Vans Doheny vs Authentic: Which Is Better?

Having a good pair of stylish canvas sneakers to go with any of your outfits is a great asset for a stylish look for men.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the most popular brands of stylish sneakers – The Vans Doheny and Authentic.

Both of them are casual skate-style shoes that are great for everyday wear. They also use a lace-up system and each shoe comes in different colors.

The biggest difference between both of them is that the Vans Doheny has a crepe rubber look. It is a low-profile skate-style shoe with deck shoe-inspired stitching. It is usually a favorite of skaters.

If you are someone that has a sense of style and prefers the comfort of their shoes, you will want to go with Vans Authentic, which is a low-top skate shoe with a noticeable higher profile.

People have tried to compare both of them with their looks and usages, but in this article, we’ll go farther in comparison by going deeper into their histories, uses, similarities and differences.

What you should know about Vans Doheny

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

The Vans Corporation was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren.

The two joined together with two other partners, Serge D’Elia, who had previously run a shoe company, and Gordon Lee, who was an entrepreneur and film producer.

They set up shop in the old Oxnard Shoe Co. building, which had been abandoned for years. This building offered them much more manufacturing space than they had ever been able to find.

With the $100,000 grant from Serge D’Elia and the $50,000 grant from Gordon Lee, they were able to travel to Europe to sell their shoes, which were previously only sold in the US.

In 1969, Vans made their European debut as the first U.S.-based shoe company to offer a European size and last.

At the time, Vans had a modest assortment of about 25 styles of shoes. They became an obsession for Southern California skateboarders and in 1978, Vans started designing and producing shoes specifically for skateboarding

Vans Doheny sneakers are known for their West Coast style, beloved by California locals, and a staple for any wardrobe.

Vans Doheny sneakers became popular after being introduced in 2009. Available in black and white, these durable, vintage-inspired high-tops with pre-worn black soles and soft nubuck uppers have been making a strong comeback in the shoe industry.

What you should know about Vans Authentic sneakers

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

In 1966, a waffle design sketched by the Van Doren Rubber Company was found in the file of a patent they had filed in 1975.

The sketch was later associated with the Van Doren shoe company, which is known for its waffle-patterned sole.

Named after the original contractor, the Authentic sneaker was originally released in 1966 and was the very first sneaker produced by Vans.

The shoe remains an iconic item in the fashion industry, from its original style to the many different models of the authentic sneaker.

the authentic sneakers were modeled after the Van Doren Rubber Company surf shoes, which were made from a water-resistant vulcanized rubber sole with a leather upper. The Authentics was originally made from canvas and leather.

The authentic sneakers were made in a variety of colors, some of which were exclusive to certain stores.

In the mid-1970s, Authentic sneakers were made more durable and a cheaper version called the “style #38” was created.

Why you should wear Vans Doheny sneakers?

How many times have you worn Vans Doheny sneakers and wished you had worn some other sneakers? If you ever have, then you’ve probably realized that the Vans Doheny sneakers are great for all seasons.

They come in different colors and patterns to fit any outfit. Whether it’s a long dress or short shorts, you can find the perfect pair to go with it.

They also come with a rubber sole that makes it easy to walk in. But the best part about Vans Doheny sneakers is how they are stain-resistant.

They are not hard to clean or anything like that. All you need to do is wipe them off with a damp cloth, and they’re good as new.

Vans Doheny sneakers are some of the most popular sneakers on the market. A lot of people prefer that they are slip-on since this means you can easily slip them on or off with no hassle.

The reason for the popularity of these sneakers is that they are very comfortable. Vans are a very well-known brand, so people generally find that they are a dependable choice in footwear.

Vans Doheny Sneakers are what all the hype is about. They come in a variety of colors and designs like Navy, Red, and Custard. You can wear these sneakers with just about any pair of jeans, tennis shoes, or sandals.

They are comfortable and do not hurt the feet. they also have a water-resistant upper.

Vans Doheny sneakers are ideal to wear during the Spring and Summer months and they offer a comfortable, reliable option to wear during these warm outdoor months.

Vans Doheny sneakers are also very durable. In fact, they can last up to 3 years without any repair.

Why you should wear Vans Authentic sneakers?

The Vans Authentic sneaker is a timeless piece of footwear that has been a part of popular culture for decades. With their classic look and perfect canvas upper, they are the perfect shoe to go with any outfit.

Vans is a company that donates a pair of sneakers to a child in need for every pair purchased. They are easily identifiable and come in a variety of color schemes.

The Vans Authentic sneaker is made of canvas with vulcanized rubber soles, which allow for maximum comfort and is slip-resistant for dependable traction on slippery surfaces.

They are the perfect shoe for outdoor activities such as hiking, skateboarding, and going to the beach. Vans Authentic sneakers are popular amongst many cultures, including Hispanic, Latin American, and African American.

Vans Authentic is a great everyday sneaker. It’s a low-profile sneaker appropriate for any outfit.

Made with vulcanized construction, Vans Authentic weathers the test of time and gets better with age.  The Vans Authentic is durable, comfortable, and classic.

Vans Authentic sneakers are the perfect choice to get out on the town. With such a comfortable, stylish design, you’ll be doing just fine in these. these light, fabric sneakers are not only perfect for the day to day.

It is so easy to just slip them on and go when you want to go. The fabric upper will keep your feet cool and dry for the entire day. With this type of shoe, you should have no reason to be worried about foot pain.

Authentic sneakers come in many styles like checkered, striped, marine, and plaid.

Comparison table between Vans Doheny and Authentic

Features Vans Doheny Authentic
Sizes Available in various sizing options suitable for everyone Available in various sizing options suitable for everyone
Color Available in a variety of colors Available in a variety of colors
Toe protection Designed to be worn for a long time, excellent toe protection Designed to be worn for a long time, excellent toe protection
Flexibility They are flexible They are flexible
Outsoles Flexible rubber outsoles Flexible rubber outsoles
Made up of Canvas, Suede Canvas, leather
Resoling Sewn-on soles, easy to resole Sewn-on soles, easy to resole
Insoles Durable foam Durable foam
Break-in Takes a long time to break-in Takes some hours to break-in
Value Between $60-$95 Approximately $55 or more
Looks High profile looks with numerous designs Low profile looks, minimal design

Discussion of similarities between Vans Doheny and Authentic sneakers


Vans Doheny shoes have a very similar design to the Vans Authentic sneakers with the same lace-up design, heel and toe detail.

They are available in a light stone which has a white lace section with a brown heel, light stone with a brown lace section and a brown heel, and light stone with white lace.

They are also available in a dark loden with brown lace and a brown heel, dark loden with white lace and a brown heel, and dark loden with brown lace and a brown heel.

Made for athletic activities and comfortable

They are both comfortable and easy to slip on and are worn mainly for athletic activities. They are both made for the outdoor lifestyle and have mesh inserts that provide breathability.

Leather used

The Authentics and Dohenys are made of soft leather and the tops are unscuffed to maintain the natural look


They both have rubber outsoles that are slip-resistant.

Waterproof upper

They both have uppers that are waterproof


They are available in different sizes for everyone which make them a great choice for people

Usage of both of these boots

  • If you’re looking for a versatile shoe, go for the Vans Doheny
  • For a casual day at the beach, opt for the Vans Doheny
  • During summer, Vans Doheny is the best for you
  • When going for a run, use Vans Authentic
  • When going for a hike, Vans Authentic is a great choice
  • If you’re an athlete, opt for Vans Authentic
  • If you’re looking for an everyday wear shoe, use Vans Authentic

Top 3 Vans Doheny sneakers

Image Title Features Pros Cons Price Buy
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Vans Women’s Doheny Platform Sneaker Uppers are vulcanized and the midsoles are rubber for comfort Excellent for walking on flat surfaces they are boxy and not particularly comfortable $94.90 Buy on Amazon
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Van’s Men’s Doheny Decon Suede sneakers Double-Stitched Upper for Durability Vulcanized construction that offers increased comfort. very narrow foot width $81.44 Buy on Amazon
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Vans Women’s Doheny Decon Canvas Sneaker Metal Eyelets They are very comfortable Sometimes fits too tight $129.50 Buy on Amazon

 Top 3 Authentic sneakers

Image Title Features Pros Cons Price Buy
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Vans U Authentic, Unisex Adults’ Sneakers Canvas upper with a durable Rubber sole Has Arch Support for comfortability White crease forms on top of the shoes $110 Buy on Amazon
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Vans Women’s Authentic(tm) Core Classics Trainers Rubber outsole with cushioned insole Has Arch Support for comfortability Runs big $99 Buy on Amazon
Vans Doheny vs Authentic Vans Unisex Authentic Black/Rubber Skate Shoe Canvas upper in a casual skate sneaker style Very comfy Runs small $60 Buy on Amazon

FAQS on Vans Doheny

Are Vans Doheny sneakers of good quality?

The Vans Doheny sneakers are an excellent choice if you are looking for a pair of durable and good-quality shoes

Are Vans Doheny sneakers handmade?

The Vans Doheny sneakers are not handmade. They are manufactured in China.

Do Vans Doheny sneakers run large?

The answer is NO, they don’t run large

It depends on the person and their shoe size. Many people have Vans Doheny sneakers that have the same style but different sizes.

There is also no way of telling how large a customer’s foot is from looking at their height, as some people with small feet are taller and vice versa.

Do Vans Doheny run big or small?

Vans Doheny sneakers are generally true to size.

FAQS on Vans Authentic

Are Vans Authentic sneakers worth the money?

Authentic sneakers are worth the money because they’re durable and made with high-quality materials. They have a huge reputation among teens because of their stylish look and comfortable feel.

Are Vans Authentic sneakers waterproof?

The Vans authentic sneakers are not waterproof. They are made from canvas and suede, and the soles are made from rubber. The materials will not keep water out of the shoe when it rains or if you step in a puddle.

How are Vans Authentic sneakers sized?

There are two sizes of Vans Authentic sneakers: the standard size and the wide width size. The standard size is perfect for most people, but if you have wider feet, then the wide width size would be a better fit for you.

The Vans Authentic sneakers come in a variety of sizes. The sizes are as follows:

  • Men’s: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Women’s: 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5
  • Youth: 3.5 – 5

Are Vans Authentic shoes also for women?

These shoes are for both men and women. But they’re popularly worn among men.

Conclusion: My verdict

We’ve gone through the most deciding factors which could affect your choice and I reckon you’d have made a choice for which one you prefer between Vans Doheny and Authentic sneakers.

Your choice should be based on what you need the shoes for.

If you need a good quality, versatile shoe, suitable for summer and for running errands around the beach, the Vans Doheny should be your choice.

Meanwhile, if you prefer an athletic shoe, suitable for everyday wear, which can also be used for hikes and runs, opt for Vans Authentic sneakers.

I hope you make the best choice!


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