Where Are Amoji Clogs Made?

“Where are Amoji clogs made?” Amoji clogs are made in China. It is printed underneath the sole of the shoe.

This has become a popular question among many internet users as people seek to find answers like this to every product they wish to buy.

The main reason people often make this query in search engines is that they equate the quality of most products to their locations of production.

While this is true for some cases, other times, it is plainly a stereotype. For example, the “made in China” tag that most people associate with inferior products, is not always true.

The quality of every product is largely dependent on the material used for their production and the religious adherence to following the steps required for the maximization of the product.

Now this births the ultimate question:

What are Amoji clogs made of?

Where Are Amoji Clogs Made

Amoji clogs are made of the EVA material (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). The EVA material is a naturally occurring stretchy polymer used in making materials that are rubber-like in flexibility and softness.

So, regardless of the location of Amoji production, you should know that it is quality footwear as the Eva material used for the manufacturing process makes it;

  • Flexible
  • Warm
  • Durable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Lightweight


EVA is way softer than any rubber material. This makes it more flexible and comfortable than other shoe designs that are made from rubber.


EVA is not a good conductor of heat. This means your feet are surely going to be in relatively cool conditions. This way, they are not subject to uncomfortable high temperatures, or too cool.


EVA is naturally a durable material due to the fact that it is a  combination of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate.

And as such, it is only logical that Amoji clogs, designed from the said material should last relatively longer than shoes made from other materials with lower quality.


The comfort of every footwear designed for mobility is largely dependent on the extent to which such footwear absorbs shock.

It takes such footwear the ability to compress to a considerable extent and return back to its original form. And these, Amoji clogs are big on, because of their EVA material.

Instead of repeatedly asking “where are Amoji clogs made?” It would pay more to focus on the material used for the design of the clog as this has more effect on the product quantity than the location at which it is made.


EVA is lighter than rubber, this means Amoji clogs (made with EVA) are lighter than every footwear designed with rubber.

And, more often than not, the comfort of a shoe, has a direct link to the weight that the shoe bears.

You may want to ask specifically

How much does Amoji Clogs weigh?

The Amoji clogs weigh as low as 7.34 oz for the size 44, which is the women’s 12 and men’s 10.

They are unbelievably comfortable and lightweight. This is the weight of a pair. This means a single pair weighs as low as 3.67 oz.

The footwear is so comfortable that many people have found reasons to make comparisons between Amoji clogs and the famous Crocs.

Are Crocs better than Amoji?

Crocs are better than Amoji Clogs. And this is because many users that have tried both find Crocs more comfortable.

This doesn’t in any way means Amoji Clogs are bad. Crocs and Amoji are respectively made with Croselite material and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. While both are cool, the croslite material is better.

“Good” and “better” are mostly relative terms. Especially when it comes to products, it is largely dependent on how it satisfies the user and how it is able to meet such a person’s personal needs.

Nonetheless, one product can be said to be better than the other statistically from a wide range of users’ satisfaction. Going by this, Croc is better than Amoji clogs.

That said, are Amoji clogs good?

Amoji clogs are super great. And compared to other shoes, they are very easy to clean.

Amoji offers one of the coolest designs and great features. There are mini bumps on the shoe’s footbed that give your feet therapeutic caress such that you are rarely faced with foot fatigue.

The clogs also come with drainage holes that make sure there is zero chance to have water trapped in the shoe. The sole is Non-Slip. It is made so that you are guaranteed safety and stability.

The toe box area is accommodative and spacious enough. The early designs of the Amoji clogs were initially made just for use around the yard.

However, when users couldn’t contain the comfort they found therein and were using it for other functions, the designers were left with no options other than making other Amoji models that better suffice for those functions – the types that supersede the casual ones.

Are Amoji clogs true to size?

Where Are Amoji Clogs Made

Yes, Amoji clogs are true to size. This means there is no need to size up or size down when making your order.

The shoe can comfortably fit your feet in a way that is not too roomy nor too tight, but cool enough to allow your toes to wiggle in them.

However, sizing up or down by half if you feel you need a roomy or snugger fit is up to you — according to the uniqueness of your feet.

Final words on where Amoji is made

I have had someone ask this question: “where are Amoji clogs made in the US?”  Well, there’s no location assigned for producing Amoji clogs in the US.

Except such people want to pay heavily for copyright infringement. The Amoji brand is intentional about delivering quality to its customers, hence a production location is a delicate decision as they need good production supervision.

If there is one thing you must know, know that production location is not always equal to product quality. Yeah.


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