Are There Fake Steve Madden Shoes?

Recently there have been so many complaints from customers concerning the rise of fake Steve Madden shoes in the market.

Are there really fake Steve Madden shoes out there? The simple answer is yes, a lot of Steve Madden fakes abound out there, and you have to make adequate checks to confirm that you are buying the right Steve Madden shoe.

In this article, we will consider the different fake Steve Madden shoes and how you can identify them.

How do you identify fake Steve Madden shoes?

When it comes to fake shoes, there are certain trademarks to identify them. It is no different when it is about Steve Madden’s shoes.

Steve Madden shoes have peculiar qualities and the non-original ones can be easily identified when they come without the unique features Steve Madden brand is known for.

There are several ways to identify the fake Steve Madden shoes, some of which are:

Cheaper price

The first thing you will notice when you’re about to purchase a fake pair of Steve Madden shoes is that the price will be way cheaper than the original price found on the Steve Madden website.

A lot of people who do not like to spend much on things would definitely fall prey to this, since the price meets their low budget.

But the consequence is that you will not certainly enjoy those shoes as you would the original Steve Madden product.

If you really want to purchase the unique Steve Madden brand of shoes you’ve probably heard of, then check for the price, if it’s way too lower than the price on the brand’s website, then I will advise that it’s time you flee.

If you see this advanced Steve Madden brand shoe at a cheaper rate, don’t purchase it. See the photo below.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

Another thing you should check for is the weight of the shoes

Steve Madden shoes are known for their characteristic heavyweight. A fake Steve Madden pair of shoes will be lighter in weight.

A lot of customers have complained about this particular feature even on Amazon. So, when you walk into a shoe shop to purchase a pair of Steve Madden shoes, it is wise to weigh the shoes with your hands.

If it seems too light, then it probably might be fake. An easy way to know this is when you have a pair of the original Steve Madden shoes.

By this, you can then compare the weight.

The logo

This is an easier way to identify a fake brand of product. Even if the logo is there, it will be placed in a shady way.

First, identify the real Steve Madden logo inscribed on the original shoes, then you can truly identify the fake ones.

A customer complained about how she ordered Steve Madden shoes and was delivered a pair of shoes with a different brand logo on them.

You should see the logo below on any Steve Madden shoes.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

Also, the inscription on the sole and inside of the shoes will tell

If the inscriptions on the supposedly Steve Madden shoes you purchased are not properly aligned, clear, and evenly spaced, then you got the fake Steve Madden shoes.

Steve Madden brand has a reputation for being consistent in the inscriptions inserted on its shoes.

You will do yourself good if you check for the inscriptions on the bottom and inside of the shoes if they are in sync with the above conditions before you purchase those shoes.

Below is an example.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

Steve Madden labels do not contain typos and the letters do not look like they are reluctant to be placed there

You should beware of this particular sign so that you won’t consider the brand in a bad light. When you find ‘Stve’ instead of ‘Steve’, then you should know that it’s fake.

If that’s not what you want, then don’t buy it or return the shoes if already bought. See the photo below, the fake one says ‘Tropa’ instead of ‘Troopa’.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes


One of the ways of identifying a fake pair of Steve Madden shoes is to check the stitching. Steve Madden real shoes will always have clean and sturdy stitching.

When you find the stitching done in a sloppy, zigzag manner, then it’s probably fake Steve Madden shoes.

Everyone wants to wear shoes with neat stitching and I’m sure that Steve Madden will not intentionally deprive people of that privilege.

It happens that some people who are out there to taint the image of Steve Madden brand will go a long way as to produce a fake brand under the cover of Steve Madden.

Always watch out for these features as shown below.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

Real Steve Madden shoes have hardware soles made from either gunmetal, nickel, or brass

I think you should be able to first know what these features look like so that you can be able to identify when they are absent in the shoes you want to purchase.

The fake Steve Madden shoes will not contain any of these sole materials.

Excess glue in the  shoe

Another way to identify fake Steve Madden shoes is the excess glue graphic you will find on the inside or sole of the shoes.

The shoes are fake if the glue graphic appears too obvious like it wants to be noticed. An original Steve Madden shoe will not have excess glue graphic on it.

This is easy to identify as the graphics would be showy if they are fake. Steve Madden is a standard and unique brand and so, will not produce such shoes with excess glue graphic on them.

This very point is interesting because you can easily spot it even before you order the shoes.

When you see that the Steve Madden shoes you are about to purchase say ‘made in Korea’, please refrain from buying those shoes, they are fake.

Steve Madden shoes are not made in Korea so, they cannot have such inscription on their real product.

This should be a quick knockoff for you to easily find your way out of that shop because if you stay longer, you might purchase a fake pair of Steve Madden shoes.

Inscriptions on the box

The last thing I’ll talk about is the inscriptions on the box that comes with the shoes.

A lady made a complaint online about how she purchased a fake Steve Madden shoes and the first knockoff for her was the inscriptions on the box.

It wasn’t like the Steve Madden inscriptions she had known. So, if you make an online order of Steve Madden shoes and the inscriptions on the box are not Steve Madden logo and labels, then, quickly return them even before you bother opening the box.

Examples of fake Steve Madden shoes

Having known how to identify fake Steve Madden shoes, I’ll do you good by outlining some of the fake ones out there so that you will not fall victim to purchasing them unknowingly.

Note that the shoes and companies mentioned here are considered fake due to the reviews people have given on them. The complaints match the features of fake Steve Madden shoes we have explained above.

Steve Madden black satin

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

The original Steve Madden brand is called Steve Madden sonik8995 knotshoe, but the fake one carries the name Steve Madden black satin.

The price is lower than the real Steve Madden shoes and it can be found anywhere apart from Steve Madden website or store.

The price goes for $199.95. By the time you purchase a pair of these shoes, it will probably not last as long as the original would.

You may not know that this is fake if you do not know the real name of this shoe. Moreso, you will not find this very product on the Steve Madden website since it is not their product.

When next you visit a local store and you are presented with a pair of these shoes to be Steve Madden black satin shoes, don’t buy it so you won’t regret later.

Since they have imitated the shoe and changed its name, it is fake.

Steve Madden Gian Sandal

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

The original product is known as Steve Madden Gladiators.

It is priced $89.95 for the fake product. Just as the first one mentioned, you will not find this name on Steve Madden website because it is not made by their company.

This is so pronounced that google had to identify the original name of the shoes. This shows how unique and meticulous the Steve Madden brand is.

So, here is a simple hack: you can run the name of the shoes you want to purchase with the photo to know if it’s the real Steve Madden brand of shoes.

Google will readily tell you the right answer. Take note of this name of fake Steve Madden shoes and ensure you don’t purchase or refer anyone to purchase them because they are not real.

Tropa 2.0

There’s a Steve Madden shoe that’s named Troopa 2.0. On Quora, someone explains how the ‘Troopa’ spelling is distorted to ‘Tropa’ if it is fake.

You should actually look out for the actual spelling label of Steve Madden shoes before you purchase them. Note that, this should not only be for this very shoe but, for every other Steve Madden shoes you see.

It is important to note that Steve Madden does not make such a mistake as contorting the letters in its brand.

Troopa 2.0 is supposed to be Troopa 2.0 everywhere as long as it’s from Steve Madden (See an original Steve Madden Troopa on Amazon). So, anything other than Troopa 2.0 is fake. This can be tricky as it is only a letter that could hardly be noticeable.

Apart from the missing letter ‘o’, other signs will also show that the shoes are fake Steve Madden shoes. Always be on the lookout for this very particular name and pattern of Steve Madden shoes.

Are There Fake Steve Madden Brand of Shoes

Where you are likely to buy fake Steve Madden shoes

Steve Madden shoes purchased from Myntra

This is another company not trusted by customers when it comes to Steve Madden shoes. There are reviews against them by customers who buy Steve Madden shoes from Myntra.

The shoes turned out to be fake and there would be no returns made for their loss.

To be sure of the product you buy, don’t buy Steve Madden shoes from Myntra before you begin to complain that Steve Madden shoes are fake, not realizing it’s because of the company you got it from.

This shows that you must ascertain the reputation of a company before you purchase Steve Madden shoes from that company so as to avoid buying fake Steve Madden shoes.

Myntra’s price is low that it’s becoming suspicious how they make profit by selling with so much discount.

And they have already made a name for themselves by selling fake Steve Madden shoes to customers and it’s not encouraging as you might not know if the one you are about to purchase from them is fake or not.

In all, look out for the features above in every Steve Madden shoe you want to purchase in order to identify the fake ones so that you won’t fall prey to fake products.


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