Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Boots: Which Is Better?

The major difference is that Eddie Bauer shoes are better constructed for hiking than Timberland shoes.

The Timberland company has been trying to branch off the lifestyle and fashion designs to even more functional shoes but all it looks like is they are late to the party.

Newer brands now make better hiking boots with better materials. These days Timberland has a long line of hiking boots too that can compete with other brands.

Brands like Eddie Bauer make hiking shoes that feature the very elements that make a shoe great for all-day hiking.

Timberland boots are still some of the most durable in the market. They are popular and everyone knows a pair of Timberland boots when they see one.

Here’s a quick back story for Eddie Bauer then:

The brand started in 1920, it saw so many acquisitions that these pages will not be enough to recount. Well, today it is still called Eddie Bauer, the name of the man who founded it more than 100 years ago.

Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Boots: Why this comparison?

Well, what’s life without a little comparison here and there? With comparisons like this better decisions are made, not just in other areas of life but even when it comes to the choice of shoes.

I’m comparing Eddie Bauer hiking boots of the same caliber with Timberland boots.

If you are an outdoor person you surely want to know if Timberland boots, the more popular American brand, is better for your purpose or if you should go for Eddie Bauer.

I know in the end each one will make their own choices based on their personal preference and size of budget, but I’ve decided to make this process a gentler one by doing the work here.

Now let’s delve into the pros and cons of each shoe. I’ll be comparing hike for hike boots from Eddie Bauer and Timberland.

Timberland vs Eddie Bauer
Timberland Mt Maddsen Shoes
Timberland vs Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Pro Mid Hiker

What are the pros of Timberland Mt. Maddsen boots?

Timberland boots are all of the following:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Waterproof
  3. Affordable


This is what made the iconic boots most people’s favorite. As far as styling is concerned they are comfortable. Mt. Maddsen is constructed with an anti-fatigue comfort technology that provides all-day comfort.


Mt. Maddsen is fitted with the proprietary TimberDry eco-conscious waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry while out on the trail.

The trails you take may be fraught with small bodies of water or you may have to boat from one location to the other, these boots make sure your feet remain dry through it all.

The full-grain leather also adds to this protection as they cover the uppers providing you maximum dry comfort.


The Mt. Maddsen boots are not overpriced. And they come with a warranty of 12 months.

They come with the Timberland promise that they will stand the test of time, doing exactly what they’ve been built for which is carrying you comfortably through your hiking days and remaining durable. The Mt. Maddsen Shoes cost $99.99 on Amazon here.

What are the cons of the Timberland Mt. Maddsen boots?

The cons of these boots are:

  1. Weak seams
  2. No ventilation
  3. Low durability
  4. Low insole support

Weak seams

Perhaps this is also an issue with hiking boots with too many moveable parts which is supposed to give the shoe’s flexibility.

However, the seams on Mt. Maddsen give way after less than a year of hiking with it, according to reviews from users.

No ventilation

The shoes keep water out, unfortunately, they also keep out moisture which makes them smell. You may have to use them with thick socks if you have sweaty feet. Or frequently air them out at the end of every hiking day.

Low durability

A combination of the above issues with the issue comes together to render the shoes less durable. The adhesive in the heels soon comes off from the rigor of hiking according to several reviews left by users.

Low insole support

The insoles in Mt. Maddsen do not provide proper support because they soon flatten out. If you have wide feet, for example, you may have to add a thicker insole that meets your taste.

What are the pros of Eddie Bauer Pro Mid Hiker?

  1. Waterproof
  2. Rugged
  3. Breathable
  4. Great traction


Eddie Bauer hiking shoes are waterproof for the most part. These Mid hiker boots have Eddie Bauer’s WeatherEdge technology to protect the insides from external water.

You can get off the land and into a boat or splash through small water bodies with confidence.


They are built for the rough life of the terrain. The uppers and outsoles look trail ready. The construction is sturdy around your feet.


The breathable membrane of the uppers allows air into the shoes. You can see these mesh-like holes in the uppers that filter air into the boots.

It can get so hot on summer days that your feet need some air. The breathable mesh takes care of that.

Great traction

The soles are made of Vibram XS Trek rubber compound. This MultiPitch Pro outsole gives the shoes the needed grip for outdoor walking. The sole is built for longer treks and heavier loads.

If you are one who likes to bear luggage as you hike you’d need sturdy shoes with good grip for stability.

What are the cons of Eddie Bauer hiking boots?

The cons of the Eddie Bauer hiking shoe are:

  1. They lack arch support
  2. Narrow width

Lack of arch support

Even though the shoe’s silhouette looks like it’s got an arch ridge it does lack interior arch support. This can make it tiresome causing you to experience aches in your feet.

This may also lead to flat-footedness after prolonged use.

Narrow width

The Eddie Bauer hiking shoes come narrow creating a size and fit problem for folks with wide feet.

Comparison: Eddie Bauer vs Timberland boots

Let’s break these similarities down further by considering by looking at:

First glance: features

  1. Leather and synthetic uppers
  2. Traditional lace-up closure for a customized fit
  3. Gusseted tongues to keep debris out
  4. Cushioned collar, padded to keep debris out
  5. Lugged responsive outsole
  6. Supportive underfoot cushioning

Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Timberland vs Eddie Bauer


Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Timberland vs Eddie Bauer Timberland vs Eddie Bauer

Overall Quality

You can get an idea of the overall quality from various users of both boots. Timberland has a variety of boots that can be used for hiking, one of the best in this category is the Mt. Maddsen boots.

The quality of this shoe has been found to be average. Users complain about how the uppers pull off the seams where they are attached to the outsole around the toe area. The same with the Eddie Bauer hiking boots too.

Overall, I’d say the quality of both shoes is 5, on a scale of 1 to 10. And the reason is users who sent in this complaint peg the deterioration in less than a year.

Mid-quality, that’s what I’d say.


Both shoes make use of minimal leather in their uppers. Timberland uses full-grain, premium leather in its shoes and boots. In Mt. Maddsen, the uppers are mostly full-grain leather with patches of synthetic on the sides.

Eddie Bauer uses about equal measures of both leather and synthetic in their uppers.


Eddie Bauer uses MultiPitch Pro outsole which is made of Vibram XS Trek rubber. This material is highly responsive to different ground conditions delivering grip and stability.

Lug designs project confidence for hikers who love rough terrain and climbing around rocky surfaces.

Timberland features a compression-molded EVA midsole and a 15% recycled rubber outsole.


Reviews reveal that Eddie Bauer shoes are more durable hiking boots. Generally, Timberland boots don’t do so well in long-distance hiking. Timberland boots are more suited for a fashion lifestyle.

Eddie Bauer boots are functional and purpose shoes for hiking and so far better in the durability department.


Here’s where the two brands differ by a stretch. Timberland hiking shoes are much cheaper than Eddie Bauer shoes. If you love a hiking boot that doesn’t break the bank then Timberland boots are for you.

Eddie Bauer boots are better suited for hiking so you get what you pay for. To buy these Timberland hiking boots at $99.99 and also other boots on Amazon, go here.

Eddie Bauer boots are high priced. You can buy these Eddie Bauer Pro Mid Hiker boots here on Amazon for $160.


Soft cushioning insoles are a must for hiking boots and the Eddie Bauer boots feature InsoFit cushioning EVA footbed. They are soft and provide support for long walks.

The insole is a removable footbed in the Timberland boots. It compliments the compression-molded EVA midsole to give a comfortable use.

Sizing and fit

Timberland boots come true to size so you can order your usual size when buying. When buying here on Amazon you can find sizes that suit you if you have wide feet.

Eddie Bauer boots which come true to size. Order your usual size too if you have narrow feet. These hiking boots from Eddie Bauer don’t have width though hence you may have to size up if you have wide feet.

Why you should choose Eddie Bauer boots?

Choose these shoes for these reasons:

  • If you want hiking boots that offer water protection
  • Buy if you want lightweight hiking boots that allow you carry load
  • Buy because it offers grip on all terrains
  • If you need boots for long-distance hiking

Why should you choose Timberland boots?

For these reasons:

  • If you want boots that offers waterproof protection
  • If you want great traction on all terrains
  • If you want boots for easy and short distance hiking
  • If you need casual wear that allows you to get out in style on walks
  • If you want beautiful but low budget boots for hiking

Which is better: my verdict?

My gavel comes down on the Timberland boots. Surprised? Yeah, me too.

I choose the Timberland boots because they offer all you need in a boot for hiking. You want to appear trendy while on your hikes, you need protection from the elements.

And I’m not one for long hikes myself. And they are cheap while providing all the major features that more expensive boots provide.


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