My Converse Closet: How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

I love and talk about shoes and sneakers the way certain folks talk about cars, football, and some favorite hobby they have.

I love beautiful legs, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you are wearing the shoes with. Converse shoes are my favorite and I have 6 pairs of them in different colors, shapes, and conditions of wear.

As I’ll show you, converse shoes are one of a kind, there are no shoes like them on this green earth.

How many pairs of Converse do you have? (Here’s Mine)

Chuck Taylor Sneakers

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

The shoe that baptized me into the great brotherhood of converse shoe lovers was the Chuck Taylor Converse shoe. I was reading through a tabloid in those days when I saw a photo of Gwen Stefani in LA wearing a Chuck Taylor.

It was more than impulse buying or being bitten by the American consumerism bug that’s being going around. It was love at first sight. I just loved the unabashed way those sneakers could fit in with anything you put them under.

Chuck Taylors was a statement shoe, it was a character in my own movie, like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chuck Taylor Converse shoes have you a contrary voice, no matter who you are, or where you live, you could be and represent a movement that was going in a different direction from everyone else.

And that isn’t a bad thing. If you want a chuck Taylor converse shoe, click here.

All-Star Converse Men’s Shoe

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

I soon learned that Chucks were initially high-tops. That before 1962, converse made them so they were snug around your ankle.

Folks wore them with bell bottoms and rode slates in the street. A little Google search yielded vintage photos of lanky kids and adolescents all around the country, in subway areas, and wide boulevards rocking this black and white jewel.

I envied those folks, they were the pioneers of an immortal shoe brand. They were to witness the birth of a sneaker that defined the path of other sneakers. So I did what anyone would do – the right thing.

I went and bought the All-Star Converse shoe. All black, with a piece of a star of the American flag pasted on the side.

I loved this sneaker because it allowed you to juggle between casual and semi-formal. I’ve worn it with a pair of jeans and I’ve also had to wear it with a jacket to a dance.

The All-Star converse shoe can never be wrong with whatever you wear it with.

You can buy it HERE.

The Converse One-Star Suede OX

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

This is one from my collection of iconic shoes. I love to wear this with cargo combat three-quarter pants. Few shoes are as iconic as this One Star converse shoe.

I bought this one three years ago when it started to seem my friends were showing off with their newest brands. Call it a fashion revolution if you will, but I’ll call it a fashion upheaval; the shapes sneakers take these days, the bulky feel, excess collar foam, and high heels.

I just find them limiting. Meanwhile, the One Star Suede Ox (on Amazon) is a liberating breath of fresh air for me every time I wear it on the same outfits my friends wear their baddie sneakers with.

I dare say the 60s and 70s design had more style than what we see these days. Folks can have their choice though, each to his own. But check out this shoe, tell me it isn’t timeless?

Well, I digressed a little back there. Now, one cool thing I love about the Ox is the high-shine sidewall. I love how it creates a contrast that shines in the sun, drawing attention to the uniqueness of the whole of my outfit.

No matter how simplistic I dress up, I come off as being classy, my swag is timeless, you can’t pin me to an era. And oh, the red color never seems to go out of touch even if faded after a while.

Red is red, it never becomes anything else with time. Blue can become sky blue. Ever heard of a red-something? Nope.

Chuck Taylor All-Leather Leather High-Top

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

I bought this classic leather high-top the same month I got the Optical White 8 which I’m going to tell you about shortly. Now back to the leather hightop. A friend told me about a yard sale in my neighborhood so we went together.

He wanted some home stuff, I wanted nothing at the time but I did carry some cash. I thought I might find some old books that’ll like to read so I joined in, walking around checking out stuff when I spotted these converse shoes hanging from the garage door by their strings.

They looked so good I didn’t want to ask the guy doing the yard sale, he was big and looked like a red neck. But I asked anyway. Those were for his cousin who moved away. But I could have them if I wanted.

He reminded me they were classics, I pointed at my feet, he chuckled. We struck a deal and wore those shoes out of there. I loved the shoes from the start because unlike garment upper converse they never become sloppy.

And they were easy to maintain as well. I mean, it is 100% leather. Classic at its best. I wear them with jackets and pants, all shapes of jeans except skinny ones.

Converse Lo Top Optical White 8

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

Converse optical whites are a variant of the Ox, in my opinion, that is. They are what a time traveler would make if they traveled back in time to the 60s from the year 2021.

And I don’t suppose folks back then would be so shocked to see the result of an iconic makeover. Safe to say, the converse company desired to step into the modern era with this design but did it carefully in order not to lose the oomph that is the retro converse tradition.

I wear the White 8 on weekends mostly. I love the smart feeling of a runner that the zero drop gives. Standing in a White 8 is like preparing to go for a trail run but without the compulsion of having to do it.

With this shoe, I know if push came to shove, it would carry me on wings. I love how when I’m wearing the White 8, I can wriggle my feet, cross my legs and have eyes from across the room follow the movement.

I call this shoe the pristine Corvette of sneakers. And oh, converse made the hightop version of the shoe. I’m getting that one next.

Converse Men’s Escape OX Casual shoe

How Many Pairs of Converse I Have

I personally call this the One Star sneaker. It’s written on the side of the shoe by the way. I got this fairly recently when I saw it on display in a shop. I paid $40 for those tough guys. Converse finally let go with this one.

They joined us in the 21st century and said hi with this powerhouse of a sneaker. It kind of reminds you of the modern era stitch reinforced construction for durability.

We have these Nikes, Adidas, and the Pumas looking hunky and things. We wear them with skinny jeans. Nope, I don’t begrudge this acceptance of the bludgeoning times. It is great to see the shoe meet the modern designs halfway.

I love this shoe because it deviates from the age-old norm that converse is known for, it has a padded collar for extra cool comfort.

And I’ve been really active in the past months so the rubber outsole gives traction. I like when I walk on slippery tiles and it makes this squishy noise like Jordans do on the court.

How many pairs of shoes are too many

You should have at least seven pairs of shoes, provided that you go out every day

But if you spend most of your time indoors – if you do a remote job like most have been doing since the pandemic hit – seven pairs is just about enough for a couple of years.

However, much also depends on who you are, what kind of work you do. Some professions require that you have as many pairs as possible. Folks in showbiz often have to appear before cameras in new outfits several times a week or month.

Every outfit goes with a matching shoe. And they often have to change outfits too, so they’d be changing shoes as well. Some women have up to 10 pairs. And we’ve seen celebrity rappers with a whole boutique of shoes in their homes.

I have just 6 pairs of kicks to serve me for a quarter of the year. Making a choice of what shoes to wear can be a drag when you have only a few.

The more shoes you have the more excited you feel like hanging out. For guys, I recommend having at least 7 pairs and ladies should have at least 10 pairs.

How long should a pair of Converse last?

A pair of converse shoes should last for at least two years, max. Variations in the lifetime of shoes are influenced heavily by the user of the shoe.

Converse shoes have been known to last longer than that. Several factors increase or decrease the lifespan of converse shoes. They include:


The lifespan of converse shoes can be maxed out if the shoe is genuine. If you are unlucky and purchase a knockoff version of the shoes, then expect to get even lesser breath from it.


The lifetime value of the shoe is greatly reduced if you have one with a size smaller than your feet. Your feet can wear the shoe down in just a few months. The points between the outsole and the uppers would strain, the toe front of the shoe will begin to have holes.

Pronation or supination

An over-pronounced footfall as a result of pronation or supination wears out the rubber outsole faster. The parts where the pronounced footfall hits will begin to thin out than the rest of the sole, soon it will lead to holes.

How can you make Converse shoes last longer

This I’m so interested in, taking of an iconic shoe. Consider it a honor bestowed upon you to do this. Now, how do you take care of the king of sneakers?

Tips here:

Buy Genuine

Yes, by all means, buy genuine converse shoes. I can’t stress this warning more. You don’t want to spend your precious time pampering a fugazy, now do you? You can save up to buy an authentic one-off any of the links in this article.

Wash with baking soda

You heard that right. Baking soda and some detergent is all you need. You have to get this right so listen to this, it’s uncomplicated.

  • Pour baking soda into a small container
  • Add a little detergent
  • Add little water to make a paste
  • Get an old toothbrush that’s out commission
  • Dab your Converse shoe all over with warm water
  • Now brush with the paste of baking soda all over
  • Rinse
  • Brush with more baking soda until you are satisfied the king is alright
  • Stuff the shoe with old newspaper to keep it’s shape up
  • Dry out in the sun, if it’s winter where you live then you might have to wait longer for it to dry. Resist the urge to put your shoe in a dryer. It will be the death of his royal highness

Air your shoes

You need to let your shoes get some air. Have mercy on them, on your neighbors and don’t let the shoes stink up the neighborhood. Do you like to wear your shoes without socks? I do that sometimes.

The cons of wearing shoes without socks is it fouls it up. A little air on a bright day should take care of that. Do this as well after a long them in your Converse shoes.

How much is a pair of Converse shoes

Converse shoes should be big bucks shoes but for some strange reasons, they aren’t. Beats me. But it’s okay, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this are sneakers to treat with the utmost respect. One thing though, men’s converse shoes are less costly than females.

Chuck Taylor I told you about costs $32.30. The All-Star converse with the star on the ankle is $70.

Converse Suede Ox is $35.99. Chuck Taylor hightop is $60.

Converse Lol top optical white 8 is $74. Converse Escape Ox is $31.99.

Female versions of the Chuck Taylor is $126.

Remember to buy genuine converse shoes, it’s the least you can do to dignify this iconic brand.

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