Can You Wear Vans to Gym?

Yes. The bouncy, cushioning qualities of some Vans shoes make them suitable to be used in the gym.

Also, the lightweight feature of Vans and the flat sole are major features needed for certain exercises in the gym. You should note though, that some Vans shoes cannot be used for all gym exercises.

In this article, I’ll outline the things to consider on the side of Vans shoes and that of the gym, the gym activities that vans are good for, and examples of vans sneakers that can be used in the gym.

Reasons why Vans is suitable for the gym

Having looked at the things to consider while using vans for the gym on the part of the gym, let’s now consider the parts of the shoes. What should you look out for when considering using vans for gym activities.

Durability and lightweight

These are very good features that make vans shoes suitable for the gym. The gym activities you need to do in the gym with Vans require lightweight shoes so you can be able to lift yourself easily while in the gym.

Vans shoes are made out of strong material, in which the upper side of most vans are made with canvas. This makes it work well for activities like lifting in the gym.

Vans are padded

Yet another thing to consider is the fact that most vans are padded on the ankle. This provides you enough protection for the gym activities that it is needed for.

When thinking of using vans in the gym, look out for the ones with padded ankles.

Signature waffle rubber soles

This is made for durability and strength. Another thing to note is that Vans have no-slip soles. These are good for some gym exercises.

Also, note that Vans are made with a toe box at the tip of the shoes and a lateral seam. You can easily move your toes in the toe box and pin your toes to the ground for certain exercises in the gym.

Removable footbed

Vans brand of shoes comes with a removable footbed that you easily clean and insert back.

So, if you want to avoid sweat smell while in the gym, you can use vans shoes where you can remove the footbed and wash whenever you like.

Gym activities you should avoid with Vans shoes

When using Vans shoes in the gym, they are some activities you should not partake in as they may not be suitable for vans sneakers.


This gym exercise involves bending of the toes and it requires that the foot be moved away from one spot to another. Vans shoes are made with flat toes and are not suitable for this very exercise.

When you get to the gym, avoid this kind of activity when on vans. It will be dangerous to your safety if you wear vans to partake in this exercise.

Calf exercises

Calf exercises should be totally avoided as they often involve the toes being bent in order to activate the calf muscles.

Calf exercises like jump rope, standing wall, downward dog, seated calf raise, calf stretch, and so on, should be avoided when using vans to the gym.

Vans has a tipped toe space and it’s flat, it is only good for some gym activities that I will mention later in the course of this article, but for exercises like calf exercises, don’t try using vans sneakers. You will definitely regret using vans for it.

Agility exercises

You will have a terrible landing if you choose to use vans while doing any jumping activity in the gym.

Some of the agility exercises you should avoid engaging in are jump box drills, lateral ply metric jumps, and dot drills.

In fact, vans can only be used for the exercises I’m going to mention later. So, anything other than that, note that they should be avoided.

What gym activities are Vans good for?

There are only a few gym activities that you can use Vans for. The truth is, vans are not the best shoes to use for these activities, but as I said earlier, if you are just starting out in these activities and you are on a low budget, then Vans is a good place to start.

Lifting exercises

This happens to be the only kind of exercise you can use vans for in the gym. Lifting exercises involve lifting weights and these exercises can be done on a flat surface.

That is where the flat sole of vans comes in. People who cannot afford sneakers,  use their barefoot to do these exercises. Some people are already used to using barefoot for lifting.

And it’s still very okay to do so. But, if you really need to use shoes, I’ll recommend you use vans. Although, a lot of reviews show that converse is preferable. But, remember that you don’t have to spend so much on vans.

There are only two lifting exercises that can be done with Vans. These are deadlifts and squats.


This kind of weight lifting involves the lifting of the weight from the floor to the hip level. Engaging in this kind of activity demands a flat sneaker.

As we all know, most Vans are flat. This feature gives it leverage over other shoes when it comes to deadlifts.

Another thing to consider is the toe space in vans. The tip of the shoe is spaced in a way that the toes can comfortably grip on the floor while performing deadlifts.

You cannot perform deadlifts if the sole of your shoe is slippery. You can imagine what would happen. It is very dangerous to use sneakers that cannot hold firm to the ground when performing deadlifts.

Vans shoes have no-slip soles and you are safe in them. This is recommended for those just starting out in weight lifting.


This is another lifting exercise that you can engage in while using vans. This is an exercise in which a person who is standing lowers himself to a position in which the torso is erect and the knees are bent deeply, and then rises to an upright position.

In weight lifting, this is done while carrying weight. Squats exercise is not just done at a squat, it involves the repetition of the squats as fast as you want it for as long as you can.

That is why this kind of gym exercise requires the use of lightweight shoes and flat ones. Again, Vans is a good pick for this exercise.

Vans may not be the best sneaker, but, as I said, it’s a good place to start, not the best place to remain. While doing squats, you need your feet to be firm on the floor and vans have made provision for that in the toe box.

4 best Van sneakers suitable for the gym

Having known the gym activities that vans are good for, you might be wondering what vans to use while performing these activities.

I’ll share with you 4 good vans sneakers you can use for lifting and why you should use them.

Vans Authentic

Can You Wear Vans to Gym

It has a flat sole that is actually a great feature for lifting. This Vans shoe is 100% synthetic. This particular color is red and it is fanciful.

You do not only wear just a sneaker to the gym, but you can also go on the fashion side by wearing red pants with them to match.

It has a lace-up closure where you can adjust the strap to fit you. Lifting exercises demand that your shoes hold firm to your feet, you can achieve that by adjusting the lace. Let me also add that it is less expensive.

Vans U Authentic

Can You Wear Vans to Gym

Vans Authentic is usually cushioned with a memory foam material and this is an example of a sneaker you can use in the gym. This shoe is 100% synthetic.

It also has a lace-up closure for adjustable fitting, where you can adjust as you desire. As you know, this is important when lifting in the gym.

It has a canvas upper and a durable rubber sole and you need what is durable for the gym. The well-cushioned insole and textile lining enable comfort and breathability, so it makes sense to wear this in the gym.

This Vans shoe is made for both men and women and it is suited for both genders.

Vans Men’s Sk8-Hi(TM) Core Classic

Can You Wear Vans to Gym

This Vans shoe has suede and canvas upper which is suitable for the gym. This sneaker is actually great for skate exercises, but can also be used for lifting.

This shoe also has double stitching and flat laces. The double stitching enables it to last long and stay strong while being used.

Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers Sneakers

Can You Wear Vans to Gym

This Atwood men’s sneakers is best for the gym. It is 100% suede and has a rubber sole material. This sneaker is also double stitched in the upper part for durability. It has a padded tongue and collar.

Moreso, it has a metal outlet and original waffle outsole. All these features are what make Vans shoes needed in the gym. It also has a flat sole which is best for lifting.


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