Tricker’s vs Red Wing: Which Are More Superior Shoes?

The story of these excellent shoe brands; Tricker’s and Red Wing are indicators that great inventions and creativity didn’t begin today.

These shoe brands spotted a problem and responded actively by producing footwear to suit different working environments and occupations.

Many of the varieties of shoes that were made priorly are now modified today to classic city wears that are beneficial to date.

Looking at the impact of these shoe-making companies and their relevance, if you are given an opportunity to pick one out of these shoe brands, it may be quite difficult to quickly handpick one at the expense of the other.

But, sharing more information about these brands will grant you more exposure to this subject matter.

In this article, the similarities and what makes a pair of Trickster’s shoes and a pair of Red Wing shoes stand out will be discussed, alongside the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, as you read further.

The major difference is that perforated holes created on the toe cap of Tricker’s shoes differentiate it from the Red Wing shoes which have stitches instead of holes.

Aside from that, Tricker’s shoes look more sophisticated and dull while a Red Wing pair of shoes look attractive and classic.

Tricker's vs Red Wing
Tricker’s shoes
Tricker's vs Red Wing
Red Wing Shoes

History of Tricker’s shoes

Joseph Barltrop is one of England’s finest and oldest shoemakers. His family began to produce shoes two centuries ago and to date, Tricker’s has been spotted for its consistent production of classic dresses and quality shoes.

Its boots were first made in 1829 to suit hunters and farmers who were in the woods. In order for the shoe to serve its purpose, moderate perforations were made on the toe cap for water resistance.

Since machinery is now employed on the field and those shoes are in less demand, in recent times the shoes have been modified to suit other purposes.

Every pair of shoes from Tricker’s team passes through 260 processes and the company produces varieties of products ranging from shoes to boots of all sorts.


  • Remarkable quality control
  • Flexible and attractive leather is used to make Trickster shoes.
  • Balanced sole: Tricker’s shoes are carefully planned and designed, thereby making the shoe very comfortable.
  • Water-resistant: A typical Tricker’s shoe is well covered to prevent water from touching the feet, but has little perforations on the toe cap.


  • Divided appearance
  • They are attractive and can match any kind of outfit.
  • The cost of purchasing a pair of tricksters is highly expensive due to the processes involved and it is high standards.
  • Soles, (especially the commando sole) may depict a different meaning when worn for a calm event.
  • The shoe color is unpleasant, too yellow and in some settings, looks strange.

History of Red Wing shoes

Red Wing shoe company was founded by Charles Beckman and has existed for over 100 years. It began in America in the 1970s when a company known as ‘Red Wing’ began to produce different kinds of boots for specialized purposes.

In no time after production kick-started,  people in other countries began to wear these work boots produced in America.

The footwear has a legacy to create quality footwear that is durable and Red Wing is recognized as one of US’s oldest shoe-producing brands.

Red Wing has designed diverse kinds of boots which include; boots for farming, hunting, mining, warfare, outdoor activities for women, and so on.


  • Red Wing shoes are designed in a way that they assimilate shock.
  • They make little or no loud footsteps.
  • Red Wing shoes look classic.
  • The arch support and flexibility of the insole and sole make the shoe comfortable when worn.
  • Red Wing shoes are long-lasting.


  • Most of the time, Red Wing boots are too slim to fit the sole.
  • The boots break too quickly unlike other shoes.
  • Red Wing shoes cause foot sores when worn too frequently.
  • They are not so attractive.

Similarities between Tricker’s and Red Wing Shoes

  • They began as family-owned businesses.
  • They make use of tough leather.
  • Both shoes have rivets at the top.
  • Tricker’s and Red Wing shoes pass through sophisticated purposes.
  • Footwear from both brands is made for specific purposes/workers such as farmers, miners, and so on.
  • They are renowned brands that produce similar varieties of footwear, including boots.

Tricker’s vs Red Wing: Let’s get into the comparison

First Glance


Tricker's vs Red Wing

  • Logos made at the footbed of the shoe easily get wiped off.
  • Noticeable shoe toe shapes.
  • Decorated and balanced sole.
  • Styled uppers sturdy cap.
  • Edge of the shoe is covered by a welt leather rim.
  • Rugged old school looks like the trickster.
  • The logo designed on the insole is not permanent so, it is easily wiped out.

Tricker’s shoes have classic shapes which are basically at the toe region. It comes in form of round toes shape, almond toes, square toes, and pointed/elongated toes shapes.

Wood shanks are included to the sole of Tricker’s for support and the soles have decorated patterns.

The uppers are produced from dyed calf leather and pigmented layer for coverage. It further has well-designed patterns with eyelet holes and rivets neatly arranged.

You can purchase original trickster shoes at shopping platforms such as Amazon through this link.

Tricker's vs Red Wing


Tricker's vs Red Wing

  • Bulbous cap toe
  • Well-arranged eyelets
  • Goodyear welt
  • Oil-tanned leather
  • They are not so attractive and cannot match any kind of outfit.

Tricker's vs Red Wing

For Red Wing Shoes (on Amazon), the last is used to give the top a unique bulbous cap shape which is slimmer when compared to that of other constructed boots.

Aside from the toe cap, the boot is stitched with firm thread wax nickel eyelets that are neatly arranged at the shoe top. The leather used is extremely thick, giving the footwear a long-lasting look.



Tricker’s shoes pioneered the use of leather tanned with olives in footwear production and since its standards are inflexible, it is still in use to date.

The leather is burnished and polished and usually possesses a real buttery golden leather color. The leather looks tough and unusually hard red wing shoes.


Red Wing shoes are made up of oil-tanned leather, which is very tough and rough. The texture of this leather is extremely thick, this makes the shoe look better and last longer.



An average pair of Tricker’s is made up of natural leather midsole and a 9-iron inch leather inside the footwear filled with cork.

Around the sole is a Barbour welt which is more resistant than most Goodyear welt.


The sole of a normal Red Wing pair of shoes has a low profile rubber which is about 7 millimeters thick.

The sole of every Red Wing shoe could be made up of any of the following soles; an eurothine, rubber, or crepe sole and it possesses 270 degrees Goodyear welt. It is very flexible and oil resistant.

Durability and Quality


Tricker’s country boots and shoes have earned a royal warrant from the Prince of Wales and other renowned personalities for their high reputation in heavy brogue boots and shoe production all over the world.

For over 190 years Tricker’s, have consistently proven their authority in outstanding shoemaking.


A typical pair of Red Wing shoes can last for years, depending on how often you wear them. When the soles are worn-out, they can be replaced as well.



Unlike many other shoes, Tricker’s are generally known to be sophisticated and expensive due to their high quality. Its price ranges from $560 to $400.


A pair of red wing shoes cost $100 to $400 for men and for women $200 to $400.



Tricker’s shoes have a hollow insole that is made up of iron leather filled with cork. It also provides an inner socks lining that is sewn neatly to the inside of the shoe and covers the footbed of the footwear.

Additionally, the full leather insole reduces immoderate sweating to retain the shape of the shoes and for comfort’s sake.


The insole of red wing shoes is a cushion-like leather insole with arch support. It is neither hard nor soft, but very hard to break in.



Tricker’s footwear is of three collections; Country, Jermynstreet, and 1829. These three collections use wider/high volume last, sleeky and modern lasts respectively are all true to size.

Tricker’s shoes carry definite shoe width and are made into different fittings called ‘5 fitting’.

Using the UK sizing, the size goes from 0.5 to 1 size and the shoe fits the foot wholly.


Red Wing shoes are not true to size. Its shoe sizes are factually sized too big so it is usually advised to order half size little than sneaker size.

Conclusion: My verdict

By now, your mind should have been made up on which brand of shoe to go for if you were given an opportunity to own either a Tricker’s shoe or a red wing shoe.

Before now, I also scanned for the best from the looks, but just like a ‘blind’ guess, looks can be deceptive as well so, I am sure that this article has given you more insight into these brands.

For me, both shoes are amazing, but for the fact that Tricker’s shoes last longer and my feet can smoothly fit into them without using cotton socks,

I prefer Tricker’s footwear. All its collections are amazing the comfort it brings and its expensive looks are soothing.

Moreso, everyone has different opinions and preferences and I am sure you understand that as well, but from the information listed about this product, which brand stands out for you?


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