Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside?

The Converse logo is inside the shoes to show users that it is the original sneakers they bought, and to represent the major essence of the Converse brand; opposite.

Every shoe manufacturer tries to distinguish itself from its competition, a lot of planning and brainwork is expended in the battle to stand out and outsell the other brands.

The name Converse is a well-thought-out brand name, and not many people understand that the name means exactly that: Converse. It means opposite. And Converse wanted to be true to that name.

While other shoe brands put their logos on the outside of the shoe, Converse did the opposite -Converse- and put their logo inside the shoe.

So, if you have a Converse shoe, do a quick check and you’d see the logo inside the ankle area, on both sides facing each other when you place the shoe side by side.

Well, Converse customer service answered the question too when they said the decision to put the logo inside the shoe was for styling purposes and nothing more.

Should we take all their word for it? There’s another answer though that I found as I scoured the internet: that when the shoes were first made they were basketball shoes so the manufacturers put the patch inside to protect the ankles of players.

Countless basketball shoes now exist that don’t have patches on the inside of the shoe. So what we know is the logos are on the inside of the shoes. What if you find a Converse shoe that has its logo on the outside?

Well, that’s likely to be a fake Converse shoe (except for the All-Star 2000 which has the All-Star logo on the outside).

Or, what some call a knock-off of the original brand and there are quite a lot of those out there. Please note that when I say inside, this doesn’t refer to the shoe where you put your feet in.

Are All Converse logo stated inside the shoe?

Not all Converse logo are on the inside of the shoe. The Converse All-Star 1996 (2000) has its Converse logo on the outside.

Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside
The All Star 2000 Converse shoe with the logo on the outside.

Most of us are used to seeing the logos of shoes on the outside so it is possible to have overlooked this little bit of important detail about Converse shoes.

Every other brand do that, from Nike, Adidas to Vans classics, they all have their logos where you can readily see them. As I’ve  mentioned earlier there are two instances when Converse broke their own tradition

Why are there holes in the side of Converse shoes?

The holes at the side of Converse shoes serve as ventilation ports.

Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside

Those extra holes on the side of your Converse shoes look kind of cute though, but as you now know, they aren’t just for looks even though they add some mystery to the appearance.

Did you know Converse is about the only brand that has them? Imagine being a sneaker freak and wearing your Chuck Taylors all day in the summer without taking them off.

Well, those holes are the reason why you don’t have to. Some of us get sweaty in feet after a while, and some of us have a loathing for wearing socks even though they protect the shoe if we do.

The holes in the shoe allow air to circulate keeping your feet fresh and comfortable. There’s a second use for the holes in this idea of your Converse shoe.

Do all Converse have a star in the middle of the O?

Not all converse has a star in the middle of the O. Since 2018 the company stopped putting a star in the middle of the letter O of Converse.

This bit of information is important for telling a knock-off from the authenticity Converse shoe. What this means is that you can still find Converse shoes with the star in the letters if they were made prior to the year mentioned above.

Many makers of fake shoes will definitely continue to add this detail either because they’re unaware of the change or they are banking on the hope that users will not notice or care about this detail.

So, do not judge the authenticity of the Converse shoe you are buying only by not seeing a star in the letter O.

What are the best ways to know you are buying an Original Converse

Converse shoes are fashionable, durable, and extremely popular sneakers. It is only expected that there would be knockoffs or fake alternatives.

So, how can you tell if the one you are about to purchase is genuine or original? Here are some signs to look out for so you don’t spend your hard-earned money on fakes.

Check the store’s reputation

This is the first thing you have to do before shoveling out money to purchase these iconic shoes. You want to know if this store you are buying from is an authorized dealer of Converse shoes.

Converse added a store locator tool that now allows you to find a reputable shop to purchase their products near your location. If you chose to purchase from online shops then consider reading through the reviews of the vendor.

Those reviews say a lot. Don’t be deceived by pictures, scamming vendors can take photos from Pinterest. But from online stores like Amazon, Zappos, or Nordstrom.

Check the price

Converse shoes have a price range. Lower prices raise suspicion. Original Chuck Taylors on Amazon, for example, vary in price. The lowest is about $70 for the high-tops.

If the seller is advertising anything lesser than this, alarms should go off in your mind. Except of course if it is stated that there’s a promo going on, or the seller is offering discounts.

Where it is manufactured

You can tell the Converse sneakers you are about to purchase are genuine by the location where it is made.

There are only 4 countries on the planet where authentic Converse shoes are made of. They are; Vietnam, China, India, and Indonesia.

If the Converse shoe you bought or are about to purchase is made anywhere else other than these places, the shoes are likely to be fakes or knockoffs.

So, before you sign off your money for that purchase make certain the shoes will originate out of any of those countries.

Check the packaging

Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside

The packaging can give a genuine Converse away. Original Converse shoes are encased in a properly labeled box. Converse shoe boxes usually have the look, you can’t miss it.

They are usually black boxes with brown stripes at the bottom. The wordmark and logo are all over it – on the top, the front, and inside the covers and bottom of the box.

There should be displayed on the side of the box information about the shoes—size, style, color, bar code, and QR code. The box is packed with tissue wrapping and sometimes, stuffing papers in the shoes.

Check the logo

The logo of the star on Converse shoes no longer appears in the middle of the letter O. So if there’s a star in the letter O of the Converse you bought then you likely bought a counterfeit one.

If you ordered a Chuck Taylor, it should have the logo patch on both inner ankles. If the logo is on the outside of the ankle the shoe is surely fake.

As said before the patch is on the inner ankles because Converse was protecting the ankle of basketball players back in the day.

The logo is usually a white printed patch with the words CONVERSE ALL STAR and the name Chuck Taylor written like a signature. There’s a five-sided star in the middle.

Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside

It is different on monochromatic versions of the shoe on which the logo and the words are all featured in 3-D and in the same color as the shoes. On low-top versions of Converse shoes, the logo and words are printed on the tongue of the shoe.

It is neatly sewn in the tongue, CONVERSE is written in white against a red background and ALL STAR in navy blue and the star logo separating the two of them. This color combination is only used on the white shoes though.

Why Is the Converse Logo on the Inside
The Converse logo patch on the tongue of Low-Top Converse sneakers

The red versions of the Converse shoes feature the rectangular patch in white and black.

White and black logo patch on a red Converse Low-top sneakers

The patch on the heel

The rubber patch with the Converse logo on the back of the shoe

Every authentic Chuck Taylor Converse shoe has a rubber patch on the heel. The rectangular patch features the words CONVERSE in red, then below that is the ALL, followed by the logo of the five-sided star, and then the word STAR, all in navy blue color.

Check to make sure that the print is straight and the patch is molded properly to follow along the curve of the back of the shoe.

Another sign of a fake Converse shoe is excess glue around the edges of the rubber patch. If you find glue showing along the edges it means the Converse shoe is fake.

For monochrome Converse shoes, the logos on the back of the shoe are 3-D.

The logo patch on the heel of a monochromatic Converse shoe

Check the tongue

The patch under the tongue of Converse shoe showing information about the shoe

The tongue of an original Converse shoe would have a patch that contains information about the shoe.

It shows where the shoe was manufactured, the model number, size, the material the shoe is made of, the QR code, and unique serial numbers for each shoe.

The sewing on the edges of the tongue too should be zigzaggy. A crooked one means the shoe is likely fake.

Check the toe caps and guards

The toe guards of the Converse shoe showing the diagonal lines and the diamond shaped patterns

The toe caps of genuine Converse shoes are made of rubber, they are aligned perfectly and parallel to the last shoelaces. The toe caps on knockoffs are usually bigger.

The toe guards of authentic Converse are solid, they have diagonal lines followed by diamond-shaped patterns in the middle and smaller ones at the bottom. They would be neat and devoid of excess glue.

Check the soles

Picture showing the Converse wordmark on the insole of the shoe

The soles of the original Converse shoes are the same color as the lining in the shoe. And the Converse wordmark is written on the inner sole in navy blue color.

Also, check the outer sole of the shoe for the waffle pattern that is peculiar to Converse shoes. It is actually a combination of many shapes; diagonal lines, diamond shapes, horizontal lines, and crisscrossed lines.

Picture showing the waffle shape design, diagonal lines under the shoe

The original Converse shoes also have underneath, in a little corner of the outsole, the logo molded into the rubber. You’d see the CONVERSE ALL STAR and the five-sided star too. It should look like the photo below:

The converse logo molded into the bottom of the shoe

Check the eyelets

Original Converse eyelets are neatly arranged on the uppers. While a knockoff Converse has polished eyelets, the ones on Converse shoes are matte. And they don’t come off easily.

There’s no reason to miss the tricks of knockoff Converse shoes. Avoid the embarrassing pain of buying fake Converse shoes by following all the tips provided above.

You can’t stop makers of fake shoes from carrying on business, but you can protect yourself from wasting money on such products.


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