Can You Wear Black Vans To Work?

Yes, you can wear black Vans to work. However, it depends on your Job description, Black Vans can be worn over Casual and Business Casual outfits which are acceptable for most Jobs.

Although, Jobs that require you to wear “Formal outfits†like Suit and Tie which are generally considered “White Collar†Jobs may be a bit tricky to pull off, aesthetic-wise, Black Vans should not be worn over a suit and tie, or gowns.

If your job isn’t “White Collarâ€, then you can wear your black Vans to work, whenever and however you choose.

Are Black Vans Business Casual?

As I mentioned earlier, Black Vans can go with Business Casual outfits which makes them “Business Casualâ€, the aforementioned dress code has been adopted by many professional office spaces in an attempt to allow freedom of expression when it comes to outfit choices.

Whether you are going for Khaki pants over Dress shirts or polo with a sports coat or wearing a cute dress, Black Vans can be paired with these outfit combinations which makes it Business casual.

However, if we are being honest it is just being placed in the category because it’s black, any other color would not work with the Business Casual aesthetic.

If you are worried about Black Vans with white soles and you think it may be a problem, there are also Black Vans with Black Soles.

I guarantee people would not be able to tell these are sneakers, which makes Black Vans Business Casual.

Do Black Vans go with everything?

The fact is most black footwear goes with everything because “Black†is such a neutral color that it pairs well with most outfits.

I know a lot of people that consider black to be their favorite color, I see the appeal, black is amazing.

Vans generally have a sleek and ultra-lightweight silhouette which makes them an ideal pick for most outfits, even better is a pair of Black Vans.

When you surf the internet for styling options for Vans you’d find that the widest variety of options available is usually outfits paired with Black Vans, including formalwear.

That just means that a lot of people favor Black Vans and often include it in their wardrobe.

I don’t know about you but “majority carries the vote†right? Got to love Democracy, no matter the type of event you want to attend with a well-fitted pair of Black Vans you can always find the most convenient styling choice that suits you.

Most people love black clothing and can wear all black 24/7, Black may be heat-absorbent, however, Black Vans nay Vans generally are made with breathable materials that are sweat absorbent.

You don’t have to worry about excessive sweating during the summer.

Black Vans pair great with everything, trust me.

Black Vans styling options

Black Vans with Gown

Credit: Pinterest

Black Vans can be worn over gowns or even skirts when you want to go out with friends or out on a date, this aesthetic although considered “casual†can be worn to a variety of social functions, including the professional workspace.

It doesn’t even matter the kind of gown as long as you are comfortable in it, you can always pair it with your favorite pair of black vans.

For most females, wearing sneakers over skirts and gowns is considered “cute†and gives off a playful and outgoing look.

It does not matter the color of the gown in question, because black goes well with most colours. The black Vans work on many levels.

Black Vans with Shorts

Credit: Pinterest

On a hot summer day when you have plans to hang out with friends or you are on a vacation on an exotic island, sipping a fruity cocktail.

If you want to wear shorts, and you’re looking for appropriate footwear, you can always pair it with a cool pair of black Vans.

This ultra-casual aesthetic is ideal for warm and sunny summer days when you have outdoor activities planned.

Vans have a sleek silhouette which makes it an ideal pick for shorts, unlike bulky shoes or sneakers that you may wear over shorts and would have you looking like “Bugs Bunnyâ€.

I don’t know if this is relatable but there are days when you just don’t want to put on Trousers and you just want a lowkey day at the park.

You just put on a pair of comfortable shorts and slip your vans on and you’re set.

Get yourself a pair of Black Vans for the summer, pair them with your favorite shorts.

Business Casual Aesthetic

Credit: Pinterest

If you are going to the office and you need to adhere to the Business Casual dress code while maintaining a comfortable look, you can always pair your Black Vans with Khaki pants and a sports jacket or blazer.

When you pair your Black Vans with this aesthetic, it gives you a classic and trendy look.

This style works for both genders, and it’s ideal for a workspace because Vans are anti-slip, most offices have slippery floors.

Therefore, when you wear your Black Vans you can walk on all surfaces with confidence.

I had to include this to show you key visuals on how to style a pair of Black Vans with the Business Casual aesthetic. Just in case you were wondering.

Streetwear or Urban Aesthetic

Credit: Pinterest

The Urban aesthetic promotes expressionism, it typically involves clothing that you are comfortable and confident in, whether you want to spot a ripped pair of Jeans over graphic t-shirts or a mini-skirt and crop tops.

Whatever your choice is, with a pair of Black Vans you can always elevate the Urban look.

The sleek and stylish silhouette helps enhance the look and keeps you comfortable while doing you.

This look is ideal for social gatherings like parties or even going out on a date, it allows you to express yourself and present your fashion-forward self.

Casual/Laid Back Aesthetic

Credit: Pinterest

This look is the go-to for most people who are looking to have a low-key night out or you just want to keep up with the casual dress code at your workplace.

It does not involve many clothing items, just a T-shirt and a pair of trousers, although the aesthetic emphasizes comfortable and laid-back clothes like Sweat pants and Khaki.

Vans are comfortable shoes which makes them an ideal pick to pair with this style.

Get yourself a pair of Black Vans. This look is ideal for people that work at retail jobs which have casual dress codes.

Top 5 Favorite Black Vans

S/n Shoes Features Rating
1 Vans Classic Slip-on
  • Slip-on
  • EVA Foam padded heel
  • Rubber Sole
2 Vans Men’s Bearcat Skate Shoes
  • Gum Rubber Outsole
  • Lace-up
  • EVA liner Midsole
3 Vans Men’s Asher (Canvas) Skate Shoe Rubber Sole.




4 Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers Vulcanized Sole.



Gum Rubber Outsole.

5 Vans Unisex Sk8-hi(tm) Core Classics Hi-Top Sneaker Canvas Uppers.



Rubber Sole.


Vans Classic Slip-on

The classic slip-on is made with the Iconic “Vulcanised Rubber†Soles which provide great traction and grip support for your feet.

It’s this feature that makes most Vans Anti-slip.

The Insoles are embedded with an ultra-comfy material called EVA Foam that makes every step you take feel like a dream.

The uppers are made with a very breathable and durable textile material and an elastic band is stitched at the side to provide a custom fit and also allows you take the shoes off easily.

When people think “Vans†this is usually the version they mean, it is one of the earliest versions of the iconic brand.

Vans Men’s Bearcat Skate Shoes

This Vans has a more stylish and luxurious design compared to the other versions, the Upper is made with high-quality suede material.

The Toe section is double stitched to provide extra sturdiness and durability, EVA Foam embedded insoles for added comfort.

It has a sleek silhouette and comes with laces and as slip-on, it is very lightweight. It also comes in a variety of color choices and graphic designs.

This particular pair is considered one of the most durable pairs in the Vans collection, with great shoe maintenance practices it can last for years.

Vans Men’s Asher (Canvas) Skate Shoe

This Vans is inspired by the Vans Classic slip-on, they have similar designs with a few differences which aren’t really glaring, to be honest.

The Asher is a more affordable version of the classic slip-on, it has a rubber sole that has a waffle design that provides great traction for slippery surfaces.

It has a streamlined silhouette and it is very lightweight, it comes in a variety of colorful options.

This pair is eerily similar to the classic slip-on yet so different in a couple of ways, it is also a very great pair of shoes.

Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

This is a more casual version of the Vans we are used to, the uppers are made with a lightweight synthetic material that makes it comfortable.

This pair of Vans is washing machine friendly, however, the lightweight nature of the Upper makes it prone to wearing and tearing.

The Outsole is made with gum-Rubber which makes it sturdy, it comes with laces for a custom fit and sizing.

The general aesthetic of this pair of Vans is made to be worn over casual outfits, although most Vans can be used for skateboarding, I would not advise you to use this pair.

If you work retail, then you need at least one pair of these Vans, it will make your job easier with the lightweight aesthetic.

Vans Unisex Sk8-hi(tm) Core Classics Hi-Top Sneaker

If you are partial to high tops and bulky shoes, this pair of Vans is the ideal pick for you, it is embedded with the EVA Foam material in the Insole for maximum comfort.

The Outsole is made with Gum-Rubber which is known to be extra sturdy and proves grip support, the toe area of the shoe is double stitched for added durability.

The uppers are very breathable and allow airflow through to keep your feet refreshed on hot summer days.

The sole is well threaded with the classic Vans waffle design which maximizes traction on all surfaces. This pair is stylish and a great option to pair with a variety of outfit choices, just do you and dress comfortably.


As a neutral color that can be paired with other colors, Black is the most ideal pick when it comes to footwear.

Although Vans are considered casual shoes, when you get a Black pair of Vans it sort of gives you a wider range of outfit combination choices.

If you are conflicted about what to pair your Vans with, as long as they are Black you have more leeway on outfits to wear, most workplaces have dress codes, and although a few emphasis on “formal†wear which means dress shoes and whatnot.

The Business Casual and Casual aesthetic is the dress code these days, and a pair of Black Vans fits the bill.

So, if you get confused and you begin to ponder if you can wear your Vans over Business Casual outfits because Vans are “sneakersâ€, fret not.

You absolutely can wear your Vans, as long as they are Black. The sleek silhouette and flat Sole gives it an aesthetic that makes it almost like Loafers, especially the Slip-On.

If you don’t want to stress about owning multiple types of shoes for different dress codes, just get yourself a couple of pairs of Vans and you will have footwear that you can pair with a variety of outfits without thinking too much.

If you were conflicted on how to style your pair of Black Vans, I hope the visuals provided above helps a little because there are so many ways you can make them work.

Also, purchase a pair or two of the Vans outlined for your consideration.

Have fun!

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