preserve the original shape, form, and length of your boots to keep them in tip-top shape. Additionally, they stop the formation of creases.

One unique feature in this design is the adjustable nature of its design, it enables it to fit all sizes of different shoe brands in length and width.

Its integrated spring coil centerpiece supplies sufficient tension to firmly maintain the length of your shoes.

My Boot Trees



  • 100 percent cotton
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Protects your boots from damage
  • Perfect for boot enough

These shoe trees help to retain the natural shape, this also keeps them straight and easier and better to store. No matter the material your boots are made of.

They consistently prolong the life of your boots, ensure they are placed deep down past your ankles. Please be aware that these are not meant to expand the size of your boots.

They can be washed easily by hand or machine. They come with a lifetime guarantee of getting replaced if any damage is done to them.

You can easily take them with you as they are nimble to carry.

Satisfounder boot shapers

  • Features
  • Saves space
  • Keeps boot straight
  • Proper air circulation
  • Very durable and sturdy

These shoe inserts can fit in up to 18’’ tall boots. They are very strong and have long-lasting quality designed to save up a lot of space in your closet, floors, or shelves.

This is design is unique making room in your closet and helping you with organization and also keeping your boots from falling over and getting damaged.

They are very effective in keeping your boots straight and in tip-top shape, also they prevent sagging and cracking.

Most users recommend this boot tree because of its breathability, air circulation is optimized in this design preventing them from slouching and creases.

They are durable and sturdy adding support for tall for both men and women boots.

They are cheap and economical for your pockets.

Household Essential cedar wood shoe tree


  • Natural premium leather
  • 100 percent red cedar
  • Contoured heal

Household essential men’s premier cedar shoe tree is a man’s favorite tool it stretches gently while still retaining the natural shape of the shoe.

This premium shoe tree features a sculpted toe that copies the natural shape of any shoe.

Once inserted into your shoes they help to keep in their shape, this ensures your comfortability.

Its design in the front part is movable to the side, this creates a split toe. A split toe is adjustable, allowing you to widen too-tight shoes and create more space in a pair of new leather shoes.

The cedar reduces odor in the shoe and it’s made from natural red cedar.

This eastern red cedar is reliable in absorbing moisture from the shoes making sure it remains fresh to wear always.

They come in variable sizes of small, medium, and large.

Ruisita 5 pairs Boot shaper


  • Multiple pairs of sheet
  • Versatile application
  • High-quality material
  • Variable sizes
  • Help keep boots straight

The support of this particular boot is a lifesaver. Recurring your boots from slouching and getting creases are every boot owner essential.

They have different sizes and come in 5 pairs numbering ten sheets in total, enough to handle enough of your boots.

They are tall and can keep most boots erect all through the seasons, filling different needs and purposes.

Its application isn’t limited as it can fit into many styles of boots helping them prevent wrinkles, keep them straight, neat, and beautiful.

They assist in keeping your closet in neat order. It is constructed using high-quality PVC material, which is flexible and durable keeping your boots in mint condition.

The sizes vary and can fit into a wide range of boot sizes. It’s very simple and easy to use, can be rolled up and inserted vertically into your boots, the tension is strong enough to keep them upright and retain their shape and preventing wrinkles and hanging down.

A hook is placed at the top for easy removal from boots. The shape allows for better ventilation and storage of your bots during winter, summer and also helps you in your everyday routine.

Eachway stretcher shoe-trees

The Eachway stretcher shoe trees offer one of the best fits by being able to stretch out in various directions.

The design is finely constructed making it possible to stretch the width, length, and height of a wide collection of shoes, flats, and heels inclusive.

The design moves in a two-way direction, allowing you to break into new shoes much quicker and safer.

Their construction material is made from high-quality polyurethane plastic that is durable and firm.

You should expect excellent functionality from its moving parts which are made from stainless steel and nickel-plated.

Just in case you intend to use them to stretch out your new shoes, ensure to leave them in for 24 hours. Take caution so that you don’t overstretch them.

This shoe tree is very easy to insert your shoes and adjusted to your desired size. When it’s time to have them removed, you do this by turning the handles clockwise.

This stretcher from each way has three sizes fit in large, medium, and small.

How important is using shoe trees

Extending the life of your shoes there are three major actions to perform: shoe care, shoe trees, and rest. In this post, we are focused on shoe trees.

Many people can tell the importance of using shoe trees, they mainly help shoes retain their shape, and ensure that shoes stay dry always.

Wooden shoe trees is perfect for keeping your shoes dry, shoe trees can be made using different types of wood such as cedar, maple, and birch but none is as important as cedar.

Cedarwood is most sought after because of the sweet aroma it leaves. Wood mainly absorbs moisture from shoes but the main job it performs is to keep the shape of the shoes intact while removing moisture.

Plastic shoe trees do not have the same effect as wood does, it doesn’t remove moisture instead it blocks the pores in the lining leather which isn’t good in the long run.

When purchasing wooden shoe trees be sure that the wood isn’t coated as this reduces the absorption capacity of the shoe trees. Ask your vendor to be sure if the wood is coated or not.

When using shoe trees make ensure to put them in immediately, because when shoes are warm and moist their leather tends to easily shrink.

Keep the shoe trees for 24 hours minimum in the shoe. When the leather of shoes attempts to dry it shrinks gradually, and by putting in shoe tress you retain its shape after drying by preventing shrinking.

It is not compulsory to use a shoe tree but it’s necessary if you want to prolong the lifespan, you can put them in your last worn pair if you only have a pair of shoe trees. It’s better to use shoe trees than not use them at all.

It doesn’t matter if your shoes are made from high-quality leather if you don’t use shoe tress the shape of the shoe is bound to change after some time.

Different types of shoe trees

Shoe trees come in many different designs and styles, all work in different ways offering protection to your shoes. Below are some examples.

  1. Shoe trees where the toe is divided into two equal parts, but the heel is smaller. The main disadvantage is that it does little to keep the shape of the heel the same.
  2. Spiral trees in the wood. This type of shoe tree isn’t as good as others because you risk damage from pressure exerted on the shoe vertically instead of horizontally.
  3. Shoe tree where the toe is divided into two equal parts but the heel is large. The con of this design is that it cannot follow the shoe form higher up towards the tip of the tongue.
  4. Shoe tree where the toe part is split into a large solid part and a smaller size part. The large part does well to fill up the shoe but the disadvantage is that the small part can change the shape of the upper especially towards the back area.
  5. Lasted shoe trees. These trees are ideal because they are shaped exactly as the lasts the shoes are built on, this is a major advantage because the shoe will always retain its original shape, and it’s better than using others not adapted to the shoes.
  6. Non-lasted shoe trees. They are designed similar to those mentioned in 4 above but they use a full piece of wood in the front area. They will work perfectly if they are similar to the lasts of the shoes.
  7. Hinged shoe trees. In this designed a hinge is used to replace the regular smaller spring parts. It’s mainly used for lasted shoe trees because its needs to be fitted right for it to work effectively.
  8. Tree-piece shoe trees. This is the optimus prime of shoe trees, and very common among bespoke manufacturers, they hardly exist outside any design that isn’t the lasted version. They are advantageous because they fill out the entirety of the shoes reaching the top of the tongue.
  9. Hollow shoe trees. This version would be the bumblebee of shoe trees. They have a hinged design and can are produced to resemble the lasts of the shoe requiring a high degree of craftsmanship. One good thing is that they assist greatly in keeping the shoe dry since moisture is easily removed by going through a thin amount of wood into the open air.
  10. Boot trees. Here we have a larger and higher back piece and they work better with boots. They may not fill out the shoes properly especially in the ankles area and do less to keep the shoe shape the same.

Important tips when buying shoe trees

Straighten out the sole

The duty performed by shoe trees in restoring the shape of the shoe is partly done by effectively pushing out creases and filling the shoe front parts, but straightening out the sole of the shoe is the most important job.

To prevent the sole from bending upward, which is a common occurrence given time, the sole is stretched indirectly causing the creases to fold out, this restores the original shape of the shoe.

Keep this in mind when you decide to buy any shoe tree, always check out how they are shaped in the front because a good shape will help flatten the shoes you intend to use them for.

The shape of the heel

One vital thing to remember is to ensure the shape of the heel is good. When using shoe trees, it is ideal that the block fills out the heel too, but take caution not to let it become too large to misshapen the heel.

This can lead to the shoe being loose at the heel.


Shoe trees are versatile tools that help with keeping your shoes in their original shape.

They provide other outstanding, features such as preventing moisture from accumulating in your shoes, this keeps them free from foul odors.

Many different types of shoe trees exist with different designs, construction materials. The kind of materials used in its manufacture is responsible for their unique properties.

Shoe trees made from wood are best for stretching out your shoes and also absorbing moisture from shoes and keeping them dry.

Cedarwood makes a great shoe-tree because it has one of the best moisture absorption rate, additionally they have pleasant oils and scent that helps to keep it smelling fresh at all times.

Shoe trees can also be used to break in new shoes; they protect the leather from cracking up ensuring creases are prevented from forming.

Using shoe trees maintain the shape of your shoes throughout the duration of use, extending Their lifespan too.

Some shoe trees have designs that are adjustable making it possible it possible for you to stretch out the length, width, and heel of any shoe brand of your choice.

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