Skechers Foamies vs Crocs: Which Is Better?

With the consistency of both shoes, people can’t help but ask what is the major difference between both the Skechers Foamies and the Crocs shoes.

This happens to be one of the most asked questions that many people who have in fact worn either or even both shoes tend to ask.

The major difference between these two brands is that the Skechers Foamies is a recommended shoe by Podiatrists by the virtue of being a great supporting shoe for different foot ailments, while Crocs although offers great feet support, is not a recommendable shoe by the Podiatrists.

Skechers Foamies vs Crocs: Which is better?

The Skechers Foamies is better. This is because it is molded in different styles to meet the specific needs and requirements of both men and women.

With children and old folks not being left out in the consideration and presentation of having a better feeling of comfort and pre-eminent protection and support from the foot.

They have shoes made for walking, running, gardening and even shoe you can wear to work in the office and other places and adventures.

The Skechers has grown as a brand well known for the kind of comforting and top-quality shoes it produces. The Skechers Foamies is a colorful, water-friendly, and fun shoe to wear.

Having healthy benefits is one of the outstanding reasons that makes the Skechers Foamies Better than the Crocs.

Major reasons why the Skechers Foamies are better?

Skechers Foamies vs Crocs
Skechers Foamies Clog

The Skechers Foamies (like the Women’s Untamed Foamies on Amazon) has proven to be a better shoe than most of the shoes in the market in so many ways.

Comfortable shoes

With the Skechers Foamies, you are bound to discover an Ultimate solution to comfort. The kind of comfort the Skechers Foamies gives is the kind that comes with support and protection.

Speaking of support, the Skechers Foamies has arch support that is recommended and certified by the podiatrist.

You are probably wondering the reason that makes the arch support in the Skechers shoes certified unlike the Crocs shoes right?

Well, listen. The Arch support in the Skechers Foamies was developed by bringing, combining, and using the collection of data that is over 20 years old.

You can imagine the amount of correction and new developments and also improvements are done on the arch support that the Skechers Foamies has embedded in it.

Skechers are also more supportive with their easily removable insoles

Another interesting feature to know about the Skechers Foamies is its supportive and removable insoles.

Although the Crocs (like the Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog on Amazon) has the same feature in some of their products, the Skechers Foamies’ well-cushioned insole wins in this case.

The Skechers Foamies offers a systematic and well-prescribed comfortable walking experience. Generally, Skechers products are known for being comfortable and supportive.

Skechers Foamies are more breathable and functions better

They are breathable and flexible plus they are functional and durable. Being long-lasting even with regular usage is one of the reasons people tend to choose the Skechers Foamies over the Crocs.

The crocs have a history of having the heel eat up even before you enjoy the value for your money. Crocs manufacture a lot of great shoes too.

The crocs are also known for producing comfortable shoes just like the Skechers with almost the same features, just that the Crocs do not live up to the expectations of most people that purchase it with the intention and idea they had in mind when making the purchase.

Similarities between Skechers Foamies and Crocs

Skechers Foamies vs Crocs

Because both the Skechers Foamies and the Crocs are good shoe manufacturing companies that both have the wellbeing of their customers in mind, there is bound to be some common similarities between the method of design and the way they both do their business.

In this part of the article, we will be enumerating a few of the similarities between both shoes.

  • Arch Support
  • Breathability
  • Durability and functionality
  • Design

Arch Support

The arch support feature is one thing both shoes have in common which is a wise decision made by both manufacturing companies in the sense that it made both companies competitive.

When getting a new shoe for yourself, regardless of the main reason behind you wanting to get them as it could be for work or home use alone or even sports.

The important thing to consider is how will the shoes affect or contribute to your life health-wise and comfort-wise.

The arch support has been an important feature that comes at a high rate of recommendation because it helps in ways beyond limited understanding.

It is very vital and it is one thing both companies have ensured that their products have.


A breathable shoe goes a long way in fighting off odor and keeping the feet refreshed and cool.

Take a look at the Skechers Foamies and the Crocs. You can hardly tell them apart because of the holes they both have in them.

These visible holes on them make it possible for air to circulate and keep the feet cool and your shoes odorless.

Durability and Functionality

The Skechers Foamies and the Crocs shoes look like they are made for indoor use only. In fact, you may have no idea that you can use either of the shoes to go about your normal activities.

You can wear either one to work, for a walk, some of the designs of these are convenient for running and other adventures as the case of need may be.

They are very functional and they both last long. Their durability is compared to none in the market yet, unless of course between them both.


Both companies have so far emerged with designs that left both products from individual companies looking the same and indistinguishable.

The Skechers Foamies has a back strap that helps keep the feet in place and holds the shoe together in order to hinder the feet from slipping out.

It has a thickened toe box for protection against falling objects and tripping. It also has holes all around it, which is a masterpiece design because it makes the shoe air-conditioned.

Of all these features mentioned for the Skechers Foamies, there is not a single one that the Crocs do not possess.

Both stand at the shoulder to shoulder level with each brand leaving the reviews and popularity of its brand to make the most difference between them.

Differences Between Skechers Foamies and Crocs

The difference between competitive companies like this is sometimes not noticeable.

Most times especially in cases concerning shoes like the Skechers Foamies and the Crocs, they are competitive brands that try to maintain a standard for their respective products.

Nevertheless, we will table some key stats that make the difference between these competitive shoes.

  • Skechers Foamies are more stylish shoes
  • Skechers Foamies heels last longer than Crocs
  • Skechers Foamies are more on the high price than Crocs
  • Skechers Foamies are Podiatrists certified clogs

Skechers Foamies are more stylish shoes

The difference between the Skechers Foamies and Crocs can in most cases be seen from the styling of both shoes. For instance, the Crocs is a comfortable shoe no doubt, but it is more like for the old folks.

As a young adult not old, wearing the Crocs to hang out with your peer might leave you looking odd, the Skechers Foamies in this case is the best shoe when it comes to styling.

It is comfortable, it is sleek and it will leave you making that classic expression even in the midst of your peers and the old folks.

Skechers Foamies heels last longer than Crocs

Setting a standard for how long a shoe can last is something that lays totally on the shoulders of the esteemed customers who have actually purchased either of these shoes, worn and can tell the fact if one is long-lasting than the other.

In this part of the article, after thorough research in regards to both brands, the Skechers Foamies tends to have an upper hand when compared with the Crocs.

Crocs heel tends to chop off with regular use, this will leave your feet misbalanced in them in no time causing injuries like the Plantar Plate Tear and the likes.

The Skechers on the other hand is said to be able to withstand regular use and maintain a standard of offering protection and comfort. in the case of durability, the Skechers Foamies is proven to be better.

Skechers Foamies are more on the high price than Crocs

This is one of the most asked questions in regards to any shoe. Customers are most concerned about how much the shoe cost in most cases than knowing its feature.

In this part, the pricing of the Skechers Foamies and the Crocs varies, for instance. You can get Skechers Foamies for as low as $37 and above, while the Crocs start from a range of $25 and above.

That is of course excluding order charges as each destination has its own charge fixed to it. This is one of the major differences between both shoes and this is very important to note.

Skechers Foamies are Podiatrists certified clogs

This part deals with the medical benefits you stand to gain or be a victim of if you purchase either of the shoes reviewed here.

The Skechers Foamies is recommended by Podiatrists because it provides great support to people suffering from foot ailments, lower back, hip pains, and also knee pains.

You stand to gain comfort from these disturbing pains as the Skechers Foamies is laid with comfortable and soft materials to help ease pains like these.

The Crocs on the other hand are not the best option in the market for anyone with any of the listed problems.

However, the Crocs are also good shoes that can help you recover from minor injuries and they also possess a wide toe box which makes them suitable for people with wide feet and hammertoes.

Why the Comparison between Skechers Foamies and Crocs?

The comparison between both shoes is done in an attempt to answer some of the questions you have in mind that have probably been bothering you and hindering you from purchasing either of the shoes reviewed here.

The Skechers Foamies are great shoes that are highly recommended for various reasons, some of which we have discussed here.

The Crocs too are great shoes. Each has its unique feature and advantage with benefits you stand to gain when you purchase either of them.

After going through the comparison done here, we are sure some doubts and questions have been cleared and answered in your mind, even though we are not certain of the kinds of questions you have in mind.

However, the comparison done here is based on the number of questions asked that tend to return no valuable result, which is why the remedy is taken to make this comparison with the hope of giving you a befitting response.


Skechers has a list of great and wonderful shoes. It is a brand that has come a long way in making great shoes that serve the interest of people like you.

Crocs are not a lazy company also. They have come a long way in giving comfort to their customers.

Both companies have the well-being of their customers in mind. They are both competitive to date.

A better way to look at the comparison result of this review is this way which is that the Skechers is more like the modern version of the crocs.

The Skechers is stylish, durable, and functional. It has all the features that the crocs have and is even better because it does not leave you at loss due to eating up because of regular usage.

The crocs shoes are a great shoe but a number of reviews made by customers who wear the crocs a lot say it eats up quicker than before and easily get reshaped by an excess amount of sunlight.

It is more like the old people version of the Skechers while the young people go for Skechers Foamies. It is important to note that both shoes are great and all serve their individual unique purpose.

After going through this article, we are sure to have helped you make up your mind in getting yourself either or both of the shies reviewed here.


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